atmospheric flow


dreamt of @dripped‘s vibrant and magical town quartz! this town was stunning and beautifully crafted, the decorating was really gorgeous, and walking through it felt enchanting and inspirational ♡ the layout of the town was put together in a way that made it feel huge and never-ending, which made it more exciting to explore! it was clear that a lot of love went into creating this town! thank you for sharing this with me~!

♡ 5E00 - 0044 - 2A18 ♡

“Signal does not conform to expectations.”

The message was not unusual in itself.  The investigation that followed was.

The junior on duty flagged the deviation message for investigation in the usual way and paid it no more attention.  Staff on duty the following day would follow up, he just wanted to get to the end of this shift and go enjoy his forthcoming holiday.  

The handover to the next shift passed most conventionally, he went off duty without a second thought to the deviation in sector N1MB.

The next shift worked through the log in time order as usual.  The N1MB signal was passed to the anomalies team for further attention.  

The anomalies team leader did pay a little more attention.  The signal type was one she had never encountered before.  A rhythmic series of short and long pulses.  No decoder currently in use could read it.  But the signal was clearly far from random.  She alerted her manager to this unexpected turn of events.

“Are you sure?  Run the decoders again, please.  Its probably just a glitch.”

“I’ve run them 3 times already, Glode, it must be a glitch on our system.”

“I’ll run them here, that should help us identify the fault.”


Glode ran the signal through the decoder sequences.  “No match found.  Signal does not conform to expectations.”

Glode inspected the message crossly.  It was going to be one of those shifts.  He loaded the signal onto a second system.  “No match found.  Signal does not conform to expectations.”  He shrugged.  It was lunch time.  He set a scan to run on the machines to find the error while he ate.  

After lunch, he reviewed the log.  No errors found.  He ran the signal through once more, firmly expecting a different outcome.  “No match found.  Signal does not conform to expectations.”

Glode signalled the anomalies team leader.  “Matina, have you any more anomalies from N1MB?”

“I haven’t rescanned that sector, its not scheduled for another 17 cycles.  There is nothing in it recorded as even close to intelligent life.  There is only one planet with any life signs recorded.”

“Oh.  Can you run an extra scan and let me know if you find any more deviations?”

Glode looked up the planet with life signs in N1MB.  The Imaging showed a blue-green planet.  Zooming closer indicated land masses.  The remote scans indicated high levels of geological instability along with substantial atmospheric flows.  But life forms had been identified despite the apparently hostile conditions.  

Hardly any time passed before Matina signalled back.  “I’ve got a whole bunch of anomalies, Glode.  They all follow that pattern of long and short pulses, they are similar but not the same.”

Glode stared into the monitor, “This has all the indications of a new language pattern.”



Breathless Montego Bay Resort & Spa (Montego Bay, Jamaica) is surrounded by Montego Bay Marine Park, is a modern 5-story adults-only, 150-suite resort boasting chic design and state-of-the-art technology including free Wi-Fi and in-room tablets. Breathless Montego Bay takes Unlimited-Luxury®—where everything is included—to the next level. Over half the suites include butler service. The only rooftop pool and bar in Jamaica, a beach club, fire pits, cabanas, five bars and lounges, and theme parties provide the ultimate party atmosphere. Enjoy free flow access to eight bars and ten restaurants with Exchange Privileges, right next door at Secrets Wild Orchid and Secrets St. James! 


I used the card on the market, associated summer tradition in Japan.

Japanese people enjoy summer in “yukata”,
a very casual type of cotton kimono.

“Engawa” is part of the building made by wooden floor which stands along the room side and protrudes to the outside of the room space, which looks like a corridor and is often seen in Japanese old wooden house.

During summer in Japan, we hung a wind chime outside of the house to enjoy the sound.

Such a scene that person eat watermelon slices there while hearing a wind bell when it is at dusk makes Japanese feel nostalgic.

We often see a cat sleeping and sunbathing there when a Japanese old house appears in a Japanese film. I think it tries to produce a peaceful atmosphere and a slow flow of the time.


J-Hope is my name my engine stars
The treadmill that used to go around stops, put the value of me on fire
Gather around all at once,I’ll show you my knife skills
Cut out the rotten branches,those scruffs are going to fall anyway
When I hook all the doves fly away,They don’t understand it
I shoo them of cooly,i’m showing off,Get turned on by my qualities
I observed this fire like scene for 2 years
This is time for my convergence to react,I grow without hesitation
Ridicule the paparzzis all at once
I aim for the two ears
I include all my resentment,Listen and stay aware
I don’t wear a mask this is my motto
I live doing the things I’m supposed to do,shit
Everyone’s not the same,match my nature
I stack up my career
Just scratch the surface a little,I’ll become everyones watermelon
To break that
I kept on postponing and postponing
My hard work comes into fruition
Everyone can’t wait,they’re showing sadness (brooding)
This rhyme,flow they’ll explode when they hear it  
Even if I throw a verse,It goes hook
I’ll make everyone not forget and gather around me
I’ll make all my fans hold on (꼴리게 - kollige = it’s a word when someone wants to have sex,but has to hold on)
I’ll make all the haters puke out (puke out)
Retribution,Just take what you get
Take my reputation down if you want to
When you I cursed out (Literal translated to “When you eat curse” which means when someone curses at you or you get cursed"  
I digest it right away
I’ll poop it out
My ambition,pride don’t stop
I get what I want,I just live how I want to
You can’t even go against me from the start
Your body is under my destiny (word play) [육(6)체 - body / 팔(8)자 - destiny/luck]
all this annoying phlegm,I spit it out on the ground twotwo (‘twotwo’ sounds like spitting)
I’ll step gently on the road my fans made for me
You’ll feel the effort me and my brothers made,Rising all around the world,gaining fame

