atp r

me and john were talking yesterday about s9 and the finale rumors (which atp r probably just the truth) n this is just my onion but sashas only gonna win because rpdr is now only marketed towards white cishet women who love to objectify and fetishize (attractive, white) gay men (even if theyre not gay men, bc to these girls trans/nb people are all just sassy gay men!!!). ru knows that drag race isnt for gay/trans people anymore. its for the sudden group of cis women who are absolutely fucking disgusting human beings and spend their days writing fanfiction over these real people, who invade spaces made for gay and trans people. ru is 100% marketing everything to cis women who have at this point literally ruined drag (im speaking as someone who does drag/wants to pursue a career in it) you cant go to a show without Those girls being creepy and invasive. the queens fucking hate it and theyre not just joking when theyre mocking the way these girls speak. its literally made their careers a fucking joke. try hosting a fucking panel and some teenager reads you smut fanfiction of you and a co-worker and wont shut up. and when i say white cishet girls its not just like lol white people im saying that these girls are incredibly antiblack and claim to love drag but will actively ignore or bash black queens. cishet women have no fucking place in drag and their incessant need to objectify drag queens and make them into either their fuckable subject of fanfiction or their ~sinful~ otp is absolutely one of the worst things to happen to drag