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Something about the way Akira (P5 MC) is written makes it feel like even though he’s a silent protagonist, he has a clear and defined personality. You can be flirty, snarky or douchey to the social links and they all still sound like things he would say. The way he acts and reacts in the cutscenes and how characters respond to him, it doesn’t feel like I’m secretly playing him wrong. Thinking Ann is hot, suggesting posing nude to help Yusuke and somtimes calling Ryuji dumb all sound like the same Akira and not three different versions of him.

Compare that to Persona 4 where everyone worshipped Yu/Souji and it felt like some of the responses (especially the mean ones) were only put in to make the player laugh but not representative of who he was supposed to be. For example you could be kind to Kanji in his individual social link but then in the main story sometimes they wouldn’t give you those options involving him. In P5 Akira can call Mishima creepy in the main story, in text messages, even in his own damn social link to his face. They make it so you can keep him consistent across the whole game.

It seems like they really took the time to make sure that all of your possible responses, regardless of how different they were still lined up with their vision of what Akira’s personality was like when they made the cutscenes (and when they make the eventual anime). That he’s as flexible as his responses make him seem and that is what makes him my favorite Persona protag so far.

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So, how bout those domains Atlus recently registered?

The plot thickens!!

The fact that Persona 3 Dancing is a distinct possibility now had me squee like a little girl, since that’s what I wanted ever since I played P4D. Same for the possibility of a new fighting game with P5 characters added, I really can’t tell you how much I love these games.

I find it really funny that people immediately thought “Persona 5 Racing” when the “R” domain was found tho, since, now that I think about it, doesn’t it seem more like the “R” might stand for “Rebirth” or “Rebellion” or just “Re”?

“Persona 5 RE” seems like a good name for the inevitable portable edition of the game Please be on Nintendo Switch.

All in all, I’m pretty excited!! The spin-offs might not always be the franchise’s A-material, but they don’t need to be; the B-material is already stellar enough most of the time. 

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1. Morning rituals:
I’m too lazy to do anything except for for eating, walking my dog and watching Youtube videos before going to school ._.

2. Biggest fear:
WASPS (fuck them) and not being appreciated/loved/acknowledged

3. Cloudy or sunny:
Sunny, though I don’t like to get burned alive thank you very much.

4. A band you didn’t like but grew on you:
Pretty much all the bands I’m into now (yes, even BTS, could you imagine)

5. A song stuck in your head:
MISO’s Take Me (doesn’t help that I’m listening to it right now… well it’s a great song so it’s fine)

6. Unrealistic dream:
Working as a programmer at Naughty Dog/Square Enix/Atlus (though I’m actually gonna study programming so it’s not 100% unrealistic? I have hope)

7. Dream superpower:
Controlling the likelihood that something will happen (also known as Ultimate Bullshit powers because you can literally cheat in life)

8. Any regrets:
Always, but I don’t have a specific worry at the moment which is nice

9. Superstitions:
I’m not someone who believes in stuff like that

10. Something that makes you feel alive:
Making someone smile.

11. Favourite genre of film:
I honestly don’t have one, I like certain aspects of genres but there’s not a specific one I love :)

12. Favourite film:
Probably Kimi No Na Wa, Whiplash, La La Land, Scott Pilgrim VS The World and some more I can’t remember at the moment

13. Favourite season:
Spring and Summer (which makes sense, I guess, since I was born right at the end of spring)

14. Favourite color:
Blue! (sorry I’m boring)

15. Favourite foods:
Korean BBQ, Röstis, Pancakes, FRIED CHICKEN, Maltesers

16. Worst habit:
Over-analyzing everything and everyone and saying things that I don’t mean

17. How many countries have you been to?
Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, France, Belgium, the UK, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Luxembourg (I think?)

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Finished painting of Labrys I love her I tried to make the happiest pose for her cuz we don’t get to see her smile enough she’s been through too much. I never watercolor so enjoy this rarity as much as I did. Use the ask box(I think it’s on?) To tell me who you want me to do next!

And that’s the end of Persona 5.

This is easily one of the greatest JRPG’s to ever be created. So much love was poured into this game, and it’s amazing to see how much P5 improved from P4. Not just from a visual standpoint either! I feel the characters here in P5 surpassed the P4 characters, and the overall story was more gripping for me and had plenty of plot twists that were spectacular and I didn’t see coming.

It was worth the wait to experience this. Thank you ATLUS for delivering another solid entry in the Persona franchise.

darkohexar replied to your post “What do you like so much about Ann ? just being curious (ya can tag p5…”

I love Ann tbh, come on Atlus, Ann spinoff when

This is so legit. Don’t disappoint us Atlus… spin-off with Ann/Shiho/Makoto travelling the globe and kickin’ ass when?

P5 is really the game that I would actually buy all the endless spin-offs for honestly though, rather than P4 anyday. This game’s cast is BY FAR my favourite so far, let them dance and beat each other up someday plz n’ thnx

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I've fallen in love with the Persona series, beat P4G before P5 came out and JUST beat P5 tonight. I need to gush so while I'm on this high, what do you think of Ann?

Omg I feel the same I love the persona series so much !! The characters are so wonderful haha I love gushing about persona tbh !! Now onto Ann!

I love ann a lot no surprise !! I like her a lot better than Rise for the Lovers Arcana and I think she is super cute!!! I love how she stood up for Shiho and her gaining her persona revolves all around Shiho and even her social link is about trying to be stronger which is so respectable!! I love Ann so much. Confession I called her Junko for a while because of her design but she is the opposite of Junko asfhofw Ann is so precious. I also love how she doesn’t care about eating dessert or anything she just likes food and I find it so silly  when she gets into long tangents about dessert its so adorable ;;

thanks for asking a question!!

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I have p5 content blocked because I haven't been able to play much of it myself but I'm seriously missing out on your insight on the game and I am torn. Spoilers aside, how do you like the game so far?

I love it! I’m pissed about standard subpar atlus decisions but that’s pretty par for the course. It’s a really stylish game with really great characters and I just really like persona games so, my bias ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Today was my bf’s birthday, so my friends and I decided to give him the P5 Limited Edition as a present.

But hey, it comes out on February 2017!

Lucky me, I phoned my uncle who works at Atlus and he was so kind to give me a preview LE, yesssssss.

Here you can see it in all its glory!

…sorry, I’m not funny and now my bf is crying, but he loves Mafia Kajita so much.

Ps. The MC is his best friend cosplaying him, no a random guy…and he’s crying too.

Ps. (Again) thanks to the one who created the cover game, but I don’t know the original source, pls understand.

Ps. (STOP IT) My bf will get the true LE, don’t worry.


so i’m gonna warn you because it’s so fucking long you could print it and make a dress out of it HERE WE GO

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