Title: ATM4LYFE (lol I guess)

Pairings: Mystery~ mystery~

Fandom: ATM, Beast, 2pm, and probably more

Rating: I said the f-word so.. what is that now, 13+?

A/N: I don’t own the characters based off real people, but the story belongs to me. Lol this chapter sucks, but all of my “first chapters” do. Enjoy. :)

The story is based off of this blog, just 4 friends being stupid, turned it into a fanfiction. It is purely for entertainment. ATM only exists in our foolish minds. For other amazing stories, be sure to check out these 1, 2, 3 awesome people and their awesome blogs/fanfics. Happy reading!

“JINHWAAA WAKE UP!” I heard the yelling but it felt like I had just fallen asleep. There was no way it was—

“Time to get up, hun,” Song-E gently nudged me, “We already let you sleep for 30 extra minutes.”

“What’s another 10?” I pouted and covered my face with an extra pillow.

“Jinhwa, you don’t understand,” Miyeon’s voice came from above me, “Even I’m awake now. It’s time to get up.”

I sighed but I sat up, and Miyeon was hovering over me smiling. I wanted to smile but I was too tired. My phone was still in my hand from last night. I looked over the new text messages.

( I don’t mean it literally. )

( This is awkward. )

( You fell asleep, didn’t you? )

( I’ll talk to you tomorrow. )

They were all text messages from my good friend in BEAST, Dongwoon. I went back to the message he sent before I fell asleep.

( Aww.. I love you Jinhwa. )

I had read that. I had fallen asleep trying to respond. I knew it wasn’t literal and I knew it was just because he was a good friend, but it still made my stomach do a back-flip. I decided it was best to text him back.

( You’re right, I fell asleep. Sorry. D: I love you too oppa but not literally. )

The bedroom Song-E and I were sharing that week had become empty. I looked at the door mischievously, saw the movement of girls getting ready for the day of practice. I took the opportunity to lay back down and try to catch a few more minutes of sleep before the other members of ATM got really angry.
My eyes felt like they had only been closed for a second when I heard Jaesoon’s voice, “Jinhwa! You don’t understand. Even I’m awake now. It’s time—”

“What the heck, Jaesoon, I literally said that exact same thing to try to get her up!” Miyeon laughed, “Get out of my head!” Jaesoon joined her, then shook me to try to get me to join in as well. I felt like a rag doll. But it worked—I was awake now. Barely.

It had been 2 weeks since the three of us moved into a dorm together. With two bedrooms, one small bathroom, and barely much else, it was any girls’ morning nightmare. We had to take shifts in the bathroom. This was Song-E’s idea -her first act as leader.

ATM is what they named us. “A+ Talent Media” is what the ATM stands for, but only for now. No one is really sure what the ATM should stand for, but since our debut was delayed an entire year, we had lots of time to figure it out. ATM consists of four members, myself included.

First, Song-E, our lovely leader, was the company’s first choice. An all great singer and dancer, and all around great performer, Song-E brought power and control to any song. In fact, JKLOL Entertainment almost had her debut alone, but as the company’s very first debuting artist, they wanted something new and strong, something that said “Look the fuck at me, bro.” That’s where Jaesoon and Miyeon came in. Jaesoon had incredible dance skills, and everyone could see it but her. Miyeon was charisma with legs, the best lady rapper I’d ever heard, and she was still able to sing. They were a set team. But I was given the chance—the chance to prove myself. And I did. All it took was one audition, and I sang my heart out. My dancing could use a little work, but with mentors like the hired choreos and Jaesoon, I would pick up quick. That’s what our manager, Jiyoon, keeps telling me anyway. I’m glad I was chosen to be included in ATM though, because before the group was even discussed, the four of us were friends. Although I was intimidated by their talents, especially in comparison to my own, they welcomed me into their group like they would a little puppy. I’ve felt at home ever since.

The wait for our debut, however, would be a long one. The company was involved in a train wreck of a copyright process, trying to get not only “JKLOL” trademark, but also “ATM” trademark. We were royally screwed on this one. But the head-hanchos planned our debut to be no later than December of 2012. In the meantime, however, the four of us made a private decision to take an offer from another company if we were given the opportunity to shine.

We had a practice from hell from 6am to 5pm, with only a 20 minute lunch break at 11:30. We weren’t even practicing anything relevant; we just had to keep our strength and stamina at a high. Our debut was going to be the newest and most amazing. We had to come out well rehearsed and better than any rookie group could be. That being said, we had to train—hard. Exhausted, hungry, and worst of all, smelly, the practice choreos finally let us go back to our dorm at 6:15pm.

“This is what it’s going to be like, ladies. Time to shape up,” one of the choreo oppas said, but it was just words to us.

“Why is Jaesoon the only one who can do the routine right?” Miyeon asked with a pouty lip.

“I did it right, too,” Song-E sounded slightly offended when she said this, so Miyeon backed down a little.

“Yeah but Jaesoon does it exactly like the choreos. The rest of us look sloppy,” I said honestly. Song-E sighed and Miyeon shrugged in agreement.

“You guys will get the hang of it,” Jaesoon assured us, “Seriously, I’ve been dancing a lot longer than you three.”

“Rub it in,” Miyeon grunted.

