atreyu´s goddamn face


Shame Fic 2: The Second Coming.

Reverb Skype chat makes me do awful things. B*S/Maka siblings AU. 


Soul really wished walking in on Maka changing had been as awful as he told Black Star it was.

Maybe then he could get the image out of his head. He closed his eyes and saw slim, bare backs and milky white flesh. He saw a sleek neck and slender shoulders, and a ridiculously cute pink and white dotted training bra. He kept remembering the way her blonde hair fell onto her shoulder blades and the slight curve of her waist – it came back in flurries and vivid moments, just as his ineloquent escape did, complete with Maka threatening murder and his best friend laughing his ass off.

Walking in on Maka changing had been eye opening. It had been an awakening of sorts. It awoke a monstrous shame boner and an affinity for a slight frame and training bras. He felt both creepy and intrigued, of all things, because he had been so sure for so long that Maka was practically a sister to him.

A sister with an elegant looking back and a cute training bra. A sister that he was maybe-sorta-kinda touching himself to.

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