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The Lost Delinquents Week:   Day 1: Atom

Atom makes his debut in the 1x02 ‘Earth Skills’ when Wells is heading back into camp after burying the two kids that died during the landing. He stops him and asks where he got the clothes from, and after getting an answer he reaches out to grab them, “you know I’ll take it from here. There’s always a market for-” but he doesn’t finish as Wells moves back and tells him that they share based on need, the way they had on the Ark. 

I’d never paid too much attention to the above interaction til Bellamy got involved, but Atom was making a smart move, on his part, by wanting to take the clothes from Wells. It was possible that Atom had plans to, or had already started collecting items that could be useful to him in trading with the other delinquents. A good pair of boots could be a good trade for food or something else if it ever came to it. 

Bellamy comes out of the dropship and tells Wells that the rules on the Ark don’t apply down there, and grabs a shirt from the other. When Wells starts to step towards Bellamy to get it back, Atom steps in between them, holding Wells back, and looking about ready to fight him if Bellamy gives the word. From what we see of Atom later, he doesn’t seem to be someone who would just up and fight someone, so him stepping between Bellamy and Wells is more him being protective of Bellamy than anything. A ‘you have to go through me’ first sort of thing. In Atom’s eyes Bellamy is the leader, and it’s his job to protect him. (I also think he might have been standing post outside the dropship while Bellamy and the ‘satisfied girl’ were inside)

Bellamy is the one who stops him from doing anything further, telling him to “hold up” and if Wells wants the shirt back to “Take it.” Which leaves Wells to throw the rest of the clothes down in frustration and a nearby group of delinquents to descend upon it. 

A few moments later when the fight between Murphy and Wells breaks out, Atom and John Mbege are standing close to Bellamy while the other delinquents are watching from a further off distance. While we see more people as part of Bellamy’s gang of followers/guards, it always seems to be the same three that he keeps closest to him. Atom and the two Johns. 

When Bellamy leaves with the group to go find Jasper he has Murphy come along with him, and tells Atom to stay behind and watch Octavia, “anybody touches her they answer to me.” This is another thing I hadn’t paid entirely too much attention to at first, but now that I think about it, Bellamy telling Atom to watch Octavia shows how much trust he had in him. He takes Murphy with him on the Jasper rescue mission, cause he knows Murphy is probably the best one to help him get the wristband off of Clarke. Bellamy can use his aggression in his favor. When Bellamy had let Octavia go off without him the last time she’d wound up hurt, and now he was the one going off and he couldn’t be there to make sure nothing happened to her. Octavia is the most important person in the world to him, so the responsibility of watching her is a pretty big thing to put on a person. 

Atom is collecting things for the wall when he sees Octavia playing a game with a group of guys, and he interrupts their play by telling them that the “wall’s not going to build itself” prompting them to get up and get to work. “Look your brother wasn’t kidding about that. He’ll hurt them.” Atom isn’t just looking out for Octavia, he’s looking out for the other delinquents. Actually, he’s probably looking out more for their safety than hers in general by keeping them away from her. This is even further explored when he follows Octavia and one of the delinquents inside the dropship and yanks him down off the ladder and tells him to “get out of here.” 

Outside the two had had a small exchange where Octavia called him her brother’s bitch, and when he’d replied he wasn’t, she’d challenged him to prove it. 

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“Nobody’s bitch huh? Maybe one of these days you’ll realize you can’t control me”

“You know that guy you were with? Did you know he was in for murder?” this line would make one think he was trying to keep Octavia safe, which he probably was, but still he continues with, “You want to know something funny? I’m actually protecting him from you.” This part of it can mean two things. One it can mean that he knows that if the guy tried anything Octavia didn’t like, that just from what he’s seen of her so far that she would fight like hell, and do some pretty good damage to the guy, but what’s more likely is that he means that someone being with her, and without Bellamy’s knowledge, would not end well for the person. Like Bellamy said “anyone touches her, they answer to me.” Bellamy is deadly serious when it comes to Octavia and Atom knows this. Atom continues down from the second level of the dropship, closing and latching the door. “Consider yourself controlled.” 

