atmosphere is everything

I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.


dreamt of @dripped‘s vibrant and magical town quartz! this town was stunning and beautifully crafted, the decorating was really gorgeous, and walking through it felt enchanting and inspirational ♡ the layout of the town was put together in a way that made it feel huge and never-ending, which made it more exciting to explore! it was clear that a lot of love went into creating this town! thank you for sharing this with me~!

♡ 5E00 - 0044 - 2A18 ♡


✨ Dream visit #18 ✨

The sweet town of Himawari 🌻 | 5E00-006F-F1D4 | @mayor-mami

I waited a loooong time to visit this town. I wanted to take my time to enjoy it, since I love everything that mami does! This town is so adoraaaaaaaable. It’s so cute and so pink everywhere! I loved the house of Mayor Mami! All the details, the shells everywhere in the town and all the pwp’s! I really enjoyed it and I recommend it, it’s really relaxing! ♡

Draco was protective of what was his, so when he saw a certain Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley trying to force what was his to ask someone on a date, he wasn’t happy. Not only that, but when Harry actually got up just to comply with what the two were telling him to do, he was practically furious- the wink Harry had given him as he passed wasn’t helping the situation either.

Draco had watched as Harry had slid in to a chair next to a pretty average looking girl and had begin to ask her about herself, as she was happily babbling on however, Draco was quick to get up and stalk over until he was hovering behind Harry. 

‘Potter, a word with you? Now.’ Harry’s shoulders had tensed ever so slightly before relaxing and he had let out a groan before climbing out of his chair and looking up to Draco. Unfortunately for him Draco had grown exponentially since after the war, and Harry had seemed to have shrunk in comparison. 

Draco lets out a low predatory growl, and Harry knew he was absolutely in for it, so instead of saying anything he began to walk out of the great hall, knowing Draco would be close behind after grabbing his bag and explaining why he was leaving so early to the rest of his housemates.

As soon as Draco is out of the large wooden doors, he stalks up to Harry and in one fluid movement he has him against one of the walls, their bodies flushed together and breath mingling in a hot flurry of lips and tongue. All too soon however Draco is moving away, leaving Harry breathless and flushed.

‘Mine, remember that Harry. Mine.’ Just to punctuate his words he leans down, hands purchasing against Harrys thighs and hoisting him up, leaving Harry to squeak and wrap his legs around his waist. He leans in ever so slowly, and with another whisper of ‘Mine.’ against the shell of his ear, he leans down and leaves a purple hickey sticking out against Harry’s adams apple.

Suffice to say, the next day for quidditch practice despite the heat Harry could be found wearing a turtleneck jumper and a blush on his cheeks whenever someone would ask him why he was wearing such a ridiculous piece of clothing when it was mid summer, both Ron and Hermione were curious as to why he would be wearing it too, but just shared a glance and stayed quiet about it.

Only after Gryffindor won the first quidditch tournament of the year did Draco truly get furious about the people surrounding Harry all the time, and even watched with a glower as the girl he dragged Harry away from pulls Harry in and kisses him hard, almost as possessively as Draco gives Harry kisses, and that stirred something in Draco.

Draco waits though, waits until he knows that Gryffindor and more will be watching. He knew that there would be a celebration of Gryffindor winning, so that’s exactly where he heads- straight to the Gryffindor common room, and of course he can get in because he knows it from all those times he and Harry sneaked in and out.

When he enters the common room, the atmosphere is bubbly until everything drops silent as he stalks further in to the room, until he’s stood in front of the fire, facing Harry. In a matter of moments, Harry is being pulled up by the chin and is being kissed, hard.

Laughter and cheers echo around the common room, until the two familiar voices of Ron and Hermione can be heard saying in unison- ‘What the hell?!’

When You Kiss This Sign...

Aries: Don’t hold back. Give them everything you got and they’ll give it back.

Taurus: Start slowly and work to their tempo. Let them lead in this dance they know all too well.

Gemini: Give them a taste and then pull back. Make them work for it.

Cancer: Kiss every inch of them. Physically show them how much you love every part of them.