Shut your mouth and listen when this verse comes on
This flows atmosphere like salute
(WOAH) Salute (WOAH) Salute (WOAH)

Everyone enjoy it when this verse comes on
This place’s atmosphere like tropics
(HOT) tropics (HOT) tropics (HOT)



Computational fluid dynamics and supercomputing are increasingly powerful tools for tracking and understanding the complex dynamics of our planet. The videos above and below are NASA visualizations of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere over the course of a full year. They are constructed by taking real-world measurements of atmospheric conditions and carbon emissions and feeding them into a computational model that simulates the physics of our planet’s oceans and atmosphere. The result is a visualization of where and how carbon dioxide moves around our planet.

There are distinctive patterns that emerge in a visualization like this. Because the Northern Hemisphere contains more landmass and more countries emitting carbon, it contains the highest concentrations of carbon dioxide, but winds move those emissions far from their source. As seasons change and plants begin photosynthesizing in the Northern Hemisphere, concentrations of carbon dioxide decrease as plants take it up. When the seasons change again, that carbon is re-released.

These visualizations underscore the fact that these carbon emissions impact everyone on our planet–nature does not recognize political borders–and so we share a joint responsibility in whatever actions we take. (Video credit: NASA Goddard; h/t to Chris for the second vid)

1935-E: Plot points compliation post.

Went and wrote up a compilation thread of 1935 plot and character points in anticipation for 1935-E over in /r/Baccano, and here’s the link if you’re interested in reading. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something (or many things) and or made a mistake (or many mistakes) somewhere, so if anyone has additional things to add or correct then please do add them - if you have a reddit account, then reply there as well!

Attempted to also copy and paste them under the cut, but I warn you: it is really, really long and you might want to read the Reddit post instead.

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A lesson in how to frame your characters and how not to frame your characters brought to you by ‘Kate Bishop leaving angrily’. 

An artist is a storyteller, theres 100 different ways to tell any one story. Use your tools to add meaning and flow and atmosphere to your tale. Stop cutting women’s heads off and replacing body-language and storytelling with boobs and painted on costumes. 


A/N: I’m so sorry I took so long to post the new chapter! I’ve been busy these past couple of days and was supposed to post it last night but never had the chance to; also, thank you all for the birthday wishes, they were much appreciated! This is a pretty sad/heartbreaking chapter but it’s v important so…enjoy!

Word Count: 5.1K+

Warning: Mentions of death…angst! Surprisingly, I don’t think there’s profanity?

It would be a complete and total lie if you hadn’t known that Kylo loved you, it was obvious–at least in your eyes–that the man felt this way towards you. Even when you teased him then about how he loved you, you knew it to be true…you just never wanted to believe it. You did everything in your power to discourage yourself, saying the man could never love or possibly feel it, but you were wrong…so, very wrong. He could feel it, and he could feel it in a way that it made your heart ache.

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One Pun Is All It Took

Read on A03!

Big thanks to my beta @nixandschnitz for helping my lost ass

Hey look it’s not angst!

Marinette stared hard at the blond boy seated next to her.

Alya had dragged the four of them out of their caves for a night out on the town, giving a sweetly disguised death glare at anyone who tried to protest.

“Are you fucking serious?”

Marinette thought, the amount of venom in her voice shocking herself. She had rarely experienced a homicidal urge before, but this was passionate and all consuming. If looks could kill, the assumingly innocent model would’ve keeled over about ten seconds ago.

She was seething, her vision gaining a slight red hue.

“Are you FUCKING serious.”


Her friends turned to look at her, eyes wide in shock.

Well, in Alya’s case, pride.

“Daaaaaaaammmmnn girl, I don’t think I have ever heard you swear like that!” Exclaimed the red-tipped girl across from her. tension broke, and Adrien’s eyes filled with light humor.


Marinette’s head snapped up to look at him, rage seeping into her eyes and making the gorgeous boy swallow whatever grin he had been wearing.

This seemed to go unnoticed by the other patrons at the table , as the silent exchange going on between the two heros.

Adrien managed a sheepish smile, trying to figure out what the hell he’d done to flip her switch, causing him to see a side of the kind girl that he frankly never wanted to see again.

“U-um.. Marinette…? Did I do som-”

She didn’t even need to speak. The intensity of her glare was enough, and he knew that if he wanted to remain unharmed, he would shut up.

