Spectrum- Book One: Red

Author’s note: This has very little editing done to it, but I hope it is enjoyed. Please don’t steal the idea. Don’t change anything on the post. Comments, concerns and questions are just an ask away.

Prologue-A bit of history

Atlia’s history is one that hasn’t been passed down very well, let alone recorded. Most of the citizens are ignorant to it since the teaching and keeping records of history was outlawed. As far as I know from what I’ve been told in secret Atlia’s history goes back quite a ways back, and it’s quite violent.

It starts in the twenty second century, with the fall of a country known as the United States of America. This country was one of the great powers and was fair in the standard of living. It prided itself on the virtues of freedom and liberty, yet(ironically), it wasn’t very free at all. Laws and policies constricted the liberties of the citizens, keeping them from their satisfaction and happiness. In other cases it was the hand that was to enforce the law that abused it the most. The whole system was corrupt.

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