Leo: Go with what they do and show them you can do just as good, if not better.

Virgo: Start with playful pecks until they can no longer contained themselves. Have them beg for it.

Libra: Use your hands. Hold their face, waist, etc. Make it so intimate they’ll never want to stop.

Scorpio: Don’t be afraid to use teeth. This a will be a place where pain and pleasure collide. Where fear will be dispelled. And where courage will be tested.

Sagittarius: Let out little moans to let them when they’re doing it right. They’ll instinctively know to keep it up.

Capricorn: Set a mood for it. Atmosphere is everything and if it’s all right, you’ll leave them breathless.

Aquarius: Kiss them with all the passion you’ve ever felt. Kiss them with all the passion you’ll ever feel. Give all of it to them. They can handle it.

Pisces: Start it with an emotion expressed in your face. A smile. Tearful eyes. Frustration. Let them know what they’re about to get themselves into and be amazed at how well they match your intensity.

We Are Young: Chapter 10

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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“Now on the ice, representing Rifthold Royals Figure Skating Club, Aelin Galathynius!” 

“It’s been quite a ride for seventeen-year-old Aelin Galathynius these past few years, and not all of it good. As most of you remember, she was slated to skate at Sectionals two years back, when she dropped out due to the sudden loss of fellow skater, Sam Cortland.” 

“But it’s amazing to finally see her competing here today, Embrys. All that good and bad, it makes you what you are in the big moments. And we’ll see if it ends up being positive here in Perranth.” 

“Niece of Worlds Champion Olron Galathynius, skating her short to The Assassin’s Tango - Aelin Galathynius.”

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Yeah ! Finally ! Commissions are opened !… Thanks, you guys finally convinced me ^^’

Also, for more examples, again, you can see my art here” !

You can ask me any au or oc or other oc or your favorite character or even yourself !
Just a lil exception : I could try mechanics, but if it’s too hard, I’ll refuse ^^’

All the payments will be by paypal.

If you’re interested in  commissioning me, then message me on tumblr or send me a email on !
We’ll see what you want, how you want it, the poses, the atmosphere, the colours and everything !
According to this, I’ll send you a sketch to be sure it’s what you want and then start to draw it :)

Once it’s finished, I’ll post it on tumblr and tag you, then you’ll see it.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me of course !

Thank you in advance ~ 

“We’ve done this many times, why are you so nervous?” Kylo kissed Hux’s cheek.

It was true, the dark room, the charged atmosphere, everything was all too familiar and yet, Hux had to admit he was nervous.

“Every time feels like the first.” He said, his fast breathing betraying his soft voice, his hands still shaking. Kylo smiled.

“Close your eyes, let me do it, ok?” He whispered taking Hux’s hand. He just nodded, giving up all pretense of self-control, and the idea that he could handle this tonight. Besides, he thought, Kylo was so good at it, it was probably best to let him help.



So when I read that @bona–mana had opened commissions (I screamed) I hoped I could request a commission. Thank you so so much for bringing this scene to life! It is beyond what I could have imagined <3  


Member: Joshua
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 1.2k

There was nothing quite like the way the world felt when the early dawn light spilled through the windows, creating an eerily otherworldly atmosphere. When everything didn’t exactly feel quite real yet, in the limbo between night and day; when the young people just going to bed and the older people are just beginning to stir for the first time. It was a discombobulated atmosphere that had an overwhelming sense of tranquility that coexisted with it. Even though it was strange, it wasn’t scary. If anything, it was the most peaceful time of day.

Joshua’s eyes were adjusted to the low light, and even though it was still pretty dark, the small amount of peachy sun rays that made their way in through the slats in the blinds illuminated the room just enough for him to see every detail. The laundry slung over the back of the chair in the corner. The droopy houseplant that hadn’t been watered in a few days. The shag carpet and the shoes that sat haphazardly on top of it. The little boy snuggled in deep sleep under the crook of his arm.

