Cordelia: I just wanna say that James, with all his Romeo and Juliet madness opened up a lot of wounds for you.. but you’ll be okay.

Angel: I am okay.

Cordelia: Then what’s the problem?

Angel: That i’m okay. That losing Buffy didn’t kill me. That i could deal with it.
In all those years no one ever mattered, not like she did. And now she’s gone… forever.

Cordelia: And you’re still here.

Angel: Yeah.
It just feels like i’m betraying her somehow.

Cordelia: No! If you were a loser.. if you were a sick, obsessed vampire then you’d go to a Snod demon or whatever, and get your heart cut out but you’re not. You’re a living, breathing- well, living anyway- good guy who’s fighting and trying to help people.
And that’s not betraying her, that’s honoring her.