atleast she said it this time

Daddy's Little Princess

Luke walked in, looking tired and a little wasted.

With him only sending a nod over my direction before coming up the stairs, only to be inturrepted by our daughter.

“Daddy! Princess Belle time?” She flashed a grin with her dimples poking out, a feauture along with ger eyes that she inherited from Luke.

“Now is not a good time, baby.”

“But, daddy! You promised me we’re going to have a movie marathon about Princess Belle!”

Luke just sighed frustratedly before looking on to me, expecting me to take his side.

“Just for atleast five minutes Luke. You did promise. She made me record your whole deal. You’re going on tour soon, you know that.” I said softly.

Luke just groaned before our daughter talked again.

“Mommy’s right, Daddy! Princess Belle time! Princess Belle time! Prin-…”

“Goddamn it! Sorry to break it to you sweetheart, but Princess Belle doesn’t exist and so do the other Disney characters. It’s all fiction, and none is real. Now, go and annoy your Uncle Calum or something.” He yelled bitterly.

Her eyes started to water with her bottom lip trembling, hitting Luke with a pang of hard realization that he just made her princess cry.

She immediately ran into me and began sobbing on my shoulded, with me comforting her in the best way possible.

Luke swallowed the lump on his throat, facing me with the look ‘I really fucked up and I don’t know what to do.’

“C-can I go and call U-uncle Calum on the landline? You wrote his n-number on the paper, right Mommy?”

“Yes, sweetheart. Don’t trip on the way up.” I said softly as soon as she ran up the stairs, eagerly nodding.

Luke just stared at me in a regretful expression and said, “I’m a horrible father.”

Luke’s POV

I ran up the stairs quickly, following our daughter to the living room in where our landline was placed.

Calum’s not even a father but I could be damn sure that he was better than me.

I heard little sniffles and sobs from the chair that our daughter was sitting on, her back facing me.

“A-are they really not real Uncle Cal?”

“Of course they’re real princess. You’re dad was just being a big meanie.” I could already imagine Calum shaking his head in disappointment since his best friend’s daughter called him to tell what happened.

“But he won’t play with me anymore! Am I n-not important?”

“Oh come on bub! You are important. Now what do you say, want to go to Disneyland with Uncle Calum tomorrow?”

“Really?” She excitedly asked.

“Anything for my little princess. Plus, I heard Princess Belle is giving away special roses to special girls!” He cooed.

“Thank you Uncle Callieeee! You’re the best!”

Asshole Dad of the year goes to me.

They both talked for a little time until Calum said bye for now since he was going to arrange the tickets for tomorrow.

It was my turn.

“Hey, princess.” I lightly said with my voice straining a bit since I was tearing up for a few minutes.

Her head turned towards my direction and said, “Hey Dad.”

She only calls me dad when she’s either mad or disappointed at me.

“Daddy is really really sorry baby.”

She then giggled before saying, “You already said that before!”

She’s right, I did.

“I know, princess. But daddy is just really a big meanie sometimes. I was just so tired.”

“No you didn’t! You went to a bat or something!”

Right again.

“You’re right princess. I’m just really really sorry. I was talking and not thinking about it. It’s a stupid thing to do. Princesses do exist, love.” I smiled, despite the tears.

“But you told me they didn’t.” She pouted.

“They do, and I’m looking at one right now.”

She looked around confused before pointing to herself.

I eagerly nodded which made her squeal in excitement.

“But then, which royal family do I belong to?”

“Our family of course, love. And in here, you’re Daddy’s princess.”

“Daddy’s princess?” She asked before grinning.

“Yes, baby. Daddy’s little princess.”

Katsucon Day 01

- friday after lunch. arrived at the Gaylord and it was huge and so pretty. I wanted to take unlimited photos and everything.

