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oh dear Diane, a good and lovely evening to you! would you, could you maybe share what fanfic you like to read and are currently reading and what your favourites are (and/or which fandoms your absolute favourites are)? please and thank you very good much and all the best to you! <3 sorry I am too curious, but I am too curious ;)

I keep meaning to answer this… sorry for the delay.

In terms of fic reading I dip in and out of a lot of fandoms – as over half a century one tends to pick up quite a few of them – but the one I’m most deeply immersed in, these last few years, is BBC!Sherlock. I don’t want to point to specific fics, as that way lies madness (since my ask box routinely then blows up with people who either want to argue my choices or get cranky at me for daring [as a pro] to have or express an opinion [about fanworks]– regardless of having been asked to).

But. In terms of who I read: looking over my bookmarks, and in no particular order whatsoever, here are writers I read regularly, in some cases repeatedly, and whenever they do anything new. (Pardon me for not linking to the names. They’re all on AO3.) A side note: routinely when I get to like something about a writer’s style, voice, or subject matter, I read everything they’ve done. Because I’m greedy.

Chryse. Mydwynter. Mazarin221b. Atlin Merrick. Wendy Marlowe. wordstrings. (BTW, apologies in advance if I accidentally capitalize anyone who doesn’t cap their name.) MirithGriffin. SilentAuror. liriodendron. mydogwatson. Odamaki. Philalethia. lifeonmars. scullyseviltwin. darcylindbergh. prettyarbitrary. MadLori. MirabileLectu. azriona. distantstarlight. XistentialAngst. what_alchemy. greywash. ivyblossom. ancientreader. esterbrook. kedgeree. Tysolna.1electricpirate. Salambo06. Kate_Lear. BeautifulFiction. etothepii. pennydreadful. abundantlyqueer. bendingsignpost. songlin. tepidspongebath. NoStraightLine. VerityBurns. JupiterAsh. earlgreytea68. roane. aubkae. Random_Nexus. mithen. Linpatootie. belovedmuerto. Passeriform. Valeria2067. aderyn. Callie4180. moonblossom. hiddenlacuna. katzedecimal. hitlikehammers. Kryptaria. professorfangirl. TSylvestris. strangegibbon. snogandagrope. ghislainem70. cwb. illwick. NyxUnderwood. snorklepie. Vulgarweed.

Also, at the graphic end of things, Reapersun, navydream, and anotherwellkeptsecret.

I think that (as the man says) should be enough to be going on with. :)

Well, John Watson cleans up well.

Don’t. Just…don’t. With that sort of. ‘Compliment.’ Because Sherlock Holmes, if in range of these words, will stop what he is doing — in one case it was palpating a human liver, gore right on up to his wrists — and he will walk over to you (with the liver in his hand) and he will simply look. at. you.

Sherlock won’t say anything. And yet you will understand clearly the words unspoken and those words are these:

John Watson does not ‘clean up well,’ John Watson is impeccable. Flawless. Always. I would say ‘do your research’ but ha! You can’t. Because John Watson is not your husband. He is mine. More pity you.

And then Sherlock Holmes will hand you the liver and walk away. And you will never say “Well, John Watson cleans up well,” again now, will you?

Wee fic: Atlin Merrick; Shoe: Givenchy

God Save the Queen
By Atlin Merrick, Narrelle M Harris, Verity Burns
Improbable Press, Summer 2016

A threat against the Queen of England has just been soundly thwarted, thanks to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.

Of course it’s all in a days work for the consulting detective and his doctor—until a series of wildly unexpected repercussions.

First, the press gets wind of John and Sherlock’s heroics and suddenly they’re media darlings.

Then Her Royal Highness decides to express her gratitude with medals of commendation.

But the most astonishing thing, the thing even the world’s second smartest man never saw coming was… a romance with his flatmate.

Can the partnership of Mr Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson survive love, sex, a good deal more sex, solemn investitures, and really, really annoying chat show hosts?

This may be their toughest case yet.


