A Bedtime Story

Not too long ago, there was a young girl named Alaina. This little girl wasn’t like the other little girls. At night when other little girls would be afraid of the monsters under their beds (as all sensible little girls are), Alaina was asleep peacefully. Sometimes she had dreams…dreams of fire, and great lizards with wings, and rivers of lava. Sometimes she dreamt that the lizards lived under her bed and would carry her off to the lava rivers for grand adventures. 

One morning the little girl frightened her parents when she came to breakfast with scorch marks on her glow-in-the-dark dinosaur footie pajamas. Her parents frantically examined her, but there was not a mark on their daughter. “I was just calling Nemo,” the little girl tearfully tried to explain. Her parents panic was frightening her. “He’s my friend, but he only comes when I get all like a candle." 

Her parents were positively flummoxed. If not for the burnt pajamas they would have dismissed it as a dream. What, then, was their daughter doing at night? That night her father set up a camera in Alaina’s room. He kissed her on the forehead, tucked her in, and with a last long worried look, turned out the lights. 

Alaina dreamt of her lizard friend that night. The next morning her parents check the camera… They watched, jaws agape, as their tiny daughter calmly stood in her bed, outstretched her arms, and IGNITED! Her mother cried out and covered her mouth with a hand. From beneath the bed a scaly figure emerged. It shook its body, much like a wet dog, and unfurled its wings. The flames around the little girl were quenched, and the dragon (yes, for that is what Nemo was) licked her face happily. Alaina leapt onto the dragon’s back, and out the window they flew, her pajamas still smoking in places.

Now this was many years ago, and Alaina is all grown up… But she still calls Nemo (who is also QUITE grown up) each night. He may be huge, but you’d never see him, because his scales are black as midnight, and his flight quiet as falling ash. But each night they patrol the skies, keeping other little girls safe from harm. If you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of the girl tossing orbs of flame from her fingertips, or her winged lizard companion carrying off scary monsters in his great claws… but only if you’re very lucky.

Best bedtime story ever. (even if it came in 16 messages)