Check out Ronnie’s interview with about the Supervillains Tour with Attila and the Christmas Vacation Tour with Atreyu.

“The name of the tour came about because the bad reputation that I kind of have. Trace just started getting that too, like last year or earlier this year. And the singer of Attila, the Fronz guy, he kind of has that reputation. So I was like, that’s actually a really good idea for a tour name.”

photo by Grizzlee Martin

Chapter 3: Morla the Aged One

I’d like to take this moment to throw out my thoughts on children’s literature, here we go, I hope you’re ready: The best kind of children’s literature is the kind that doesn’t underestimate children. A lot of adults run around like, “This book has dark, complex subject matter and that just isn’t for children,” and you should never entrust a child to these people.


Second illustration of my favourite childhood books, this time it’s “The Neverending Story” by Michael Ende. The scene between the werewolf Gmork and Atreyu has always been one of my favourites. It left a huge impression on me when I was a child, because it’s such a grim, intense scene where Atreyu is at his lowest, most vulnerable and hopeless. And that’s what I wanted to capture, the hopelessness, the moment Atreyu gives up, manipulated by Gmork and about to be swallowed up by The Nothing.

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Chapter 2: Atreyu’s Mission

The Childlike Empress gets Cairon, a centaur, to go get Atreyu, who no one has ever heard of before. He lives out on the plains with his tribe and Cairon is like, “Oh. You’re a small boy. That’s…fine? I guess?” Atreyu is not given any instruction whatsoever on how to help, but the Childlike Empress has sent him the AURYN, which is her magic crest that offers total protection to its wearer. Atreyu and his horse, Artax, go off in search of a cure for the Childlike Empress.


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