Where Do The Wild Swans Go? by AtomicSky

Cover Art by yellowermine

What started as a SwanQueen take on the 1986 movie ‘Top Gun’ ended up being… this.

For those unfamiliar with the film:

Lt. Emma ‘Swan’ Nolan is a Naval Aviator with a chip on her shoulder and a point to prove.
Determined to wipe the smudge the death of her father during Operation Desert Storm made over her family name and battling her own demons, she and her co-pilot August ‘Pinocchio’ Booth find themselves at the Naval Fighter Weapons School aka Top Gun in Nevada, fighting intense competition for top marks to lead the graduation table.
On the program’s payroll is astrophysicist Regina Mills, an ambitious civilian contractor with her own agenda…

#tbt #throwbackthursday goes to my friend @kylemeyr who took this shot of me buttering a rock in front of the Matterhorn #butterspray #switzerland #nosebutter @sagaouterwear @atomicski @smithoptics @hiballenergy #matterhorn #zermatt #zermattunplugged #switzerlandwonderland #switzerlandpictures

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