atleast she said it this time

A Zootopia Short Story: Waffle

There was a noise complaint in a Pet Store near Happytown and Nick and Judy was the first to respond. The owner complaining about bumping noises during the night.

The culprit was a homeless mouse reeking of booze sniffed out by Nick.

As Nick was talking to the owner, Judy was focused on something interesting to her.

She observed the snake, it curled around in the heat of the lamp. It gazed out of it’s glass.

She was enamored.

But then she was pulled away by Nick and him joking around that she’d want to buy that snake (he’s right).

So she spent the next weekend researching everything about everything it and went to buy that majestic creature.

After a few sessions of ‘familiarizing’ as the owner happily said, he–it was male–happily wrapped himself around her and they became fast friends.

After some time, she named him Waffle due to a breakfast incident.

It wasn’t till Nick came in for a suprise visit that weekend when he saw…

Yeah he’s scared of him.

There were times where Waffle was atleast behaved, plus he was convenient.

And times where he was annoying

But she loves him all the same.

The End

Just ignore this

How You Met

Harry Potter:

Ofcourse, everyone knew ‘The Boy Who Lived’ and Y/n wasn’t among the people who caught his attention. He is extremely stupid to know the efforts put by her to get to be friends with him. For instance, purposely hitting him on his shoulder and then falling in front of him? Nope. He would just say sorry and continue gossiping with his friends. After a while, she stopped putting any kind of efforts.

But he noticed her only in the Fourth Year when Umbridge ruined everyone’s mood. The new prefects were teasing Y/n and she couldn’t hold it any longer. She snapped and performed a spell that threw the prefect to the other side of the room knocking off someone. That 'someone’ was Harry. He looked..spellbound (A/N - Pun intended xD) While the prefect sprinted off towards Umbridge’s office, you gave a hand to Harry, who was smiling.

He got up and asked, “Aren’t you the girl who once fell in front of me?”

She said nodding “Well Harry, aren’t you the boy who just fell in front of me?” They both laughed and that’s how their friendship started.

Draco Malfoy:

Y/n met him in the third year when she went to buy her books. They talked to each other for some time. He was very proud to be a pure blood and Y/n wasn’t into any kind of blood status discrimination. So she smiled and avoided his remarks.

Later on, she met him again in the train compartment when she sat with him and his friends. Ofcourse the other two friends were like his bodyguards. But when he sent the two to get some food, he was a whole new person. He was very polite and soft in the inside. He pretended to be hard as a rock, but it was just so visible in his eyes that he can be different among the people he was comfortable with.

“You really don’t know how to make friends properly, do you?”

He looked at her and smirked, “How do you know?”

“I can tell. I have been talking to you for quite a while.”

Since then they spent a lot of time together.

Ron Weasley:

Ron was very stupid when it came to some subjects. But chess? He was the best. Y/n met Ron in the first year when it was Christmas and the whole school was kind of empty. Except that there were the Weasley twins, Ron and Harry. All of her friends were home for holidays while she was spending her time here as their family were 'busy’ for some reason. She was quietly sitting in the corner observing Harry and Ron play chess where Harry seemed to lose in every way. Y/n were helping Harry to move the chess pieces through sign language across the table, which Ron seemed to notice after a while.

“Hey this is cheating!” Ron said.

“Ron you are good enough, but atleast give him a chance to win.” She yelled.

And that’s how Ron got to know Y/n, by doing the best thing he can. By playing chess.

Fred Weasley:

No one dared to mess around with the twins. All the people knew how they can prank on them mercilessly. Except Y/n. She was a kind of person who didn’t really care about small things, but if you do something really bad that angers her or embarrasses her, then you shouldn’t really face her at all.

As the twins always did, they were pranking on people and oneday, they decided to prank on her. It was Fred’s idea but George didn’t seem to like it that much. So what they did is that they hung a bucket of water above the door and just when Y/n opened it…she got drenched. It was very much violating for her and she was embarrassed as for a fifth year student, she was physically mature and erm– some undergarments were visible. Her friends quickly helped her to get covered with their robes. Fred realized his mistake and quickly went to her to apologize but instead of getting an 'Its okay’ he received a reeeaally tight slap across his face. The whole floor was quiet.

“WELL I AM SORRY TOO YOU GUYS!!” She yelled and ran back to her House’s common room.

Fred and George never messed with her again, but then they became friends real you see, Y/n could give some wicked ideas BUT with all the precautions necessary.