Monty is on that part of the dropship and he and Octavia start to have a conversation about Jasper and the wristbands. There’s a clang and they look over to see Atom has opened the hatch back up and disappeared down, a sign that Octavia can come down now if she wants. This is followed by one of my favorite moments in the entire series, which is prompted by Monty asking the question “How is it someone raised beneath the floor is not a total basket case’

Octavia gives him a sort of joking response of “Who says I’m not?” before heading back down the ladder. Atom is standing nearby, and I kind of wonder if he had been standing there as time passed before he’d opened the hatch back up. Like, even though she was locked up in there, had he been standing guard at the bottom to make sure no one went up? 

Atom answers her question though as she’s descending. “It’s because he loves you. Your brother. You’re not a basket case because you were loved.”

“Yeah, I’m a lucky girl” - now the way that Octavia says this has me believing that she really doesn’t know how lucky she is to have Bellamy in her life, and it seems from what Atom continues with that he doesn’t necessarily believe this either. 

“I’m not saying I had it worse than you, Octavia, because I didn’t. But you had someone who would do anything for you. I envy that.” 

Like with most of the delinquents we don’t see much about their pasts on the Ark, but this small exchange, Atom telling Octavia that he envies her in a way, is kind of heartbreaking. Had Atom come from an abusive home? Had he been hit or neglected or something else? Had Atom never felt loved by his parents? Maybe they hadn’t abused him, but were just distant and cold. So much is said with so little.

A while later Atom brings over a tin of water for Octavia outside, and there’s a few smiles between the two before Atom goes to collect more branches and Octavia runs off after the glowing butterfly. Atom notices she’s missing and runs off to find her. He finds her in the butterfly field, and he sort of tries to keep himself from smiling, like ‘no I am not amused by this’ but he can’t hold it back for long, especially when he sees how much Octavia is smiling. 

He moves closer and gives her a kiss before pulling away, and even taking a step back. He is allowing her to decide if she likes it or not. He’s letting her decide what happens next, and even after they share a more passionate kiss, initiated by Octavia this time, and she pulls away he assures her that it’s okay and “we’ve got nothing but time” They share another kiss for a few more seconds, before the scene is left with them holding hands and Atom kissing her forehead.

Seriously, Atom was a sweet guy and I wonder what would have happened if he’d lived a little longer. Would Bellamy have eventually approved? Would the Lincoln x Octavia relationship have developed in the same manner? Would Atom have been one of the ones killed while out looking for her when she went missing? If so would she have been okay with Bellamy torturing Lincoln for information? So many questions

At the end of ‘Earth Skills’ Bellamy catches Atom and Octavia kissing. He’s already been looking for Atom, cause they have first watch together. Atom follows Bellamy, and we then see him hanging from a tree. Bellamy is there along with Mbege and Murphy. Now, I can believe that between the time we see Bellamy find Atom and Octavia and the scene of Atom hanging from the tree that Bellamy found the other two and told them to meet him with some rope to tie Atom. I can also believe that one of the other two found out about Atom and Octavia or had seen them go off together and told Bellamy about it. So, when Atom started following Bellamy for the first watch the other two were already there waiting. Still another thing we’ll never know.  What we do know is that Atom spent the entire episode protecting the other delinquents from Bellamy only to be the one to receive punishment.

After the opening to 1x03 “Earth Kills” we see that Atom is showing concern for two missing delinquents, Trina and Pascal (who we saw in the cold open were caught in the acid fog) and that people were scared. People, Trina and Pascal, were missing, and they now knew there were people that were hostile outside of camp, and then there was Jasper’s constant moaning and screaming as he lay dying that could be heard throughout the camp. Bellamy assures him though that the morale will get up when they bring back more food, and they’ll continue looking for Trina and Pascal during the hunt. We also have Murphy teasing Atom about his ‘special tree’ much to Atom’s annoyance. 

