atomic pink special effects hair dye

Really pleased with how this dye turned out. First I had some bleached hair with very old/faded pink and orange dye. I left some of that at the front and put on Special Effects Atomic Pink followed by Splat Pink Fetish followed by Splat Lusty Lavender in the back where some older faded Manic Panic Blue and Purple had been.

I have allergy eyes and I’m getting drunk on cider.

I dyed my hair with Special Effects hair color Atomic Pink instead of Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink and I’m on 10 days now and my hair is still pink! I was dyeing my hair every seven or less days so I’m pretty happy about this. Also scared that my hair will be pink until it grows out because that’s what the semi-permanent red that I used to dye my hair like black widow’s for Halloween like six or five years ago did and I think there is still hints of red in the longest part of my hair.