atop watches

Loving a girl when you’re a girl is complex,
You look at her and you see radiance,
Her laughter echoes off the hallway walls and you can feel your breath catch in the back of your throat at the sound,
With every step together in public, you can feel eyes of judgement,
Words smear across your skin like bruises,
It feels like rocks are being cast at you - all for holding her hand,
Not only do you have to deal with the nervous clammy hand that is shaking at the knowledge of being allowed to touch her,
But you have to listen to the sneers and snipes from a generation that does not understand,
From people in a society that disowns you for taking advantage of the opportunity to adore a girl that makes your heart feel like stammering vocabulary at the start of a classroom presentation,
You have to feel the opinion of outsiders,
on top of the fluttering butterflies in the pit of your stomach,
Nobody understands that she is the one that balls into a little ball atop you to watch movies,
Or that she refuses to miss a single chance to cheer you on at any event,
Even when she is sick,
They don’t glimpse the way your arms fit around her waist making your shoulders relax at the kitchen counter,
Society attempts to dictate my right to feel,
An outsider tells me to tolerate harassment from their belittlement of a relationship that is mine,
I refuse to stand by absentmindedly at that,
So I will hold your hand when we are in line at the grocery store or at the movies,
I will kiss your nose and your rosy cheeks in front of my family,
My fingertips will find you and help lead you to the dance floor at bars,
Amongst the stares, the cruel misplaced comments, and the judgement from those without a right - I will love you with all I have,
In all circumstances,
Wherever we are,
As a girl I will love a girl.
It’s not the most interesting thing about me.
—  ARH // My sexuality isn’t the most interesting thing to me

Aries: New years midnight. Fireworks go off and music plays. Everyone is kissing and drinking champagne. Pulling your coat tighter to you and bracing the cold. Eyes glitter and hands shiver

Taurus: Arizona, dry and barren. Sitting atop a cliff and watching an orange drenched sky set over a green and beige land. Standing up and screaming in an empty void. No one hears you but you feel good

Gemini: A birthday party at an amusement park. The anticipation you feel while waiting in line to ride the biggest ride at the park. Eating churros and birthday cake ice cream till you throw up

Cancer: Late night movies and pizza. Building blanket forts and crawling under with pillows and food. Cuddling and burrowing your face in the nape of your s/o neck. Staying up and talking and laughing long after the movie ends

Leo: The feeling of the ocean on a hot summer day. Picnic-ing on the hot sand surrounded by friends. Walking along the beach at sunset. Singing iconic songs around a fire and staying up way past midnight

Virgo: Walking the streets of a rainy city. Taking cover under a tarp. The warm you feel when you walk into an aesthetic coffee shop. The sip of coffee. Curling up on the couch and reading a good book

Libra: Hiking in the woods. Deep breaths you take to push yourself forward. Motivating others to keep going. Hearing the sound of the waterfall in the distance. Crisp water. The cool wind against your neck when you reach the top

Scorpio: The neon lights of Vegas. The electricity in your blood from the excitement of the city and its’ people. Stuffing yourself at an over priced buffet. Viewing the city from a skyscraper. Hearing muffled honking and screams from below

Sagittarius: Keeping a journal in your bag. Crossing off things from your bucket list. Bungee jumping in a foreign country. Trying new foods and cringing at the smell of it. Starting over. Creating a new persona in a new place

Capricorn: Art museums. Interpreting a piece from your point of view. Driving home in wonder. Being inspired to create your own art. Splashing red on a white canvas and calling it “abstract art”. Dreaming of being a millionaire

Aquarius: Making eye contact with someone from across the room and not looking away. Looking down at the ground and blushing. Time stopping. There’s only the two of you, everything goes dark. Your future flashing before you

Pisces: Pointing to a random place on a map and traveling there. Taking so many pictures that your camera becomes a part of you. Wearing aesthetic clothes. Looking at little cakes in a cute cafe. Eating ice cream by the pier

What Goes Around...

The party is travelling through the desert after having “releasing” a Dwarf into our custody (via Diplomacy check), who convinced us he possessed a treasure map. After having failed a few attempts at stealing it off him by the rogue (me), we accept the task of just following him. The desert is as inhospitable as you’d imagine, with giant wurms and exploding cacti. In the middle of one watch, atop a rock outcropping, another wurm had circled our camp and woke the party up. It passed us by but made me paranoid, knowing then that they were not strictly diurnal. The rest of the party went back to sleep.

DM: During your watch Kev (the Dwarf) is sitting on the edge of the rock with the map.

Me: I walk up to him and grab his collar and fake push him, and pull him back saying, “Saved you!”

DM: He’s surprised and begins sniffling as he puts the map away.

Ranger OOC: Aww, you hurt his feelings.

Paladin OOC: Yeah man, wow…

Because my character decided to stay up he was fatigued the next day. I decided to role play it out and had my character nodding off on the horse, as it was led by the party’s dromedary.

DM: Make a listen.

Me: -fails-

DM: As you nod off you begin to feel yourself fall off the horse. As you snap awake to catch yourself, you see Kev pulling you back and the racing ahead on his camel with a grin.

Me: Haha, good one!

Me OOC: -crying on the inside-

Mind on a Mission

A/N: Part 2 of the series Rotation. I think there will be 4 parts total. Read Part 1 here: Another Man’s Treasure

A loud, obnoxious humming noise stirred you. Your eyes were tired and it took a lot of effort to pry them open between sleep and dried makeup gluing them together. An empty bottle, jewelry, and hairpins fell to the floor as you searched the bedside table for your phone. The buzzing stopped for a few seconds, meaning your caller had given up, and so did your hunt. But the table vibrated again shortly after.

