ats season 2


Anybody else let out a huge a sigh of relief when Namjoon didn’t wreck himself on this dresser?  

so i’m rewatching season 2 and here is a list of things that need to come back on the show asap:

-the old opening credits or new ones that look like the old ones
-winston’s mum+sister
-douchebag jar
-schmidt’s kanye obsession
-zombie woody allen jokes
-tagg romney
-winston latvia flashbacks
-dr sadie
-nick and jess

So some would probably call Ninjago just kids show, but might I remind you of some things that exist in Ninjago?


No matter how you look at it, Pythor ate his entire tribe (except the generals) inside that tomb. It gets even creepier when you realize that Pythor most likely became invisible before he ate his own kind. Imagine that, being eaten alive, never knowing who it was, and one by one Pythor ate them.


In season 4 we find out that the those who lose in the tournament not only get their powers stolen, but has to work in an underground factory. Against their will. With no pay. And what happens if they try to leave/escape? THEY FEED THEM TO A GIANT MOTHER F********* SNAKE!!! Seriously, that actually happened. And there seems to be other people there too, meaning that Chen kidnapped some poor people to work in his factory against their will.


So yeah, hell exists in Ninjago, and with season 5 we also know that a cursed realm exist, witch pretty much sounds to me like purgatory or something else. It really poses the question if the Overlord created the underworld, and if not, who? The first Spinjitzu master? All I know is that I wouldn’t want to be in either of them, so Imagine how Garmadon feels:

Look at that terror in his eyes. He spent most of his life in hell, and now he is forced to spend eternity in a cursed realm? Poor bastard. At least he has company with Clouse and Chen, though I’m not sure if that’s better of worse…

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Death actually exist as well, and I think most people in Ninjago would choose that rather than either becoming a skeleton in the underworld or a ghost that has the same Achilles heal as the wicked witch of the west, assuming that they ever got out of the cursed realm.

There is probably also a lot of other horrible things in Ninjago that I forgot to mention, so feel free to add all the horrible stuff from this “be-lovable kids show”  that you want.