George Weasley:

George. He was always kind of the one full of puns and surprises. But also a bit shy when compared with Fred. Fred was the immediate with his flirting skills but George was steady.

So the friendship began when oneday in the potions class she hissed at her friend but who was oblivious of the situation. Y/n’s friend was going on a date with a guy and she needed every kind of step ready for her friend. So she wrote on a piece of paper “Meet me in Hogsmeade today before going out with him” and crumpled it and threw it towards her.

But instead, it landed on George. “Merlin’s BEARD!! Why do you have such a bad aim Y/n!!” She cursed herself. When she looked back up, George was already smiling at her while Fred was smirking. This looks soooo wrong. She blushed and decided to concentrate on her work.

After the class, Y/n quickly went to him. But before she said anything George said, “I know it was for your friend but if you feel bored, maybe you could hang out with us.”

“Oh.” She sighed in relief, “Thank you. That will be nice. I thought I had to spend my time alone and bored.”

Well my dear, this was just the beginning.

Cedric Diggory:

He was quite easily very much popular among girls. But Y/n specifically didn’t like boys just because of their looks. For her, if someone has looks equals to 100 and a personality equals to 1, she would not even care to look at him. And this was true that she didn’t treat him different from others either.

She remembered when once she tried to talk to him and he kindly brushed her off, but later was found laughing with his friends about it.

So it all began when she was walking towards the Herbology class. And Cedric tried to run past her but instead, collided with her.

“Watch where you are going!!! Can’t you see??”

“It’s really hard when I’ve got my eyes over a pretty girl like you.”

“Not gonna work on me Diggory. Try harder. Get some personality to show off.” She said turning around.

“I may seem bad but, I am not that bad. Atleast give me a chance?”

Y/n turned around to look at him and smiled.


Oliver Wood:

Oliver was a very competitive guy. From the first year he had a competitive kind of relation with Y/n and she too, didn’t spare a single chance to win. But they had a silent competition and only spoke through their eyes. How it happened? Well it just happened.

But when it came to get selected in the Quidditch team, Y/n lost. That was the first time when she spoke to him.

“Congratulations Wood.” She said.

“Wow, took you years to say it.” Oliver chuckled.

“Shut it.” Y/n smirked.

The competition never really stopped, but it surely created a strong bond between them.


ilu too noonies

“Should’t you apologize to Bill?” Y/N asked the bespectacled boy while tending the bruises he got, damn does Bill know how to throw a punch

“he made me go into that crack house plcae, and nearly got us all killed Y/N!” Richie told the girl

“say don’t spray it Richie, I’m right here” he pokes his sides “ok now stay still so i can clean you up”

“fuck Bill, and fuck that clown” he mummers while you continued the clean up

“Richie, this is important to BIll, what if one of us was taken instead of Georgie?”

“ it didn’t and stop pitying him” he pushed your hand away “why don’t you leave if you’re on his side”

“fine! then I will go see Bill ” the h/c girl left Richie’s house

you walked to Bill’s house to see how he was holding up, fighting your best friend must’ve been hard mostly in a delicate situation for him. Reaching his house is 5 mins away in bike, atleast it would’ve been…

It was already late in the afternoon and Richie decided he should apologize for blowing steam at you, he really didn’t mean to get you angry. He decided to call you but no one at your house picked up, he gave up calling you by the fourth time and sucked up his pride and called Bill

“hey… is y/n in your house? she said she was going to see you” Richie asked hinting a worry tone in his voice

“n-no, she ne-never made it h-here” Bill responded, confused that the girl never made it its only 5 mins 8 tops if you go slow “I-i’ll ca-call the oth-e-ers” Bill hanged up, Richie waited, maybe y/n was avoiding him so he decided to let Bill call the other losers

after 20 mins the phone rang and Richie picked up at lightning speed

“where is y.n?”

