Starfall Recap, an Epic Adventure

Includes updates on characters as well.

The story so far. After being recruited by Xiao Arkos (NPC) of Ignis to investigate why that kingdom’s emissaries did not reach the neighboring kingdom of Atlia, we find that her brother, Yang (NPC), has been uniting 7 artifacts known as the Stars in order to basically gain ultimate power. Anakis Lightstep was in possession of a book given her by her patron that was also stolen by Yang. After a fairly rough battle in which Manseto Lozecktu almost died, the party made their way to Atlia, where Cat, Jessamine, and Anakis accompanied Xiao to meet queen Helena whilst the rest of the group went shopping for various goods. 

As they were on their way to meet the queen, the three accompanying Captian Arkos (as they were calling her) learned that the queen had a particular relationship to their captain, namely that they were married, though it seemed not by choice. Anakis was none too happy to learn this, but her problems in the castle were only just starting. Being the (as described by her player) “useless lesbian” they encountered a castle full of, what else, really hot girls. While she was busy having nosebleeds and fainting everywhere, Cat decided to try and write a little song, while Jessamine simply people-watched. After a decidedly long silence from the separate room in which Xiao and Helena were allegedly negotiating, and a rather direct question from Jessamine as to the exact nature of the “negotiations,” they left the castle with the mission to find a particular merchant, some part of their name had to do with “swirling skies.”

In a stunning bout of Deus Ex, it just so happened that the merchant from whom the rest of the group, and eventually the castle-bound group, were buying armour, instruments, and other bits of esoterica was named Mindy Skyswirl. When approached by Xiao about whether she had any information, she made a portal to her home, where she offered the group muffins made by her housemate Knork, as well as information they would need to find the next piece that Yang would be looking for. HOWEVER

Before they could finish their conversation there was a commotion from the castle gates. They all made their way through Mindy’s portal (excepting Knork,) but only Xiao was able to make it through the gates before they were locked by the guards, and more creatures appeared. After a deceptively easy bout of combat, and making their way into the castle itself, they found Xiao and Helena, covered in blood as Xiao was facing a portal from which the voice of Yang could be heard. Being ordered to go protect the Star piece and the queen, the group faced another group of hellish creatures. After defeating them, Xiao decides to stay behind with Queen Helena, ostensibly to rebuild relations between the two nations, but she floated the idea that the team would need a new leader. Jessa, in her incredibly matter-of-fact way, suggested Cat become the new leader. After a noise of surprise that could only be described as “uh buh?” as well as endorsements from other on the team, he slightly begrudgingly accepted. They made their way back to Mindy’s place to eat muffins and plan how to get to the kingdom of Lizor next. After being provided with cold-weather gear and provisions, the party mounts their horses and they, along with Jessa’s panther companion Nyx, make their way toward Lizor. 

Stopping to camp for the night, they set up camp with various levels of success (eg Manseto setting a tent up over his horse.) They all started telling stories about their past lives before joining the Starfall party, but soon, one story began to take over. Everyone started listening to Cat’s story about the wars fought around when the original Stars fell from the skies, the Star Wars if you will. He revealed that he had been a captain fighting for Atlia to protect their piece of star, but a scouting mission he led had gone badly awry when reconnoitering on a band of orcs, a man-sized figure decimated the orcs, but then caused a cave-in in the cave where Cat’s detachment was sleeping, killing all but him and the drow that had fought with his group. As everyone began trying to sort this story out, he decided to play a song describing their adventures with Manseto providing backup. As he finished, the party drifted away to a peaceful (?) slumber.

Character recap time wooooooooo

Anakis “Kee” Lightstep - a Tiefling Warlock, described by her player as a useless lesbian and proving herself to be so in the castle of Atlia. Generally bright and spry, she has also shown a darker side when it comes to people she cares about. She had a book of an as-yet-unknown power/property from her patron that was stolen by Yang, and she has a staff that she canonically had sex with. Slightly hopeless romantic, constantly disappointed that the women in her life are always already taken, but still happy to have friends, as well as being incredibly driven to find her book and get it back. 