“Hello?” you croaked into the receiver, rubbing your eyes in effort to remove the sleep.

“Don’t you sound lovely,” Harry laughed. “Guess I don’t have to ask how yeh feeling.”

“God, what time is it?” you moaned. Light was filtering through your blinds, so it was clearly morning and you’d still have time to get things done, but it felt like you had only just fallen asleep.

“Almost one.”

“One?” you sputter, sitting straight up in bed. So much for being productive. Blood rushed to your head causing it to swim and you noticed the piercing headache pulsing through your entire skull and the dry, cottony feel to your tongue and mouth.

“Yeah.” He laughed again. It’s a lovely sound; deep and a bit throaty, and, dare you think it, quite sexy. “Listen, did Tommy take care of yeh at all last night? Yeh sound like you’ve been through Hell, Bubbles.”

“Hardly,” you scoffed, gently sitting back in bed. “He left not even an hour later. Said I was a real downer with all my crying.”

“Ah, he never has dealt with emotions very well.” Harry toyed with his bottom lip, really thinking hard about what to say next. If he closed his eyes and ran his finger over his lips just so he could almost feel you on them again.

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The left-hand picture - a high-perspective shot of the central plaza at Hope’s Peak (click it for full detail!) - is my favorite picture in the Danganronpa 3 Staff Book. Not only is it a valuable resource for fic writers, it’s also FULL of tiny chibi characters with details that thrill me.

I waited until I could scan this one in for maximum detail, but I’ll also guide you through everyone I managed to identify here. There are a few minor differences between the two pics… and I wish I could read the Japanese at bottom.

(No lie: I had to use a magnifying glass to tell who some of the characters are… and some are still unknown to me.)

Please use the markup photo at right for guidance as we go through this.

- Top, from left to right: Top photo has Nanami in her hoodie behind a tree (absent in bottom version). Next we see Yamada balanced atop a tree while Fuyuhiko and Peko are watching below, pointing their weapons up at him. Then Teruteru is ALSO perched on a treetop (is this a competition?) with Hikyoko and Mahiru below, the latter taking a photo. Top center shows Bandai next to Great Gozu, who is literally grazing (!). Sakura is next; she and Akane are flying towards each other in a battle while Monokuma stands atop the fountain, watching. Nekomaru is actually wading IN the fountain. To his right is Munakata/Yukizome, who are holding hands while Juzo surreptitiously watches nearby. The top pic (not shown at bottom) has a final girl with long pigtails who is walking on the top-right path. Who is she? I can’t identify her…

- Center, from left to right: The center starts with Hagakure and Asahina facing each other on a blanket, each with a ball placed before them (I assume Hagakure has his crystal ball, but the black ball that Asahina has? No idea). Togami is standing just above that, watching them. Slightly up and to their right are Toko and Komaru; note that Toko is Genocide/r Jack/Syo in the top picture, but she’s normal Toko in the bottom one. Next is Gundham and Sonia, poised over a pentagram for some dark ritual. To their immediate right is Souda on all fours, trying to figure out what’s up. From there we move to a bench where Chairman Tengan is seated. Mitarai is kneeling on the ground, using the bench as a surface to draw something. The Imposter is to his right, watching over him. On the other side of the fountain, you can see Seiko and Ruraka with Izayoi laying on the latter’s lap. The far right hedge area has some person throwing a ball… who is that? Logically it should be Kuwata, but the hair is totally wrong for him. Anyway, he or she is throwing the ball at Mondo in a game of… baseball? cricket? Jai alai? I don’t know, but the bat is curved slightly and looks flat, so I’m at a loss. Ishimaru is watching this, and his companion is either Alter Ego’s laptop (in top pic) or Fujisaki (in bottom pic).

- Bottom, from left to right: First up is Monomi, standing beside Gekkogahara in her wheelchair. In the hedges next door, Junko is stomping on poor Mukuro. Our two main protagonist pairings are holding hands in front of the fountain: Hinata/Nanami and Makoto/Kirigiri (more proof that Naegiri is canon). This does mean that the top picture contains TWO Nanamis total, so you get to choose which one is her A.I. and which is real. Also note that Komaeda is standing alone behind the couples by the fountain, and Kizakura is watching over Kyoko from behind a tree farther down from there. There’s another character with Kizakura, but I don’t recognize him/her. Any guesses? (I hope it’s Jin.) In the right-hand hedge section, we end with Maizano and Celestia meditating together on a blanket.

This picture is packed and delightful! Even so, come on, no Tsumiki or Ibuki?

post-botw, when they go on their little adventure together, link and zelda shared their first kiss while sitting at a campfire as night. they were huddled because the wind was chilly and the fireflies were buzzing around and zelda just looked so pretty, and link took her hand in his and smooched her. i can confirm this happened because i was a pigeon watching from atop a tree. he also shot me with an arrow in the morning and used my drumstick as part of their breakfast. wow!

