50 shades of Blue in Men’s Fashion SS13

It’s not just black and grey for men. All colours have attended the men fashion parade. We know that navy blue has been one of the essential colours in men’s fashion world but this year we will see all the shades of blue. Petrol blue, metallic blue, navy blue, Curaçao blue, dodger blue, duke blue, turquoise etc… As a result the star of 2013 Men’s Fashion World is blue as we see on the runways. Salvatore Ferragamo, Guess, Burberry Prorsum, Boglioli, Hartford, and Hermes are just some brands/designers who featured eye-catching shades of blue.  It doesn’t mean that everything you wear must be blue. Just some blue splash would be enough too. A single-breasted blazer, a shirt, a jumper, a bracelet and sometimes even just a watch…

It’s fresh, cool and stunning…

And if you have blue eyes; you are more than a lucky guy this year! :)

Here are some blue outfits that I found for you.

(PS: I personally do not like baby/powder blue on men. But still… It’s your choice)

  1. Avant Toi long-sleeved sweater, €454.01 
  2. CRUYFFMen’s Recopa Classic Navy Blue & Chianti Red Trainers, £90.00 
  3. Moshino contrasting sleeve padded jacket, €496.03 (25% off) 
  4. Burberry, striped cashmere cotton sweater, £895.00 
  5. MIANSAI® Leather Bracelet, GBP 52.87 
  6. Superdry Challenger Hanley, €79.95 
  7. Lanvin high top biker boot, €680.33 
  8. AtopTimeZoneUK WWS watch, real Leather Strap, £160.00  
  9. Brera Orologi Sottomarino Diver Watch, £528.68
  10. Dsquared2 Slim Fit Jeans (Blue), $585.00 

10 best Valentine’s Gift ideas for her, by TrendHimUK

As a woman, I can ensure you that you – most importantly she – will love one of those gifts!

As I said  - in that case ‘wrote’ - several times before; if you think just remembering the Valentine’s Day would be enough for her you are a big fool!

You SHOULD also find the PERFECT gift for her that shows your love, sensitivity and taste! Also it will show that how much you know her.


So… First things first.

You arranged a dinner (no matter if it’s a restaurant or a dinner at home), wine, flowers and your outfit.

But you will want to make a big impression when you give your gift to your Valentine.

Here are some life saver ideas for you to avoid your PVS, a.k.a, Pre- Valentine’s Day Syndrome:

  1. Let’s start with fun and a little bit naughty gifts. “Ring For A Hug Bell” or “Ring For A Shag Bell”
  2. Simple and sweet: BCBG bracelet from
  3. If you want to give something unique and creative, Atop watches are one of the most perfect gifts for your Valentine. This is also one of my favorites among watches. I have the same one but I wouldn’t say no the purple or orange one as well! J You just turn the bezel and set the time where ever you go in the world. Also stylish! As the brand says: You can give the world to her! Atop Watches WWA range, from
  4. If your Valentine loves to have creative and functional items here is a great one: Everpurse iPhone charger,
  5. Jewelry is a lifesaver gift for Valentine’s Day. Trust me. :) Hot Diamonds® Circle Necklace from
  6. If your Valentine is an iLover this will make her the happiest woman in the world: Moshi iPad Versa Cover! Can be a reason to say ‘yes!’ ), by moshi
  7. No woman can say no to Tiffany! Anything in the iconic blue box is sure to please her. Tiffany hearts locket, by
  8.  If your Valentine is a little bit tech person this is the gift you should buy: Beats By Dre,,default,pg.html?icid=VdayHP_slider1?cid=socdp_FB_Vday
  9. This is one of the other great gifts: Decorative Acoustic iPhone Amplifier. You can even buy it yourself instead of your Valentine and pick one of those 9 options above! J Unfortunately I couldn't find where to buy it in the UK. I have an Italian website instead:  
  10. Anddd…. There are always DIY gifts. You can use the  “tailored and handmade with love’ card… Attach pictures on canvas to ribbon. :)

Experiencing Atop World Time Watches

(a.k.a My best travel companion from now on!)

I write a men’s fashion blog from a woman’s point of view; therefore I receive gifts mostly for men for review (as expected). To be honest unisex gifts are more appreciated. J

Whilst I was planning my trip to Dusseldorf and Holland for the weekend I received this lovely watch from Atop TimeZone UK yesterday. As I knew the brand already; it was a great gift just before my trip.


  1. Shoes/boots
  2. Watches
  3. Bracelets

For those of you that haven’t met Atop watches yet; here is the super power of this watch:

First of all it is World Time patented.

The system works on time zones so it doesn't have all the city names in the world (that would be difficult). But once you know what timezone your destination is in (there is also a list for this in the instruction manual); then you basically twist the watch bezel, set it to the city you want and the hands change on the clock face to the correct time.

This will be especially handy for me as I do love to travel  a lot so I can just turn the bezel of the watch and see the local time and do the same thing to know what the time is back home. The design of the watch really caught my eye by the way; the colour, the leather strap, the quality and the unique system.

There is also a  “DST – Daylight Saving Time” indicator which you can use to set your watch to DST in the summer.

As you see Atop watches make great choice for travelers. It is also one of the most useful gadget if you have a long distance relationship because you will know at what time you should call her/him or if she/he is awake or not…

One last thing… These watches are winners of the Reddot Design Awards and If Design Awards.

The cities that are on the watch bezel are as follows:







Los Angeles










New York

Rio de Jenerio

As the brand has informed me it’s a unisex watch but I used a male model to take the photos because it looks better on men and this is a men’s fashion blog afterall J

The watch that was sent to me is from the WWB range with a real leather strap which are priced at £165.

I checked their website – way before they sent me one – and they also sell online the VWA range with rubber straps in 12 different colours which are also unisex and priced at £80.

More Information about Atop World Time Watches

Atop World Time Watches are available only to buy online at for UK market and they have free delivery in the UK.

Atop was established in Taiwan in 1984 and is the world’s only manufacturer of World Watches products and owns patents in Taiwan, America, Europe, Japan and China. The vision of ATOP, the first name that comes to mind at world time clock brand, is to bring the world closer to each other.

Who are Atop World Watches for?

Frequent travellers

  • ·         Business people
  • ·         International communicators
  • ·         Students abroad and their families,
  • ·         People curious about the world time
  • ·         Those who love to be trendy

You can follow Atop World Time Watches on Twitter @AtopTimeZoneUK and on their AtopTimeZoneUK Facebook Page.