anonymous asked:

do you have like an ultimate number 1 fave kylux fic??

Bloody hell, what a question. I really don’t think I could even pick one single fic? I could attempt a top 5 maybe though? These are in no particular order. Obviously CWU by @hollyhark is way up there but I feel like it’s talked about enough (and rightfully so <3) that everyone and their mother has read it and already loves it. 

  • Ex Machina by sual. Droid Hux and Light Side Ben! This is such a great fic, like I would talk about it all day if I could. The characterisation is spot on and there’s just the right amount of fluff, angst, humour, and smut. The author is currently writing an alternate dark side version of it too!                            
  • That Unsteady Afterglow series by oorsprong and PolypusRegina. You wouldn’t think that this is the epic love story it is just from the description about Hux and Ren having bad sex but let me tell you these fics are beautiful. Every time Kylo calls Hux “Brell” my heart aches.                                                                                                       
  • Control, Chaos and Corgis by RockSaltAndRoll and ShortSighted_Owl. This fic is a modern AU where Ben and Hux are roommates who really really do not get on at first. The ensemble cast of neighbours (married stormpilot, long suffering bestie Phasma, homeless drifter Rey, pilot Jess) who live in the building with them are so well characterised that it makes me sad I don’t know any of my neighbours. This is definitely my favourite modern AU by far.                                                                                          
  • To Sleep, Perchance by @generallyhuxurious is so great. Oh man. Everything they write is great (like seriously ask me about how much I love that bloody coal miners au) but this is my favourite. The Darth Atok vs Kylo Ren dichotomy is such a brilliantly creative way to demonstrate the different aspects of Kylo’s personality. Make sure you definitely read ALL the tags on this one before you read it.                                                                                  
  • may your past be the sound (of your feet upon the ground) by @missdreawrites is a new favourite of mine. Ben is a smuggler who never turned to the dark and Hux is on the run from the First Order after he’s been stripped of his title. The OCs in this are great (especially the droids I want SR-3 for myself). This is still a WIP and I can’t wait to see how it develops.