The Boys Are Back In Town
  • The Boys Are Back In Town
  • Atreyu
  • Covers of the Damned

this feels super appropriate to post and three years ago i promised i would try to avoid posting this song until it came the right time. everyone here is going fucking nuts, and rightfully so. it’s time to celebrate! any info on the band, as always, will be posted here as SOON as it’s learned, so whenever the boys put out new stuff, you’ll know it as soon as i do. 


My other incubus guy Atreyu is complete 8D. I went with scarification through out his design. Just over a tribal feel in general. I suppose he’s a more “romanticized” incubi. The kind who swoops in for one night and shows you a good time ( which Aurel almost never does, he is not one for one night stands and often sticks around for quite a while. ) But he does sometime haunt. Atreyu’s more of a gentle caring incubi who is quite subtle in his haunting ,tries his best not to frighten you unlike Aurel who’s entire 1st haunting stage is scaring and unsettling the shit out of you. But yeah Atreyu : ) Kinda of a sweetie pie demon.

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My baby boys. ❤️🐱🐲 They loved eachother since day one. They never realized they weren’t even the same species. Photo on left is just 10 months ago! Kaiju is a beast. #kaiju #atreyu #atreyufalcor #bestfriends #brothers #family #reptile #feline #cat #beardie #love #beardeddragon #dragon #tabby #animal #pets #furkid #animallove #petsoninstagram #catsoninstagram #neverendingstory #pacificrim