Tulisan : Taatnya Perempuan

Bismillah ar rahman ar rahim.

catatan : tulisan ini bersifat subjektif dan merupakan hasil dari pengamatan dan pengalaman pribadi, ditambah dengan beberapa cerita dari teman sebaya.

Semasa masih lajang beberapa waktu yang lalu. Saya belum begitu memahami secara benar tentang definisi perempuan yang baik, atau yang salehah mungkin kata teman-teman yang belajar agama lebih dari saya. Bagi saya, yang masih seperti ini; kacau, ilmu agamanya cetek, bacaan qurannya terbatas, dll. Tidak ada dalam keberanian saya untuk mempersunting kesalehahan seperti yang didefinisikan dalam buku-buku, pengajian, atau yang dipropagandakan oleh akun-akun di media sosial. Bagi saya, perempuan baik adalah perempuan yang baik, cukup itu.

Kecantikan yang ada dalam benak saya pun hanya sanggup menjangkau dari apa yang dilihat dan dengar, seperti bagaimana ia berpakaian, pakaian seperti apa yang ia kenakan, bentuk parasnya, bagaimana ia berinteraksi dengan orang lain, bagaimana ia bebicara, dan hanya sebatas itu.

Sampai kemudian, suatu hari saya datang ke kajian di salah satu Masjid. Bahwa hal yang paling sulit bagi perempuan yang nantinya menikah adalah ketaatan terhadap suaminya. Apalagi ketika ketaatan itu berpindah dari orang tua kepada suaminya, dan hal-hal yang mengikuti setelahnya.

Rasanya, ilmu itu hanya sampai pada sebatas pengetahuan kala itu. Sampai akhirnya saya menikah dan memahami betul maksud dari ilmu yang dulu pernah saya dapatkan.

Bagi orang-orang yang merindukan kebebasan yang tidak berbatas, mungkin menikah akan menjadi halangan yang luar biasa. Khususnya bagi perempuan. Bagaimana tidak, sebab setiap hal yang nantinya perempuan ingin putuskan seperti keluar rumah, berpakaian, dan hal-hal krusial lainnya nanti harus melalui izin dari suaminya. Tidak hanya urusan seperti itu, bahkan urusan untuk puasa sunah pun kalau suaminya tidak mengizinkan, ia tidak boleh melakukannya.

Sebagai laki-laki saya pun merenung, berpikir lebih banyak, sambil memandang istri saya hari ini. Betapa “ridho” suami itu benar-benar jadi sesuatu yang amat berharga. Dan sebagai laki-laki saya menjadi mengerti tentang makna-makna yang selama ini abu-abu dalam kehidupan berumah tangga.

Menikah itu harus bisa mengendalikan ego. Saya berusaha untuk meredakannya dan dalam sekian bulan pernikahan ini, saya merasa cukup berhasil. Saya tidak ingin mempersulit istri saya demi melihatnya merasa cukup lapang dalam menjalani kehidupan berumah tangga. Tidak mengekangnya, saya berusaha memberi pilihan-pilihan yang lebih luas dan leluasa. Saya juga selalu berusaha mendukung setiap pilihan-pilihannya yang baik.

Dan saya pun menjadi paham bahwa ketaatan seorang istri itu tidak bisa kita tuntut, ia lahir dari kepercayaannya kepada kita (laki-laki). Dan saya pun menjadi paham bahwa kecantikan yang hakiki dari seorang perempuan adalah ketaatannya. Ia menyadari bahwa setelah menikah, dirinya tidak lagi bebas. Ada suami yang menjadi pertama dan utama. Ada keputusan-keputusan yang dulu ketika masih sendiri, ia bebas memilih, kini harus melalui izin suaminya. Dan berbagai hal lainnya.

Dan ketaatan itu sungguh akan mengalahkan seluruh atribut kosmetik yang menghiasi wajah, jilbab lucu yang ditawarkan di online shop, dan gamis-gamis panjang yang warna-warni yang melekat di tubuh para model dan endorser. Maka, beruntunglah bagi laki-laki yang mendapatkan perempuan yang memahami tentang ketaatan. Dan beruntunglah perempuan yang mendapatkan laki-laki yang tidak semena-mena dalam menjalani kehidupan rumah tangga.