“She’s trying to make us feel better,” I defended.

“Please don’t get into an argument, I’m too tired to deal with it,” Song-E covered her eyes with her hand like a tired mother.

“Excuse me, leader,” I emphasized the title and Song-E gave me a look that said “are we really going to go there tonight?” I immediately felt bad and apologized, which made her expression turn back into the tired mother.

Jaesoon sighed, “We’re all tired and grumpy and—”

“Hungry,” Miyeon interrupted.

“—I think we just need to go home and recover.”

“Can’t,” Miyeon let a smile creep onto her face, “I got plans.”

“With Doojoon?” Jaesoon asked, seemingly curious, but I knew the truth behind her tone was anxiety. Right now, Jaesoon would give anything for Miyeon to say “no” to the question.

“Nope,” Miyeon smiled, “With Taecyeon.”

I nudged her and wiggled my eyebrows, “Mind if I join you?”

She simply shrugged me away and smiled, “I haven’t seen him in a while, so I’m pretty excited.”

Jaesoon was smiling to herself. Only I knew why.

Doojoon and Jaesoon were really close friends. Before ATM, Miyeon had started to become seemingly close to Doojoon as well. It upset Jaesoon when they hung out, but she’d never actually tell Miyeon that. I think she figured it out, though, because she gradually drifted away from Doojoon. I wondered if there were deeper feelings involved, but wondering was as far as I’d want to get to the situation.

My pocket vibrated and it made my heart leap. It was foolish of me to have so much hope, but I smiled when the screen told me I was right: Text message from Dongwoon.

( Are you too tired to hang out with me tonight? )

I wanted to tell him that I was never too tired to hang out with him, but the truth was, I was exhausted. As ATM got closer and closer to debuting, I felt like I would have less and less time for my friends. My main concern was Dongwoon. He had a busy schedule of his own to worry about and if he could make room for me, I should make room for him, also. I sent him the reply he knew he’d get.

( I’m never too tired to hang out with you! ^^ )

“You’re texting Dongwoon? Again?” Jaesoon raised her eyebrow at me.

“How did you—”

“Your face,” Song-E answered, “We can always see it on your face. Wish you’d admit you like him.”

“He’s my best friend,” I laughed.

“Donghwa forever,” Miyeon batted her eyelashes, “It’s meant to be.”

“You’re all full of it,” I laughed, “I’m going to hang out with him tonight. So Song-E and Jaesoon can have the dorm—”

“We can actually sleep? WOW!” Song-E joked.

“I think I want to see a movie. I wonder who will go with me.”

“Why don’t you ask DooJo—”

“I think,” Jaesoon cut me off and cleared her throat, “I think I’ll invite Jiyoon unni. She’s so busy all the time and I just want her to know that we all care about her.”

“Now I feel selfish,” I said guiltily. Miyeon was texting away—probably Taecyeon. I envied her. Taecyeon was gorgeous. But he was also very interested in Miyeon, it was clear. And why wouldn’t he be? Miyeon had swag that was out of this world.

“Don’t feel that way,” Song-E smiled, “I’ll join you, Jae. We haven’t spent time with Jiyoon unni in a while.”

“Seriously, Jinhwa, don’t feel bad,” Jaesoon smiled, “We all want you to hang out with Dongwoon so you can come to terms with the fact that you two are in love and it’s just hiding behind the fact that you two are so stup—simple-minded.”

She corrected herself before she called either of us stupid. Dongwoon was pretty prestigious, and far from stupid. He was well equipped in the education department, and all the other good departments one would require in a boyfriend. But I found myself avoiding categorizing him with guys I was interested in because I knew with 100% certainty that Son Dongwoon was out of my league.


so yesterday, my friends wanted to do some crafting, for christmas.  they were all getting so creative, making cards and boxes and all these pretty things.

i’m not all that creative, really.  so i was just kinda sitting there, watching them.

but then… for some reason, i had this… idea.

let’s make a fan for ATM!!  LOOOOOOL  i was still fangirling over the latest story (if you haven’t read them, GOGOGO!)

so…. now i’m ready whenever unnis are going to be showcasing/debuting!!!!

(btw, my friends have officially labeled me “INSANE”… you should have seen me trying to explain ATM to them, since they don’t even listen to kpop. LOOOOOL!!!!)

(and sorry unnis that this isn’t as good as i wish i could have made it, i just really am not artistic at all!!!!!!!!!!  it looks so plain, i might add more to it soon…)

It's hereeee! Finally!

Title: Meeting the Family

Characters: Yours truly, ATM, BEAST/B2ST

A/N: Ta da~ It’s finally here! The fanfic based on the dream I had. Don’t eat me, okay? It probably makes no sense and is completely and utterly… bleh. Yeah… And it took so long for me to actually get it down! What am I, really? A fangirl, that’s what I am. Sadly I don’t own BEAST/B2ST oppas… or the ATM unnies… LOOOOL if I did tbh. And, this story probably most definitely gives the impression that I am too up myself :/ But I’m not like that at all! Really, it was just a dream I had, so… Anyways… Excuse any errors and whatnot (didn’t actually look over it; English teacher will probably kill me for not doing so). Hope it’s not too long… wait… yeah… too late…

Keep reading

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