“no o-one ha-as se-en her” panic resonated by his end of the line

“do you think that fucking clown got to her?!” Richie screamed into the phone line “i’m going to kill that bastard and make him eat shit meet me by the sewers with everyone else”

As they made their way into the sewers, dodging Henry Bowers and other illusions, they reached the middle of the labyrinth and saw what appeared to be a pillar with bodies floating

“there’s y/n!” Mike shouted, and surely he was right, you’re there floating with you eyes clouded

“help me get her” Richie sprinted to you floating form with some of the losers behind him as he reached to get you back down

“Y/N ANSWER ME” he shook you figure but still no response

“what should we do?!” Ben panicked shit man you really did look dead

what if it was like those fairy tales? will a kiss wake you up from  your trance? “fuck it” Richie smacked his lips on yours and kissed deeply

you got off the trance the trance “wait, where am I?” you locked around and panicked at the dark place, you tried to punch and kick whatever was holding you

“what the fuck y/n” Richie said holding you into a bear hug “its me Richie your hero”

“the heck Richie say something, this place is scary and I got kidnapped” you clinged to the boy’s shirt and cried loudly, you were alive and well with your friends

after beating up the clown Richie and the gang took you back home and stayed with you after Richie wouldn’t budge from you side

“wow Richie you sure do have a heart” Eddie said

“hush, I’m trying to make sure she doesn’t feel bad, who knows what the floating did to her” Richie said as he cuddled your blanket form closer and feed you some mac n cheese

“i can hold a spoon” the h/c girl told him

“nope not risking it dipshit” he kept feeding you “you couldn’t walk properly so I’m trying to repay the shitty situation you were in”

“Richie just tell y/n you’re sorry and you like her” Stan pitched in from the other side of the couch

“shut the fuck up I was planing in doing so” a blushed creeped on the boy “y/n i’m really sorry, please forgive me”

“only if you give me another kiss” the girl responded with a smirk

Richie kissed you again, but this time more passionately 

“get a room i’m trying to eat” Mike said teasingly

the whole ganged laughed, you’re glad that you had friends like them to have your back; in the end every one fell asleep cuddled together in the rug in front of the tv

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wondering if you can do a prompt where Jughead left Betty for the serpents so Betty soon joins them but she acts like he doesn't exist because she is to heartbroken over the terrible break up. And the other serpents fall head over heels for her (that was long I'm sorry :( )

That’s awesome! I’ll do a quick one shot before I knock out!

The bags under his eyes were heavy and he Tasted blood in his mouth, tearing his teeth from inside his cheek, he shifted in his leather jacket and stared blankly at the pages of his book. It had been about a month since he had joined the Serpents, a month since he had broken things off with Betty, he could still remember that day so vividly.

“I don’t want to be with you? Don’t you get it?! Stay out of my life. I don’t have time for some spoiled princess to worry about me. Figure your own life out. Jesus Christ Betty, atleast try and get a life.” He had shouted, swallowing the sick that was threatening to rise in his throat, he hadn’t meant any of the things he said but he had no choice, he knew Betty and he knew she wouldn’t give up, not unless he crossed the line, not unless he broke her heart. It was too dangerous for her to be a part of this lifestyle and he had to do what he had to do. The image of her tear stained face and bloody palms still imprinted in his brain.

“Yo jones, you gonna get over here and welcome the new member? it was you not so long ago.” An older man smiled at him, smacking an arm to his shoulder and dragging him towards the pool table, the new members back was to Jughead but he could tell she was girl, the long blonde curls hanging down the familiar leather jacket were a dead give away. His heart nearly gave out when she turned around, bright green eyes and a heartbreakingly beautiful smile.

It was Betty Cooper. Betty Cooper was standing before about 40 men and women carrying guns and wearing leather jackets. Had he stepped into the twilight zone? Betty’s eyes caught his and they turned cold, she quickly turned her face back to the newest leader Viper and smiled up at him.

“This little lady is none other than Alice Coopers daughter. You may remember her as being one of the most badass Serpents to grace the grounds, unfortunately she got caught up in trying to live the upper class riverdale lifestyle. Fortunately for us though, our very own Mini Cooper has decided she’s sick of living that boring, stuck up lie. I want everyone to treat her with the utmost respect, after all she is a Serpent now.” He squeezed her shoulder as the bar erupted in cheers.

Jughead couldn’t get her alone, it seemed everyone was head over heels in love with Betty. She lit up the dirty old bar and her laughter was contagious leaving anyone she spoke to in good spirits. He finally got his chance at the end of the night when he caught her waving to an older woman as she headed outside.

“Betty!” He called after her, watching as her shoulders tightened but she continued walking, she was fast but he was faster, he gripped her arm gently, swinging her towards him.

“What do you want Jughead?” She asked stoically.