- changed and cosplayed into MC from Mystic Messenger. I think I got the whole outfit correct…maybe change the shoes coz I wasn’t too comfortable or atleast add some cushions on the soles. Need more research and practice on cosplay make up. Oh! I got my socks wrong….they weren’t the pair for each other….one was for volleyball haha! I got a few ppl to tell me I looked cute as MC and for those who doesn’t know Mystic Messenger they said they liked my attire! Except for my mom….she kinda sorta told me I look ugly when I took a selfie as MC. And how I take such a long time and effort on my face during cosplay…and that I should be using that time for something better (mood ruined for the most night because of the comment)

- Friday was mostly check out the artist alley for OW stuff for friends. I was totally biased and took so much pictures of OW characters. I did slowly start getting more comfortable to asking random strangers for pictures. I don’t know why I’m always getting shy after all these years of being a convention attendee haha.

Did find a few merch for friends and what I liked. Now if I can find a nice frame to frame up my posters and gifts from friends!

I liked the dealers room too but I was really picky on the merchs….as in do I really need them?? Or do I want them?? And considering the luggage space to take it back home to houston……and if ever I move out again, it’ll be just more stuff to pack. I totally did some number crunch on my head as I walk the merchant room haha.

I was feeling tired around 8pm coz I haven’t slept since thurs and the energy drink was wearing down. Around this time I separated myself from my mom so I can have a bit of me time during the weekend. I didn’t last long after coz I passed out early lmao. If I wanted to take advantage of this weekend getaway, I should get some sleep tonight and make it up next day!

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ok so i never actually go onto cristina's blog but does she always say something is gonna happen but give no detail or info whatsoever? or does she just wait for info to be public so that way she can act like she knew all along

Her and Exposing5sos19 and even Exposingarzwho (The account Cristina co-owns and tries to deny now) say this kinda shit all the time..nothing they ever say is gonna happen does and when it doesnt happen they always got a BS excuse lined up for why what tthey said didnt happen. Atleast with me if I say shit is gonna happen, Shit goes down.


:D well i’ve had a crush on this one girl for a long time and i always get mixed signals but she’s super cute and supportive and kinda bitchy but like the funny “im gonna make fun of you for that” bitchy and literally the cutest girl ive ever seen ??? like woW????

and the other is in my study abroad program and it’s more like “ayee youre super cute” crush but i did talk to them! I thought it was a she at first but when i asked they said their name was Sean/Shawn (or atleast it sounded like that) so i’m not sure about their gender, but they’re also super nice and they even go to school in Maryland at a university i know! so yeah i look forward to talking to them in the future hopefully…..

so idk yet if they’re similar but like they kinda look similar? i guess i have a type :o


can Josh Dun pls be my brother for like a second?

“You’re killing me when you do that.” Ashton said with his jaw dropped once I finished another magnificent drummer solo.

“Please don’t die.” I laughed before punching him in the arm with Josh following behind me.

“Like how the hell can you do that? I mean it’s not even fair-…”

“She learned from the best.” Josh cockily said, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

“You said that for atleast a hundred times that you’re Y/N’s brother, but hey, thanks for letting me know.” Ashton sassed.

Josh laughed loudly with me saying, “Ashton, as much as I love you, you better shut up now if you still want to be Josh’s brother-in-law.”

Ashton and I laughed until a pang of realization hit us on what I just said.

“Wait. What?” Josh squinted his eyes as if he couldn’t believe his ears.

“Uhm, surprise?” Ashton uneasily said before holding my hand and waving it around.

“You’re fucking engaged?” Josh raised his voice.

“Oh come on! I grew up already!” I laughed.

“Y/N, ever since the first time I saw you crawl, I swear to God I didn’t want you to grow up ever since.” Josh shook his head.

“I’ll be a good brother-in-law! Probably a husband too.” Ashton cheerily said.

“Not so fast, Irwin.” Josh laughed.

“What is it now?” I asked.

“He still needs to beat me in playing the drums.” Josh smirked devilishly.

“What?” Ashton asked, still in disbelief.