John Watson has very few lines in the sand. As a matter of fact he may have only two or three left in all the world, but he’s not sure since he misplaced all of them the day he moved in with Sherlock.

He may have located one just now though, under the bed, marked Easter in Sherlock’s scrawling hand.

John sighs. He does not want to wear a bunny rabbit boot, he really doesn’t. Then again…well, then again, John imagines Sherlock’s pleased grin when he unveils the pair he’s bought for John. (The brown ones; they’re John’s size.)

With a sigh John carefully replaces the box back under the bed. He’ll act surprised and pleased when Sherlock brings them out. 

Because, well, on reflection, John’s doing damn well without any lines in the sand.

Wee fic: Atlin Merrick; Shoe: Bunny Boot Lace-Up

Busy with the lurid charms of Cadavers Monthly, sun on his curls, and snugged warm against John on the park bench, of course Sherlock didn’t notice the five women and one man staring at his tightly-laced, booted feet.

John noticed them though, and he met every. single. eye.

His expression alternated between “Mine, mine, fucking mine,” and “Please help, because I am so hard right now I can’t feel my legs.”

Wee fic: Atlin Merrick; Shoe: Haider Ackermann Lace Up Boot

I woke up today and decided to be a ninja.

This is what that looks like apparently, including the little flip of the hair, which I now think is de rigueur for any proper ninja.

You know, if you think about it, how does anyone decide the colour palate and style of covert ops such as ninja? Are there meetings?




“No and, Candidate 532, we just wear black.”

“So I could, I don’t know, wear a black wedding dress?”

*Sigh* “No, the idea is to be furtive. Clandestine. Stealthy.”

“Those all mean the same thing.”

“Look, do you have an actual question? Ninja wear black. Ninja try not to draw attention to themselves. We—”

“Well what if I was at a wedding. A black wedding dress would—”

“Look mister…” The head ninja squints at the ninja candidate’s badge. “…Mr. Balasubramanian, were you maybe looking for the accounts department or HR or something?”


Anyway, today I’m a ninja.

leandraholmes  asked:

Would you mind sharing what you're reading right now? Or maybe even post a rec list of Sherlock fics? I'm always looking for good fics, but I have the feeling I already read almost everything.

I don’t do rec lists as a rule, but I do from time to time put up a line from something I’ve been reading that has particularly tickled or moved me (like the next post, come to think of it). 

If I have a weakness it’s for AUs, sometimes the further from the original material the better — but then I’ve always rather favored the Outer Limits a bit. :) And I like looooooong ones, the longer the better; and have no trouble coping with the uncertainties of WIPs (having one series-W that’s been IP for more than 30 years, I’m hardly in any position to carp). 

I also have a weakness for writers with a strong, sure auctorial voice, or a flair for stylistic experimentation (whether it necessarily succeeds or not), or (ideally) both. So it would probably surprise no one to hear that I enjoy reading people like verityburns, Atlin Merrick, Mirith Griffin, XistentialAngst, NoStraightLine, madlori, azriona, beautifulfiction, lifeonmars, belovedmuerto, reluctantabandon, mydwynter, and wordstrings… among many, many others. 

(See, this is why I don’t list stuff as a rule, because the lists would go on for weeks. :)

ETA: “In for a penny…” I just had a look through my bookmarks. In addition to the writers mentioned above, these are the ones who I have three or more bookmarks for on AO3 (in a list of some 700 now):

221b_hound, abbykate, abundantlyqueer, aderyn, Ariane_DeVere, AxeMeAboutAxinomancy, ayalesca, bendingsignpost, Bitenomnom, bootsnblossoms, earlgreytea68, Eldritchhorrors, esterbrook, etothepii,  fiorinda_chancellor, greywash, HiddenLacuna, hitlikehammers, ivyblossom, Jupiter_Ash, Kate_Lear, Katzedecimal, keelywolfe, Kryptaria, LapOtter, lariope, Linpatootie, liriodendron, LostGirl, mazarin221b, Megg33k, merripestin, mildredandbobbin, mirabilelectu, MojoFlower, moonblossom, Morwen_Eledhwen, pennydreadful, phyona, prettyarbitrary, professorfangirl, Random_Nexus, roane, scullyseviltwin, SherlocksScarf, snogandagrope, songlin, strangegibbon, tepidspongebath, thisprettywren, TSylvestris, tysolna, valeria2067, what_alchemy, yalublyutebya

They were in Spain, successfully getting to the root of a treasonous rail strike, and at last the case was done.

