Josh Franceschi's Sister + Alex Gaskarth's Crush Part 2

Hey, I just found your blog, I read the josh franceschi sister one, are you going to write a part 2? :) x

Here’s the second part sorry it took so long. Also this is the fluffy chapter. Smut will come I promise. I’m just not up for writing smut at the moment.  :) - a

So you had been dating Alex now for almost three months. You were no longer on tour and had decided to stay in America and continue touring with Alex (much to the absolute shock and horror of your parents) and thankfully Josh had been supportive promising your parents that she wasn’t running off with some bikie with large tattoos (except for the one on his hand but he had left that part out). For the first time in a long time you were genuinely happy in a relationship you were in. Your last boyfriend hadn’t been abusive but he still wasn’t good for you always putting you down and telling you that you were useless. Alex was nothing like that always complimenting you and telling you how much he liked you. 

“Hey Y/N,” you heard Jack call from the front of the bus.

“What Barakat?” You called back not wanting to move from your bunk. 

“You want breakfast?" 


“You sure?”


“Not even if Alex is standing here naked?” That got you out of bed and running for the kitchen before you realised there was no way that Alex would be standing there naked. You did however manage to look down at what you were wearing to realise you had no pants on. You were in nothing but your knickers and a tank top.

“Shit,” you said running back to the bunk trying to find your boxers. You felt Alex’s hands wrap around your stomach before he waved the boxers in front of your eyes. 

“Why do you have my boxers?” You asked a little annoyed. 

“You left them on the floor so I decided to pick them up,” he said a smirk beginning to form on his face from ear to ear. He dropped the boxers on the floor and trailed his hands along your waist until they reached the skin at the side of your thighs. This was the perfect time to tease him you thought. Bending over slowly his hands still on your hips your ass pressed into Alex at just the right spot. Snapping back up quickly you heard Alex moan. 

“Don’t tease me like that,” he whispered into your ear.

“What are you talking about?” You replied with a sarcastic smile spinning around his arms to link your arms around his neck. 

“You wanna be careful Y/N, or else I may have to do something to you,” he said biting his lip and you felt his hands slip down as they cupped your ass. You took this as the perfect chance to wrap your legs around his torso pulling him into a heated kiss. Alex carried you into the back room somehow shutting the door behind him. He lay you on the couch pressing his body against yours as the make out became more intense and passionate. You had just removed his shirt when of course someone had to ruin everything.

“Fucking hell Barakat,” you cried from under Alex.

“What I thought I left my phone back here?” He said before smiling and leaving the room with the door still wide open.

“Fuck you Barakat. I’ll get you back for this!” You screamed at his retreating back as you tried to find a pair of pants. You pulled on the first pair you could find which happened to be Alex’s and ran to the front of the bus. Jack was sat there with some girl. You smiled as he turned to look at you. 

“You better run Jack,” was all you said as he stood from his chair and ran from the bus faking a girlish scream. You chased him around the parking lot laughing before finally calling a truce. But you declared you would still need to get him back. You walked back onto the bus to find everyone dressed and ready for the day ahead. Yet Alex was no where to be seen.

“Where’s Alex?” You asked Rian and Zack who were sitting watching television.

“I dunno I think he’s in the back. We’re all getting food so we’ll see you later,” Zack said as he stood from his chair Rian following suit. That left you and Alex on the bus by yourself. You carefully treaded through the bunk area before knocking on the lounge door. 

“You in there babe?” You called from the other side.

“Come in,” you heard muffled from the other side. You opened the door and stepped in to find Alex in nothing but his boxers and the words I love you written across his chest in awfully messing writing as if he did it himself. You laughed pretty hard at him to the point you had to sit down next to him.

“I love you too,” you said as he pulled you onto his lap your legs around his waist. You smiled into his lips as he began to kiss you the butterflies forming in your stomach. You knew that Alex was the one. He was the love of your life.

“I love you,” he whispered as you rested your head on his shoulder. 

“I love you, too." 

"Y/N I-” but before he could finish what he was going to say you intervened. 

“I think I’m ready,” the words fell out as a smile formed on your face.

“Ready for what?” Alex asked cautiously unsure as to whether or not you were on the same wave length.

“I’m ready to be with you,” you said emphasising the word be and the expression on Alex’s face said it all. You knew he knew. 

[I’m combining the two because they have similar things and its easy to combine them. I just have A LOT of imagines to do right now so anything to get some imagines out. If you sent one of these and want it separate, let me know. Like I said, just trying to get as many requests done as quick as I can. (:  And since you both asked for names, I’m just going to put Y/N rather then pick one, cause that wouldn’t be fair.(and Thank you, Remy!)]

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