The Most Unlikely Designer Muse at #NYFW

Who is your style icon? The inquiry is perhaps the most clichéd and over-asked question of every fashion person during interviews and sometimes the answers can be just as expected as the question itself. And while I didn’t poll anyone (merely personal observation here), the most often name-dropped muses are Kate Moss, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Deneuve (only from Belle Du Jour of course), Grace Jones, and Marilyn Monroe. To jazz things up and throw in a pop culture reference, well, then, it’s Beyonce, Rihanna, or Madonna. 

But according to the runways this week, Spring 2015 will have a different (although still the same) response. Instead, the new designer muse is … Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? A unique choice, I know, but what do you think? Here to stay or will it blow away? 

PS: For the record, my own personal style icons are Kurt Cobain and John Kennedy Jr. Who are yours? Tweet at me with the hashtag #StyleIcon

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Oscar de la Renta. Photo Courtesy ImaxTree

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Diane von Furstenberg. Photo Courtesy ImaxTree

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Michael Kors. Photo Courtesy Getty Images

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Altuzzara. Photo Courtesy of designer

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Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. Photo Courtesy Everett Collection