The Most Unlikely Designer Muse at #NYFW

Who is your style icon? The inquiry is perhaps the most clichéd and over-asked question of every fashion person during interviews and sometimes the answers can be just as expected as the question itself. And while I didn’t poll anyone (merely personal observation here), the most often name-dropped muses are Kate Moss, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve (only from Belle Du Jour of course), Grace Jones, and Marilyn Monroe. To jazz things up and throw in a pop culture reference, well, then, it’s Beyonce, Rihanna, or Madonna. 

But according to the runways this week, Spring 2015 will have a different (although still the same) response. Instead, the new designer muse is … Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? A unique choice, I know, but what do you think? Here to stay or will it blow away? 

PS: For the record, my own personal style icons are Kurt Cobain and John Kennedy Jr. Who are yours? Tweet at me with the hashtag #StyleIcon

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Oscar de la Renta. Photo Courtesy ImaxTree

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Diane von Furstenberg. Photo Courtesy ImaxTree

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Michael Kors. Photo Courtesy Getty Images

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Altuzzara. Photo Courtesy of designer

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Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Photo Courtesy Everett Collection
#StyleHack: A Simple Fix So You Can Eat More This Thanskgiving

I have never been shy about loving to eat, which I understand can be an oxymoron for a fashion person. But when it comes to the holiday season, I turn eating into a true participant sport.

When your mother’s feast resembles something along the lines of cruise ship buffet, you’ll not only feel like you have to – but will also want to – try everything put in front of you. So while you’re tapping out your calorie count into gastronomic numbers, you’ll need to know that there’s a clothing lifesaver within grasp, when THAT moment comes. Oh, you know what moment I’m talking about. THAT exact instance when you stop eating, take a deep breath, lean back in your chair, stretch, and then glare at that pumpkin pie in front of you and think, “How am I going to do this?”

The answer lies with your sister or wife sitting next to you or it may even just be within your pocket. It’s what I call the “loop-to-eat”.

I learned this technique a few years ago from my boyfriend and his grandmother, whom his family all affectionately call Tiny, a petit woman who after the hefty meal, would whip off her hair tie and do the loopy-dee-loop so she can continue eating.

Here’s how it’s done:

1) Unbutton your pants.

2) Take a hair tie (or elastic band) and thread it through the buttonhole and then loop it through the hair tie/elastic band again, so it stays in place

3) Hook the free end of the band onto button.

4) Sit back and stretch and feel that extra bit of room in your pants.

5) Go back for seconds.

Kim Kardashian West Cuts Her Hair Short—& Gets Naked (Again)

Photo: Instagram/@kimkardashian

When it comes to pop culture news, you can always count on Kim Kardashian West to make a headline, often with a NSFW photo or some other earth shattering reveal, like she’s cleaning out her closet.

Well, late last night, she did it again. She posted a selfie with her newly chopped do, captioned “I cut my hair short today.” Everyone gets haircuts, but when you’re Kim and your hair is your calling card—and you’ve REALLY cut it off—it’s headline-making. So here goes: Kim Has Officially Joined the Lob Club. While Kim might be a bit late in adopting the lob (that longer bob that’s been sweeping the red carpet on everyone from Rosamund Pike to Sofia Coppola), I am betting that Kim will make the look even more mainstream. The digital world and her adoring fans are already speculating about the motivation behind her cut. MTV called the news “BREAKING” while some wondered, “Is this part of her new 2015 look that she teased about this month.” Others just pondered, “What is she trying to say?” But my thought? The girl just wanted a haircut. But people are FREAKING OUT. And if you don’t believe me, in just a few hours Kim’s Instagram pic of her new cut already has double the likes of an earlier picture she posted from her Love magazine fashion shoot showing her lying on a dirty motel bed in all her butt baring glory. I guess Kim naked doesn’t break the internet anymore—but a good haircut sure will.

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What It Was Like Presenting at the Daytime Emmy Awards

For the past few years, most of the time that I?ve spent on the red carpet has been working it and interviewing all the arrivals, but this past weekend I was on the other side, and got to ?werk? instead. I attended the Daytime Emmy Awards, where I walked the step-and-repeat, had people call out my name to strike a pose, hobnobbed with fellow invitees, and even presented two awards onstage with my fellow co-hosts from my upcoming syndicated talk show, FAB Life, which is debuting this fall. 

The event kicked off in the afternoon with the sun high in the sky?such a treat for this New Yorker, who was only in Los Angeles for less than 48 hours?at the Warner Bros. Studio Backlot. I was dressed to the nines in my tuxedo and flanked by the ladies?Chrissy Teigen, Lauren Makk and Leah Ashley?in their evening finest. And of course, Tyra Banks, who was hosting the show as her usual fierce self, was there, too. 

But the surreal part wasn?t the carpet. For me, it was all about being that kid who would carry his coat to last period class in grade school and run home the second the bell went off, making it to the couch in record time so he could watch Luke and Laura and the rest of the General Hospital escapades with his grandmother. Being at the Daytime Emmys wasn?t just special in terms of my career; it was personal, as well. 

However, as an attendee at an awards show as opposed to a correspondent, I did get to see how these things operate from a totally different perspective?and I even learned a few things.  

1. You can beat the heat easier as an A-lister, because you?re just moving like salmon upstream vs. being crammed behind a barrier.

2. As excited as I get, you have to avoid too many conversations on the carpet because, first of all, the salmon/people are all moving and you don?t want to be THAT guy who bottlenecks them all, and, second, that?s when the photographers take the ?candid? pictures (which are never cute?trust me, I?m a professional). 

3. Dinner isn?t served until the awards are over, but no one is eating, anyway. 

4. You don?t get to sit near Donna Mills or meet Charo in the Green Room if you?re just working the carpet. So many selfie opportunities! 

5. Ripping open the envelope to announce the winner is surreal.

6. Handing the Emmy to the winner (congrats, Steve Harvey!) is even more surreal. And PS: the Emmy award is heavy.