• I promise to kill the spiders
• I promise to send you random things that remind me of you, so basically anything that involves sunlight and anywhere I go that I’d love to take you
• I promise to hold you and let you cry if you need to, when I do get to see you.
• I promise to never go to sleep angry and to always listen instead of jump to conclusions
• I promise to play guitar for you, and piano at your request.
• I promise to cook for you.
• I promise to let you beat me up and to save up kisses for you as if they were change in a piggy bank
• I promise to let you have the blankets, and to keep you warm.
• I promise to listen, listen, listen.
• I promise to always do the respectful thing for you
• I promise to pinky promise you things and to tell you my secrets
• I promise to let you lay between my legs when I’m near and just relax
• I promise to carry you up every flight of stairs when I’m with you, and to open your doors
• I promise to pay for you, and also to leave you little presents
• I promise to be round for you whether it’s 2 pm or 2 am
• I promise to eat the things that you don’t like, and to share the food on my plate
• I promise to let you read the things I write about you and for you
• I promise to work hard and endlessly and still remind you of how beautiful you are every day
• I promise to do my best for you as well as for myself
• I promise to make bad jokes
• I promise to take you to games and to parks, wherever you wanna go
• I promise to always step in front of you if there’s any danger
• I promise to let you wear my clothes
• I promise to be gentle with you but to also be rough at times, and to always ask for your permission before I do anything with or to you
• I promise to try
• I promise to run baths for you
• I promise to help you study and to always cheer you on and support you
• I promise to be honest
• I promise to build blanket forts for you
• I promise to kiss your nose and your forehead
• I promise to give you massages
• I promise to start food wars and to clean them up
• I promise to check on you, and to ask about your day, and then to listen to everything you tell me about it
• I promise to make sure you’re warm to the best of my abilities
• I promise to take care of you
• I promise to give you my attention and to continue to promise you things
• I promise to be myself and to simply try to make things work
• I promise to go out in the rain to get whatever you need, and to always give you my jacket to use as a shield if we get caught in it
• I promise to take you on adventures
• I promise to let you fall asleep on me
• I promise to kiss you when you’re talking, laughing, smiling, crying, and to do so with everything I am
• I promise to whisper in your ear when it’s late just to tell you how lucky I am
• I promise to let you play my guitars and to teach you everything that I know
• I promise to remain supportive with the intention of always helping you study to do your best
• I promise to run my thumb over the backs of your hands
• I promise to always do what I can to calm you when you’re stressed and anxious, and to always take up for you
• I promise to let you hog the blankets, and to pull you closer
• I promise to admit when I’m wrong
• I promise to clean up the messes after food fights
• I promise to remain organized with you, but to also be spontaneous
• I promise to share myself with you
• I promise to read your favorite books while you’re sprawled out atop me, and to watch your favorite movies in the same manner
• I promise to be there for you, always listening and always attempting to understand
• I promise to to go the extra mile in order to keep you in my life
• I promise to love you unconditionally, and to be your friend
• I promise to let you wake me up even when I haven’t slept for days, solely because you want to be in my arms
• I promise to take care of you when you’re sick as well as when you’re completely fine
• I promise to make you a priority
• I promise to remain thankful, because I’m so very appreciative to have you in my life
—  ARH. // I promise you these things
Fourteen Quintants ~ Day Three

10,000 years ago…When Lance almost dies due to an assassination attempt, Keith is charged with looking after the Altean Prince as tensions between species rise. With political discourse on the increase, sides must be taken as Lance is led to believe that the Galra are planning something big, his only worry is what side Keith will choose.

Fourteen Quintants to fall in love, Fourteen Quintants for the universe to go into chaos.

ao3 link

so this chapter didn’t go the way i expected it to but i hope you all enjoy it nonetheless

as from the series plan nothing really has changed too much it just all seems a bit darker than what i had planned before so pre-warning for future klangst ;)


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King and Lionheart

JILY CHALLENGE | @mslilyevans vs @lamelylimes 

A/N: So, I’ve head this idea for a while now and this prompt helped me put it down on paper. If you hadn’t guessed by the title, it’s based off of this song King and Lionheart by Monsters and Men. Hope you enjoy!

royalty + so you’re the rebel knight who has decided to conquer my land and oh shit with your helmet off you’re actually pretty hot au

Summary: Lily didn’t like the fact that she had to serve the new prince. 
Word Count: 13,625
Rating: Explicit | AO3

The clash of swords greeted Lily’s ears as she pulled on her armor. They were under attack. This city hadn’t been attacked in over a thousand years, and some idiots had decided to attack when Lily was having a bad day. No matter. They would be deposed of quickly, and Lily’s life would return to normal.

Quickly, she marched down the stairs of the keep and ran straight into Marlene and Dorcas.

“What are you two doing here?” Lily demanded to know. They had left before she had to join the fray in the courtyard.

“We’re being overwhelmed,” Marlene explained. “There’s too many.”

Lily snorted. “We’ll figure something out. Now, let’s get back down there and fight.”

The other girls nodded, and Lily stepped in front of them, grabbed her helmet, and left the safety of the Keep.

Unfortunately, Marlene was right. They were vastly outnumbered. Lily didn’t know if she’d ever seen an army this size before. No matter, they’d still defeat them. No one marched on this city and lived to tell the tale.

Drawling her sword from its sheath, she marched into the crowd of those fighting, dying, and fleeing. She came in contact with an enemy sword for a few moments before she delivered a death blow. These idiots had no idea how to guard themselves properly. Scanning the crowds, she searched for their leader. If she could take him out, then they’d stand a better chance at winning. Lily always found that quickest way to defeat your enemy was to break his spirit.

Just as she spotted the man fighting in the middle—the one who was no doubt their leader—a long blast sounded from the horns that signaled to Lily that she needed to put her sword away. She did so immediately. Looking around, she spotted McGonagall striding out of the castle and into the courtyard. Everyone went silent, no one daring to move at the sight of the old women walking through the courtyard. She made her way up to the man sitting atop his horse.

Lily watched quietly. Her leader spoke to the man softly and she couldn’t hear a thing they were saying, even if the courtyard was dead silent. Finally, McGonagall turned around.

“We will surrender,” the women announced. “Anyone who lifts sword against these men will find themselves in the dungeons.”

Lily nearly dropped her sword. What was happening?

Just then she heard a whoop. Turning her head, she saw the knight she had been heading for pulling off his helmet. Why did the bastard have to be cute?

