Inhalers and angry ladies.

Too often. Ugh.
Lady came in today looking for us to fill her Atrovent. Her original prescription was at Walmart.
I explained to her that we would need to transfer it from Walmart, since she has a standing prescription, rather than giving her an emergency supply.

She didn’t want it transferred. She argued with me.
I told her we could send it back when we were done with it.
She said ,“fine! Do what you want!”
She then proceeded to be angry that we couldn’t just fill it immediately without her prescription, that she would have to wait for it like everyone else, that she didn’t have a ride to Walmart in the first place.

Honestly, a walk wouldn’t have hurt her. The inhaler she brought me was from July, so she obviously didn’t need it that badly. And my goodness, it’s $1.25 to take the bus down to Walmart. I’m sure that since she was on social assistance she could get a bus pass from the government or something.

Anyways. Finally get the transfer from Walmart, and this inhaler is her last refill.
Ha. Too much satisfaction for me.