I’m on my knees, I never wanna die.

I’m dancing on my grave, I’m running through the fire;

Forever, whatever, I never wanna die.

I never wanna leave, I’ll never say goodbye;

Forever, whatever, forever, whatever.


It’s been a long time since I’ve drawn these two together. Excuse my poor anatomy.

The bandages and jewelry are intentionally missing, and that’s all I’ll say.

Just Before the Move

It would be a few days before the Cirque would find themselves in the spooky place known as Halloweentown. While several of the grunts and even members of the troupe helped pack up, the ringmaster was busy with his own plans.

They had only recently figured out the decorations for the Cirque and was just making sure that nothing was left out. If anything, he hated to miss opportunities.

“Let’s see here…cobwebs on the rollercoaster, trick-or-treats for the food vendors, an extra spooky make-over for the tent…” Loyal listed off the changes, not paying any particular attention to his surroundings for the moment as he sat outside at a picnic table.

A Night on the Barton Town

It was nearing sunset in Barton. Genevieve and Lorraine had managed to convince the ringmaster to continue borrowing their clothing for the time being. For the moment ‘she’ was in a dark blue dress, black stockings, as well as a white half jacket and gloves. He decided to try to go looking for Nicolae’s wagon for some more amps, wanting to be prepared for the next time he was to enter Deadman’s Shadow.

“Yech….dead day, eh Capella?” Nicolae yawned. He stretched out his arms a bit, recllining against the tree he commonly parked his wagon beside. Capella already had the right idea, laying down on the opposite side of it, still puffing away at her pipe. Barton Town was typically the best place to ralley up customers, but there wasn’t much he could do when no one was wandering about. A salespitch was absolutely useless with no one to hear it.

“Days like this make me glad I’m working for that old ram,” he laughed, reaching inside his coat for a wheat stalk to chew on. “Makes up for my losses.”

Capella looked over at him, gave another light puff of her pipe, and snorted at him before looking away, staring off into nothing.

“Hey, don’t you be giving me that attitude. It’s not like he suspects anything at this point anyways.” He found what he’d been seeking and placed the specially saved grass to his lips. “Finances aside, now I’m bored.”

“Then might I be of assistance?” came the ringmaster’s voice as she walked up to Nicolae’s wagon, a smile on her face.

“Hm?” He looked up and tipped his hat back with his index to have a look at his visitor. It took him a moment to recognize the woman in front of him, even with the Loyal’s most obvious trait of the curled golden locks and painted face.

“Well well! Didn’t think I’d have you visiting my cart so soon, madame Loyal,” he chuckled. Another grunt from Capella was given, followed by a light glare from Nicolae to his own mare before turning back to Loyal with a grin. “What can I do for ya? Perhaps I can interest you in some of my wares?”

“Actually, that’s exactly what I came here for. You wouldn’t happen to have any Ghi Amps in stock, would you? I’m hoping to be a lot more prepared the next time I venture into Deadman’s Shadow,” Loyal explained with a smile, one hand on her hip and the other holding a coin purse.