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anthcny-stark  asked:

Hey! What about a Stony department store AU where new guy Steve from Menswear thinks Tony from Electronics is hella cute??? (I've thought about writing this fic, but I'm too busy DX)

I feel you my guy, and I hope you like SteveTony with meddling Sam & Jan!


“If you ask me one more time how it’s possible that he’s ‘that cute,’ I will actually kill you.”

“I wasn’t going to.” Steve says, frowning at Sam.  

“Rogers, that’s the only thing you’ve said in the past half hour. I know it, you know it, Jan knows it, though she’s somehow developed the ability to completely ignore you when you’re whining.”

“Years of practice from boring gala’s,” Jan says, restacking the shoe boxes with amazing speed and efficiency, “Also, Nat told me earlier to tell you that you and Bucky are meeting us at our apartment for a double date.”

“Who’s cooking?” Sam asks, crossing his fingers.


“No offense, Jan, but thank God.”

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fic: your body is a triangle [ITH/DNH, U/V/R] [part 1/2]

[a/n: it’s the first half of that Do No Harm/In The Heights vanessa/ruben/usnavi fic! because it’s getting Long and m getting Sleepy and need to put some of it out into the world. this part is pg-rating, the rest will not be).

not really kept a proper continuity with the other DNH/ITH things i wrote so maybe plotholes, and have taken what happened to Ruben in Jamaica as very roughly the first chapter of Maps, but honestly all you need to know from that fic is Ian messed Ruben up pretty bad with a knife.

sorry about the stupid title couldnt resist]

[read here on AO3, if you prefer]


Save for Nina Rosario, who’s apparently away on a postgrad academic trip to Europe, Vanessa is the last of Usnavi’s little barrio family that Ruben meets, since technically she doesn’t live in the barrio. Not to mention, he doesn’t exactly mingle much outside of Usnavi, though he’s slowly growing to enjoy Sonny’s earnest enthusiasm and Benny’s big-brother chill. Ruben’s heard them all talk about Vanessa lovingly: what he really takes from their descriptions are that she’s sharp-edged to their softness, a summer storm through their sunny days. Usnavi is clearly beyond smitten when he talks about her confidence, the way she owns the dancefloor, her quick temper and quick wit when she shoots down the idiots who catcall her.

Ruben thinks she sounds terrifying. He’s done his time with quick tempers, he doesn’t really want to meet her. But it’s not like he can just run away when she walks into the bodega one day and spots both of them.

“Woah, what’s this? Did you get a spare Usnavi to watch the store so you can spend more time with me?” She kisses Usnavi on the cheek. “That’s so sweet.”

Usnavi makes a face. They’ve heard this from everyone. “We don’t look that similar.”

“Please,” says Vanessa. She hasn’t bothered to ask Ruben’s name. “I’m starting to think there’s some kind of mass-produced Usnavi factory back in DR you never told me about. That’s the kinda thing a girl wants to know about her man.”

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Jimin Imagine/Scenario


Blurb: What happens when a sweet and shy boy suddenly appears and seems to take over your world? What secrets does he hold inside and will you ever be able to uncover them? In this tale of love, the supernatural, and cute as hell moments, you can find out whether or not you and Jimin are destined to be together.

Word Count: 10,435

Reader x Jimin

Theliel: angel prince of love.

BTW, this imagine is dedicated to @joah-rangie because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH  💜🖤 Have fun reading this fluff filled post!

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Requiem for Assassins

A/N: A little something I started writing… I’m up to five chapters hand written and two typed but I’m putting out the first chapter… see if the fandom likes it? I get nervous posting my stories since I’m more of an illustrator rather than a writer. Would love feedback for sure!! ~MagickDream

CHAPTER ONE: The Black Lotus

New York, a city full of hustle and bustle of everyday life. Even a year after the defeat of Shredder and Krang, a year after Bebop and Rocksteady were put behind bars; life was back to normal for the citizens of the Big Apple. All thought that with Shredder gone there would be some semblance of peace. That did not seem to be the case what so ever. Karai had managed to slither her way from being apprehended by the police and eagerly kept up with the mantle of leader to the Foot Clan. She was doing everything she could to prepare for the return of their master back to this side of the galaxy with the help of Baxter Stockman. The Foot Clan continued their reign of terror and with that, there came no rest for the unsung heroes of New York. Four brothers, mutant turtles, that stay within the shadows to protect their city. Their home. The events with Krang helped ease the burdens of being detected by the normal people. They now had the complete support of the New York Police Department, a new friend in the former Corrections Officer turned Hockey-masked vigilante and as always they had the continued support of their savior, friend, sister; April O'Neil. Activity still going with the Foot Clan and the rise of a new gang calling themselves Purple Dragons, there was definitely no rest for anyone.

The nightly patrols were a consistency in their lives now, some of those nights yielded complete boredom for them due to lack of anything going on. This night was feeling like one of those nights as the four vigilantes kept watch from atop of one of the many buildings in the city that offered a good view of the streets. Their eyes watching as they waited for something, anything to happen. What they were unaware of at that very moment; they themselves were being watched.

“We’ve got them where we want them, Tanuki. If we don’t do this now they’ll be even harder to find tomorrow night.” A female voice whispered sharply from behind a maroon and white fox mask. She got closer to the edge of the building clad in her maroon and black samurai lookinggear. She looked down seeing the brothers from the advantage point just slightly above them thanks to a higher connected building. A male clad in black and navy blue gear similar to hers gripped her shoulder, his mask that of a raccoon but in the navy and white theme as his clothing.