“We’ll see,” she muttered, catching the attention of the wary boy beside her, “if this cat really does have nine lives.”

She could practically hear the alarms going off in his brain.


The night started off without a hitch.

Laughter flowed, the atmosphere was fun and easy going, and even Marinette was making light conversation without stumbling over her words.

Alya and Nino were being grossly affectionate, as usual.

Adrien watched as Marinette laughed, looking completely comfortable within the small group.

“Wow, she’s adorable when she can actually talk to me.”

He said to himself, feeling warm as he watched the bluenette chatter with Alya.

He smiled at the small girl, affection welling up inside him…

…Which definitely didn’t slip past the two across from them.

He froze as Alya rested her elbows on the tabletop, exuding superiority and cockiness as she smirked at the two messes across the booth.

“So Adrien,” she drawled, smirk ever growing as he grew red. “How’s your love life? Has some tasty little thing snatched you up yet?”

He could feel Marinette tense beneath him, probably due to the awkwardness of the situation.

He let out a sigh, closing his eyes.

“Nope, this ally cat is pawsitivly mewnly. I’ve been trying to chase after one little love bug, but she just rejects me.”

He hadn’t meant for that to slip out, and he just couldn’t resist the puns.

He could feel Marinette go absolutely ridged, as he cracked open his eyes to look down at her quizzically.

Then he heard it.

It was nothing more than a mutter, but boy was definitely not prepared for it.

“Are you FUCKING serious.”


The poisonous tone she was using made his not-so metaphorical hackles raise, and he was pretty sure that if he was Chat, he would’ve hissed at the murderous intent that was wafting off the sweet, tiny girl next to him.

Alya simply found it hilarious.

With her not taking it seriously, he figured he was safe.

Boy was that a mistake.

He let himself a bit of a grin, but was very quickly stopped by the daggers coming out of the bluenette’s eyes.

“U-um.. Marinette…? Did I do som-”

Never had he been so quickly quieted by someone other than his father.

He swallowed nervously, fearing for his life.

“We’ll see,” He heard her say, “if this cat really does have nine lives.”

It was at that moment, Adrien knew he fucked up.


She isn’t sure how she managed to last through the rest of the night, but she did.

Adrien was clearly very uncomfortable, seeing as sweet, shy Marinette was gone.

In her place stood a confident, stone cold bitch, and she wasn’t very happy.

She studied and analysed Adrien’s every move, comparing the similarities to his leather clad counterpart.

Sweet god, how had she not noticed it before?

It was clear as day, the way he would wittily reply to teasing and jokes if he was in a bit of a mood. The cheshire grin that sometimes split his lips when he thought no one was watching.

But most of all, that subtle sadness that reflected in his eyes when he would let his guard down.

Okay, maybe not murder.

But that cat was getting what was coming to him, one way or another. Yeah, it wasn’t his fault he was Chat Noir, but how dare he keep it from her?!

…well, maybe that isn’t his fault either.

Actually - she realized with a bit of guilt - they would’ve known by now if she wasn’t so self conscious.

And damn it, she was more worried now more than ever! How was she supposed to reveal herself to Adrien Agreste?! Her crush, a model, an amazing, sweet, kind, loyal boy who deserves the world?

Man, she was about 80000% fucked.

The devil looked down at her, curse him and his gentle green eyes that made her get los- no. Pull yourself together. This is not the ti-

Oh god.. he bit his lip.

Her vision blanked for a second, Adrien’s cheeks swathed in black, cat ears resting atop his golden hair.

Her face flushed red, unsettled by how much she enjoyed the sight.

She made tentative eye contact, the fear in his eyes melting as he sees the apologetic expression on her face.

Marinette, on the verge of a panic attack, tried with all her might to throw “I’m Ladybug, and I know you’re Chat Noir” into the oblivious boy’s face.

All she got was a blank stare.

Damn this dense cat.

She set her head on the table, passing it off as tiredness to her concerned best friend.

She rolled her head to the side, green eyes meeting blue ones and she desperately stared at the confused blond beside her.

Bless his little heart.

Adrien, in his flustered stupor, gave an awkward grin and lightly pats her back. This caused Marinette to whack her forehead against the table and groan, startling the blond boy.

That’s when the lights came on, and a voice took over the microphone telling all the patrons that the club is closed, and that they have to leave.

Alya looked pointedly at her petite friend, eyes flicking between the bluenette and the blond before settling on the former, raising her eyebrows.

Marinette tried to protest, but before she could choke out more than a syllable, Alya spoke up.

“SOOOOOO,  NINO’S GONNA WALK ME HOME,” She said as she let out a not-so-sublte cough. “YOU TWO HAVE A GOOD NIGHT!”

And then they were gone.

Marinette and Adrien were left standing outside the club, minds still processing what just happened.

The former wheeled on the boy, steeled her nerves, grabbed his arm, and sped towards her bakery.

Her parents were out on a delivery, having a very important catering job for a party Jagged Stone was hosting.

