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she’s a mystery (and i love her) // m.c.

a/n: this is in a different format than i normally write in, but i do hope you enjoy it! written on a whim after looking at some quotes about writing :-)

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She sits at the corner table in the back, typing away mercilessly at her laptop with a cup of coffee and a muffin sat next to her. The muffin has been picked at, nothing but the bottom half and some crumbs left. She always ate like that; the top and left the bottom. He never understood why. He never really understood much about her. She was a mystery, locked behind many doors of secrets and whispers and stories that she’s never finished but they still mean as much to her as any other. She’s a mystery, and he loves her for it. 

She’s chewing on her bottom lip as her eyes flicker from the keyboard to the screen. He wants to know what she’s writing. There’s a gleam in her eyes that tells him it’s something important, but then again everything she writes is important. Everything she writes has a meaning woven into the letters individually, wrapped into a word with a bow. 

She’s mesmerizing. Michael was warned not to fall in love with a writer, and now he knew why. She tears apart everything, ripping it at its soul to assess its core, smiling when she finally figures it out. Everything she does is light, even when she writes about the boy who stands behind the counter wondering when his life will really begin. She speaks with confidence even when it’s fake. Her trails of kisses that lead from his neck to his stomach are laced with stories just like everything she does. She remembers all of their arguments, all the words he said to her stay locked in her brain, waiting to be used against him one day. She never would do that though. She loves him too much, and sometimes he wishes she didn’t. 

She’s a writer. She can create worlds and bend them at her will. She makes these perfectly crafted characters that have backgrounds she finds herself falling in love with. Michael can never be that; he’s the boy behind the counter. He’s the one admiring her while she writes a story about someone in another world that she desperately wants to visit. 

He loves her, though. 

The best part is when they’re laying in bed together, and she tells him about what goes on in her brain. Even when she’s not writing, she’s a writer. She uses words that he doesn’t know (so he googles them afterwards to find out the meaning), she speaks in a language that sounds familiar but he just can’t place his finger on it. He wants to know all that she knows, wants to absorb her knowledge and her love and her everything. She’s his whole world; the sky, the sun, the stars, the warmth that crawls over his skin in the morning and kisses him with passion and love. She is everything that he’s ever asked for, and he can’t believe he got so lucky. 

She would never admit to it, but she’s written him down in all of her stories. In the warm sun that bears down on the protagonist. In the road that leads the characters to safety. In the happy ending that presents itself in all of her stories—unfinished or not. Just as she is everything to Michael, Michael is everything to her. 

Michael sits down in front of her and smiles. Their relationship is built on this; Sunday mornings at the café, sitting in silence as she writes, admiring all her features. They then go out for lunch, and Michael insists on going home afterwards so they can cuddle on the couch (which may or may not end up in Michael on top of her with his hands on her waist and his lips on her neck). Michael doesn’t mind the way their relationship is set up. He doesn’t mind that she’s a writer and therefore remembers everything and writes down all of her dreams. He doesn’t mind that she tries to keep it a secret that she writes about him. 

He doesn’t mind because, well, he loves her. And falling in love with a writer means you fall in love with the twists and turns of their mind, and their love that runs deep through the spines of their writings. 

Can I start a generic Buffyverse tagging meme? This is including btvs and ats:

*top fifteen characters?

*favorite minor characters?

*ranking of favorite seasons of both shows?

*top ten episodes of both shows?

*ats or btvs?

*least favorite main character?

*top ten ships?

*do you write fanfic?

*what fanfic do you read?

*when did you start watching?

*show recommendations for Buffyverse fans?

*do you own/collect anything related to the shows?

*how often will you watch an episode?

*how many times have you watched either show all the way through?

*five unpopular opinions?

*least favorite thing about the fandom?

tag ten people! I’m tagging @slutorama, @bufffysummers, @bisexualdarla, @scienceofficer-willowrosenberg, @sunnydaleslut, @bisexualbvffy, @buffy-quinn, @dreadfulcalendarwoman, @willozsummers, and @faithandbuffy! Feel free to do it or not! Tag people to get the ball rolling…and I haven’t done it yet if anyone wants to tag me :)

those like

brief few seconds where guy fieri closes his eyes and furrows his brow and chews really slowly and leans back a lil and goes “oohhhhmmffff” and u fuckin kno whatever he just ate was absolutely Top Notch 

tagged by @lesbian-killers

This is including btvs and ats:

*top fifteen characters? faith, tara, dawn, cordy, buffy, willow, anya, fred, lilah, giles sometimes, xander sometimes, angel, kennedy, connor, gunn

*favorite minor characters? kennedy, gwen, lilah, faith, tara

*ranking of favorite seasons of both shows? 3,5,7,6,1,2 and 1,3,5,4,2

*top ten episodes of both shows?  once more with feeling, homecoming, bad girls, earshot, graduation day 2, who are you, hush, family, normal again, lessons

room with a view, expecting, five by five, to shanshu in la, that vision thing, birthday, fredless, waiting in the wings, spin the bottle, orpheus, 

*ats or btvs?


