Kaoru & Sentaro Duo in BUNKASAI (Medley "My Favorite Things~Someday My Prince Will Come~Moanin'")
  • Kaoru & Sentaro Duo in BUNKASAI (Medley "My Favorite Things~Someday My Prince Will Come~Moanin'")
  • Yoko Kanno
  • Sakamichi no Apollon Original Soundtrack

Sakamichi no Apollon- an anime about Jazz and growing up.

Track 23 Kaoru & Sentaro Duo in BUNKASAI (Medley “My Favorite Things~Someday My Prince Will Come~Moanin’”)

From the OST Kids on the Slope. 

I recommend everyone watch this anime. 

Hello lads and lassies. I come to you from the deep with more manga recommendations! Today it’s Dorohedoro. This little title I’m about to tell you about is a not very well known gem. It ranks among one of my most favorite manga of all time and I recommend it to anyone who loves excellent characters and a world that is almost unparalleled in terms of being interesting and dynamic. I’m not even kidding when I say it is the unholy devil child of grunge, cyberpunk, and magic, exquisitely chaotic. It’s also predominately a comical work, if you'll believe it. Seeing the even more colorful characters move through this dank wet bastard of a world in a doubly humorous tirade of the drippy and laughy kind fills me with a glee that is quite exceptional. 

I implore you to give it a try. You can find it online, and it’s coming out in in a buyable format as well, up to volume 5. Be warned though, it’s a monthly over in japan and that means that while the chapters are longer there is a longer gap in between releases. Plus the translation for the scanlated version only translates on the book releases when the smaller magazine chapters are bound in a volume. One new volume did just come out, but the gap in between the last one and this was about a year. 

I know a lot about anime, animation, and manga. As well as voice actors, japanese culture, animation industry and other base genre of knowledge. Like an exorbitant amount, I am not kidding. I don’t know if people want to hear me blog about that kind of stuff, but since I’m going to go on a very large manga binge soon as well as keeping up on anime as it airs in japan. I think it might be interesting to talk about new things that pop up on the horizon. As well as hidden gems, possibly. 

Would people be interested in me doing that kind of stuff occasionally? It’s kinda one of my forte that I’m really good at and I’d like to share it with others, I could do stuff like reviews and recommendations if you want as well. I like shonen, seinin, horror, action, drama, mystery… basically everything except most shoujo and josei. 

I don’t know, I think it might be interesting?


In another startling and deft manga recommendation I come bearing a short a sweet manga entitled Genkaku Picasso. It has a simple premise of a boy that uses his art to help people, with a supernatural twist to keep the reluctant youth moving in the story. The art is fantastic in the classic definition, as it lends itself over to a more westernized ideal and references not only many classical artists and techniques in the non manga formated dreamscapes. It’s a funny little manga with touching stories about teen life. It’s only three volumes, and not only translated fully, but also purchasable if you’re so inclined. 

So I’m killing time while waiting for my next class.

And I had a manga recommended to me a while ago. I decide to check it out, mite be cool and all. 

30 pages in and I get this. 

oh I’m going to like this manga

Occasionally I might weeb about things so I made some tags for it. But I have pretty good taste ( gonna toot my own horn like fuck), so check out the things I flip about. They’re usually pretty cool. 


Okay as a aperitif or an excellent start on a manga full course I have to review/recommend/absolutely gush thicker than a roux about BAMBINO. Bambino is a simple well-grounded manga about a chef learning the trade of a very high profile restaurant. How to work together with his fellow employees and deal with a very high stress job where both the expectations of himself as a man and as a chef are very high steak. Think Ratatouille with more drama thrown in, as well as no rats. It’s 15 volumes and completely finished and translated into english, easily findable online, and no official english adaption, so no guilt. (If it DID have one I’d scream at you all to buy it)

Above are some example of the excellent art, this manga has gobs of food porn and the characters are all very interesting and you can easily identify with them, you really cheer for the main character as he fails and triumphs in this series.

I cannot recommend these books enough, you wouldn’t think a manga about cooking of all things would scream action but the way the artist draws the scenes of cooking is amazing and tense. It falls into the sienin genre, so it’s gonna get dark at some spots but it’s one of those manga that is unparalleled at characterization. 

It’s an award winner, having won the 2008 Shogakukan Manga Award for seinen/general as well.

Man, next season is gonna be the BOMB DIGGITY animes wise. Followers, if you watch subbed animes (this is pretty much the only way to go ((besides some golden exceptions)) in my opinion) next season IS the season to start watching some anime as it airs. It’s going to be absolutely crazy. 

I've prepared a small course on animes watching for the uninformed under the cut because I am that benevolent. 

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All in all the haul was:

Dorohedoro 5-6

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 12-13

Kurosagi Corpse Deleivery Service 12

Jormungand 6-8

a car charger

phone case

Kurozakuro 1-7

Tegami Bachi 5 

Transmetropolitan 5-6 


In total I got 

a full set of white dice speckled with orange with green numbers (7)

8 d4s

25 d6s

12 d8s

29 d10s

7 d12s

15 d20s

so 96 dice outside of the full set, 103 all together, not bad for 20 bucks. 

In the dice there was a large clear novelty die, a d6, a d6 with a star as a 1, a gold d6 and shiny green d20. 

I’m just kinda weirded out over the fact I got so many d10s. Like I said, 20 freaking bucks, though. Can’t beat it. My brother gets the full set, so I’m gonna pick over the dice to make a set for myself…. plus I’m gonna put another pack in the amazon cart for later for me, because yiss. I need MORE. 

My birthday is still not for a few days, it being on the 1st, but these babies came in and I gotta show them off. I got the entirety for 50 bucks after shipping and they’re all in pristine condition, that was the auction I won a few days ago. Considering all the ROBOT artbooks are 35 bucks out of the store AND they’re out of print I cannot believe my luck. Try finding these suckers on Amazon, I dare you. 

Party over here, yeeeee. 

So I’m taking the afternoon to catch up on all the animes airing this week, Shirokuma cafe is gonna kill me. I can’t take it, it’s too moe and I’m gonna die. 

I’m also watching Uchuu Kyodai, or the more appropriate title, space bros. I fucking LOVE the episode direction, it’s so INTERESTING. I’ve read the first few chapters of the manga to ready my body, but the way they animated it, how they are telling the story, oh it’s just amazing. 

Lupin is next after that and I’M EXCITED. Getting that hype train rolling and then I’ll try to ollie into school work. 


I can’t stop listening to this, I need to go on a download spree and listen to the last like…. 50 weekly vocaloid ratings. HOLY SHIT vivid is amazing, my GOD. 

I’m also downloading the concerts that were recently given, giving day and another one.