Adrien tried to keep up with her, wondering how in the hell those short little legs managed to power their way through the streets of Paris, littered with the occasional group of drunks.

“M-marin-nette,” He gasped, his throat burning. “Wh-where are y-you t-taking me!?”

The panicked blond was terrified, thinking back on the reel of emotions he had witnessed her cycle through, not to mention she had said the name of his alternate identity not too long after he had punned about his lady.

And if the silence was any hint, like the calm before a storm, she did not take it well.

When they made it to the front of the bakery, her surprisingly strong arms pushed him inside frantically, slamming the door behind them.

Then the screaming started.

Adrien looked on in utter horror as a Marinette’s composed façade shattered, leaving behind an emotional wreck of a girl. His eyes tracked the night-haired mess, unable to look away as she completely fell apart in front of him. She was overwrought and vociferous, her stuttered speech jumbling together into an indecipherable clump of words.

The blond managed a deep breath, convincing himself that he could calm her down.

“M-Marinette, listen. Whatever you think-”

This just caused her to lose it, more than she already had, if that’s even possible.

“NO!YouknowwhatAdrien,I'mnotevensurprisedit'syou!You'rethesamefuckingdorkinsideandout,maskorno!Thiswould'vebeenagreatnight,Icouldactuallytalkaroundyou,Iwashaving fun, but no! It just had to stop! Alya just have to ask about your love life, and you just had to answer with puns! FUCKING PUNS!” The blue eyed embodiment of anger and frustration detoured from the route she had been pacing, and marched straight up to the petrified boy who was clutching the counter behind him for dear life.


Her hands flew up to her mouth, eyes going wide with dread. She was certain that she would’ve fainted if it wasn’t for the intense stare down that captivated the fated pair. Marinette started backing away, icy fingers of dread squeezing all warmth out of her heart as she stared at the blank look on Adrien’s face.

Oh fuck.


Marinette felt the door handle of the entrance hit her back, making her feel all the more trapped. Tears pricked the corners of her eyes, and she started to hyperventilate.

She had just discovered that Adrien was Chat Noir, in perhaps, the worst way possible. And what’s worse, she had just let Adrien, her partner and her crush, know that he was chasing after someone who didn’t exist for three goddamm years.

How would he react? She could practically see him laughing at her, at how pathetic she was. How could he love a liar? Oh god, she would never see that smirk again. She would never get to hold him on top of the Effiel Tower when his dad was being extra douchey, she would never hear his lame puns again. Those fucking puns. How could-


Hold on.

She heard it, just faintly. It brought her back to reality.

Yes, he was laughing, but it wasn’t mockery. It was.. joyful? Well, yeah, but it was mostly..


Adrien was relieved.

She tilted her head up, peeking out from underneath her bangs and wiping her eyes to look at the blond across the room.

Adrien had a hand to his face, laughing openly and pushing his hair back.

God, could he stop being a model for like two seconds?

Marinette blinked and straightened up, getting a clear view of his lean figure. There was a slight blush to his cheeks, and his eyebrows knit together in the cutest way. And his face was..


He was crying. Not sobbing, but there were tears leaking down his face, hitting the floor with a soft ‘plip.. plip..’.

She was a bit concerned, so she mustered up the courage to call out to him.

“A.. Adrien…?”

The laughter intensified, leaving his tall form to gasp for breath.

“S-sorry m'Lady, I-I’m just so.. glad it’s you.”

Her heart fluttered, but she didn’t let her hopes rise too quickly.

“R-really..? You- You’re not mad? You don’t feel betrayed…?”

This caused his laughter to die down, facing her with an expression that made that little hope inside her die.

Then she looked closer, and saw her own insecurities reflected in his eyes.

“N-no, not at all! Do.. Do you…?”

Now it was Marinette’s turn to laugh, which sounded quite manic compared to the boy’s twinkling chime.

“Pffft, why on earth would I be disappointed?!? It just turns out that the sweet, considerate boy that I’ve had a crush on since he came to school also happens to be my kick-ass, crime fighting partner who I might have been developing feelings for? Yep, big disappointment. Man, this must’ve been the worst possible outcome. I so wished it would be Chloe, that would’ve made my day!”

Her laughter fades off into giggles, righting herself to look at dumbfounded man across from her.

“..oh.” Is all he managed to say. “So.. are we… good…?????”

Marinette thought for a moment, before speaking very carefully.

“Yes and no. Yes, this is like the best thing, no, I think I need to go sleep for about a half-century. Sweet God I don’t think I’m ever going to fully understand what the hell just happened”

Grinning, Adrien - or Chat, now it was hard to tell the difference - sauntered his way over to his lady in waiting.

He pinned her against the door with his body, using his arms to box her in.

“Also…. what’s this about you crushing on me?”

Marinette gave him a good-natured eye roll, before poking him in the chest.

“Oooh, don’t get ahead of yourself there, Chaton. You’ll see soon enough.”

She stood up on her tiptoes and pecked his cheek, causing him to turn red.

Didn’t his attitude change fast.

