SO DON’T DO IT! Reposting has been a really annoying problem going on in Tumblr. It’s so much easier to reblog a picture/gif/gifset then saving it to your computer and uploading it yourself. And getting the pictures from Weheartit (aka wehateit amirite?) is the same thing. Reposting things just gets everyone annoyed and confused so just don’t do it. If someone tells you that you reposted your gif, be respectful and kindly deleted it off your blog. The worst thing anyone can do is crop out the watermark and add your own watermark. If you think you’re being cunning and sly, you’re not. We know the edits/gifs we make. We spent so much time trying to make the edit/gif pretty for you guys. Please, enough is enough. Reblog, not repost. Now, wouldn’t it be funny if this got reposted? (this post was inspired by a post I saw years ago! I’ve been trying to look for it forever but I couldn’t find it.)