Ketaatan perempuan itu bisa menjadi jalan surga bagi perempuan. Juga bagi laki-laki. Dan kini, kami sama-sama belajar untuk memaknai ketaatan kami kepada Tuhan sebagai jalan kami dalam menjalani rumah tangga ini. Bismillah :)

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I think I’ve figured out why Ed saying to Oswald “Love is about sacrifice” bothered me so much.

He’s right, of course. Sacrificing something willingly is one of the deepest and truest ways to prove one’s love for another. 

Asking or expecting someone to sacrifice something for you to prove their love is abusive.

I’m a slut for Nygmobblepot as much as the next person, and I love Ed dearly…and of course, I don’t think Ed was intentionally being toxic, but kids…Nygmobblepot is not the poster-child for a functioning, healthy relationship. This is Gotham.

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bro, imma test your patience with me. now idk shit about politics buuut i need to learn a little more than the basics of whats happening to brazil, you know? its hard since its a hole different country so im kinda limited, i understand portuguese but really need a politics for dummies to know whats happening and what will probably happen due to the hell thats going on in BR. help me and get a smile (pls??)

Man this is hard because I have no idea what you already know or not or where you’re from so I can’t really make comparisons?? but i’m gonna try to give you a general??? hold tight

so I guess first thing is understanding the system, right?

Brazil has a… multi-party presidential democracy. Ish. Hasn’t always been like that tho, in fact, brazilian history is filled with coups and not so democratic republics. It’s our thing. But right now we have a President, in charge of the executive power, then there’s the upper and lower houses of congress (Senate and Chamber, we call them, basically), and the Supreme Court, I guess just like in the US. There’s a president to the Senate, a President to the Chamber, and a few more important figures in each part of the government, like the ministers, or cabinet leaders, that hold, well, cabinets, like the one for Education or Health or Culture, etc, or the Government Leader in congress that isn’t really a formal title but also kinda is a job. 

So, our parties. There are so many of them. SO MANY. Y’all wouldn’t believe how many. Ok, about 30-40 of them. But really, who the fuck knows all of them? I don’t, so we’re gonna stick to the most important ones. But for that, quick history lesson: 

Remember when I said we haven’t always been, uhm, this? Yeah, up until the late 80′s Brazil was on a Dictatorship (not the first we had, but the worst we had, arguably) (and I have to control myself not to tell you the whole thing cause I just love brazilian history???? but imma stick to what’s important) THE POINT IS: during those years, only two “parties” were allowed to exist, the… pro-dictatorship party and the… consented opposition party (we like to call them the “yes” and the “yes, sir” parties cause of the obvious). Consented opposition party was called MDB (founded in 65′). When dictatorship ended, they turned into PDMB (in 1980). You’re gonna have to get used to the acronyms because we only use them here. Sometime later, in 88, some people left PMDB to found PSDB, and at the time the plan was to have it a bit more to the left than PMDB that was a pretty center-right wing party. More to the left of both of those, also in the 80′s, our Workers Party is founded, PT. Not a socialist/communist party, whatever some may think until today. You might be wondering what happened to the dictatorship supporters party, right? They’ve changed names a few times through the last decades, nowadays they’re DEM, a right wing party (ironically enough, their acronym comes from Democrats).

Nowadays you can say PSDB is a center-right wing party, PT is center-left, and PMDB is wherever it pleases (mostly center-right, though). “Isn’t there a REAL left wing then????” there is, but it’s not exactly the most powerful thing in existence, so most people atribute the “left” nearly entirely to PT, cause up until a couple of years ago, it was majorly powerful. We’ll get to that. Anyway, some left wing parties are PCdoB and Psol and a shit ton of other small ones.