Smirking, the small girl reached behind her and opened the door, causing Adrien to stumble forward onto the street.

He glowered back at the woman standing next to the handle, who simply blew him a kiss.

He let out a chuckle, winking before turning and walking to his mansion.

Boy, would Nathalie freak if he wasn’t back home before she woke up.

He could hear the faint call of “We’ll need to talk in the morning, Chaton!”, and acknowledged it with a wave of his hand.

The young woman retreated back into the warmth of the bakery, heart pounding from exhilaration, and let out a contented sigh. Humming, she clambered up the stairs and through her trap door, flopping on her bed. Tikki flew out of her purse, giggling as she pet the girl’s head.

“You’ll get used to it Marinette, you’re a strong girl.”

Meanwhile, the whistling boy slipped through the gates of the mansion and through his door, sitting on the edge of the bed. He chuckled happily to himself as Plagg flew out of his pocket, snickering at his lovestruck chosen.

“Man, it really sucks to be you.”

“Does it, really?” Adrien said dreamily, a dazed grin crossing his face.

Their phones beeped. Both checked in anticipation, expecting it to be the other. They let out a tired groan when they saw it was the

Ladyblog, reporting an akuma.

Back in the mansion, the embodiment of bad luck burst out laughing.

“Yeah, it really does!”

Detailed graphics, scary atmosphere, flowing gameplay, easter eggs and great soundtracks that accompanies them: DOOM, definetely blew my mind. They combined the old and the new so good that it connects both old school players and new generation players to itself. Yes, violence is at its peak but the enemies we kill are not humans, they’re demons from hell, so, it’s okay. We are trying to get rid of the situation with an extremely powerful Doom Guy that aware of the situation. That’s all…

The only way to tell the impact this game had on me is by drawing it, because nothing I write will be enough. My favorite demon in the 3rd game was Hell Knight. In spite of getting a new “alienish” look on the 4th game, and losing the leading role to Revenant, my thoughts on him never changed. I hope you like it. See you with the new and surprising drawings…

Although most people have only seen them in pictures, everyone can agree on the beauty of the natural astronomical phenomenon of auroras:

The pokédex tells us that Cresselia has its own Aurora following it around on the nights of a quarter moon, so let’s examine how this could happen. There are three main ‘ingredients’ needed to form an aurora: ionic gasses, a magnetic field, and solar wind.

For the northern lights, ionic gases are covered. Our atmosphere is 71% Nitrogen and 21% Oxygen, so we have no shortage of reactants here. As we’ll discuss later, these gases are what actually create the light: Oxygen radiates red and yellow, and Nitrogen makes red, blue, and violet auroras. The two together make the most common green lights.

The Earth, also, has a strong magnetic field. The field is strongest near the poles, which is why the Northern lights are primarily viewed far North or Far South:

The last component is solar wind. Solar wind is a completely natural process that is a byproduct of the sun fusing hydrogen in its core (and thus, being powered). The sun constantly is blowing off electrons, protons, neutrinos, and other ingredients in all directions—about 1.3e+36 (1,300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000)  particles per second. Don’t be alarmed, though—this is the equivalent of losing one Earth-mass for every 150 million years. Some stars even have a much higher stellar wind. The important thing is that these particles are high energy, charged, and blasting towards the Earth.

As a side note, the Solar Wind actually effects the Earth’s Magnetic Field, pushing it so the magnetosphere is always squished on the side that faces the sun:

Now you know everything you need to explain Auroras. Charged particles have a tendency to follow Magnetic Field lines, so the particles from the solar wind will catch in our magnetic field and start zipping along the magnetic field as if it were a wire. These high energy particles will then interact with the Nitrogen and Oxygen in our atmosphere, which will absorb some of their energy. Absorbing energy will excite the electrons in the gas to a higher orbital state, and when they calm down and drop down again, they will release a photon—light.

I should note that it is not the particles from the solar wind that do this: but rather, the solar wind mixes up the magentosphere enough so that already exiting particles will interact with the gases.

That’s how the Northern lights on Earth happen, but what about Cresselia? This is a pokémon blog, you’re not here to find out why the Northern Lights happen, we want to know why Cresselia’s Aurora happens.

A quick review: for auroras, we need ionic gases, solar wind, and a magnetic field. And we know specifically that the Aurora extends from Cresselia’s tail wherever she goes, so which ingredient must she have?

Solar wind is solar wind, there’s not many places Cresselia could get that other than the sun. If Cresselia’s tail were made of ionic gases, it would surely glow, but again it would only work near the Earth’s poles and only her tail would glow, the light would not trail behind her. Therefore, its safe to assume that the gases in Cresselia’s Aurora are the same gases in our atmosphere in the natural auroras.

Which leaves us with Magnetic Field: If Cresselia had her own magnetic field (with poles at her tails), the solar wind and the gases in the atmosphere would interact with it, creating beautiful glowing light that followed her wherever she went. It might also explain how she can fly.

