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VLD Theory: Altea and the Alteans

Alright, so,, we all know that there are a few plot holes and a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to the Alteans and the Galra. Like: 

  • If Alteans are such a peaceful species, what requires them to have training droids who are not only set for Altean child combatants, but whose child setting is enough to take down 5 garrison-experienced humans in less than a minute flat? 
  • Why build Voltron, the most powerful weapon in the universe, in the first place, especially if during the time of its construction, the Galra and the Alteans were at peace?
  • How did the war even start? It’s not like the Galra and the Alteans had a distant kind of peace–they worked together to defend the universe. Where did that go?
  • How deep does the connection with the Galra even run? We know that they were close enough to create Voltron together, and that its creation wasn’t a secret kept between just Zarkon and Alfor. Allura even refers to a time when she traveled through Galran transportation hubs. Just how far back do they go?

Well I think I picked up on something within the new info given to us in season 2, and my thought process while answering all these questions relies strongly on this speculation. So sit back folks because this is gonna be a Lot.

They key to all of this is that I believe that in season 2, during Shiro’s escapades in the Black Lion, the destroyed planet we see is none other than Altea itself.

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crazy-indigo-child  asked:

Hey there! Can I request a sickfic where Shiro gets a fever so high he starts babbling and gets disoriented. Maybe he gets a cold bath before it gets worse? :O

So… I was going to keep all these fills under 500 words. This is 2k. I blame you. Shiro sickfic with some friendsheith <3

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Shiro knew he had a fever. He got them often, since his time with the Galra. They’d done something to his immune system and now, every single bug that passed him by got stuck in his ruined sinuses. When he was young, he could stay at home for a day with a bottle of NyQuil and wake up good as new.

He missed being a kid. That lack of responsibility, the lack of worry, the knowledge that no matter what mistakes he made, he’d be fine. He could stay home all day and not worry about the destruction of planets or the death of innocents. Every movement he made now was more important than entire years back on Earth.

The luxury of staying still was not one he could claim, not here, and not now.

The fever could wait.

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Gravity & Other Gay Forces of the Universe

a love poem for @thesylverlining & the stars where we call Home.


Long before I was a twinkle in my mother’s eye,
or she a twinkle in her’s,
we were all (twinkle) little stars,
and that, I think, is where I met you first.

Maybe I was hydrogen
and you were helium,
or you were iron
and I was carbon,
or maybe there was no “you” and “I” as we know us now;
perhaps there was just us.
Hydrogen and helium and iron and carbon,
all at once.

After billions and billions of years, we blew up
(which I hope isn’t an omen)
and the star that was (is?) us shot its guts across the sky
and I lost you. Us.

It’s probably a good thing I don’t remember it
(but sometimes I think I do, the ache of an old bruise
that never truly healed,
born anew when I look at the empty black spaces
inside the little dipper)
and I wonder what I thought of while you were gone,
if I knew we’d be us again,
if I was too busy hurling through the vacuum of space
trying to keep my atoms together
long enough to crash land on a blue speck -
a twinkle no more.

I like to think I found you before this life;
through the age of sword
and superstition,
ice and dark,
each one cursing gravity for keeping me bound,

Until a song -
your song -
clears the cobwebs of lightyears from my human heart
and I remember what it is like to be
us, all at once.

And gravity is a binding chain no more,
but the force that keeps me where you are.
For as long as my star is flesh,
I wish to be flesh.
As long as my star sings here,
I wish to stay to listen.

When Earth is done with us
(or when we are done with the Earth)
I wonder what we’ll be next;
you, carbon, me, iron, us -
stardust all the same.

I dare the universe to blow us apart again;
I dare it to find a force stronger than your song
and my heart.

We’ve already charted the stars just to land on the same blue dot,
and that, I think,
is a force all its own.

it hurts.

my sins are a litany
of long nights
lost to their own confessions
and i do not feel whole or holy
in this room when i’m with you.

when i go hungry now
i make your name a prayer
for my relief
but you are not
the answer for this wanting
you are not the answer.
when you call it by its name
you are and aren’t the simple truth of it
and i will echo back for you
the voice of all the vicious hymns you sang
that hurt me now to hear them
forcing their way in
like every guest who never knocked
every stranger making himself comfortable
inside me

and i am sorry now
i never told you everything
you never heard from me the way
i stood behind a door
and told myself
to prepare for what could happen
when it opened
i told myself
and took a breath
and i was not prepared.

and you came on like
the whisper of an atom bomb
the crashing quiet in my coffin
everything too much or not enough
that i am full of every day
every fragment of my struggle and defeat
feels just like you

and to think
that what i saw in you
were several ways to safely self-destruct
and never bleed -

sometimes, i can be so wrong
it hurts

  • Democratic Debate: "Hilary, I apologize for what my team did, and I hope we can put it behind us." "We all need to band together to address these issues." "I respect your opinion but I have to disagree."
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