The little boy was a product of love. He’d been made on accident, but it didn’t change the way Joshua loved him. His mother had disappeared soon after her part in making the little boy was over with. Josh hadn’t bothered her for any kind of money or responsibility. He loved her. He didn’t want to make her life miserable by making her stay. So she didn’t. Joshua took Isaac under his care, and he was content. It wasn’t much of a family, but it was beautiful. He still had his mother’s eyes, but without any of the hatred or fear that had clouded hers at the end of her and Joshua’s relationship. Isaac was the purest, most innocent incarnation of love there could ever be. And that’s all Joshua needed to keep going on his own.

Years had passed since Isaac’s birth. He grew bigger every day. He talked in short sentences, he walked with short steps, but he made leaps and bounds in his father’s eyes. He was the only one his father ever saw. Nobody mattered to him the way that little boy did. Nobody ever would. But you managed to come close.

You moved into the apartment next to Joshua when Isaac was almost four years old. You’d dazzled both the boys with your smile when you accidentally got their mail and had decided to hand deliver it back to them. Joshua found himself at a loss for words for the first time in a very long time, but had managed to stutter out an invitation in for some coffee. Coffee turned into a play date with the giggling toddler, and Joshua found his heart beating out of his chest as he watched you interact with his son. Although he’d only just met you an hour or two prior, he couldn’t help but imagine what life would be like with someone like you: someone who could heal a broken heart and fill a gap that had he’d managed to forget about after such a long time on his own.

You came back for coffee multiple times that week, and the weeks following. You were new to the area, chasing a dream career in a totally new city, away from anyone or anything you knew before. You were glad to have a friend. A cute friend. A cute friend with an even cuter little boy.

Without even realizing it, your life and Josh’s lives intertwined into one. You started picking up Isaac from preschool (his school was on the way back from your job, it only made sense. When the teacher referred to you as his mother, you could only stutter and try to explain that you were just a friend of his dad’s. It didn’t sound very convincing). Joshua’s things started spilling over into your apartment, and your things made their home in his. You didn’t mind that all of Isaac’s toys ended up in your living room, just as long as Josh didn’t mind that you kept all your DVDs in his. He had a better TV anyways.

When Joshua kissed you for the first time, you were both shocked and completely unsurprised. You were so close it seemed only natural, but you couldn’t believe it. It was after he’d given Isaac a bath and put him to bed, and you stuck around to make him adult food, instead of the toddler diet he’d been existing on. He was glad to have something that wasn’t dinosaur nuggets or chef boyardee, and you had a great meal together on his couch. You talked and laughed all night (quietly, as not to wake the kid) and after the dishes were washed and put away, Josh couldn’t help but do something he’d been dying to do since he met you. He took one of your hands in his, and pulled you close to him. He stopped, gauging your reaction and just staring into your eyes nervously. When you didn’t pull away, he closed his eyes and went for it.

You shared a lot of kisses after that night as well. You started kissing him hello when you arrived with Isaac after picking him up from school. You started kissing him goodnight when you went back to your own apartment. You started kissing him quietly when Isaac was sleeping in the other room. You started kissing him with vigor and a lot less caution when you got a babysitter and retreated to your apartment alone together for the evening.

Eventually you had to move out of the apartment complex. It wasn’t sad, though, because Josh and Isaac were coming with you. You were moving across the city to a small townhome, where there’d be enough room for the three of you to exist comfortably, without a wall separating you at night.

Even though Isaac had his own bedroom, more often than not he ended up snuggled between you and Josh. Neither of you minded. You’d gotten used to sharing your affections between both boys, and it was a comfortable squish on the mattress. It made for happy nights, and even happier mornings.

When Joshua woke up before anyone else, he liked to look around the room and think about how much his life had changed in the past two years. When the early morning sun just began to peek into the world for the first time in the morning, in the time between day and night, Joshua noticed little things around his room. He looked at your sweater draped over the top of the dresser. The same houseplant from the apartment that was much taller now than it was two years ago. A new rug, with his sneakers resting on top of it. The little boy snuggled in deep sleep under the crook of his arm. The person he’d grown to love so unexpectedly sleeping with their body curled around the little boy, their arm draped all the way across to Joshua’s stomach.