Cresselia has a magnetic field with the poles at the end of her tails. High energy particles from the natural solar wind are herded by this magnetic field to interact with the gases in the atmosphere: creating beautiful, flowing lights that follow Cresselia everywhere she flies.

The pokédex tells us that this only works around nights of the quarter moon. The moon has no part at all in this process, so there would be no reason that this would be the case. Except, perhaps, the placement of the sun. Since the sun is the cause of lunar phases, perhaps Cresselia relies on a specific angle with the Solar Wind, so more particles would catch in her magnetic field to produce the lights.

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Ten Count Drama CD - Cast Interview Translation*
Scans Credits to 277k (hope you don’t mind that I used your scans to translate)

Please give us your thoughts of any strong points, upon finishing the recording.

Shirotani’s voice actor -Tachibana Shinnosuke-san

This drama CD truly follows the original work faithfully. Those who are fans of the original work will surely enjoy this and I think those who are new to Ten Count can easily start to enjoy it. The talk segment was interesting. I feel that Boys Love has certainly exceeded my expectations on how enjoyable of a work it is.

Kurose’s voice actor -Maeno Tomoaki-san

Although I was pressured, since I heard how popular the original work was, I was able to read the original work and it was really….how do I say it…it can even draw in male readers. The drawings are beautiful. Shirotani’s mysophobic nature, and the story overall was very enjoyable. The recording was very thorough, but comparatively it went smoothly, it was a very pleasant recording. 

Mikami’s voice actor- Fukushima Jun-san

How the two main characters’ minds work and their psychological description was drawn very carefully and the atmosphere just flowed. It was really fun listening to it. To be among the two like this, I was relieved to starring in such a role.

Impressions on your own character, or a scene that you thought was memorable. If you have any comments on that, please tell us.

Tachibana Shinnosuke

For Shirotani, it has been a while since I’ve played such a nervous voiced character. Conversely, I thought it would best to find the balance between being too small-voiced and being too natural, so I gave it quite a delicate feeling. That is to say, it took some getting used to. I had to try and position Shirotani’s character. In that sense, I also felt it was fun. As for a specific scene, in the middle, I guess from the middle onwards, the thing with Kurose…like what exactly are Kurose’s feelings are, how I myself would response to not noticing Kurose’s feelings and feeling depressed over it was somewhat innocent. That kind of role for me was very interesting. 

Maeno Tomoaki

Although Kurose is not the type to display his feelings, despite that, he was able to do this best no matter if it was for Shirotani specifically or just him as a patient. I think he is that kind of warm character. Then there was the scene where Shirotani is about to collapse on the train and Kurose carries him princess style. Especially in emergency like that, you would definitely need a character who quick to take action. In that sort of scene, I think you’d also need someone manly. That scene was quite impressive.

Fukushima Jun

With Mikami, to keep a sense of distance to say the least, and how to have a natural conversation was a challenge but interesting. An memorable scene in my opinion was the casual conversation in the office kitchen, which was very fun to record. In terms of what you’re listening to, definitely the princess carried scene was most shocking… which I’ve never done before (laughs), not even once (huge laughter)

Any message to the fans?

Tachibana: Since this drama CD followed the comic so faithfully, I think that listening to the CD would not be as fun without reading the comic first. That way of doing it would be more enjoyable.

Maeno: I think this is a work that gives you both warm and painful feelings. Please give the drama CD a listen and if you could continue to read the comic, it would make me very happy.

Fukushima: I think the whole volume has a wonderful atmosphere that is present throughout the book. To the occasionally appearance of Mikami, please send give him your warm support.

T/N : ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ I’ve finally finished it! *wipes a sweat* Definitely let me know if there’s any part in the translation that is confusing…. my english can sound so awkward sometimes…Please enjoy reading and continuing to support Ten Count! <3

*There might be some inaccuracies. There was some kanji I could not read so I did my best to guess on that.

[Trans] Chanyeol EXO’luXion Photobook (Part 3)

With whom do you talk a lot in the waiting room?

I’m the type that talks to everyone and jokes around a lot. If I have to choose one person then It’s Sehun. I talk a lot with Sehun outside of the waiting room as well.

Dance, Singing, Rap, which one does Chanyeol-ssi like the most?

Dance, singing, rap I like everything. Percentage-wise each one is 33.33333%, all the same. It differs according to the situation. Usually I like singing the most. Should I say when on stage I’m most used to rapping? Dancing is difficult for me but I enjoy it.

It’s not in the question but If we talk about Chanyeol-ssi I thought you would say “I enjoy composing the most,” your answer was unexpected.

Of course it’s the happiest moment when I compose or write lyrics. But the feeling is different from when I’m on stage. The stage is not a place that I can stand on every day. Maybe that’s why the stage is a pleasant and enjoyable place for me. When I make music my heart is always at peace.

It seems that during EXO PLANET #2 The EXO’luXion, members were able to really grasp each other’s positive traits. What are each member’s traits that Chanyeol-ssi was envious of?

Xiumin-hyung is quiet. He is the oldest hyung who quietly supports his colleagues. As the oldest you would think that he utilizes his authority as an elder, but instead Xiumin-hyung listens to the members well and respects his younger brothers.

