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Yusuke Murata-sensei’s completed illustration of the welcome board for his great-nephew’s wedding in Okinawa

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Iris taking off the ring...

…may save Barry Allen

(‘Cause we know the show is really always about Barry Allen)

I know we’ve been talking about saving Iris West since the mid-season finale but the person who’s been losing his way since then is Barry Allen. He has been slowly losing who he is because he doesn’t want to lose the person he loves the most.

He loves being a CSI, but he thinks about compromising it.

He contemplates letting a criminal go free, an action that violates the oath he took as a CSI/Law Enforcement agent. Iris tells him he can’t and he finds another way.

He thinks about compromising his values.

He contemplates killing Grodd which goes against his moral fiber/his humanity. (I guess we just forget about Atom Smasher and Sand Demon in S2). Iris tells him her life isn’t worth losing his humanity and he finds another way.

He ignores a West tradition

He has such tunnel vision that he doesn’t ask Joe for permission/his blessing. This is a red flag because there is no reason for him not to. He knows Joe has this expectation since Joe told him many times how he asked Francine’s dad. It’s also apparent that Iris supports this expectation. He knows that Eddie asked. Iris doesn’t supposedly die until May so he has time. He had to go get the ring. It’s not like Joe was away on a business trip or something. So what happened? If Barry Allen wasn’t spiraling down a slope of desperation he would have taken the time to ask for Joe’s blessing as a sign of respect. Iris knows this.

He proposed out of fear and hid important info

What’s interesting to me is that when Iris finds out about the ring she says: “we weren’t engaged yet.” She says “yet” which means either they have talked about marriage or, at the very least, SHE was fully expecting that an engagement was the next step in their relationship. We all know HE wants this next step. A proposal was in the near future. And so he could have handled this differently. He could have been honest with her. But he chose to hide the fact that she didn’t have a ring on that night. By the way Barry reacts to Wally outing him, we know that Barry knew this wasn’t the way to propose. And this was the last straw for Iris.

So Iris did the right thing. She’s not just looking at the proposal, but a pattern of behaviors that clearly indicate that Barry is willing to do ANYTHING to save her. He is willing to compromise the oath he took as a CSI, his humanity and what it means to be The Flash, and his close relationships - all the things that make him who he is.

He is so desperate to save her that he’s losing himself.

Her words - telling him he can’t let criminals go free and that he can’t kill - didn’t stop the downward spiral. And so taking off the ring is (hopefully) a wake up call to Barry. Iris lets him know that she doesn’t want a future built on fear and desperation no matter how much they love each other. He loses her, in a way, and this may be the very thing that saves him.

A Time for Comfort

Request from Anon: I was wondering if i could request a Crowley/reader fic. Taking place in seasons 10/11, so Rowena is included in it. Please and thank you!

A/N: YAS! A request! So I was super excited about this because it was actually a challenge trying to come up with something! Plus I haven’t written with Crowley yet.  I really hope this is what you were looking for! Let me know in the ask box so you can stay anonymous if you like! Thank you for the request!!

Word Count: 1100

Pairing: Crowley x Reader, Rowena

Warnings: Fluffy

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‘Twin Peaks’ Recap: Chair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Last time we visited, Twin Peaks unleashed the fires of the atom and the demons of the Black Lodge. For the follow-up, the show wants to talk about … love. Why not? If director David Lynch and co-writer/co-creator Mark Frost have proven anything in this inventive, powerful relaunch of their supernatural soap opera, it’s that they can do pretty much anything they damn well please. A show that spends minutes on end inside a nuclear explosion one week can depict lovable goofballs Deputy Andy and Lucy Brennan ordering living-room furniture the next.

I reviewed this week’s Twin Peaks and talked about its attention to emotional detail for Rolling Stone.

  • Dean: *turns into a demon*
  • Me: it's alright he'll be fine
  • Dean: *leaves Sammy and becomes bffls with Crowley*
  • Me: no big deal
  • Dean: *kills people*
  • Me: its alright wait
  • Dean: "its just a car"
  • Me: IT HURTS iT'S NOT OK NO SON OF A BISCUIT DEAN tTHATS YOUR BABY *rolls away crying into the sun and disintegrates into feelsy atoms*
ICHF: The Four Horrors Character Challenge

I’m a pretty big fan of those 30 Day Character Challenges, wherein you draw, write, sculpt, and otherwise create 30 characters based on 30 prompts (it doesn’t always have to be thirty, but it’s usually thirty).  I’ve made one before that, uh, no one’s ever done to my knowledge, but I figured what the hey, let’s make another one why not?

This specific challenge is sort of a spin off of my Iconic Characters of Horror Fiction articles - more precisely, it’s loosely inspired off of my concept of the Four Main Horror Genres.  During this challenge, you will be making 31 different characters based on archetypes from the four Horrors - Gothic Horror, Atomic Horror, Cosmic Horror, and Slasher Horror.  The result will hopefully help you see the great variety of different horror monsters, as well as what makes the four genres distinct (and how they can play off each other). So, without further blabbing, here’s the list:

The ICHF 4 Horrors Character Challenge
1. Gothic – Ghost
2. Atomic – Mad Scientist
3. Cosmic – Cultist of Eldritch God
4. Slasher – Masked Killer
5. Gothic – Vampire
6. Atomic – Mutant
7. Cosmic – Humanoid Abomination (i.e. King in Yellow, Wilbur Whately, Deep One)
8. Slasher – Disfigured Killer
9. Gothic – Werewolf
10. Atomic – Alien Invader
11. Cosmic – Servant Abomination (i.e. Shoggoth, Gug, etc.)
12. Slasher – Family of Killers
13. Gothic – Frankenstein
14. Atomic – Prehistoric Monster
15. Cosmic – Surreal Imagery Monster
16. Slasher – Comedic Killer
17. Gothic – Zombies/Undead
18. Atomic – Kaiju/Giant Monster
19. Cosmic – Benevolent/Ambivalent Eldritch God
20. Slasher – Supernatural Killer
21. Gothic – Evil Split Personality/Doppelganger (i.e. Mr. Hyde)
22. Atomic – Crawling Organ/Limb
23. Cosmic – Malevolent Eldritch God
24. Slasher – Monster Made by Human Psyche (i.e. a killer that lives in your dreams or thoughts)
25. Gothic – Demon
26. Atomic – Genetic Hybrid
27. Cosmic – Tulpa Monster (a monster your imagination made real)
28. Slasher – Monster Made by Extreme Human Emotions (i.e. infected by “rage” or “hunger”)
29. The Final/Survivor Girl
30. The Monster Hunter
31. Your Favorite Monster – can be any of the ones listed above, or one not represented on this list

You can do this whenever you like (or never do it if you prefer), BUT you should know that every take on this contest made before October 30th, 2015 will be “reviewed” (more accurately: gushed over) on my blog on October 31st, 2015.  Yes, just like the retrosaur challenge I did earlier this year - though I don’t know if I’ll go as in depth as I did then, since this could produce quite a massive menagerie of monsters.

Even if you don’t complete the challenge by the due date, you will still be included in the review so long as you started it - I just won’t be able to talk about ALL of the monsters you drew for the challenge, basically.

If you do this, please tag it “The 4 Horrors Challenge” so I can find it.  Or tag my name or whatever.  I’d like to see what you come up with!


Killer Frost is from earth 2?

I was watching The Flash 2015 New York Comic-Con Sizzle Reel  and Barry says to Jay that Zoom has been bringing villains from his world to destroy him (hence Atom Smasher and Sand Demon) what if Zoom after being frustrate in his failed at attempts at destroying The Flash/Barry brings Killer Frost (from earth 2)? 

 Zoom is a very smart and calculative villain he is going to know The Flash identity sooner or later and what a better way to destroy him than making him fight someone he cares about? 

Yes, Killer Frost won’t be his Caitlin but he will find it difficult to fight her; I mean he couldn’t even fight Everyman when he shift in to Caitlin in front of him.

How will he fight Killer Frost when she actually is Caitlin from another earth? 

Anyway this is just a theory of mine 😁

first 100: message me if you want your individual one!

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anonymous asked:

[3] Finally, I would like to have your opinion on something. A lot of people prefer The Flash to Arrow but I'm not one of these persons. Some things bothered me in this show. Team Flash killed Atom Smasher (and Demon Sand I think) and none of them felt guilty. None of them realised that they just KILLED two persons. They created that big hole in CC and Eddie and Ronnie died to save everybody. Barry felt guilty for what? One episode? Oliver felt guilty during three years.

You’ve definitely come to the right place if you’re looking for another person who prefers Arrow to The Flash. :)

One of the most frustrating things about The Flash for me has been that few things are ever given real consequences, and so it bothers me when the characters try to get up on their high horses about moral shortcomings in others. I’m sorry, but locking metahumans up the the pipeline just because it’s the most convenient option is despicable. I was actually on Team Bad Guys when they escaped the pipeline and turned on Team Flash back in Season 1. 

The Flash really needed to address Barry and Co. bringing about the deaths of opponents. After all of the crap that gets unloaded on Oliver on The Flash for being a killer, Team Flash brushing off the blood on their hands irritates me. I’m not saying that they’re wrong to have killed the bad guys when their hands were forced, but they never seemed to care one way or the other. 

I also don’t think that I’ll be able to wholeheartedly enjoy The Flash until I can forget about how everybody on the show encouraged Barry to go back in time to save his mother, knowing that he would run the risk of destroying the world in the process and would absolutely change all of their timelines. Nobody except for Barry’s dad raised any serious objections. It was absurd, and it really only would have been redeemed for me if Barry had faced major repercussions throughout Season 2. 


Pagina di prova per la Dark Horse. Quello è Zigo a 23 anni.
La Ragazza con la stella rossa è un demone che deve aiutare lui e l'Orso Atomico a fare una cosa che non so ancora.

i colori sono del grande e unico Moreno Dinisio.

To better days


It had been so long since he’d seen Tony, he had to leave though, or Atom would have hurt Tony real bad. His aggression and anger had been worse since he came back to life. It seemed as if his negative emotions multiplied and the positive emotions decreased. Summer was near and with nice weather came a happy boy named Atom, -forget the demon, it could wait for the shitty weather to come back.- and it was time to go home. 

Atom slowly opened the door, he was nervous, he had only left Tony a note before leaving, never said a proper goodbye or anything. God knows how Tony had taken it. What Atom feared most was that Tony had found someone else in the months he had been gone. Atom set his bag on the floor “Tony?” He called cautiously, looking around but not going any further than the living room.