Back to history. When dictatorship was ending people made an awful lot of deals to get one dude (Tancredo Neves) into the presidency (not popular vote yet, some sort of electoral college) but cause we’re in Brazil and shit just can’t be simple HE DIED before taking office then his vice president (who had just kinda changed parties to make the run) became the first post-dictatorship president. This dude is called Sarney and he’s alive until today and we like to call him The King of a state because his family basically owns it. And it’s a big state and in pretty bad condition (if you want we can come back later to why so many families are so powerful and so entirely into politics and basically owners of whole states and how Oligarchies have always been a thing BUT in another post). He’s a senator now. Yeah, cause that’s a thing, you don’t have to end your career after being president here. Oh, both of those were like, from PMDB.

Then we finally got to vote and we elected this one young unknown dude who was promising to end corruption (I mean, they all do, but, big time), his name was Collor, and he got impeached for corruption a couple of years later. Yes, you’re allowed to laugh. He was from PRN, we’re not gonna talk about this party here, no relevance. His vice president took over, Itamar Franco, and if you guessed it you probably got it right: he was from PMDB. The country was still in a big ass crisis coming all the way from the dictatorship years and Collor had just screwed up massively too so when Itamar KINDA got things under control his economy cabinet leader got big time praise…… and got elected president a couple of years later for PSDB. His name is Fernando Henrique Cardoso (we like to call him FHC) and he’s still alive too. 

So we got a few years of PSDB there cause they approved reelection in congress at some point there - let’s be honest, it’s because they were scared of the increasing popularity of somebody else that had been running in the past elections too: Lula, the big leader of PT - and they were right to, cause Lula would get elected finally in 2003 and reelected after, staying until 2011, and would hand pick his successor and get her elected: Dilma Rousseff, who would also get reelected. As you might have heard, she got impeached last year, leaving office to her vice president, Michel Temer, from… PMDB. 

For the past couple of decades, our political scenario pretty much got divided into PSDB and PT running against each other (and against a ton of minor parties that didn’t quite make it) in every election, with PT winning all of the ones mentioned above. But in any and all of the governments, deals had to be made to get - you guessed it - PMDB support. If there’s one thing you have to know about these last years of Brazil is that no one, no one can govern without PMDB. And the reason to that is on it’s historical basis: it’s basically the oldest and biggest party we got. So EVERYWHERE there’s someone from there, so they get plenty of space in government, they make most of congress, they make most of the senate, they make most of the local powers, etc. And like that, unelected, they got to the Presidency quite a few times. When I said before that they go wherever they want to, is because they’ll lean to whichever side can grant them power, and not even collectively - you can see some of them aligning to left wing politicians in some parts of the country while others get allied to right wing politicians in another part in the same election, since there are no rules against that. Today, since they hold the presidency and most of the other important roles, their main ally is PSDB, but a few years back they were the main supporters to PT, so, really, the rule should be “don’t trust them and expect anything and everything”. 

I think… this kinda covers the basics. Very basics. Roughly. It would be important for you to understand the whole Impeachment mess of the past couple of years. I have a couple of posts on that here and here and here and here and you can always go to my politics tag to search for more comments on everything. Idk, bring me objective questions or just what more you want to know after this so I can help more??? i’m really kinda lost on what to tell you and there’s sooo much to brazilian history that is important, but I think this post is way too long already x) I like telling the stories though, so ask away

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Mas apasih yg membuat para ikhwan berdecak kagum ke seorang akhwat pada kali pertama?

Kalau menurut saya, semacam ini sifatnya mungkin personal dan tidak bisa digeneralisir, tiap orang chemistrynya beda.

Katakan sebagian besar ikhwan kagum dengan yang cantik, syar’i atau bahkan bercadar. Tapi belum tentu juga dengan ikhwan yang lain. 

Cantik, hijab syar’i atau mungkin bercadar tapi sering posting poto cantik, selfinya atau candid ala-alanya di sosmed maka bisa jadi bagi sebagian ikhwan sulit untuk bisa menjatuhkan kata kagum. 

Dan mungkin juga butuh beberapa kali, gak cuma kali pertama bagi sebagian ikhwan untuk bisa kagum meskipun saat itu tau bahwa seorang akhwat itu cantik. Bukan karena soksokan dan terlihat seperti terlalu banyak kriteria, hanya saja mungkin bagi sebagian ikhwan ada beberapa parameter yang punya nilai lebih dari sekedar atribut cantik. 