Suho-hyung’s personality becomes softer as times goes by. It is nice to see. Suho-hyung talks to the members a lot and I also discuss things with Suho-hyung when I have to make important decisions. He listens well, and gives objective suggestions. I’m always thankful.

There’s also another member I am thankful for and that is Lay-hyung. Lay-hyung really thinks a lot about the team. He has many solo activities scheduled in China, but is continuously thinking about EXO. He is an active team member. Everyone else thinks the same way, but we all want to tell Lay-hyung that we are thankful. While I have confidence that I won’t lose to anyone in having greed to progress in work, I may lose to Lay hyung. He works hard to the extent where you really want to say ‘you should take a break’. Also I’m really envious that he speaks Chinese so well hahaha.

Baekhyunie is the energy-making member of the team. When the team is physically exhausted and becomes sensitive, Baekhyunie is able to change the atmosphere. He jokes around to keep the atmosphere flowing and on top of that he is really funny. An energy that makes everyone laugh, this is what I think is Baekhyunie’s biggest merit.

Chen is really kind. Apart from that, I really respect his perseverance in extending his kindness.

D.O. is mature and quiet. He doesn’t have much to say, but is very clear when he makes a point. Basically, he is cold headed and has quick judgement. I feel that he is a required existence within EXO.

Kai is also mature for his age. He thinks a lot about the team. And he also has a lot of expectations on stage, so in concert rehearsals he is a member who will rehearse 10x for a performance that only requires 5x worth of practice.

Sehun is the member I hang out and talk with the most. It would seem that he takes things lightly because he’s very playful, but in reality he’s a friend with a heavy heart. He’s really realistic, a trait that helps EXO. There are times when things can be accomplished by trying hard, and there are times when it can’t be helped no matter how much effort you put in. Regarding this Sehun is the type who is able to make fast judgements.

You seem to often make ‘ah’ ‘eh’ ‘hoo’ sounds, etc. sounds during member’s ments. Was it planned? Or does it come out naturally?

It just comes out without me knowing. I think it may be because of the impact composing music has on me as well. When you compose there are many things to fill a line of lyrics. I think I perceive ments as music too. I add something when members pause during their ments. In order to build the atmosphere there are times I feel that I have to add them. It seems like I think of ments as one of our performances. But ments are different from other performances, as the atmosphere becomes much more calm just on it’s own during them. I think that’s why I add them without knowing–in order keep up with the tension of the previous performances.

when emotions get too heavy, librans readily switch off from the world and operate on their own mode of auto pilot. they prefer to be the impartial party in debate and like their air element like to keep the atmosphere cool, flowing and breezy

GQ (October 2016) | Choi Minho

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost / errors in the translation. Thank you and enjoy!)

Q: I also interviewed Minho in 2010. I’ve changed a lot since then
I’ve changed a lot as well. That was 2 years since debut. Compared to that time, I’ve experienced a lot of things and also have mentally become mature.

Q: What kind of experience?
Minho: Not only my work experience, but also my daily life. Even from a really small thing like dinner… But if I point out significant thing, it’s concert last week. There would be a lot to put it in details.

Q: Do you like to dwell on things?
Minho: I think a lot. I’m the type who picks out which ones were good and which ones were bad based on my standard.  

Q: How did you sum up your experiences between 2010 and now?
Minho: I felt that there were things I thought of vaguely from debut, and I started to come up with realization from that. I wonder if the image I show to the people I’m comfortable with can make me become close to public. That is my real image, yet I’m still in fear until now. I wondered if I should tone it down a bit. Since I suddenly came up with realization, there were times when I started to discover myself a bit more.

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Morning Musume ‘16 BLT “Beautiful Lady 100″ Interview 2/4

Iikubo Haruna


‘94 11 7. Hometown Tokyo. Scorpio. Blood Type O.


It’s the 19th Anniversary of BLT launching, how did Iikubo-san feel when you were 19?

“It was a delicate year where I was not a child or an adult, so at the time I wanted to quickly become 20 years old. Now, I occasionally think that I want to go back to the time of being a student, but I wonder if returning to my teens would be good. I want to fully enjoy my 20s.”

Do you have an memories of BLT?

“We were having our photos taken by Shinoyama Kishin-san, I have a lasting memory of when everyone was jumping. But when I look back at that photo it’s embarrassing. Because it was before I had started having a sense of beauty aesthetic, my facial features were complete~y different (laughs).”

The group also, is constantly changing.

“The other day on “Music Station” we were called on for “amazing JPOP choreography”, we showed off “Ai no Gundan”; being called on for that sort of thing makes me very happy, in order to get called on again for that kind of theme, I’d like to head towards a higher degree of perfection.”

With the fall tours title “MY VISION”, does Iikubo-san have a vision for the future of the group?

“I am thankful for this desire to want to become the world’s best known idols. Now, Japan’s idol culture is being spread throughout the world, and wouldn’t it be good if Morning Musume was standing at the forefront of this? Also, I’d like to go to countries that don’t know of Japan’s idol culture yet. Without words, I think we can deliver a performance of song and dance.”