“Your impatience is starting to wear me thin, Kitsune.“ His whispered words he knew were harsh yet very stern. His light gray eyes beneath his mask locking on to her bright violet ones. He could almost hear her rolling them. "Just wait a few seconds more and we will strike.” “You two keep fighting like that and our marks will bring that fight to us.” Another woman leaning against the door that leads to the stairwell for the building was looking at them. Her dark violet eyes seemed pure black in the shadows she kept to, the white and amber wolf mask hiding her facial features. Uncrossing her arms and walking over to the ledge she took a peek at their marks, her amber and black clothing similar to Kitsune but a bit more elegant. “Go easy on them, Ookami. After all the months of surveillance hasn’t been kind on any of our nerves.” The third female of the group spoke up, her voice came out in a whisper though the tone was more cheery than any of the others had been. That voice came from a figure that stood on top of the ventilation cage to the left of all of them, the plum and black colors of her cutesy outfit made it almost impossible to see her without light. She had her dark gray eyes trained on the four turtles below, her plum and white rabbit mask keeping her face just as hidden as her partners’ masks did.

“Cheerful as always, Usagi.“ Tanuki released Kitsune’s shoulder as he got even closer to the edge. For the fifth time since they came to the rooftop, the turtles gathered to the farthest right corner. The only difference this time was the way their body language translated. They were planning to go to another location and within the next few seconds, Tanuki was sure of it.

“Your call, wonder boy.” Kitsune spat out in a harsh whisper using her favorite nickname for their little groups’ leader. She reached behind her to grab a hold of her weapons she had hidden beneath her cloak. Her twin tessen.

“Usagi, get their attention would you?” Tanuki ordered gently as he grabbed up his naginata from its resting place on the ledge.

“As always, I get to start the fun.“ Usagi reached into the pouch that sat against her right hip, pulling from it four throwing knives. Ookami poised herself as she pulled out her kusarigama she had tucked at the small of her back. With a soft chuckle, Usagi let loose the throwing knives, her aim set at the back of the turtles’ feet.


“I’m tellin’ ya, Leo! Somethin’ ain’t right!” The biggest of the four brothers had been complaining most of the night. There had been something off in his mind every time it was a quiet night. Like they were missing something or were not seeing the whole picture.

“Everything is fine, Raph. It’s another quiet night, so let’s get moving.” The eldest turtle in the blue mask was not about to get into another pointless argument with his red-clad brother. He himself was convinced that tonight was going to be just one more added to the countless nights of peace. Oh, how wrong he was. The sound of metal being buried into the asphalt covered roof made all of them pause.

“You were sayin’?” Raphael sneered at his older brother as they all turned around. The knives that stuck from the pebbles were not at all comforting to the notion of peace. Neither were the four shadows on the rooftop just above their own.

“Get ready. I don’t think they’re on our side.“ Leonardo carefully withdrew his two katana before putting himself in a familiar defensive stance.

“Man! Our dinner is going to get cold!” The youngest clad in the orange mask pulled out his set of nunchaku with a teasing whine in his tone.

“Shut up, Mikey!” The three brothers spoke out in unison.

“Why are they just standin’ there?!” Raph had been itching for some action all night and with this new challenge, he was becoming even more impatient. He gripped both sai tight in his hands, his teeth clenched.

“Chill, Raph. They’re just trying to get our attention.” The fearless leader glared up at the four shadows; prepared for either a fight or a very interesting exchange of words.

“If that was their only motive why do I get the feeling we’re being played?” The tallest out of the brothers adjusted his grip on his bo staff, making sure to keep his golden green eyes on the ones that were sizing them up.

“What if they’re ninjas like us, brah?“ Mikey grinned sparing a quick glance to the purple masked brother; that proved to be an almost painful mistake. He quickly deflected the next dagger that was aimed at him with his nunchaku. His baby blue eyes looked to where the four shadows were just in time to watch them leap down, joining him and his brothers on the same roof.

“Insults like that can get you killed, Michelangelo.” One of them spoke as the group moved toward the light. The way their gear looked slightly confused the youngest of the turtles. They had the whole Ninja vibe going with the weapon choices, the masks and the outfits they were wearing. Ookami had been the one who spoken first while Usagi had taken full advantage of Mikey’s lapse in judgment. “Granted, none of you will be leaving this rooftop alive.”

“Just how do you know his name?!” Leo shifted closer to Mikey taking note that both Raph and Donnie did the same. His eyes caught the movement of the four in front of them mirroring the movements like they were stalking prey.

"It isn’t just his name that we know, Leonardo.” The man in the raccoon mask had spoken up this time, which by the tone and the way he was carrying himself, Leo, figured that he was the leader.

“For fuck’s sake can we drop the small talk?!” Fox girl seemed like a short fuse as she brought her hands from behind her back. With a pop of her wrists the bladed fans opened, the metallic riveting sound they made emphasized her intent. “We got their attention what more do you want, Tanuki?!”

“Ain’t you a piece of work.” Raphael had his eyes set on the girl in the fox mask. Her attitude was something similar to his own. Actually, damn near the exact same as his.

“Rude much, Kitsune?” The one that looked like a bunny had more knives in her hands. “What fun would it be to kill them off quickly? We could at least play with them for a little while first.”

“Or you could tell us why you’re trying to kill us in the first place. Are you working for the Foot Clan?” Donatello had not seen any of the usual tattoos denoting the Purple Dragons or even a Foot Emblem either anywhere on their clothing. He quickly spun his bo, knocking a throwing dagger off course.

“Didn’t Ookami just say insults could get you killed, Donatello?” Usagi’s voice was seeming a bit too sweet to be a cold-blooded killer. That’s when Donnie really looked them over. The shape of their hoods, the emblems that were a connecting point for their sashes; should have all been a dead give away but only if someone were a huge fan of that particular franchise.

