Novak Djokovic - Gael Monfils (Head-to-Head)

Novak will face Gael Monfils in the semi finals of the Rogers Cup in Toronto on Saturday not before 8 PM local time (2 AM CET).



Novak’s hot shot in the quarter final against Tomas Berdych on Friday

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On July 23, ten years ago, Novak won the first of 65 career ATP titles he’s got so far in his collection. His opponent in the 2006 Amersfort final, Chile’s Nicolas Massu, reflected on a champion in the making.

“He faced me as an equal. We had already trained beforehand, but in the match his spectacular potential was noticeable. I thought he’ll surely be in the Top 5 in the future. He had it all: the game and a winning mentality. He was a very nice person, very polite. During the final, he applauded me on a couple of points, and in the ceremony he congratulated me for my career to date.” Speaking about Nole 10 years on, Massu, who is now Chile’s Davis Cup captain, said, “Djokovic deserves all he has achieved. He lives for tennis, is very organised, disciplined and is a good person. Being in his first final is a nice memory.“

Ten years on from his first ATP title, Novak has won 65 singles trophies, including 12 Grand Slam championships and a record 29 ATP World Tour Masters 1000 shields. Since getting to no.1 for the first time on July 4, 2011, Djokovic has spent 208 weeks in the top spot.


Novak at his press conference after his second round win over Gilles Muller on Wednesday

Novak on the Olympic Games in Rio: “I did get more information on it, and my decision is to go to the Olympic Games. Because, from the information that I got, it’s not as it’s presented, not as dangerous. Of course, there is always a possibility that you can get the virus, but I think maybe the fuss and the buzz about the virus has been created with some kind of other intent that I’m not going to get into. For me, it’s safe enough and I’m going to go.”

Novak on his role as one of the most-watched figures in the sport: “I’m obviously doing everything in my own power and my own field of influence to be a positive example on and off the court. I’m very connected emotionally to this sport. I feel that bond and I try to be honest and transfer that passion on the court and off it… So I hope people can relate to that and recognise that.”

Novak on being a member of the ATP Player Council: “As somebody that is on top of the game and has at this moment [a] certain influence, I can try to use that influence and contribute in a good way to the sport. Roger Federer has done that for a long time and Rafael Nadal was also in the council for a long time. I think it’s good that the best players in the world are getting involved.”

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