Production Stills for Myst III: Exile | Daniel Achterman

One of my coworkers at Microsoft shot me an e-mail last week saying “so I heard you like Myst,” and promptly sent me these reference photos he took while working on Myst III: Exile.  After a brief freakout, I got his permission to scan and post the entire set- we don’t often get to post exclusive content here at Mystic Places, so I’m pretty chuffed.

You can browse and download the entire high-res collection HERE!


“Atrus and Catherine’s relationship presented me with an idea that my other stories never touched on — a love that would mellow, mature, and settle down. Those two had their troubles, yes, but most of the time, they hung out in their beautiful home, writing worlds and admiring each other’s brains. A pair of equals who regarded each other with quiet, unwavering devotion. Atrus and Catherine slowly but surely taught me that love didn’t need to be a burning, all-consuming thing. It could be subtle and sustainable, too.”  -Becky Chambers


Between the cleft and the lip of the caldera, the whole side of the volcano was carpeted in flowers.  Even in the moonlight he could distinguish those bright colors- violets and blues, dark greens and lavender, bright reds and violent oranges.  He stared, uncomprehending.

It was impossible.

“They’re called ephemerals,” Anna said, speaking into that perfect silence. “Their seeds- hundreds of thousands of tiny seeds- lay in the dry earth for years.  And then, when finally the rains come, they blossom.  For a single day- for one single night- they bloom. ”

-Atrus and Anna, The Book of Atrus

photography by Guy Tal

STORE IS OPEN!! You can buy the Myst Vol 1 online at this link here:

I’m finally pulling the trigger on this thing. I appreciate everyone who expressed an interest in buying a copy. I’ll be sending them out from my house. For a little extra, I’ll sign it and drawn in it for you. If you have any questions, let me know. 

Thanks guys! And a big warm thank you to all of you who already bought it at Mysterium! 


whooo, last night was great!!! my band Atrus played in Muskogee, OK and it was unbelievable. everyone was so nice and so fun. this one chick was hardcore dancing to us then she was all like bowing down to me lol. after we got off stage i felt famous, everyone wanted my autograph and was like “YOU’RE FUCKING AMAZING”. After, Odin’s Knot and Dyers Eve played and i totally got to hardcore dance. they were so bad ass.