ats season 2


Anybody else let out a huge a sigh of relief when Namjoon didn’t wreck himself on this dresser?  

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When you become a vampire do you automatically become a sharp dresser or do you gain that shit over time? Like is there a vampire introduction class for new vampires on how to look cool AF?

(Parks and Recreation: Season 2, Episode 17: Woman of the Year)

Idk about a vampire class anon, but the important question is does Jerry have a vampire diary and if so what does he write in it?



I never liked Cordelia. She was incredibly mean to Buffy despite the fact that Buffy saved her repeatedly, she was always putting the Scoobies down, she was self-absorbed and superficial even into Angel Season 2, and she constantly complained about the burden of her visions. And we were all supposed to believe the Powers had called her to up to be a higher being? I really don’t think so.

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so what did you do for halloween huuuuuuh

worked extra hours because the pharmacy was swamped today, came home and slept for a bit, dreamt this death metal opera about scientists getting a satellite transmission from an alternate dimension saying that 4 billion videos have been received from yet another alternate dimension and were being beamed to earth, finished watching stranger things season 2, ate a donut, answered this ask.

so i’m rewatching season 2 and here is a list of things that need to come back on the show asap:

-the old opening credits or new ones that look like the old ones
-winston’s mum+sister
-douchebag jar
-schmidt’s kanye obsession
-zombie woody allen jokes
-tagg romney
-winston latvia flashbacks
-dr sadie
-nick and jess