From Gastroposter Sara Verk:

Mother’s Day Brunch - Home smoked turkey, smoked salmon with caper berries, spinach cheese frittata, spinach salad with strawberries, quick pickled cucumbers, marinated coleslaw, home-baked ciabatta, Prosecco and juice #atoasttomom #gastropost #kitchensinkblog #Mother’s day #mom

From Gastroposter Sara Verk:

It’s time to plan some Mother’s Day delicacies. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries are my fave. Strawberries taste amazing as they are, but when you add chocolate, they turn into a gourmet treat perfect for Mother’s Day dessert. These succulent delicacies are so easy to make with an unequivocally decadent result #atoasttomom #gastropost #kitchensinkblog

From Gastroposter Charmian Christie:

What’s Mother’s Day without chocolate? I created Pistachio-Dusted Cointreau Cherry Truffle Puddles as an edible hommage to all the art projects I made her in elementary school, which she so graciously and gratefully accepted. For these free-form truffles, chocolate drips like Elmer’s glue and pistachio pieces replace glitter glue. The materials were higher end, but like a kid, I smeared, drizzled and sprinkled my way through this Mother’s Day project.

From Gastroposter Sara Verk:

With Mother’s Day coming up soon, bake something special. This vanilla bean cake is one of my favourite cakes. Get out your piping bag and get decorating. Cheers to all Moms.

From Gastroposter Ananya Banerjee:

My mom is famous for her homemade Indian organic chickpea curry and naan which she loves to pack as special lunches for my co-workers at the hospital every so often. She is the most amazing cook and giving mom ever. xo