Part one of the Hawke Breastplate is finished!

Part two just needs four straps (two on each side) and then that will be done, too.

I lament the chest strap is put on the wrong way (the loose bit should be going toward the back, not the front oops) and also the shoulder straps are not quite the same length

But not terribly shabby for a first leather armor try?

First time I’ve done rivets and they were FUN. So much easier than grommets, you have no idea.

So, I have been missing working with leather acutely lately, which is only worsened by the lack of any good leather supply store inside about three hours from where I now live that I have found. But! I do have a fair amount of decently sized leather leftovers floating about (no, I jest; the leather is in a bag, not drifting around), so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in handmade wrist cuffs or other smallish type things of the leather persuasion?

I am not looking to charge super expensive prices–maybe just the cost of shipping, really–because I really just want to make more leather stuff for people. I’ve got soft pig suede garment leather, firmer oilskin leather, and even some firm veg tan stuff that bracers are made out of. Super flexible with designs and more than willing to work with any and all ideas!

Reach me in my askbox, or at my email

Here are a few examples of my past work:

Small Green Book (which is also available for sale)

Cousland Bracers

Hawke chestplate

Some photos behind the cut


The first book I ever bound with no directions

In-progress shots of a fox journal

In-progress shots of a commissioned hardbound journal

Some detail shots of a Celtic moon sketchjournal

Inside of wrist cuff thing I just made today that gave me this idea

I have been working my leathercraft (difficult, when one does not have a leather supply anywhere nearby…), but here’s some in-progress shots of what I’ve been working on with some of the leather I’ve got left from previous projects:

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Good things: Pulling out a blanket you haven’t worked on in over a year and finding it exponentially larger than you remember

I should be writing was going to work on crochet squares today, but then the bookbinding bug bit me again, and so I’m going to try and redo this journal that’s been staring at me, unfinished, for months.

My goal is to make a hardbound leather book with no PVA or adhesive glue, which I more or less felt was a success with my Small Green Book attempt.

No PVA means the pastedown (inside of the covers) is cloth instead of paper (also which I discovered I like a lot), and it also means a lot of lining up and sewing. I think it will be more than worth it in the finished product, but I am still honing the technique. I also need to work on my headbands.

As it is right now, it doesn’t look so good–sloppy, uneven, not taut enough in itself, me trying to do “tapes” without the proper materials. But. This is what practice is all about. Now to deconstruct and remake better.