Pemahaman akan perannya sebagai seorang muslimah, Pemahaman sebagai seorang partner dan keyakinannya terhadap Al-Qur’an misalnya.

We should also consider a PCS addendum called the Hanyu Addendum.

In extreme cases of necessity (see Free Skate Worlds 2017) or when the scoreboard is in risk of being broken into pieces, the Judges may request that the Hanyu Addendum be instituted in order to atribute up to a maximum of 15 points in PCS, in order that the difference between TES and PCS be less and/or equal to 20 points.
(Hanyu Addendum to be applied to every skater not just its erstwhile namesake.)

Feel free to tweak/suggest improvements to the Hanyu PCS Addendum.

Different Varieties of Carnists
  • <p> <b>Guilty Carnist:</b> Only buys free range chicken and eggs and grass fed cows because they believe that that actually makes a difference.<p/><b>Lazy Carnist:</b> They would go vegan but, you know, BACON!!<p/><b>Respectable Carnist:</b> Says things like "I'll respect your diet and you respect mine." or "Don't judge my personal choices." Even though their "personal choices" hurt animals and the environment.<p/><b>Hypocrite Carnist:</b> Believes animal abuse is wrong and takes shorter showers because they care about the environment. Fails to realize that eating meat and animal products contributes to the worse type of animal abuse and climate change.<p/><b>Guilty Carnist:</b> Constantly on the defense when you bring up veganism. Feels like you're attacking them just by eating vegan yogurt.<p/><b>Angry Carnist:</b> Randomly starts yelling at you about how you're shoving your beliefs down their throat. Will bring up you being vegan at the most random of times. Constantly harasses you throughout the day about the food you eat. Will commonly say that you going vegan isn't making a difference.<p/><b>Dr. Carnist:</b> Pretends to be concerned about your health by constantly inquiring about your protein intake. Will tell you being vegan is not sustainable and that you'll suffer from malnutrition. Considers raising your kids vegan to be child abuse. Tells you that the hormones in soy are bad for you, all while failing to realize that their meat, eggs, and milk are pumped with way more hormones that soy is. Says being vegan is unhealthy but ignores the fact that heart disease and diabetes are America's number one killers and they are both atributed to meat and dairy consumption.<p/><b>Activist Carnist:</b> Will try and argue that being vegan is a privilege. Will claim that the vegan diet is more expensive and not affordable for everyone, even though they have never bothered to research affordable vegan options. Also will erase vegans of color by suggesting that only white people are vegan and say that we are attacking other people's cultures. All this while not realizing that many poc are vegan.<p/><b>Immature Carnist:</b> Will resort to dumb jokes about vegans eating rabbit food. When animal suffering is brought up they will still say things like "mmmm" or "animal suffering taste great" or "I don't care". They will commonly say that vegan food is gross, even though they themselves eat fruits, veggies, whole grains, etc.<p/><b>Curious Carnist:</b> What most vegans are before they become vegan. A meat eater who is interested in learning more about veganism and is genuinely concerned about their harmful impact on the animals and the environment. Will most likely end up being either vegan or vegetarian.<p/><b></b> Inspired by "Different Varieties of Vegans" by @vegan-confessions<p/></p>

Allah akan membimbingmu jika kamu memang siap untuk dibimbing.

Allah akan mempertemukan jika kamu memang siap untuk dipertemukan.

Allah akan meneguhkanmu menjadi sebenar-benar Imam jika kamu memang sudah siap dengan atribut yang melekat pada diri seorang Imam.

Begitu juga dengan cita-citamu menjadi madrasah terbaik.
Allah akan jadikanmu salah satu yang terbaik diantara ibunda penerus generasi ulama dan mujahid, jika kamu meneguhkan hatimu untuk senantiasa bersiap, tanpa mencari alasan bahwa esok atau lusa adalah waktu yang tepat untuk bersiap.

