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  • Me: *having a get - together with family&friends*
  • Friend #1: well Last week, I jogged for 30 minutes
  • Friend #2: I ran for 2 hour's
  • Friend #3: I went bycial touring for 3 hour's
  • Friend #4: I hiked for 6 hours
  • ....
  • ....
  • ME: WELL I watched a tv show for 8 hours without a pause
A Rant Regarding Captain Canary and mostly Mixen

I first would like to address the similarities and differences between Captain Canary and Mixen. Both are very much alike—a bad guy with a good side and a good girl with a bad side. The chemistry of both are palpable and real.

But there is a difference…Captain Canary was born from the fans and, of course, the actors themselves. Wentworth and Caity created it from nothing, and the development throughout the season was priceless. I, of course, still believed there was room for even more development, but, sadly, Wentworth wasn’t scheduled to be a main cast member the following season. It was short-lived, and I don’t think anything will ever replace it. But there has been promise that we can still have hope for them. Producer/writer Sarah Nicole Jones has continuously tweeted with hints that “Maybe he isn’t dead”, and that she “wouldn’t rule out Captain Canary having a future”. Keep your chins up, Captain Canary fans!

As for the real topic—Mixen. Foxfire. Vixenwave. Whatever you prefer to call the beautiful relationship between Mick Rory and Amaya Jiwe. This wasn’t fan or actor created. The writers pushed them together and we LOVED THEM. There was an obvious spark between the two of them from episode three. And as they grew closer, the more they realized how alike they really are. I jumped on board with them immediately, since, over the summer, Marc Guggenheim released an interview stating that Mick Rory would receive a love interest this season. I was convinced that it would be Amaya…who else, really? I loved episode 6. I ADORED episode 8. I was just waiting for the moment that their relationship had developed enough that they would share a kiss.

Then the promo for Legends episode 9 was released. Featuring Amaya in bed with Nate Heywood, of all people.

I was crushed. Enraged. Depressed. All I could think was Why go through all that development to just throw it all away?

Then I got to thinking. First…what if it’s not real? It could be a dream of Nate’s, or a bad dream of Mick’s. It’s highly possible. Clearly Mick has feelings for her, deep down. The hallucination of Snart knew what it was talking about. And is Amaya really over Rex’s death enough to hook up with this goody-two-shoes? Listen, I have nothing against Nate. But she deserves better than him. And Mick deserves to be happy.

Let’s say it is, God forbid, real. Maybe it’s just Amaya, making a wrong choice. And it would be a wrong choice. We saw the terrible depiction of zero relationship development with Ray and Kendra, and I know that’s EXACTLY what Nate and Amaya would be if they were forced together. What if, all of things, she sleeps with Nate and Mick walks in on them? No matter how bad it ends up being, IT IS JUST AN OBSTACLE IN THE JOURNEY THAT IS MIXEN.

But Mixen hasn’t developed enough yet as it is. Captain Canary took all season, and it STILL hadn’t developed enough in my opinion. Let me say just this—



ray not caring about not being the atom for 2+ years and having a future of not being the atom vs ray having Constant Anxiety about not being the atom for like, a month 
almost like he had somethingone that mattered more than being the atom ever did hmmmm


The lovely Legends cast!

All the most attractive casts are on the CW and as a Brandon Routh fan he brightens up everything.

Also as an Atomwave and coldatomwave shipper I like seeing how many cast and publicity shot have my pairings standing together.