This idea that all lesbians or even most lesbians are out here spouting “gold star ideology,” which by the way is not a full ideology at all but a single bad opinion, is silly and full stop just not correct. “Gold star lesbian” when used to decry lesbians who are BAD lesbians is homophobic nonsense, period. Are there lesbians who believe that women who have ever had sexual or romantic contact with men are categorically not gay? Sure! But they are a tiny fraction of lesbians, and most lesbians didn’t hop out of the womb understanding our sexualities. Many took years to figure it out, to even learn what attraction actually felt like, and are very sympathetic to women not having had the stereotypical TV “child figures it out by 5 years old” narrative, because we know that isn’t how most women figure themselves out- we know statistically that lesbians tend to figure it out later than gay men, that there are subsets of lesbians more categorically prone to taking longer to figure it out for any number of reasons. So I’m sorry but if you think “Um I won’t listen to gold star lesbians” really translates to anything but “Um if you’ve never fucked men then I don’t care about you,” which sounds a lot more homophobic when you translate it out, then you’re kidding yourself. And ANYWAY if “gold star ideology” was real, it would be homophobic, not biphobic, since the people it affects are literally gay people. Everybody who’s not one just stop talking about lesbians honestly because most of you don’t know shit.

Smut Appreciation Day - Master List

All fics are smutterific and containing some really wonderful porn gifs for added effect.

The First Time

Sam x Reader - One shot

Warnings: NSFW gif, first time sex, unprotected sex, virgins (Sam and Reader), vaginal fingering, foreplay

Just Like This

Sam x Reader - Drabble

Warnings: NSFW gif, foreplay, nipple play, dirty talk

Same Time

Sam x Reader x Dean - Threesome (not wincest) - drabble/one shot

Warnings: double penetration, anal sex, vaginal sex, dirty talk, rough sex, dom/sub, pain, NSFW gif

Let Me Help

Sam x Reader - Shower sex drabble

Warnings: NSFW gif, nudity, groping, dirty talk


Soulless!Sam x Reader - drabble

Warnings: NSFW gif, oral sex (male receiving), anal fingering, dom-sam/sub-reader, punishment


Sam x Reader

Warnings: NSFW gifs(2 of them!), fingering, oral sex (female receiving)

The Derby

Alpha!Werewolf!Sam x Omega!Werewolf!Reader - One Shot

Warnings: NSFW gif, jealously (reader), pregnant sex, unprotected sex, knotting, slight dom/sub, dirty talk

I’m Right Here

Jared x Reader

Warnings: NSFW gif, sweaty unprotected vaginal sex, dirty talk, intense orgasm

Let’s face it....

I’m bitter and I know I won’t get bonkai…..I have no vengence against bonenzo.  That being said lets call a Spade a Spade and address this whole alternative universe thing that Bonnie has created.  This has nothing to do with giving Bonnie a happy ending and EVERYTHING to do with keeping Demon out of hell.  If you watch this show you know how he has yet to atone for his sins and never will….even though he is easily one of the worst people.  This is all Julie’s way of making sure that he STILL gets to go to heaven if/when he dies.


OUI, IN TODAY’S BEGGAR’S BUFFET, we shall prepare Fingerjab Rice.

Ritual Essentials:

  • Sufficient rice
  • Couple of tomatoes
  • Onions (duh)
  • Some Eggs
  • Seasonings that appeal to your temperament
  • Wrath (store-bought is fine)

First you put damn rice to cook. When you got like 7 or 8 mins left on your rice, oil up a frying pan and condemn your chopped onions to the fiery sinner’s death they deserve (’cause they take longer to atone than the tomatoes and the eggs). Once the onions have atoned enough and have begun turning to the brown of penance, throw in your chopped tomatoes and eggs. Scramble the shit out of that potion, AND DON’T FORGET to season it now so it really packs that Yum Factor via absorption, for food is much like us: Gluttons. Salt, pepper, and merken is what has been used in the example provided above. If it’s looking like a good, warm, and healthy meal, fucking throw it. If it’s looking like viscera, ritual successful.

and that’s it, enjoy your Fingerjab Rice, also known as “I want to eat a hot meal but I don’t want to actually prepare something elaborate like a sauce but I also want something a bit more dressed up than just putting a fried egg on top or eating it with a basic ass salad, and for being so picky with this particular meal and what I want it to satisfy within my bosom, my mother jabbed me in the ribs with her index and middle fingers and told me to make my own food if I am going to be so fucking picky as to what I desire” rice, known to have won four heavyweight championships in the Milky Way.


twenty-four, haunted tour guide, broken little bird // give me the burden, give me the blame, i’ll shoulder the load, and i’ll swallow the shame.

adorkable + superstition episode + non-action girl + curiosity is a crapshoot + beware the nice ones + the atoner + beneath the mask + good bad girl + sugar and ice personality + will they or won’t they? + in love with love


Dearest Cecilia, the story can resume. The one I had been planning on that evening walk. I can become again the man who once crossed the surrey park at dusk, in my best suit, swaggering on the promise of life. The man who, with the clarity of passion, made love to you in the library. The story can resume. I will return. Find you, love you, marry you and live without shame.