—  ©Quraners

People always say to me that my dislike for dany is rooted in sexism and that if jon were to do the same, i wouldn’t complain. But this episode highlighted their differences way better than i could have ever put into words. book!dany can actually be speared from this criticism, however on today’s episode the Mereenesse plot (that is taking forever in the books) was solved in like, ten minutes, bc DrAGoNS™. Dany, on the show, has no real dangers, everything comes easily to her: the ships she needs, the men she needs, the support from the houses of westeros (asha and theon are the first, dorne will probably follow soon after and we know everyone will most likely bend the knee in KL), even Tyrion’s advice and support is quite literally introduced in an episode called ‘The Gift” jfc. 

But with Jon and Sansa and the North in general, nothing comes easy: they do have to fight for what they have. Fight for Winterfell and Rickon, and that has a price. Rickon was the price, Rickon was what was at stake. They can -and they did, several times- lose something they hold most dear. The starks have been paying for their mistakes since Bran was pushed from the tower: ned pays in KL for catelyn’s mistake at the inn (taking tyrion), sansa pays for her mistakes being held captive in the capital, robb and jon pay theirs with their lives. 

the point is, dany makes no mistakes on the show. and the mistakes she makes on the book are ignored (Quentyn Martell), deemed unimportant (slavery back on Yunkai and Astapor, the sons of the Harpy), or atributted to Tyrion (failing negotiations with the Masters, Mereen’s siege).

And that’s not even getting into the fact that dany’s biggest problem on the books is that her dragons don’t obey her commands. But on the show, her dragons do whatever she wants them to do. need some help with the fighting pits? drogon’s here to help. need some help boosting the dothraki’s morale? drogon’s here to help. need to burn enough ships as to release the -very timely- siege in mereen? drongon’s here and, look, rhaegal and viserion are totally cool following you even though you kept them in chains for months. 

It’s frustrating, and it is boring as hell.

and i cannot understand how people who like her cannot see that. Her role has been reduced to “looking fucking cool on a dragon”. I cannot understand why people who actually like her are not fucking furious.    

Tulisan : Khawatir

Kalau pikiran saya sedang melayang jauh, saya seringkali membayangkan tentang kematian. Kematian selalu berhasil membuat saya merenung, kembali tersadar kalau hidup ini tidak lama. Kematian juga berhasil membuat saya menjadi lebih hati-hati dalam berbuat.

Kekhawatiran saya kali ini adalah tentang “Bagaimana bila apa yang kita kerjakan itu menjadi sesuatu yang memberatkan orang tua kita nanti di hari penghakiman.” Kekhawatiran yang merupakah buah dari pengamatan saya terhadap apa-apa yang terjadi dilingkungan bahkan kawan-kawan dekat saya hari ini.

Disaat ruang privasi semakin hilang, di saat setiap orang rasanya justru ingin selalu “menampilkan” diri. Dan semua bentuk produk buatan manusia seolah-olah ditujukan untuk penampilan tersebut.

Bagaimana kalau apa yang kita kerjakan, foto-foto kecantikan yang kita unggah ke media sosial, suara-suara merdu mendayu kita rekam dan didengar oleh milyaran manusia, juga atribut-atribut privasi yang seharusnya terjaga menjadi terbuka ternyata menjadi sesuatu yang memberatkan orang tua kita nanti di yaumil akhir? Ketika perbuatan kita tersebut dianggap sebagai kelalaian orang tua kita dalam mendidik kita? Mungkin dengan pemikiran “kekinian” kita yang berbeda dengan zaman orang tua kita, membuat kita pandai membenarkan dan pandai memberi alasan kepada orang tua untuk mendukung apa-apa yang kita kerjakan? Bukankah kita sedang mendzalimi orang tua kita sendiri?

Tidakkah kita berpikir sebelum melakukan sesuatu? Apakah ini bermanfaat untuk kehidupan akhirat kita, atau hanya untuk kesenangan kita dan keinginan kita terhadap uang? Uang dari hasil mengekspos kecantikan, mengekspos diri kita sebagai media iklan. Kita dibayar untuk menjadi pengganti banner, spanduk, poster, dan baligho.

Ketika kita berbicara tentang agama, apakah kita berbicara dengan hawa nafsu atau kemurnian jiwa?

Ketika katanya kita ingin mensyiarkan kebaikan agama ini, apakah itu benar-benar untuk agama ini atau untuk hawa nafsu kita? Atau ternyata untuk kepentingan kita, juga kepentingan kelangsungan hidup kita dalam kenyamanan dan ketenaran?