There was nothing quite like the way the world felt at dawn, when the strangeness of everything lends itself to Joshua’s favorite feeling. The feeling of being truly at peace.

- Marcy

Allure Korea July 2017 | Choi Minho

(T/N: Please note that there might be something lost/erros in the translation. Also, there are sentences that got paraphrased. Thank you and enjoy!)

Q: You’re about to leave. Did your visit to Maldives meet your expectations?
Everything is nice. It was nice to see turtles when snorkeling. Following manta ray and scuba diving were fun. Lastly, taking seabob was pretty fun too. As expected, it was good to have mojito in Maldives. When I did the photoshoot, the weather was pretty good that I got drawn by the atmosphere when doing it. Everything is just a good memory. It’s unforgettable.

Q: Originally, your nickname was flaming charisma, right? I wanted to call you flaming stamina. Your tanned skin is visible after doing water activities.
I actually wanted to get tanned. I should’ve gotten more tanned, so it’s too bad I wasn’t able to. I think my stamina is certainly better than others. When I’m with other people, they all are tired although I don’t really feel tired. It may be because we do performances many times that our stamina naturally becomes better?

Q: You came here with Onew. How was the other members’ reactions?
We both talk a lot, and it was great that we both came here together. I asked him to come here again next time. I didn’t show off to them, but they must be jealous inside. Haha!

Q: You’re in the middle of concert tour now, is everything going smoothly?
It’s a very long tour, but it’s nice to meet fans from concerts. I gain strength when I perform, so I’m always thankful to my fans.

Q: Do you see your fans’ face and expression from the stage?
I can see them very clearly and we make eye contact too. I put on in-ears, so I can’t hear what they say well. I take off my in-ears during performance when I really can’t hear or when I want to hear my fans voice. There are a lot of times when I want to hear my fans cheer louder so I take off my in-ears.

Q: It’s been 9 years since you debuted together. Isn’t it amazing?
We didn’t really think that it’s amazing, but the people around us said that it’s a big thing. There are words that idol’s life-span is 5 years or 7 years. Without troubles and worries, we have passed that phase safely. If you ask what are the tips, honestly there is nothing to say. We know what we are good at and what we don’t like, so we understand  each other and are considerate of each other.

Q: Your 9th year anniversary happened on the day when you’re here, right?
Ah, I was very touched by the cake. May 25 is a very special number to me. It’s like a day I was born again? I always think of it as my 2nd birthday. My debut day is unforgettable.

Q: What did you say to the members?
Before we came here, I asked them to go for a drink together and we all had the same thought. We said something like, ‘Although it’s hard and it can be exhausting, let’s work hard’. We don’t really do cheesy talk. We already understand without needing to say it to each other.

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Hawaii Loving (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “hi, i absolutely love your writing! could you possibly write something about being in hawaii with grayson? i’m still not over all of those pictures of him! 😭😂”
Word Count: 1,730
Warnings: None.
A/N: Gurl, I feel you and I got you. Hope this satisfied your Hawaii!Gray needs. ;) xx (Also, if you’ve requested something then please be patient. I’ve gotten a lot of them so it might take a while!)

Hawaii was beautiful. There was no doubt about that. The sand was white and searing hot against the soles of your feet, the ocean sparkling blue and clear and the food was just simply amazing.

School had been stressing you out, but you had finally graduated and as a present, Grayson decided to book you two tickets to Hawaii. When he’d broken the news, you had squealed, jumped around and then jumped him, disbelief and excitement running through you at the thought of spending a whole week in Hawaii of all places with the person you loved.

The surprises just kept coming though, because you had thought that you would stay at a hotel but you should’ve known that Grayson would go all out, because he was just that incredible. He had booked you the Honeymoon water bungalow, way out in the ocean with an incredible view of the beach that could be seen through the roof to floor windows. You couldn’t lie, you had cried at the sight and Grayson had laughed, pulling you in for a hug and a kiss.

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