Merry Christmas!

Around the Sims 2 | Christmas update

You didn’t get an Advent calendar, but you still get lots of gifts, mostly remake of Sims 3 objects I have also redone for Sims 4, but also Sims 4 doll houses conversions, that I have also done for Sims 3. And much more!

Around the Sims 3 | Advent Calendar gifts

More than 50 objects for Sims 3 are ready to download. You’ll find there the Sims 4 doll houses and toys, but also the Mississipi boat as dinner rabbit hole, few Sims 2 conversions, including a dance rug. And much more!

Around the Sims 4 | Advent Calendar gifts - part #1 - part #2

About 50 objects are available, all remake of Sims 3 objects I had previously meshed. Your Sims will be able to get new toys, including a puppet show on which they can put puppets but that they can also watch like a TV. There’s also few kitchen supplies I missed from my Sims 3 game. And much more!

I hope you’ll enjoy!

Remember that your support to the site is always welcome! <3

Around the Sims 4 | I'm Addicted...
ATS4 provides custom content to download for the video game the Sims 4, like decorative clutter, new pieces of furnitures, clothes for kids...

You know…today, I realized that my relationship with Sandy’s (@aroundthesims) Around the Sims has lasted longer than all of my romantic relationships. 

It has remained a permanent fixture in my life regardless of wherever I lived: San Francisco, Boston, Orlando, Berlin, Rome, etc…

I mean Sandy’s ATS has been with me from undergrad, the in-between years before grad school, grad school, post grad school, marriage, divorce, and the birth of two nieces (a decade apart!)…

I’m sure if I ever have a child, ATS will be right there.

I’ve come to understand…I have a problem, but I’m okay with not treating it.  I accept it and appreciate it. 

And just want to give my thanks to Sandy, who has been there for over a decade (since 2001), making my gameplay that much better every day.

Thanks, Sandy (@aroundthesims). :)  You are simply amazing. 

Kitchen Recolors!

What you’re getting:

Murano’s SFH Kitchen counters with 3 slaved cupboards, table, & sideboard
     In 20 MM Woods & 7 rainbow LACK colors; meshes included.

BPS round chair
     In 20 MM woods with cushions in Shasta’s Yeti colors & 4 Aelia’s Eco Natural colors (Cocoa, Caramel, Cafe Au Lait, & Latte)
     In 7 rainbow LACK colors with rainbow LACK cushions

ATS2 Hacker’s Office chair
     In 18 Aelia’s Retro colors
     In 7 rainbow LACK colors, 1 black LACK color, & 1 white LACK color

Mistyfluff 3t2 Swagger curtains
     in 18 Aelia’s Retro colors

Mistyfluff 3t2 Frills Upon Frills curtains
     In 18 Aelia’s Retro colors
     In Shasta’s Yeti Soot & Snow colors
     With contrasting tassels & upper curtain part in Shasta’s Yeti colors & 4 Aelia’s Eco Natural colors (Cocoa, Caramel, Cafe Au Lait, & Latte)

Meshes included, all Compressorized.

Download EVERYTHING Here

Around the Sims | Marshall mini-fridge for Sims 2-3-4

There’s a (sim) story behind that object. One of my Sims (3) is about to age up to Adult, but his wife and I thought that announcing him he was going to be father again (he has twin boys, Keith and Mick…) might not be the best gift to make him happy… As he’s a guitar player, I thought to another thing that has always make me giggling: a Marshall mini-fridge!

As I was making the Guitar Player’s set for the Sims 4 at the same time, I meshed it as well for the Sims 4. And as it’s actually cloned on the Sims 2 University fridge, I meshed it for the Sims 2 as well! So, tiny but multi update for everyone today! ;)

The mini-fridge exists in english & simlish for all games.

DOWNLOAD FOR SIMS 4 - beer packs are included (simlish/english)

DOWNLOAD FOR SIMS 3 - as I proudly manage to make a decent animation for that door, I’ve also updated the Bakery cooler, that had a crappy door animation. We had already the beer packs here. ;)

DOWNLOAD FOR SIMS 2 - beer packs are included (simlish/english)

Its beginning to feel like Christmas (for me!!!)

So, last week Id asked the lovely Sandy at ATS2 if she could convert her deco Ice skates from TS3 as there were no deco ones anywhere. Well not only did she convert them, she converted the whole set!! So now we have deco ice skates, roller skates, skateboards and shoes! Ammmmmaaaazing! Go check it out!

