atrractive boys


Hai diary,

So there is a reason as to why I started to write in a “diary.” There were way to many emotions I wished to express, and basically no way to express them. Yes, I have friends. Don’t believe me? I don’t care. Anyway, there is this guy. well. there is this extremely attractive guy. And I know him. Well, knew him. Well, actually, we went to school together, and then we went to different schools, and now we go to the same school. Excapt he is a year older than me. And he is attractive. And he is a year older. Oh year, and he is dating and extremely pretty junior. 

My life kinda sucks. Blarg. Whatever. Being a Theater student gives me over-exaggeration privilege. Whatever. Why is it that every guy I find attractive is repulsed by the sight if me, but every douche-y guy feels the need to be attracted to me. Random fact; did you know that by age thirteen, most people have met the person that they will marry. Well I suppose I will die an old maid or something. There is also another guy. he is much older of course, a senior. And we have similar interests, plays, musicals, clubs. Okay so maybe two similarities, but whatever, right? I realized i just said “whatever” over nine thousand times. Anyway… Sorry. I keep getting distracted by the television. I like t.v. And boys. But apparently they do not like me. It’s okay though. One day…