It had been a good one, fraught with puzzles they’d puzzled out over a great deal of pasta. Sherlock had actually gained a kilo, John had lost one (“John, could you run down to the Argentinian embassy this morning?” “Oh, you’re back. I forgot to ask, would you mind picking up three absolutely critical items from the Hospital Universitario De La Princesa?" "Oh that was quick but I’m afraid I made a mistake, I meant the Hospital de Móstoles. What? Why are you yelling at me like that?”)

However, now the case was concluded and as has become something of a tradition, afterward the boys idly window-shopped.

Idle, however, became revving engine when they spotted these beauties along Goya. Jaws dropped, heads tilted, and flights of fancy flushed cheeks a pretty, pretty pink.

The morning after that fine, debauched evening, they slept far past check-out, right through the delivery of breakfast, and never stirred when the hotel attendant reverently took the pump hanging from the balcony railing and slipped it on his foot. Just for a minute. Oh, just for a heart-fluttery little while…

Wee fic: Atlin Merrick; Shoe: Christian Louboutin Laser-Cut Specchio

“You are a reprobate.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s not a compliment.”

“Yes it is.”

Sherlock looked west, as if gazing into the distance would somehow hide the upward quirk of his lips.

Seconds passed in silence. Then a few more.

A dozen or so additional and…Sherlock cleared his throat. “Are you through?”

John finally brought his gaze up from Sherlock’s shiny shoes, grinning. “Yes. Thank you for indulging me.”


“I am not the man who owns a summery blue dress so short it does not cover his arse.”

Sherlock broke his legs-slightly-akimbo pose, took John’s hand, lead him toward the bedroom. “True, my diminutive inamorato, I am that man. You are the one who asked me to put that dress on. Without pants. And then proceeded to stare up my dress via the shine in my shoes.”

John murmured against Sherlock’s neck. “Maybe I am a reprobate.”

Sherlock whispered back, “Thank god.”

Wee fic: Atlin Merrick; Shoes: Saint Laurent Thorn Pointed Toe


This is Samson. He’s currently about to rend a pillar on top of Selfridges.

When I first saw him I had A Thought: “Oh look. It’s Samson, from the bible. He looks like a pale, half-naked Loki, he’s really kind of sexy.” After looking side-eyed at all of Oxford Street to make sure no one had caught me lusting after a really giant mannequin, I had a Second Thought: what kind of heels would a pillar-rending-type man wear?

When I got home I typed in “black heels fierce"—as you do—and the shoes you see here are what I got.

(Please don’t have me sectioned. I’m actually not usually particularly in any kind of obvious way crazy.)

Strange confession by Atlin Merrick; Shoe by Novice by Privileged

Sherlock was late late late, and sure John was going to bitch about it, but when he rounded the corner, saw a pair of superb shoes topped by gloriously insouciant legs? Well Sherlock simply stopped and stood staring for a solid minute, head tilted, tongue sticking out.

It was soon after that the man to whom those fantastic legs belonged stood, came into full view, and seeing it was John, Sherlock sighed giddy and totally got a relief erection. Which, apparently, is a thing.

Wee fic: Atlin Merrick; Shoe: J. Fitzpatrick

At this point neither of them give one little bit of nevermind why they like a shoe.

If someone goes breathless, gets horny, frowns but can’t stop looking, or giggles, they buy.

The last time Sherlock wore these was during London’s January snows, where he positively pranced round Regent’s Park like a long-legged gazelle who was aware it was more smartly dressed than all the other gazelles.

Wee fic: Atlin Merrick; Shoe: Iris Van Herpen