Wallahu’alam, semoga Allah menyelamatkan hati dan pikiran kita, menjaganya tetap dalam iman meskipun rasanya seperti menggenggam bara api.

Selamat berjuang menjadi anak-anak yang berbakti, yang berusaha untuk menjadi alasan dan sebab orang tua kita dimudahkan di kehidupan nanti :)

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imam 17 god. nisam imala jos first kiss,nit mi momci ne prilaze i ne milsim da ce itko mene htjetii. svaki dan se trudim da budem ikako 'ljepsa' nez. al nikako nije dosta osjecam se ruzna, i nez nekako kao da svi momci druge gledaju a ja sam nez nevidljiva... svi mi govore kako nije vazno kakav si nego sta nosis u sebi, da ako ce mi biti sudjeno ce se desiti... ali nez do sad bih moglo vec nest biti ...

Uz dužno poštovanje i nadu da se niko neće naljutiti, tvojim muškim vršnjacima će izgled biti najvažniji. Gledat će koja cura je lijepa, koja ima ovakve ili onakve atribute…
I vjeruj mi, određenom broju njih nije bitno ništa više. Tako da budi sretna što te ne žele iskoristiti.

A to za prvi kiss… Ma… Ništa više nego dodir usana često… Kao i nevinost… Od svega je napravljeno big deal…

Persoalan Sandal Jepit

Tenang rasanya hati manusia, kalau untuk persoalan sandal jepit yang putus saja, ngadunya ke Allah. 

Memutuskan untuk mengadu pada makhluk bisa saja menjadi tepat, ketika bukan solusi yang ingin dicari, tetapi lebih untuk menghargai dan menghormati keberadaannya. Dan itu baik.

Ia yakin, ndak ada yang memiliki kemampuan memahami dirinya dengan akurasi 100% kecuali Rabb-nya, walaupun itu sahabat terbaiknya, pasangannya bahkan dirinya sendiri.

Ia juga sudah paham, persoalan yang datang tidak lagi memiliki atribut besar-kecil atau berat-ringan, karena pertanyaan paling esensial yang perlu ia jawab adalah “kepada siapa ia akan mengadu?” dan “seberapa berpengaruh persoalan tersebut kepada kadar keyakinannya akan kebaikan & pertolongan Allah?”

“وَإِيَّاكَ نَسْتَعِينُ”

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About the Snape/Alan Rickman, I like to atribute the responsability according the capacity. Alan Rickman was a excelent actor. The movie makers didn't even get an actor with the right eye color to the protagonist. Or designed the uniforms right. Or get actors with the appropriate age to be James and Lily. They used a guy with wrongest hair possible to be James at 11 and at 15. I could continu for hours... :)

Oh I totally agree, not Alan’s fault!!! He’s an amazing actor the movies just didn’t give enough time to fully explore even the MAIN characters. I mean book!Ron is so different from movie!Ron it makes me cringe EVERYTIME!!!!
And I agree, don’t get me started on eye color! Lol

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Hi honey! Can you please tell the atributes that would make the girlfriend of the boys breaking up with then? Like something on their personality that would maybe be a problem on the relationship. Thanks!!

This was rather interesting to do! In relationships it’s never this easy but these are the things the boys will find irritating in a relationship in my opinion.

Seokjin - selfishness

Yoongi - weepiness

Namjoon - superficiality

Hoseok - reticence

Jimin - indifference

Taehyung - heartlessness

Jungkook - jealousy

All - Lack of communication

(If you wan’t a more elaborate answer just message us^^)

-Admin Krümmel

Biasa, karena ini hanya permainan media, inti pesan yang mau disampaikan :

‘Safety First!’ Buat mereka yang suka cari aman* Literally. AMAN.

Selamat libur (agak) panjang akhir pekan!
*Yang mobil atau pesawat ya dipake sabuknya, yg motoran atau sepedaan ya dipake helm nya. Jangan kebalik. Setiap kendaraan punya atribut pengamannya sendiri-sendiri (y) Yang naik kereta… Hati-hati di jalan, cpt sehat xob! Eaa~ Ada yg menunggu untuk diselesaikan. YKWIM.
Edit (1) Lah, ternyata naik pesawat XD soktau akut.