While he’s sharpening his knife for the upcoming hunt Octavia comes in and starts asking if he wants to take a break and go to the butterfly field. Atom ignores her, though, which she knows is out of character for him, like he’s ignoring to the point of not even looking at her. So, she goes to confront Bellamy about what happened. “Atom had to learn. You disobey me you pay the price. He paid the price. Now we’re good.” Atom had probably been strung up all night, defenseless in a place with panthers and other wild animals, but even more than that with people who had no issue with spearing an innocent kid, and then hanging him up for bait. Atom had already been hanging up. Atom was not going to take his chances again, besides if that was the punishment for obeying Bellamy once, how much worse would it be if he did it again?

The hunt is underway and they have a wild pig in their sights, Bellamy is ready with his axe, and when he hears a noise he turns and embeds it into a tree right near Charlotte . The others continue after the pig, but Atom stays behind with Bellamy. Now in the last episode when Bellamy went off with the others to have Jasper, it’s Atom that he trusts to stay behind at the camp. This time it had been Murphy. His trust in Murphy becomes shaky at the end of this episode when he refers to Octavia as his ‘psycho little sister’ Could it be that Bellamy having Atom with him on this hunting trip is to keep him away from Octavia? Because he’s lost a bit of trust in Atom? or maybe Atom can actually get his knife to stick in a tree, and Murphy can’t, so he’s a better hunter. Who knows?

They continue on with the hunt when the acid fog starts to blanket the area. They all start running towards some caves for cover, and we see Atom trip and fall. He gets up and starts coughing as we see him start to move again, trying to find his way out of he fog. 

Bellamy and Charlotte are at the entrance of a care when we here someone, Atom, shouting “Bellamy” he’s trying to find him, but the air is too thick, and Bellamy takes a step out, but the fog is too much and he starts coughing as heads inside the cave.

Hours pass…and then night comes…and then morning. 

The fog is cleared and Bellamy steps out of the cave shouting if anybody was out there. Jones and two others had made it to a different cave, but when he asks them where Atom is they don’t know. Bellamy’s face falls at this news. I think he realizes here that Atom had been the one calling out his name. 

Charlotte is the one to find Atom’s body and Bellamy comes over to find out what’s causing her to scream. We see Atom laying on the ground. His skin is burned and covered in boils. He can’t move, and when Bellamy gets closer to him we see that from the look of his eyes it has probably blinded him as well. He has been out there like this all night. For a while I had in my head that maybe an hour or two had passed, but no Atom had been out there trying to find shelter, and eventually laying there suffering in pain all night long. 

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As Bellamy kneels beside him he starts to quietly ask him to “Kill me” Charlotte comes over and gives him the knife he had given her earlier, before Bellamy sends her and the others back to camp. Knowing Bellamy is there, Atom turns his head, exposing his neck more before begging with Bellamy to end this pain for him. “Bellamy, please. Bellamy, please” he coughs and begs as loud as he can, which isn’t very loud over and over. 

A nearby Clarke comes over and looks him over quickly, shaking her head at Bellamy. There is no saving him. By this time Atom is in tears as he begs for a release from this agonizing pain. Clarke looks down at him and tells him that she’s going to help him, and she hums to try and comfort him as she inserts the blade into his neck, stroking his hair and continuing to hum as he passes. 

Atom is the first person Clarke mercy kills. He is already in pain and she gives him release from suffering any longer, while she later mercy kills Finn to keep him from having to suffer through any pain. 

It’s Bellamy and Wells who carry Atom back to the dropship camp, before Wells goes to dig his grave. His is the grave Wells had been digging before Charlotte kills him. When Bellamy tries to tell Octavia that he’s sorry and there’s nothing he could do, she doesn’t want to hear it. I think she knows that this really wasn’t his fault, but she needs someone to blame for her losing Atom. 

Atom was one of those characters, like Wells, that I think would have completely changed the course of certain areas of the show had they not died so early in the series. 

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