“I need to know if you’re worthy of marrying my sister.”

“I sure am.” Ashton nodded eagerly before snatching the drumsticks in my hand.

As the smoke finds its way through her throat to her lungs, her mind is starting to spin around untill she sees you standing right in front of her, atleast, she thinks, but she doesn’t know you’re just an illusion.

Slowly you’re starting to disappear while the nicotine mix itself with her blood.

“I don’t want you to disappear” she said.
And she lights a cigarette for the second time to just to see your face once again.
You’re coming closer and touches her face “Don’t cry, my dear” is what you said.

“Are you real?” she asked, while her hands started shaking and her eyes turned red.
“No.” you said, “I’ve been stuck in your mind for so long, that’s why you still see me every now and then.”
“But.. why? Why do I still see you..?” she asked with fear in her eyes.
“Well..” you said, “I guess the reason why you still see me, is because the first person who broke your heart, won’t ever leave your soul.”

The cigarette burned out and you didn’t come back. From that moment she thinks no matter in what way you try to forget them, nothing will ever make you truly erase them out of you.

Pretending To Be A Couple Pt. 3

Part Three is realllly long. I plan on posting them all separately but hopefully all before next Thursday. All of them are done but I have to find the time to type them. There will be atleast one more part, maybe two haha.
Find part one and part two here

