A drawing I did some time ago that I always meant to use as part of something kind of but not really important, but I don’t really feel satisfied with this one and it just looks really boring and uninspired to me so I don’t like it much. 

Anyway, this is my ruki Atlia, who normally wears a cloak with some dark purple trim. But in here it’s that exact same cloak but with GOLD because I was really lazy when I did this haha, but basically the fancier looking(and more durable and specially designed to help amplify the connection between the user and the divine) cloak is given to her when she’s finally reached her highest level of potential as an oracle, so she’s actually unqualified to wear it right now lmao because she’s still in training. But Atlia is really fascinated by the idea of being an oracle the village elder can be proud of, one that people can look to for ‘assistance’…. and looking cool so she wanted to try it on lmao. I know this whole thing sounds weird though since I never really bother to find the time to talk about my neopets and their stories… but it’d just be a bunch of boring, poorly worded paragraphs lol