“Code name. Hooded robes. I’m going to make an assumption you all have wrist blades hidden in those kimono sleeves.” The purple clad turtle was trying to give his brothers a helpful hint or two about who they were dealing with.

“Woah! No way!” Of course, the game nut would be the first to catch on. “You guys are Assassins! Sweet!” Mikey was proud that he was able to get something right on the first guess and he may have played the games on too many times.

“Give that turtle a cookie!” Ookami laughed which only made the other three Assassins groan out. She looked at them and shrugged, feigning complete innocence. “What?”

“I’m done with the warm and fuzzy crap! We end this now one way or another!” Kitsune growled out and hastily ran towards the four brothers.

“Finally, some action!” Raphael was all too eager to greet the Assassin’s hotheadedness with some of his own.

“Kitsune, stop!” Tanuki knew that his orders weren’t going to work on her now, she was too angry with all of the waiting around. He rushed in after her as he saw not only Raphael advancing on her but Leonardo was joining in with his brother. He managed to swing his naginata in time to catch the twin katana that were about to slice into Kitsune’s side. Kitsune had been able to block out both of Raph’s sai but was taken by complete surprise as he kept rushing her, giving her no choice but to back peddle. The battle officially kicked off as each of the Assassins squared off with one of the brothers. Usagi kept the distance in her favor staying as far from Donatello’s bo staff as she could while still keeping him on his toes with her throwing knives.

“It really is too bad we have to kill you and your brothers. You’re pretty damn cute, Donatello.” Usagi was toying with him, trying to get him to not focus as much which she had a feeling it would not work on him.

“Exactly why do you have to kill us?” He was not at all surprised at how quick and agile she was. The rabbit mask definitely fit her. With each step he took to get closer she was leaping away.

“Don’t you say a word, Usagi!” Kitsune groaned out as her back slammed against the side of the building they had jumped from. Her tessen were closed and hooked in Raph’s sai as he kept her against the wall.

“Aw, is the little fox having trouble with her mouse?” Usagi giggled out as she jumped to the ledge above the both of them. She had been a little too careless teasing Kitsune which bought Donnie enough time to get up to the ledge and behind her. He put his bo over her head and pulled her back against him, cutting off her oxygen as he pressed the weapon to her throat.

“Damn it, Usagi!” Kitsune growled softly and brought her head back down so she could keep an eye on Raph. “Tanuki! Ookami! A little help here?!”

“A little busy, Kitsune!” Ookami was keeping Michelangelo at bay with the use of her kusarigama cursing every time he would bat away the chain with one of his nunchakus.

“Come on.” Mikey teased her in a sing-song voice knowing she was getting frustrated fighting him. “Just tell us why you’re wanting to kill us and Donnie will let the little bunny go.” He was actually having fun with this. Well, it beat having to be bored on another event-less patrol any day.

“Excuse me? Little!” Usagi yelled out before she grabbed a hold of the bo. She did not give the poor turtle behind her a second before she launched him down to his red masked brother below. Kitsune rolled out of the way the second she felt Raph’s focus falter and she had to bite back the laugh seeing both Donatello and Raphael now trying to untangle themselves. Usagi jumped down and stood next to the fox masked woman, leaning against her. A second later laughter rang out from the two women as Michelangelo joined the pile having been kicked there by Ookami.

“Man, we did not just get our asses kicked by girls!” Raphael sat up pushing his brothers off of him but his eyes widened seeing Leonardo now flying right at them. Tanuki had been able to use the dull end of his naginata to send the fearless leader off his feet. The four Assassins surrounded the brothers ready to carry out their mission.

“This is a simple act of revenge for the family you destroyed!” Tanuki pointed the blade of his naginata right at Leo’s face, the anger in his voice heard loud and clear. “Murderers don’t get the luxury of long lives.”

“Dude! We’ve been called a lot of things but, murderers hasn’t been one!” Mikey rubbed the back of his head but he stiffened as the blade of the kusarigama Ookami wielded as right at his jaw, the tip pressing uncomfortably against the skin.

“Do not lie!” She spat out the words like venom. Her patience was beginning to wear thin which was a rare thing for her. “Thirteen years ago you four killed our parents and set our home on fire!”

“For cryin’ out loud lady, it ain’t us!” Raph growled and was not too happy that fox girl had her bladed fan open and at his throat.

“What proof do you have that it wasn’t you, Raphael?” She growled softly wanting so much to slice his neck wide open.

“How ‘bout the fact we’re eighteen!” He grabbed a hold of her wrist since she had got so carelessly close and he pulled her down easily getting her into a headlock. He and his brothers managed to move away from the other three Assassins as Raph kept a tight grip on Kitsune. When he felt her shift her weight he grabbed a hold of the wrist that was trying to connect to his temple and that’s when he saw the hidden wrist blade. “You don’t know when to give up do ya?”

“Part of my charm.” She winced feeling his grip around her neck tighten.

“Let her go.” Tanuki put himself in a stance and bit back a curse seeing the turtles were not backing down on this.

“Tanuki, was it? Can you honestly tell me you saw four six-foot talking turtles come in the middle of the night just to kill your parents and torch your home? We’d be kind of hard to miss.” Leo did not falter from his stance but he sighed out wanting to at least get some kind of headway in all of this. “Raph, ease up. Let the poor woman breathe at least.”

“Ch’ fine.” He loosened his arm hold on Kitsune’s neck and smirked hearing her gasping for air. He had not really noticed how tight he had gripped her. Taking the wrist he had a hold of he placed it behind her back toward the middle of her shoulder blades. Feeling her wince he knew he got the point across for her not to try anything.

