Wow just got 15 new Followers up to 862 Frat members now!

Hey All! I guess some of you new ones are here thanks to Atryl pluging his new little Robot girl comic for us.  He already did some other cool works which you’ll see once the other 4 artists we’re waiting for get their works in.

Our 3rd book is probably our last, and will be in FULL COLOR, while the first 2 where B/W.   When done it’ll be in print and Digital download, like the first two (however the first two are almost gone print wise).

Word is Atryl may also do a longer comic for the Angry Viking Press guys but thats still up to him and all. Until then check out their TUMBLR: and other works.

Oh yeah and You can get the first 2 books here and here.

Edit now up to 15 new followers, instead of 11

It’s been a while since I made a pic like this:D:D

And over the years I’ve been here I met a lot of other artist.

This time my OC’s have a nice picknick with:

YoshiMan1118’s YoshiMan, Atryl’s Dizzy, Hearlesssoul’s Angel, Enterpraiz’ Olivia Positron, Jollyjack’s Scarlet & Twisted-Wind’s Liliac with Zenox’ Zenox.

I hope U like it:D:D

The other “Nice to meet you”-Pics: