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Punk Problems

It has come to my attention as of late that people do not fully understand the difference in the punks. Some people seem to think that Steampunk is pretty much everything when you see it.

Let us review the fundamentals. Steampunk is set in an alternate future where steam was the primary technology and they continued on that path till now. That’s basically it. However there are MANY alternate futures with alternate technology’s, and lumping all of them into steampunk is just cheapening them. So let me just show you an example of each.

CLOCK/STEAMPUNK: This era is often Victorian in style for some reason and the steam powered robots often use lots of smoke stacks, gears, clockwork, belts and goggles.

TESLAPUNK: Unlike steampunk, this world functions as if Nikola Tesla had revolutionized the world with his electricity. Lots of lightning rods, Tesla rods and power cables. Often this is confused as steampunk because they often have the a similar look.

DIESELPUNK: This universe takes place in a world where diesel engines and machines using oil are everywhere. This is criminally underused. They usually use a more art deco and WW1/2 style.

ATOMIC/RAYPUNK: This one uses atomic technology. Lasers, blasters, radiation, green glows, aliens and giant robots. Also rarely used but I dare you to watch “The Iron Giant” and tell me you don’t love it.

CYBERPUNK: Possibly more well known than steampunk. A future, in which technology is so advanced people are more technologically advanced than some of the robots. Chainsaw arms, robotic eyes, hooking your brain up to the internet and evil corporations.

BIOPUNK: Imagine a future where technology has advanced so much that we construct living organisms as easily as building a robots. Living machines, weapons, organic clothing and new and improved limbs.

JUNKPUNK: Almost as unknown as candlepunk but still one to remember. This world all technology is composed of random parts you might find in a junkyard. Kind of like the ‘Coolest’ cooler.

SOLARPUNK: This one has been getting some recent attention. However in a world where technology is powered by the sun I have yet to find one robot picture so sorry about this one.

PUNKPUNK: You have gone off the far side of the spectrum. Turn back.

Hopefully now you can tell the different alternate futures apart and can better survive in the world with this Essential information.

(Note this is not my artwork just a quick google search, but I am working on a series that will clarify these examples better with my own work.)

Across the Stars (or Punch Bowl)


We don’t know each other but I came as (character A) and you came as (character B) and well, look at that, (character A/character B) is both of our OTPs…strange…we should do something about that…. like make out

Pairing: Kylo Ren (Ben Solo) x Reader, Finn x Rey

Word Count: 3.1k

A/n: ok boiz just consider for this AU the sequels don’t exist

You had to admit, Poe Dameron had really outdone himself this year. The self-titled Halloween Party Master (although it was widely regarded by everyone) managed to pull off the biggest, and definitely best party of the year. The entire house emitted a fun, yet spooky atmosphere. Between the fake cobwebs and fire mantle glowing green from special kindling, although your rational mind worried about the fire hazard, you were blown away by the setup.

“Hey Padmé, come check out this sweet candy corn cocktail!” Rey called from the kitchen, waving her hand. The night had only just started, but being the lightweight she was, she was already hanging from Finn’s arm with flushed cheeks. “Or are you more of a spider jello shot kind of gal?”

You chuckled, picking up a random shot glass. This one was filled with wobbly green jelly, topped with a few gummy eyeballs. “Don’t you know? On Naboo the only treats we delight in are slightly chilled body parts coagulated in sugary jelly.”

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