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indie white dude beyonce fan alignments

jack white - lawful good - sang back-up vocals and sampled the drums from “when the levee breaks” on “don’t hurt yourself” doing his part to aid beyonce in murdering jay-z live on national television AND helping her create the song of the century but still staying tf out of her way and letting her wreck shit

bon iver - lawful evil - accused her of “selling out” and “not being a good role model for girls” on account of she has an endorsement deal with pepsi

ezra koenig - chaotic neutral - tweeted “hold up they don’t love u like i love u” on a random friday in october in 2011, inadvertently writing the hook to beyonce’s iconic multi-platinum single “hold up” AND scoring mad royalty dollars for himself and karen o in the process

father john misty - true neutral - helped write “hold up” to atone for the aggressive misogyny of “the night josh tillman came to our apartment”

sufjan stevens - chaotic good - one day after lemonade came out posted a picture of a sliced-up lemon with a hand-written note next to it that said “SUGAR, WATER, LEMONS, BLOOD, SWEAT, TEARS” and captioned the picture “women of the world take over because if you don’t the world will come to an end,” liveblogged the beyonce concert and posted a handmade gif of the part of the show where GOD IS GOD I AM NOT comes up on the jumbotron, probably spent the whole show screaming YES QUEEN and LET THE LORD USE YOU and I’M BALD, not incidentally appeared at his next summer festival show with a shaved head (i.e., bald), began singing “okay ladies, now let’s get in formation” during live performances of impossible soul in order to mark the beginning of choreographed dance breaks, reads fanfiction about himself and beyonce being friends

Sometimes I think people who say Blackwall is a shitty character or his redemption arc was shitty don’t even want a redemption arc or know what it really is.

They want a character who didn’t really do anything wrong in the first place, so they don’t have to feel bad about it.

I remember, sometime shortly after Inquisition came out, there was a great post about it. Being glad that what happened with Rainier didn’t turn out to be a misunderstanding. It wasn’t later revealed he didn’t have anything to do with it and his hands were truly clean. He made a grave error, rooted from his own shortcomings, and he lived with it. It affected everything he did, colored his whole personality. 

Even after the dust cleared and everyone knew, it was never cleaned. He still had to live with it, and he still had to work to better himself, even if there was no clear conscious to be had. If this had all been part of some misunderstanding, the experience would have been cheapened.

Narratively speaking, what’s even the point of redemption unless the character did something fundamentally wrong.    

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eat Seb ass

*sighs* i’m going to use this opportunity to atone for some past sins and tell y’all about a nightmare i had once

Anthony and Chris look up to see their co-star and friend Sebastian looking like he just arrived home from war. His eyes stare into the distance, one twitches as he pulls up a seat next to them and his head falls into his hands.

“What’s wrong, Seb?” Chris asks. “You look like you need to eat something.”

Sebastian lifts his head up. “Do you know what ‘kinkgate’ is?”

They look at each other and back to him. “Kink… gate?”


Anthony shakes his head. “No, but it sounds fun.”

Seb slams his fist on the table. “Well guess what, Anthony, it’s not!”

Chris is reluctant, but asks anyway. “What is it?” 

“Okay, so there’s this girl in Philly.”


“No, not Ruchi, but I think she knows Ruchi because they’ve talked about my forehead before.” Anthony laughs but then stops laughing when he realizes that Seb isn’t laughing. “She has a tumblr blog-”

“Wait, have you ever seen this girl mention garlic bread before?” Chris interrupts.

Sebastian raises an eyebrow. “…No?”

“Oh, must be a different girl then…”

“Anyway, she had this thing called kinkgate where her and her friends were talking about kinks I might have for three days. They called me ‘Kinkbastian’. They called you ‘Kinkthony’ and they called you ‘Kinkstopher’.”

“So they talked about our kinks too?”

Seb nodded. “They were like, ‘Chris has probably had sex in the suits’.”

Chris blushes. “Oh, um, heh, weird.”

“There are multiple posts about me and strap-ons.”

Anthony snorts. “This is why I don’t use the internet.”

“You don’t wanna know what they say about you, Anthony. They are obsessed with your ass.”

“Hey, if you got it, flaunt it.” Anthony said. “Listen, let your fans be weird, they just love you, man.”

“It’s too weird.” Seb said. “I’m gonna go take a nap.”

Later that night, Anthony finds the blog. It’s pink and purple and run by a 19 year old so he assumes it can’t be that bad. But then he finds the iconic kinkgate post: “yall i would totally fuck seb up the butt w a strap on and hit his ass raw and slapping isnt even one of my big kinks”, shuts off his phone for the night and tries to repress the memory. But he can never repress it and neither can I. Fuck you.

me: has 2 papers and a test i’ve done nothing for and has 3 free hours to get some work done

also me: now seems like a good time to watch atonement, the best movie of the 2000s!!! saoirsee ronan is such a little bitch! the cinnamon tography! 

fun latin word of the day

cribrum, -i, neut. (kree-bruhm) – sieve

imbrem in cribum gerere (proverb) – to swim against the tide (literally “to carry rain water in a sieve” 

i adore translations of proverbs. i just love them. like it’s so cool how other cultures have sayings for the same feelings but they’re different but they mean the same thing and wow language is really raaaaaad

also fun mythology fact: the punishment of the danaids in tartarus was to fill a leaking basin full of water forever (potentially as a way to atone for their sins), as this painting by j.w. waterhouse depicts

I am incredibly impressed with Carole M. Stephens’ talk. She discussed mental illness and abuse in the context of the Saviour and I am so grateful for her words.

As someone who has only found healing in my eating disorders through the Saviour I am so grateful for the atonement, and I honestly believe acknowledging the Saviour’s power in these situations is crucial for healing.

I also think that it’s incredibly important to remind all women - but definitely LDS women - that they are not responsible for the abuse and pain inflicted on them. Generally, I’m impressed.
Atonement || Closed @ pmdsableyequeen

Several weeks had passed since Hopkins, Ken, Tucker, and Kelly had gotten sick, and two major things had changed. The older Sableye had left, and Dusknoir had started constructing a rudimentary shelter using a ground-down stone axe he’d made and several tree branches lashed together. Now it was just Dusknoir, the youngest four Sableye, and Jack…

Even so, Dusknoir seemed almost more withdrawn than ever. Once Hopkins, Ken, Tucker, and Kelly had recovered from their colds, he returned to being aloof. He worked hard, though still ate little, keeping to the shadows whenever he slept or took a break to relax.

To be perfectly honest… it wasn’t the most pleasant situation. And he wasn’t sure, but he was starting to suspect he was driving himself into the ground… but that was hardly important, next to what he still needed to do to make this place livable through winter and the years to come. He quite literally had nothing else to do, so he’d be wasting his time if he stopped. And that wasn’t acceptable. Time was too precious…