Around the Sims 2 | IKEA Assembly kit

And now for Sims 2! Sadly, though I’ve tried very hard (I’ve spent a whole week-end on the instructions on cardboard box, with tutorials and MTS threads to study), I failed at using the chessboard as base: I couldn’t get rid of the chess pieces, so I’ve used a Mah-jong table, which is a bit less satisfying as it doesn’t give logic points and that the animations are less appropriate.

The assembly table is fully functionnal, though, as toy bench.

Cardboard box, notices and catalogs are in english & simlish; aspirin and bandage box are in simlish only.


sims 4 version here - sims 3 version here

Around the Sims | Seasons Announcements!

It can be a bit vain to post about Sims celebrations after the tragedy that stroke Paris, but on the other hand, the best answer to terrorism is to keep living.

So, let’s live and celebrate life. :p

From the 1st to the 24th od December, there’ll be a Advent calendar, with a new gift to download everyday, for 24 hours (yes, during 24 hours only, but don’t worry, if you miss one, all the gifts will be available again to download the 25th of December.

For Sims 3: the theme will be Sims 4 conversions again. For months (I’m working on this since August), I’ve been through every objects from the Sims 4 I’d want to have in the Sims 3. It makes a total of around 50 objects, all as funcitonal as possible, and recolorable, of course (because CASt rocks, it’s been a while since I haven’t said it! ;))

For Sims 4: I’ve converted more of my Sims 3 objects. As I get a bit fed up of redoing my stuff and want to make NEW things in 2016, I’ve been converting all the tiny things I made for Sims 3 I’d like having back in Sims 4; sometimes it can be a part of an old set of mine, sometimes just one object from a previous Advent calendar. I’m not sure about how many objects it makes, as I keep adding more! :D

For Sims 2: It was too demanding to work on 3 advent calendars (or I should have started on January!), so there won’t be for Sims 2, but there will be a big update on the 25th of December, with a mix of the objects I made for Sims 4 and 3.

This will no replace regular updates. :)


Spring is in the air (well, at least in CA =D). I decided to do a little make over today. I love Cassandre’s buffet table so much that I decided to make some recolors. Included wood tones in the original+plain textures. Also, I couldn’t resist the temptation so I did them in Anna’s tones as well!

I included the add-on set by Sims2Designs, which are slaved to the master buffet table (first picture). You NEED the master file in your game in order for all recolors and slaves to work. Mesh is included, please have a wonderful day!


Recolor Pack 02

  • Alexis Neo Bed - 10 wood recolors (HL Maxis Woods and IKEA)
  • Apollo Curve Sofa - 10 recolors in eversims colors
  • ATS2 Franklin Barstool - 15 recolors in annas colors
  • BillyJean Open Drawer Endtable - 10 wood recolors (HL Maxis Woods and IKEA)
  • BillyJean Wall N Lamp - 15 concrete recolors in annas colors
  • Maron 3t2 Tulips - 5 recolors
  • Pocci Chesterfield Wing Armchair - 5 leather recolors


  • All the meshes are included
  • Swatches for all the items included


Around the Sims 2 is upside down!

BIG housework (or big mess, depending on your point of view…) at ATS2. I changed the organization of the pages, resized the frames… So, all old links will reach to 404.

For example, if you were looking for objects/set_bedroom/022/index.html, it’s now located at objects/bedroom_022.html.

Why such a mess? For good reasons, actually! ;)
I think there’s good chances that objects I’ll make for the Sims 4 will be easily convertible for the Sims 2, so I might update the site more often. I mean, once the mesh is done and that I have textures to put on it, why not taking few extra-minutes to convert as Sims 2 object, if there’s still players who would be happy with? :)

But I hated how the site was organized, it’ll be easier for me to update now. :)

Also, don’t forget that ATS2 is actually 10-years old, and so are my oldest downloads. I was very tempted to take down all my old objects because I’m blushing from shame, really, each time i see them. I think my skills only improved with the Sims 3, but well, I kept everything. So, if you fall on a 404, it’s only a page/file that has moved, not been deleted.

My connection is so slow that it will take 12-16 hours to upload all ATS2 files, and same for ATS1, so everything won’t be back online today, I’m afraid.

You know what I thought when I saw those numbers? “Dawww, I haven’t done that much for the Sims 3, after all!” *chuckle* I know the bigger numbers for ATS2 & ATS1 are due to recolors, though. So, I expect ATS4 numbers of files exploding too, at some point. Geez, can you believe I do have a life beside the Sims? Nah, huh? ;D

Thanks a lot for all your lovely messages! <3