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Hi! Can you please do a request for shopping with Tae when you get a chance? Thank you 🌞

sure thing cutie pie!! sorry it took so long i have been swamped with work and school stuff this week im so sorry here you go though!! 

  • again another request which is my fave like requests are my favorite in the world!!
  • okay tae is the hardest for me to personally write for but i am trying very hard for you all!!
  • okay so tae is still our small little child you know but seokjin doesn’t really care about his butt shopping alone he really only needs to come and babysit jeongguk on his shopping adventure
  • but tae is social and fluffy and cute and he loves all his boys very much so if any of them wanted to come he would definitely bring them along!!
  • which usually means chim and hoseok end up cramming in the car with you guy and it is not the mom suv
  • oh also also!! same deal with jeongguk you guys prefer the mall as your fave shopping place and not the crummy one just down the road that only has like aeropostale or whatever the heck people shop at
  • no the mall you go to has multiple levels and it has lots of quality stores and it’s nice and clean
  • but anyway you and tae pile in up front cause he has his license in this and even if he didn’t i bet this boy would go for it if you were going some place that made you happy
  • and hoseok and chim are in the back and they’re giggling and teasing you two for being so cute and if you two even look at each other for point five seconds the two in the back are screaming
  • when you first went on mall adventures tae almost crashed the car every time they would do that cause distractions!! but now he’s so used to it he just rolls his eyes and threatens to veer off the road if they don’t shut up
  • the entire car ride tae plays all the cyphers cause he is a dweeb and hoseok sings his part and tae sings yoongi’s part and chim does namjoon’s part and if you ever ask to change the song the three of them will all glare at you then start singing louder and at this point you know better than to ask again
  • tae probably speeds or drives like a grandma there is no in between okay he like goes way under or way over the speed limit
  • and you kinda
  • “i hope we go with jin next time geez god this is too much”
  • and you guys probably stop on the way like five times cause taehyung is a sweetie and when hoseok needs to go to the bathroom you stop and when chim shyly says he’s really hungry you guys get like five large fries at mcdonalds
  • which hoseok and taehyung end up throwing at each other so it really defeats the purpose but anywaY
  • you guys would get there much later than you had expected and you kinda greatttttttt
  • and you all hop out and 95 line dramatically say goodbye and hug each other and hobi hugs you just because he felt lonely and needed someone to hug as well but tae is not a fan of that so trades you for chim immediately
  • and you all plan to meet back at the same entrance to the mall at like six thirty or something so on the way home you can stop and get actual dinner and rub it in everyone else’s faces
  • and tae is a big hand holder in the mall cause sure arms around the waist or shoulder is really cute but hey the mall can get really crowded and he doesn’t want to lose you! and he also doesn’t want to be over the top cause god knows how many fans are there and he doesn’t want to be really mushy in front of them you know??
  • and so he can also tug you along excitedly if he finds something you might be interested in!
  • your boy though, idk the big mall here has a disney store!!
  • and so that’s usually your first stop is the Disney store!!
  • you guys are the only adults there without children
  • but the look on his face is all worth it
  • he asks you for help with their names and so he goes around pointing out all the characters he knows
  • and he likes to say you’re prettier than any of the princesses
  • he likes to also help the little kids reach the toys maybe they can’t reach by themselves and he’ll put a tiara on his head and he’ll sing along to under the sea with the little girls and he always has a cluster of kids following him around in the store
  • they actually ask him to come work there a few times and he has to decline every time with a pout
  • okay but he does end up actually buying stuff he likes to get plushies and if you weren’t there for impulse control he would buy one for every single one of the boys every single time
  • so he just gets one a trip and this time he ends up getting an eeyore stuffie for yoongi
  • he gets one for the both of you too and for the dogs and cats so you guys have even more things to snuggle when you go to bed!!
  • all the little kids get sad when you leave to go check out the rest of the mall
  • but obviously there’s a lot more you want to do !!
  • like after all this intense singing along taehyung would suggest it’s snack time !!! like what’s a mall trip without a snack
  • you guys would be the type to get pretzels !!
  • like not boring old salt pretzels but the yummy cinnamon kind and you always end up getting three cause taehyung eats two on his own and then still wants half of yours
  • but you let him how could you not have you seen this small little squish he is too adorable to say no to
  • and he always munches away happily and he licks his fingers all cute and if you have anything on your face like any cinnamon he would be rude and either kiss it off or like lick the corner of your mouth and you have to beat him because “taehyung there are CHILDREN here”
  • I wanna do fan interactions for all the boys buT
  • taehyung is definitely one of the more popular members so I think he would get approached a lot
