atomic patterns

I just imagined baby turtle tots all in little footie-pajamas.

Like imagine this:

Baby Leo in a blue one with yellow ducks all over it.
Baby Donnie in a purple one with those atom patterns on it.
Baby Raph with a red one with little turtles pattern.
Mikey in an orange one with like little ice cream cones on it.


Why did the One become Many?

It is because the nature of all things is like a beating heart. It pulses. It expands and contracts in a rhythmic pattern. All things in the universe do this. It is as if nature only has a very limited number of patterns and these replicate on scales from the galactic to the atomic. Repeating patterns blended together like fractal geometry. 

The patterns are the underlying reality. 

They are the framework which organizes matter. It is not well known but our universe where matter has clumped together is an amazingly unlikely thing. Matter should be evenly dispersed as atoms of hydrogen spread thin as space expands. Why it wasn’t defies physics and mathematics.