Christie Fox - Human Rogue with an enigmatic past, though she has revealed more about her more immediate personal life to the party she travels with. Often the Mom figure/Mom friend in the group, she nonetheless shows a great proficiency with arrows, even to the point of being known as “arrow buddies” with Jessa. She is many times the peacekeeper within the group, knowing what to say to keep tempers and personalities from getting so far out of hand as to lead to things going badly with almost every party character. (I’ll get to Manseto.)

Jessamine “Jessa” Nightshade - Drow Ranger. Jessa is very frank, at times best described as blunt. Her player remarks that “she has very few interpersonal skills” and while that was true at the beginning of the campaign, she seems to be able to intermingle better, especially whilst with another member of the party. While much of her backstory is shrouded in mystery, she seems unlikely that she will reveal it unless she can be persuaded. Generally going to be at the back of the room saying as little as possible, but one of the more effective fighters in the group, and her perception has spurred more than a couple of story moments…..

Manseto Lozecktu - Half-Orc Bard. By far the youngest member of the party, he often has a smart quip to make about any situation, as well as the ability to make up short little songs almost every moment of the day. However, he is also one of the more inexperienced characters in the party, and often doesn’t quite know when to stop talking. At first thought to be simply an annoying child by many of the party (and players) he revealed a darker side first to Cat, then to the party. He occasionally goes into a state where he gets supremely belligerent and only answers to “Gruumsh” (sp.? It’s 1:15am) At times this has become dangerous, either for him or for others in the party, but it seems like he might slowly be learning to be able to control it. Nobody seems to know what might be causing this state but they’re hoping to be able to help him learn to control it. 

Boyd - Dwarf Cleric. Basically the living version of “Lawful Good.” Other players have described him as a cross between Thor and Captain America. His sense of duty seemed to begin as he was a member of his town’s guard, but that sense of duty carries into his quest to help Kee find the book and stop Yang. His god is currently unspecified, but he seems to be willing to fight his way out of situations rather than simply surrender, something that has so far come in handy.

Margo - Halfling Fighter. Cartography nut is not quite strong enough to describe how much she loves maps. She has hitherto been the most reliable person to ask “where the hell are we” as she always seems to have a good note of location. Coming from a large family, she seems to have joined the party to protect them, but now is also just as focused on keeping the party safe, and she is fearless about charging into battle if the situation requires. 

Cat S. Bug - Gnome Bard. Having been elected the leader of the party, he slightly reluctantly accepted the job, for reasons which became clear once he revealed more of his backstory. Despite his long and hard military background, he is always more concerned about the well-being of each individual in the party, with particular focus on Manseto, to the point of offering to teach him how to put on a scarf after it had been stabbed. He would rather negotiate instead of fight unless there is no alternative, if for no other reason than to avoid his team getting hurt. Proficient on both the banjo and didgeridoo, he has made use of both while in and outside of combat. There is still some backstory that he has yet to reveal, but much of it is inconsequential to their present situation.

A drawing I did some time ago that I always meant to use as part of something kind of but not really important, but I don’t really feel satisfied with this one and it just looks really boring and uninspired to me so I don’t like it much. 

Anyway, this is my ruki Atlia, who normally wears a cloak with some dark purple trim. But in here it’s that exact same cloak but with GOLD because I was really lazy when I did this haha, but basically the fancier looking(and more durable and specially designed to help amplify the connection between the user and the divine) cloak is given to her when she’s finally reached her highest level of potential as an oracle, so she’s actually unqualified to wear it right now lmao because she’s still in training. But Atlia is really fascinated by the idea of being an oracle the village elder can be proud of, one that people can look to for ‘assistance’…. and looking cool so she wanted to try it on lmao. I know this whole thing sounds weird though since I never really bother to find the time to talk about my neopets and their stories… but it’d just be a bunch of boring, poorly worded paragraphs lol