  • he would always make sure to say hi and sign anything and everything for them !!!
  • and then he would introduce you always like he would be so open about his love for you like he knows idols are supposed to have their relationships on the down low but there’s no way he’s gonna pretend you don’t exist like he’s gonna show you off forever and we all know big hit is a lil more chill than lots of companies so they wouldn’t care too much after a while you know like he’s gonna fall in love let him bE
  • if a fan asks for a hug or something (idk do ppl do that) he would always give you a look first to get your approval
  • and you’re a super chill lover and you want all the fans to be happy okay thx
  • one time he asks the girl if she wants the rest of his pretzel and she passes out and you guys have to call mall security but that’s a different story
  • okay anyway
  • y'all are walking around, holding hands and being cute
  • and then you go to the pet store
  • and there’s a little puppy in one of the cages chasing his tail and Tae walks by and it starts tipping excitedly !!
  • and taehyung gasps and his presses his face to the glass and he’s so in love already and he asks the attendant if he can go in the little room and interact with the puppy
  • but that is one expensive puppy and you guys have like seventeen already ???
  • but he puppy looks so sad and lonely and taehyung is about to sob so you agree
  • but then the attendant comes back like “sir I just checked and um that puppy was gonna be sold to another person”
  • and taehyung is !!!! “I need my parting words”
  • and so he does what anyone else in this situation would do
  • and he stuffs the dog in his shirt
  • and he walks out all normal and the attendant just
  • “where’s my dog??”
  • “what dog???????????”
  • and he just glared and you kinda tae, love, baby
  • and then the guy realizes his shirt
  • and taehyung just “I’m pregnant”
  • you guys aren’t ever allowed to go back to that store again
  • you guys go get some ice cream to cheer him up and you also get a balloon to cause here there’s a clown and it’s scary af but it has those really big shiny character balloons!!! and you guys get one cause they’re cute and you get a scooby doo on even though it’s outdated as heck
  • but it’s cute and that’s all that matters!!
  • I don’t see a lot of actual shopping going down
  • it would be more going in all those oddball random shops and just looking around more
  • like I don’t see taehyung being the biggest spender out there and he could be like a lil bit of a minimalist so he doesn’t like to buy much for himself
  • he would always want to buy things for you and the other members though!!! like just little things that remind him of all of you
  • but if you wanted to go in any shops he would be so patient and he would always be so supportive of all the clothes you tried on and he would carry all your bags for you too!!!
  • and if he saw you staring at something he wouldn’t even be subtle he would just go up and buy it for you he really likes getting you jewelry so he can be really cheesy and brush the hair from your neck and put the pretty necklace on when you get home and wow nice I’m digging
  • and he would especially like getting things for his chimmy !!
  • and all your pets he makes sure to get them all special treats
  • there’s a fudge store that you always get fudge from to take home and share and you guys do that too !!!
  • if you ever go past like the lingerie section in any particular store he would be shameless and be like “wow that would totally be your color!!”
  • but like in a really sweet innocent way like him just complimenting you?? even if it’s kinda blunt !!!
  • okay so maybe it’s not that innocent but hey that’s taehyung for you
  • anyway after aimlessly wandering for a bit and enjoying each other’s company you guys meet up with chim and hobi and you go out to get dinner !!
  • and you go get pizza and guess what you guys get like two large and one is extra cheese and one is pepperoni !!
  • and you guys make sure to send lots of pictures to seokjin cause you’re rude
  • and taehyung keeps his hand on your thigh the entire dinner
  • you guys show off everything you bought and share stories and it’s just fun bonding !!!
  • on the way home you fall asleep and he pulls the car over to take cute pictures of you
  • shopping with taehyung would be a lot of fun plz invite me along thank you!!

headcanon: shepard might be the worst dancer in the galaxy but they are amazing at singing but literally nobody knows it. there’s a little karaoke bar tucked away behind armax on the citadel and the whole crew goes for shore leave and garrus and vega goad shepard into singing, preparing to film it and put it on the net for the galaxy to laugh at

no one is prepared for that voice tho

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Thoughts on Kailay?

Anon, they’re the two main dancers of EXO

So like, well, we all know dancers can really move their hips and… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Oh but man, when they dance together it’s like…it’s like magic. It’s just so stunning, so incredible, and I really wish we could watch them do some slow kind of ballad song together (like Baby Don’t Cry) and don’t get me wrong I absolutely love it when Sehun and Kai dance together but it’d just be so spectacular to see Kai and Lay dancing together. They only ever dance together to songs with dank beats and that does look marvellous but I just want them levitating across the stage together and just moving so beautifully ug h I’d kill for that.



Ugh they look so good together dear lord I’ve never seen such an aesthetic ship