Different Types of Digimon

Alright so purely by accident I somehow ended up making a bunch of lists of Digimon with common themes. And I might as well post it all.

Now yup, this post has nothing more than lists with Digimon (their names and levels) and links to each Digimon’s Wikimon page. No analyzations or anything, just link-lists. I guess the only useful purpose for this is for fanfic writers etc who want their OCs to have a common themes in their evolutions.

First, a list of the lists I have listed in this list.

  1. Feline-themed Digimon
  2. Canine-themed Digimon
  3. Insect-themed Digimon
  4. Bird-themed Digimon
  5. Plant-themed Digimon
  6. Water-themed Digimon

One last disclaimer is that these Digimon can vary a lot- some are humanoid, some are cyborgs/mechs, some are very animalistic etc. Some of the Digimon will feel like they belong into their “group” more than the rest, I know, I just tried to find ALL Digimon that had whatever theme I was looking for.

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