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The Knave could feel the tension in the air, everywhere he went wandering about the castle of Marmoreal. He knew the people of Mirana’s court weren’t too thrilled when they found of the Knave’s presence in her kingdom and not in the Outland’s where he should have been; but as soon as Iracebeth had entered the kingdom for her chance at redemption with her sister; all hell broke loose. He could even feel the tension between the two of them and from the people from the thought of Stayne having served Iracebeth in his past; now to be serving Mirana’s court. It was a rather, unpleasing situation for him considering he had a past with both Iracebeth and Mirana and now being under the same kingdom as the both of them again was rather troubling. 

Though the Knave knew Mirana was on edge about her people’s rather hostile regards of Iracebeth being around again; having heard rumors and speculations from walking the hallways and grounds. So Stayne decided to pay Mirana a visit in her quarters. He didn’t expect her to be so jumpy, paranoid. Though when he heard what she had said, glancing down at the defense she had in her hand; a small smirk appeared on his lips. “Oh come now Mirana…Felt just like old times sneaking into your chambers…” He muttered.