Wig for Catherine came in! A big thank you to aphromano who took the commission to make this wig. Please check her out! She has serious talent with all her cosplays, 10/10 would recommend for another wig commission (●´□`)♡


«Let’s be honest. There’s nothing great about the real world, is there? It’s just dull and annoying as hell. No one accepts that’s the way things are… They’re just stuck with it because they can’t deny it, either. Those who actually succeed in life… They just happen to be born with the magic ticket called “talent.” If you don’t have it, you can either accept or deny that fact until you die. That’s your only choice. Once you realize that, all you have left in life is despair. The ultimate game over.»

P e r s o n a 4
Adachi Tohru cosplay by Dlanor Knox (worldcosplayinstagramdA)
Photo and post-processing by Ping Timeout

My best photo ever. I mean, look at how beautiful I look!… Specially my cute and BRIGHT FACE. #HahaNo #DamnLightning #PhotographyFailXD

I remember taking this shot like 987492837 times trying to change that light but NO. It won’t came out x’D