Frankenweenie: Elsa Van Helsing [INFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by rose-merida

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Elsa is lonely, somber and soulful, she often looks depressed but she doesn’t like to talk about her feelings. She doesn’t need to tell her best friend, Persephone how much she loves her, on the other hand she prefers to let it show through her actions (as when she goes to her rescue endangering her own life). She feels terribly sorry about Victor’s loss even though she hasn’t experienced it herself, and she doesn’t pretend she actually knows exactly how he feels (unlike a Fe user would do, she doesn’t try to comfort Victor, she simply points out how much he missed Sparky and tells what she thinks about it to Persephone). Elsa doesn’t want to be the Little Dutch Girl for the celebration of the Dutch Day at all, she’d even rather die instead (probably because of her introverted and shy nature, and because of how risky and pointless it seems to her); however, she still does it because she’s dutiful and she prefers to suffer for some minutes than having to put up with her uncle scolding her, besides it would only make things worse since he would probably force her and she understands it’s important to him, despite she doesn’t like him.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Elsa is very open-minded compared to other people of her town and like most of her classmates, she is interested in science, but not to the point of risking her life because of experimenting. She seems to prefer to study it than experience it herself. She’s fascinated towards Mr. Rzykruski’s lessons. When, she first sees what her classmates have done to some of their dead pets and animals, she’s naturally frightened due to their evil nature but she doesn’t appear to be disturbed or scared when she sees Sparky once he saved Persephone, Edgar and her despite he’s a living dead, unlike the adults who find Sparky later. Depite she finds it strange, she doesn’t criticize Victor for “barking” either, she atributes it to his grieving and mourning towards Sparky.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Elsa seems to be quite practical and down-to-earth. She doesn’t take part in the science fair and seems to prefer to study facts and data than experiementing. She’s also skeptical towards her classmates’ theories about the cause of the many storms that take place so often in the town, and finds them hard to believe since they have no true evidence of them (Te), but she still listens to them and considers them (Ne). It also takes her some time to practice and memorize the lyrics of the song she’s supposed to sing in the celebration.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Elsa is obedient, she follows the rules her uncle’s imposed to her (not letting Persephone get near his tulips and practising her song for the celebration) but she can be blunt and straightforward too (as when she isn’t afraid to directly tell his uncle she’d welcome death before being the Little Dutch Girl and letting the audience hear it through the microphone) and quick to take action when her beloved pet is in danger. Once they’re being attacked by Wolf-Rat, she grabs a stick to defend herself  and Persephone. Then, once Mr. Whiskers kidnaps her puddle, she doesn’t hesitate to go after her and save her.

Note: Despite her short screen-time, I’ve managed to gather enough evidence (or at least tried to) about her type. I’d considered ISFJ for her as well, since she doesn’t seem very interested in making scientific experiements like some of her classmates but I can’t see real Fe in her (I mostly see Fi), neither Ti and that doesn’t seem enough to discard aux Ne, she still seems interested in ideas. Besides, I doubt that if she used Fe, she would’ve said the sentence of the last gif to her uncle and the audience (since they wouldn’t say (or try) to say things that could offend people. I’m open to other theories though this seems to be her type.

Dan 17 Agustus hanya menjadi sebuah perayaan basi atas suatu hal yang katamu merdeka itu, mencapai puncak-puncak gunung dengan atribut merah putih, menuliskan kekaguman atas tanah air, tentu lengkap dengan bumbu-bumbu kalimat ultra nasionalis yang tak ada tandingannya.

Lalu ketika kau melihat anak kecil meringkuk lemas di bawah baliho diskon besar-besaran supermall, MCD, KFC dan segala macamnya, anak-anak papua dibantai karena bersuara lantang, dan segala tragedi kemanusiaan atas nama nasionalisme, kalian lebih memilih diam. Tak mau tahu.

Lalu begitu yang kalian ajarkan apa itu nasionalis?

Bedebah kalian.