This natural-color satellite image shows crisscrossing cloud patterns off coastal Africa. These distinctive lines in the sky are gravity waves, and they form when air masses get displaced upward by terrain or other conditions. In this case, dry air cooled overnight on land before moving out over the ocean. That displaced warm, humid air above the water and forced it upward, where it eventually cooled and condensed into clouds. Gravity created the ripple-like waves; as the moist air cooled, gravity again pulled it downward - leaving behind a clear sky. Once the humid air sank, the dry air pushed it up again, creating another line of clouds and continuing the cycle.  (Image credit: NASA; via NASA Earth Observatory)

mi corazón


It was going on two years since the second Omnic Crisis in Russia was brought to an end. The nation found no reason to celebrate, but Zarya and Mei always shared a drink in honor of the day.

Certain members of the newly reformed Overwatch annually traveled to Mexico—to Dorado, to take part in the festival that celebrated the end of the first Omnic Crisis. The streets were alive with lights, colors, and warm bodies of varying sorts. Hana swung blind but hard. The surrounding crowd cheered loudly after the stick connected with the piñata. She ripped the blindfold from her eyes to watch the sweets and other snacks spew forth. With a giggle, Hana lifted her free hand and executed a “peace” sign.

Lúcio didn’t have turntables or a mixer, but he still managed to draw a crowd. It was no difficult feat asking the band present at the festival to try his musical suggestions, and the Brazilian DJ soon had onlookers watching him breakdance in the city’s streets. Two teens walked forward after he finished his current moves, the air of “challengers” surrounding them. Lúcio grinned and beckoned them into the circle.

Tracer wasn’t as easy to find, but Soldier: 76 assumed she zipped through side streets, alleyways, and across courtyards to make sure there were no present threats that would bring an end to the festivities. The lights strung throughout the bustling city didn’t quite reach the rooftops, and the Soldier hid in the shadows created, arms crossed over his chest. His trademark jacket was back at their lodgings, making it easier for him to blend in. He had a clear view of the bakery run by Alejandra’s mother, and of Alejandra herself. The young teen stood outside of the shop, handing out pastries to those passing by. Soldier: 76 felt his lips twitch in response to the girl’s contagious smile.

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zarya meets omnics
  • bastion/zenyatta:hello
  • genji:uh
  • genji:pls dont hurt me i mean im pretty much ninety percent robot but-
  • zarya:kill bill alarm

Drudkh - Forgotten Legends (Full Album)

Dust devils, like fire tornadoes and waterspouts, form from warm, rising air. As the sun heats the ground to temperatures hotter than the surrounding atmosphere, hot air will begin to rise. When it rises, that air leaves behind a region of lower pressure that draws in nearby air. Any vorticity in that air gets intensified as it gets pulled toward the low pressure area. It will start to spin faster, exactly like a spinning ice skater who pulls in his arms. The result is a spinning vortex of air driven by buoyant convection. On Earth, dust devils are typically no more than a few meters in size and can only pick up light objects like leaves or hay. On Mars, dust devils can be hundreds of meters tall, and, though they’re too weak to do much damage, they have helpfully cleaned off the solar panels of some of our rovers! (Image credit: T. Bargman, source; via Gizmodo)