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Legends of Tomorrow: What Kendra and Carter were up to in season 2 
after leaving the team, kendra keeps in touch with her teammates while rebuilding a relationship with her soulmate and protecting st. roch as hawkgirl. 

the timeline goes from the first text being right after the end of s1 to the last text being right after the end of s2.

–(poly kendra/carter/everyone with a focus on ray + sara)

  • Me: *having a get - together with family&friends*
  • Friend #1: well Last week, I jogged for 30 minutes
  • Friend #2: I ran for 2 hour's
  • Friend #3: I went bycial touring for 3 hour's
  • Friend #4: I hiked for 6 hours
  • ....
  • ....
  • ME: WELL I watched a tv show for 8 hours without a pause

Thanks to the death of Vandal Savage, the timeline is altered to where Sara is training up and coming young vigilantes, the Hawks are regarded as the stuff of myth, Snart has a memorial statue in Central City, Mick became the owner of The Flash museum, Stein and Jax became teachers at Sara’s school for vigilantes with Jax teaching the physical aspects and Stein teaching sciences for tech-based heroes, Nate becoming President, and Ray investing in creating new gear for superheroes.


The lovely Legends cast!

All the most attractive casts are on the CW and as a Brandon Routh fan he brightens up everything.

Also as an Atomwave and coldatomwave shipper I like seeing how many cast and publicity shot have my pairings standing together.