“Alright, you’ve made your point.” Tanuki eased his stance placing his naginata at his side in a completely rested position. “Stand down girls.”

“Aw, so we’re done toying with them?” Usagi chuckled as she put the knives she had in her hands back in the pouches on her hips. “Looks like it’s your lucky night, boys.”

“Usagi, don’t be an airhead.” Ookami, let out a chuckle as she put her kusarigama in the holder at the small of her back. “Look we had to give you some kind of reason to attack you. We had to see for ourselves how good you guys are, so we could see if you would be able to help us. Soon as we got the marks for you and were told you guys were responsible for what happened to our parents, we did the math ourselves.”

“Wait a minute. You want our help? Help with what?” Mikey was completely confused. “Can you guys take off the masks? Your faces are hard to read and they’re creepin’ me out a little.”

“This sounds like it’s going to take a while to sort out. Maybe we should take this off of the rooftops?” Donnie was pretty certain that they were not in the safer parts of town.

“Donnie’s got a point.” Leo was trying to think of another place they could all go, somewhere they would not be interrupted.

"Put me down.” Kitsune had her head tilted slightly upward toward the red-clad turtle’s face. She had figured when the weapons were being put away he would have let her go but seeing that not being the case she was starting to get pissed off again.

“You gonna try an’ hit me again?” He raised a brow ridge at the woman he held on to and he smirked seeing the look in her eyes. He knew that look because he’s given it all too often. “Yeah, you’re gonna try an’ hit me again. We’re good right 'ere.”

“Raphael, I would put her down befo-” Tanuki did not even finish the sentence having heard a soft whistle sound. He saw the dart come from the right and was heading straight for Raphael.

“Look out!” Kitsune growled as she kicked up blocking the dart with the side of her knee, taking it from the intended target of Raph’s neck. She groaned plucking the thing off with her free hand when she put it in range. A wince came next when she realized the arm that had been forced behind her back had dislocated from her trick. She glared up at Raphael. “Put. Me. Down.”

“Alright.” Raph was grateful to her for blocking the dart so he sat her back on her feet. He could see the arm he had a hold of was now dislocated which made him feel a little bad but he was caught off guard when she stumbled a little. “Hey, woah. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. We’ve got bigger problems now. Looks like you guys have a Foot Clan infestation too.” Kitsune grabbed up both of her tessen from the ground making sure to put one away for now as they became completely surrounded. “Yo, Ookami!”

“What now?!” She caught the dart Kitsune tossed at her and her eyes widened. “You’ve got about ten minutes before you’re completely knocked out, Kitsune.”

“Thanks. I just need five.”

“Or you could sit this one out and let us deal with these jackasses.” Raphael had his sai out again and moved in front of Kitsune all but ready to fight again.

“You four are coming with us.” One of the Foot Clan members leveled their tranquilizer gun toward Tanuki who was none too happy with being surrounded. “Either willingly or unconscious your choice; Black Lotus Assassins.”

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Please could you use the prompt 'They will never see me the way you do' for Aramis x reader? Love your musketeers stuff!

Originally posted by santiagocabreraaddicted

“They will never see me the way you do…” It’s not sad, it’s matter of fact. You know you are nothing to everyone else, to every rich man and every merchant. You weren’t even a speck in their existence.

“What do you mean?” Aramis is behind you, hands falling atop your shoulders, watching the view from the window just as you are doing. 

“They will always see me as a poor peasant…they will never see me as anything more…” You turn around in his arms, hands cupping his jaw, “and I don’t wish for anything else…all I need is you.” because it didn’t matter if the cloth merchant thought of you as little more than some peasant in his way, as long as you had Aramis, as long as you had someone to come back to who made you feel special and loved and important then you’d be okay.

Childish Antics

Request Prompt: Hii(: can you do a carl grimes smut where Carl is ignoring her for some reason (perhaps his feelings for herr) and she like idk confronts him about it and one thing leads to another? X :) -Anon

Pairing: Carl Grimes x Reader

Warning: Smut

I stared at Carl as he walked down the street with Judith in her stroller. I scoffed before walking back inside the house. He’s been ignoring me for some reason I don’t know. Maggie walked inside with Enid at the moment I let out a sigh.

“Something wrong Y/N?”, Enid asked.

“Its… Boy problems.”, I said and Maggie pulled up a chair next to me.

“What’s the matter?”, she asked concerned.

“Carl’s been ignoring me for almost two weeks now. He won’t even look at me anymore. I can’t tell if he’s mad at me or if he’s just being funny because of his eye. I’m so confused.”, I whined.

“Did you two fight?”, Enid asked and I shook my head.

“No. We didn’t. At least not that I know of.”, I said and Maggie rubbed my shoulder.

“I haven’t noticed sweetie I’m sorry.”, she sighed.

“Now that I think of it. Yesterday when Carol asked him to bring Y/N dinner he freaked out and refused. Which is why I did it.”, Enid stated and I placed my hands over my face.

“It’s like he won’t come near me.”, I sighed.

“Well if he won’t come to you on his own well make him.”, Maggie suggested.

“How?”, I asked.

“Tomorrow just go over to Rick’s place. Stay there and one of us will tell Carl that Rick’s looking for him at home. He’ll come right to you.”, Maggie explained and I nodded.

“That could work. I guess.”, I said.

“And I’ll stand at the door just in case he tries to leave.”, Enid added and I smiled.

“And well have help.”, Maggie smiled.

“Thanks guys.”, I said and they both hugged me.

“Now come on. We brought food.”, Enid said taking a bag off of her shoulder.

The next day I went over to Rick’s house after Carl left for morning watch. I sat on the couch determined to get an answer out of him.