TV I’m Into: “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure” Part 4 is being broadcast, and I watch it every week.

Ishida Ayumi


‘97 1 7. Hometown Miyagi. Capricorn. Blood Type O.


Finally your fall tour has begun.

“I love concerts of course, when I stand on the stage I’ve come to realize “This is fun, I’m alive”. Recently, the fans have increasingly told me “You really look like you’re laughing and having fun”, it makes me very happy for my feelings to be communicated, so for this tour I want those who come to see me to enjoy watching us.”

Is it more enjoyable now because you overcame something?

“I have experienced many sad things such as members graduating, so I’ve come to feel “I have to enjoy this with all of my might,”. At concerts on the day of a graduation announcement, a lonely atmosphere flows through for a moment, and I see the member’s fans looking down; we also all feel the pain. But, I think that it’s an idol’s role to cheer up people like that, isn’t it important to think about ‘how can I make that person smile?’”

When you became ‘16, were there changes in the group?

“Suzuki (Kanon)-san graduated just a few months in but, it felt like the group really changed. There wasn’t anyone saying “do it” but we collectively, naturally checked everyone’s singing and dancing. All of the members feelings became the same, it made me happy as it felt we had become one. We had become connected through team work, I think that it will be nice as we go through with this time’s tour.

TV I’m Into: “Its New Chuubou!” I also appeared on it, I want to show off my speciality cuisine!

Sato Masaki


‘99 5 7. Hometown Hokkaido. Taurus. Blood Type A.


The fall tour has already began, are you enjoying the tour?

“Out of my work I especially like concerts, so I enjoy it with all of my heart! Each song is precious; I hope it reaches a lot of people. I want to gradually transmit them, I want our group to become known to Madonna and Justin Bieber. I’d like it if people came to say things like “Morning Musume is amazing!” and “That group has fun songs,”. In order for that to happen. I’ll be doing my best!”

Sato-san, are you enjoying the music yourself?

“Even if I’m going through something bad music will keep me alive. I think that people are able to be happy with music, therefore, I want everyone to get a taste of Morning Musume’s music and be in a happy mood.”

To go that far with a big presence, if there’s music you’ll be happy!

“That is what I really think. I also can’t say it very well but, if you’re listening to music, it will raise your mood.”

With the fall tours title “MY VISION”, does Sato-san have a vision for the future of the group?

“Honestly, right now is still a blank page. But, in front of my eyes it’s taking the form of striking peanuts*, it has the feeling of pursuing a course. Therefore, we can’t lose our way. I think that we are believing and walking towards a brighter future. I want everyone to move forward while singing happily. Please definitely come and enjoy this tour!”

*I don’t know if this is like…an idiom or something, but that is what she said. Translating what Maa-chan says is always a bit of a struggle ^^;;

anonymous asked:

Pretty please do a father scenario with Kuroo, Kageyama, Ushiwaka, Oikawa. Where their daughter is taking their boyfriend home for dinner!

// took longer than it should’ve but here you go! we’re taking requests again too!! - sen

Oikawa is amicable enough- making the atmosphere enjoyable and flow with ease. Though beneath the friendly persona, he’s carefully observing the boyfriend; he listens for any change of tone or small fidget that may hint insincerity. As much as he’d love to intimidate the boy (because this is his little girl he’s dating- his lil ray of sunshine!), Oikawa knows he’ll learn more about the boyfriend if he’s comfortable. Given the chance they’re speaking alone later though, he can’t help but drop a few subtle warnings here and there- ‘keeping him in check’ he calls it. 

Ushijima decides to be fair and judge the boy for who he is- no predetermined biases. It’s somewhat awkward at first, seeing how naturally imposing he looks. Around the table he gives his share of input, asking typical questions like ‘What is it you’re majoring in?’ and ‘How are your classes?’ They’re mundane questions but, like Oikawa, he plans to gauge the boyfriend based on his response. All in all, dinner goes without a hitch and Ushijima rates him as 'decent’.

Kageyama is practically hostile as he spends most of the meal glaring at the poor boy. The boyfriend is relieved that the majority of the time is spent talking with his gf and Kag’s partner. Still, he really want to make a good impression, so he occasionally ventures to ask Kags something- to which a terse, one-word reply is given. It takes a kick to the shin beneath the table to get Kags to at least try and talk to the boy. By the end of it, both sides are relieved to have the couple leave and part of him wants to never see the boy again. It’ll take a few more visits before he’ll warm up to him.

Kuroo is somewhat apprehensive at first- he’s pleasant and polite at the beginning until he realizes the boyfriend isn’t half-bad. Conversation would range from sports to college like, 'What do you young 'uns study nowadays?“ However, if Kuroo didn’t like the boy, he’d make it was known. Being the master of provocation, there’d be subtle jeers thrown here and there along with a few underlying threats. Kuroo’s intuition is usually pretty spot-on, so if he doesn’t like the kid he most definitely won’t later on.