atonement 2007


So, my sister and Robbie were never able to have the time together they both so longed for… and deserved. Which ever since I’ve… ever since I’ve always felt I prevented. But what sense of hope or satisfaction could a reader derive from an ending like that? So in the book, I wanted to give Robbie and Cecilia what they lost out on in life. I’d like to think this isn’t weakness or… evasion… but a final act of kindness. I gave them their happiness.

Atonement (2007) dir. Joe Wright


movie parallels: Atonement (2007) v.s Dunkirk (2017) [insp.]

The Navy has earned our undying gratitude. The Army is undefeated. Courage has brought them through unconquered, their spirit unbowed. This is the epic of Dunkirk. A name that will live forever in the annals of warfare.