Carl POV

I stood atop the watch tower thinking about Y/N before hearing someone call my name.  Enid walked over to me. I looked down to see Enid and Maggie standing at the bottom.

“What?”, I asked.

“Rick is looking for you. He’s waiting at your house.”, Enid said.

“Something about Judith not feeling well.”, Maggie added.

“Who’s gonna take watch?”, I asked.

“I am.”, Maggie stated.

I climbed down quickly and gave her my gun before making my way home with Enid. I opened the door and all the color drained from my face as I spotted Y/N on the couch. I turned to leave but Enid blocked my way.

“Well get in there.”, she said pushing me inside.

The door closed and I turned to face Y/N. Only I’m looking anywhere but at her.

“Are you mad at me?”, she asked and I remained quiet.

“Carl just answer the question.”, she stated getting upset.

“I’m going upstairs.”,I said walking past her and go to my room.

I opened my window and saw my dad standing there with Maggie who had a wide grin on her lips.

“No way out Carl. Go in there and talk to her.”, he said and I groaned.

“You too?”, I asked and he nodded while Maggie giggled.

I swiftly made a move to the back door while Y/N stood in the same spot I let her only to come face to face with Daryl.

“Don’t even think about it.”, he smiled and pulled the door closed.

I scoffed and moved for the stairs again only Y/N was standing there.

“I’m not moving until you tell me what your deal is.”, she snapped and I sighed.

“Nothing just move.”, I said.

“No.”, she retorted and I sighed.

“Y/N I really don’t want to talk about this.”, I whined.

“Too bad. We’re talking. What is up with you?”, She sneered.

“You want to know what my problem is?!”, I shouted making her jump.

She backed away as I moved closer before her back was against the wall. I gently grabbed her face pressing my lips to hers. When I pulled away her eyes we’re wide and I let out a nervous sigh.

“That’s why I’ve been avoiding you. I didn’t want to mess up our friendship by saying anything. I figured if I just avoided you it’ll go away. But it didn’t. It made it worse. I couldn’t go 10 minutes without you crossing my mind. I didn’t want to hurt you.”, I explained and I felt her soft lips on mine again.

I stood still before kissing her back. She pulled away with a smile on her face.

“You could’ve just told me. Maybe I would’ve told you I liked you too.”, she said and I smiled before grabbing her hand leading her upstairs.

“Let’s make this a thing now huh?”, I asked and she nodded.


He kissed me roughly and I moaned quietly not trying to have Rick, who is still outside, barge in on us. He moved his hand between us sliding in my pants and rubbed my damp underwear.

“This wet for me Y/N?”, he kissed my neck.

I nodded as he sped up. My knees would have gave out from under me if I wasn’t being sandwiched between him and the wall.

“Let’s go over here.”, he whispered and I obliged.

He laid me gently on the bed and slid my shirt off. He unhooked my bra and I pulled his shirt over his head. He played with my breasts as I squirmed for his touch.

“So beautiful”, he whispered in my ear.

He kissed me licking my lips for entrance which I granted. Our tongues wrestled for dominance but his won. He explored my mouth while undoing my zipper. He quickly pulled my pants down my legs and tossed them across the room. I kissed him back and traced a finger down his abs and into his boxers. He pulled them down as I grabbed a condom out of my dresser.

“What Daryl says to be prepared.”, I shrugged as he looked at me funny.

He chuckled before pulling my panties aside and lined himself up with my entrance. He shoved himself into me causing me to bite my lip moaning as I took in all of him to get used to his size. He leaned down to suck my nipple and I tangled my fingers in his hair. He ground against my body as he moved to squeeze my breasts. I felt my stomach slightly tighten before he pulled out. He hooked a finger in my underwear and slid them down my legs.

“All fours princess.”, he commanded and I complied.

He rubbed his tip against my opening before pushing back into me. His hand gripped my hips tightly while my own hands found the headboard to hold on to. I moaned as he slammed into me. He grabbed my hair and gently pulled as he groaned. My walls tightened around his length and he came down to kiss my ear. His heavy breathing only turned me on even more causing me to moan out. I broke out a sweat as his thrusts never once slowed until he stiffened with his eyes closed.  He came before he slid out and placed soft kisses down my stomach before kissing my clit.

“Carl.”, I moaned while he held my thighs down.

“Just relax. I’ll take care of you.”, he whispered and I nodded.

His lips found my slit again before running his tongue over my opening. My breaths got shorter as my fingers tangled in his hair. He let out a hum and the vibrations caused me to arch my back in bliss. I bit my lip as I felt my stomach tighten. My shut my eyes tight as I came on his tongue. He came back up to kiss me before pulling the cover over me. I planted a soft kiss on his eye patch and he smiled.

“Get some sleep Y/N you look tired.”, he joked before the door opened to reveal Rick.

“Goodnight you two.”, he smiled and left.

“He would’ve caught us if he came a second earlier.”, Carl laughed.

“I guess so.”, I giggled as he brushed my hair out of my face.

His lips touched my forehead and I snuggled into his chest still trying to control my breathing.

Essays in Existentialism: FtWD VIII

Is there any chance of a FtWD update before the new episodes start up this week? Thanks for all your wonderful writing! As you know, you’re the greatest.

Previously on FtWD

The winds were gone. The calm before the storm whimpered outside with nothing more than a gentle rocking on the waveless sea. Though the summer was quickly coming to an end, the nights refused to calm themselves, were still the humid kind of hot that made the stagnant air a bit heavier than normal. Sweat gathered at the base of her neck, but still, Elyza found herself sitting in the cabin, cleaning the gun, arguing with herself.

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