*least favorite main character?

wesley ugh i h8 u

*top ten ships?

faith/buffy, angel/cordy, cordy/buffy, tara/willow, wesley/lilah (im not heartless cmon), giles/jenny, willow/kennedy, fred/willow, gunn/fred, xander/cordelia,

*do you write fanfic?

yes but not frequently bc im literally the worst

*what fanfic do you read?

faith/buffy cordy/buffy mostly tbh

*when did you start watching?

2015 october time i think

*show recommendations for Buffyverse fans?

aos, supergirl, legends of tomorrow, i just watch a lot of superhero stuff i guess and u should too

*do you own/collect anything related to the shows?

i have a cushion (that i made but dont judge me), a willow pop! figure, some posters, an annual, the omwf song book, he dvds of btvs and angel, a memory stick holder, a dice, thats kinda a lot, 

*how often will you watch an episode?


*how many times have you watched either show all the way through?

well i skip episodes i dont like so once properly i guess

*five unpopular opinions?

ok so im sure you’ve guessed but i like kennedy

connors cool too

wesley die


giles is not that great after season 3

*least favorite thing about the fandom?

hatred of good characters

i tag @bisexualdarla @dreadfulcalendarwoman @illyriaddict @darkty @a-is-faking-it @willowsrosenbergs yeah u know the drill if you havent done it give it a shot bc it really makes u think

That Deaf feel when every hearing person ever always asks how you lost your hearing.

Patty took the best photo of Danielle and I at the Ben and Jerry’s factory eating our Mini Vermonsters.

We wanted an actual Vermonster but both Patty and Whitney backed out.

Danielle and I are unstoppable 👊💥

When someone asks me why i love Levi Ackerman so much.

*Spoilers may appear*

Let me tell you a little story. That man had to watch his sexworker mom die in front of his eyes, Then some random dude (he never told him he was his uncle) teaches him to stab and rob people. Then, he finally makes some good friends, but some fucking titans ate them. In top of that, he had to live most of his life underground without seen the sunlight. 


I tell you, if you don’t think that makes him great, then i don’t know what will.


Zoya’s Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA! 

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It was the bestest birthday! Humom decorated my castle while I was sleeping heehee! When I woke up, she brought me birthday noms with cactus fruit and A DANDIE ON TOP!! I ate that first, OBVIOUSLY!  I opened my awesome card from Kirby and waffles, mango, and torty sent birthday wishes! We played stomp around the terrarium and humom showed me the new UVB bulb she got me. Then there might have been some snuggles. What a party!!! 

I was gonna stay up super late but I need my beauty rest. Mmhmm (I totally didn’t fall asleep early cause of all that noming and stomping. Nope.)


- Jikook at the beginning
- Taehyung and his dad are so cute
- “Go?” Hahahha At least the guy in the bus understood him
- Tae used translator app to communicate
- He ate at TGIFridays with the cameraman
- Norwegian Constitution Day
- They are fascinated with locals wearing traditional clothes
- They look “super tourists”
- Jin, Jk, and Jhope rode a cable car
- RM and Jimin hiked all the way to the top while dancing Fire
- Cable car team lost their ticket but was given back to them
- Norway is such a nice country
- Faith in humanity restored
- So they danced to Fire
- Cable car team and hiking team met at the top and ate ice cream
- Jungkook is taking photos everywhere
- RM lost his bag and rapped about it
- But the crew had it all along
- They met Taetae at the bottom
- Vkook fondling each other lol
- They ate separately: seafood lovers and meat lovers
- Why is it so short?
- Why is there no commentary?

Facts about Kent Parson that are totally 100% true
  • Kent Parson pours the milk in the bowl before the cereal
  • Kent Parson peels a banana from the wrong end
  • Kent Parson thinks the movie is always better than the book
  • Kent Parson ate the toppings off your leftover pizza
  • Kent Parson left the toilet seat up
  • Kent Parson doesn’t wet his toothbrush before brushing
  • Kent Parson doesn’t care for Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”
  • Kent Parson puts mayonnaise on his hot dog
  • Kent Parson puts mayonnaise on everything
  • Kent Parson thinks RC Cola is better than Coke or Pepsi
  • Kent Parson likes his toilet paper to roll under
  • Kent Parson has no strong feelings towards garlic bread
  • Kent Parson wipes his hands on the cat when he doesn’t have napkins
  • Kent Parson LOVES Jar Jar Binks
  • Kent Parson brews tea in the microwave

I ate delicious pancakes topped with caramel popcorn and fig jam.(๑╹ڡ╹๑)

大行列が出来るほど 人気のようですが

ポップコーンもキャラメルコーティングされているもので サクサク香ばしキャラメルが


Have y’all met my boyfriend Eight? Please don’t tell Ignis I’m cheating on him.