Niall Pt. 3
“Niall!!!” your momma yelled excitedly walking over quickly. You rolled your eyes, “Momma this is Niall, Niall this is my mother, y/m/n.” He wrapped his arms around her in a warm hug. “It’s so good to finally meet you” she said beaming. Your father walked over and greeted Niall. “Oh your meme is going to love himmmm” your momma said under her breath as you all walked in the house.
“What are you doing here?” you asked him. You had finally made it to the privacy of your own room. “I wanted to be here. I know I said I didn’t want to deceive your parent but I couldn’t let you down” he said walking around your room. Everything was the exact some way you left it four year ago. “Why? You don’t even know me” you snapped at him grabbing the picture of you and your best friends out of his hands. He snatched it back from you. “Exactly why I’m here” he said looking at the picture closely. “I’ll sleep on the floor” you said grabbing blankets from your closet. “That’s stupid why are you being so mean? I don’t get it?” his face was slightly pink. “I don’t know, I’m sorry. It’s just that.I know how to handle disappointing my friends and family when it comes to guys, they expect some punk guy that treats me wrong. I have no idea what to expect tomorrow. They are going to love you Niall and when I have to tell them we broke up or worse, that it was all fake, they are going to flip” you sighed running your hands through your hair. “We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it, but tomorrow is going to be awesome. Just wait and see. Now get in bed, I’ll sleep under the blanket since you sleep on top. I still don’t understand that” he winked. You felt the butterflies before they even started to flutter.
You woke up the minute you heard Niall’s breathing change, indicating he was also awake. “Good morning beautiful girl” he said cheekily. “Good morning goof ball” you laughed. “Is that really my pet name for you?” he asked. “Oh you don’t like it?” “No, maybe something like goofy, or baby or love” he named off. “Hahaha goofy. I’ll think on it. So what’s mine?” “Little Bird, I thought about it last night” he said. “You th…” there was a knock on your bedroom door. “Come in?” you rolled your eyes “morning baby, I thought we could go to the salon, why the boys did all the hard work” your mom said poking her head in the door. “Best idea I heard all morning” you giggled thinking about Niall and his pet names. “I’ll get dressed” you said quickly as your mother closed the door. “So I have to stay here with your dad?” Niall asked sitting up in the bed. “Yes” you answered, taking your clothes off to put on your robe. You couldn’t help but notice Niall gazed at you a few seconds too long before covering his eyes, you laughed to yourself as you walked to the bathroom.
After hours of being pampered you and your mom returned to see that your backyard had been transformed into the perfect party venue. “Hey daddy, where’s Niall” you asked “getting dressed. You both look lovely” he answered. “thanks” you yelled over your shoulder, already walking to find Niall. He had his back to the open bedroom door so he didn’t notice you come in. “there’s my guy” you said cheerfully. He turned around “Now I can get use t… you look beautiful” he said softly. “haha thanks, you too. Blue is your color” you blushed. You and Niall must have stared at each other for far too long because your mom was now calling you down to greet your guests. Niall wrapped his arm around your waist lovingly. “This is going to work right?” you asked him but before he could answer everyone came running your way. Niall did an amazing job playing his part. You were almost convinced the relationship was real yourself. Leaving him to talk to your grandfather and uncle about fishing you made your way to the bar.
You thought you were in the clear until your y/ex/n walked in. If anyone would see through this sham you called a relationship it would be him, or worse you would end up telling him the truth. It was something about him that made you go mad, either of desire or rage. You weren’t sure what emotion you were feeling at the moment but you knew a drink could fix it. After about 8 drinks you went to look for Niall instead you found y/ex/n, sitting in your favorite chair. “hey! That’s my chair” you said sounding just like your teenage self again. He chuckled but didn’t move from where he was sitting. “Welcome home, wild flower” he smiled. “Feels good to be back, I think…so like I said either move or feel the wrath of this fat arse” you joked. He rolled his eyes and didn’t budge. It only took you a few moments to realize you would have to sit on him but before you could you felt a familiar arm slip around your waist. “Where have you been little bird” he said in a husky voice. “Looking for you! Where were you?” you pouted and stumbled closer toward him. “Have you been drinking?” he asked concerned. “sure, and I think I might be drunk” you giggled. “I think so too” “You should take me to bed” you smiled. He let out a low chuckle, “when all your guests leave, you can go to sleep” he said. You poked out your bottom lip and stomped your foot. “fine! Bye y/ex/n, it was lovely to see you again, we should catch up before I leave” you said quickly as you walked away from the men to tell everyone else bye. Before long the number of guests started to drop, leaving just a few family members that you didn’t mind leaving with your parent. You found Niall talking to your grandfather again and drug him upstairs. “Niall, Niall. Niall, Babyyy??” you said quizzically. “Yes dear” he sounded amused. “Thank you for being such a great fake boyfriend, you deserve great pretend sex. You smiled. “Sober y/n would never say that. “That’s because sober y/n is a punk who hides behind her good manners and class.” You pointed out. “Can I kiss you” you asked. Niall starred at you puzzled. “Just once okay, I’ll never get the courage to kiss you sober and ever since I met you at FB I have wanted to just do it once” your words came out like word vomit. “once” he said walking over to you slowly. He was inches away and your breath was stuck in your throat. “Are you nervous?” Niall asked. You couldn’t help but notice that if his lips stuck out a little more when he spoke he would have already kissed you by now. “More than you know” you said closing your eyes for a brief second. As soon as they opened again Niall cupped your cheek and kissed you softly. If he hadn’t been sober enough to pull away, you would have never came up for air, “good night little bird” he said walking out of the room and into the bathroom.
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K, 2015



Man, it’s been 2 years already. That’s kind of scary to believe, it honestly feels like just yesterday Nine made the guild. But no, it’s been 2 wonderful years.
Nine knows she’s said this many times before, but she really is SO grateful to of have met so many beautiful people through Cat Walk. Even if some people left and moved else where Nine appreciates that they were there to atleast share a moment with us.
Nine has so many fond memories and hopes for many more to come in the future.

Old or new, apart or previously apart of the guild. Nine loves you all very much and thank you!
She’s sorry she’s not a very good guild master, you all deserve so much more. But you all do make Nine very proud. ;O;

Nine had fun today giving away random items for people to enjoy! She wishes she could do it more often. 
And she wishes she could of gotten everybody for screenies but timezones makes it hard.  ;~; She’s sorry if any one missed out!

Nine is going to go to sleep before she starts crying from all these EMOTIONS.