“What are you doing here Betty, what were they talking about in there? This isn’t your home, you have to..” he was cut off by her sharp words

“You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me, maybe you don’t remember but you broke up with me, you left me standing alone in a booth at Pops Diner. I can make my own choices and I’m choosing this. We don’t even have to interact. I’ll go my way, you go yours. And hey.. stay out of my life” she hissed angrily, tearing her arm from Jugheads grasp, herblong legs practically running to a trailer as he stared after her in shock.

Oh Betty, what happened?

Bad dates- Peter maximoff x reader

Requested by: @mutantsandproud

Warnings: none unless you count a bad date

Request: “You think I’m nervous because you’re interviewing me for this high end job but it’s actually because you’re really hot” AU would be amazing with Erik Lehnsherr Or “I’m on a bad date and you’re my waiter please help” AU with Peter Maximoff would be hilarious Could you do one of these please? Or both if you want :D Thanks!

More specifically this part: “I’m on a bad date and you’re my waiter please help” AU with Peter Maximoff would be hilarious Could you do one of these please? Or both if you want :D Thanks!

I’m doing both!

This is random by Ms.Hunter comes from Stevie Hunter who was a dance instructor there (It’s not what I used her for in the story but it’s kind of similar) Also she’s in here just as a name iit’s not her personality at all, I just thought it would be an interesting reference

It felt like years since Peter’s been on a date. It was more like two or three months, but to Peter it felt like years. He had never been the best with girls, or really wanted to go on dates. For this girl he made an exception. She was the music teacher at the school, Ms. Hunter. One of the things Peter loves is music, he’s almost always listening to it. Half the time he has his headphones on, which does tends to annoy people. So when Peter learned that Ms.Hunter or Stevie, as he is going to call her on his date, showed interest in him, he jumped on the opportunity to take her on one.

Peter knocked on her eagerly awaiting to see her. Stevie opened the door and smiled at Peter, her brown eyes lighting up as she saw him. Peter looked at Stevie, her brown hair was in cornrows with golden beads at the end. She wore a red plaid skirt, and a white tubetop, the only thing that didn’t look very formal about her outfit was her white sneakers. This is kind of awkward Peter thought to himself. Peter was wearing what he always wore, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and his silver jacket.

“You look nice.” Peter commented

After a moment of silence, and Stevie staring at Peter’s outfit, Stevie finally said, “You do to,” Peter could tell it wasn’t sincere, it sounded like a question, and not a compliment.

“So, is it ok if I run you their, I can assure you it’s safe” Peter asked

“If it’s ok, I’d rather not. We can just take my car, you can just give me the directions and i’ll drive.” She declined

“If that’s what you want,” Peter answered with a fake smile.

Peter never liked driving, it was to slow for him. He also found driving really boring. If peter knows where he’s going, he would much rather run.

The car drive was bland. It mostly consisted of small talk. He also messed up the directions a few times, because he memorized how to run there, and not how to drive. Peter was very relieved when they got to the restaurant.

“So tell me a little bit about the restaurant.” Stevie stated

“Alright, it’s not to big, and not super fancy, but I did make reservations, because the wait can take forever sometimes. It’s not super exotic because I didn’t know what type of food you like. The food is good, I’ve been there a couple of times. It’s mainly known for being a nice pizza place, but they have other stuff too like salads.” Peter responded trying to make it sound as nice as it can, without overdoing it.

“It sounds pleasant!” Stevie commented

They walked into the small restaurant together. Stevie looking around as they entered. Stevie wasn’t very satisfied. The restaurant was small, and rustic, but still very nice. It had wooden chairs, and tables. The fabric on the booths chairs was an off-white, and the walls appeared to look like walls you would find in a cabin. In the corner there was a small bar with some bar stools that were made of the same wood as the chairs. The restaurant smelled very nice like a burning campfire, probably because of the wood ovens they used for making their pizzas.

Peter looked at Stevie, who was clearly disgusted by the smell Peter enjoyed. He walked up to the host, trying to take his eyes of Stevie’s look of disgust. The host smiled, and complimented Stevie on her skirt, Peter could tell he was trying to get rid of her look of disgust. Stevie smiled at the host, but quickly went back to the disgust face.

“Do you have reservations?” The host asked.

“We do,” Peter responded “under Maximoff.”

“Alright!” The host said getting silverware, and menus out of the tubs next to him, “I’ll show you to your table.”

The host took them to a small booth near the back of the restaurant. It was next to a window, That’s nice Peter thought to himself, If It gets any more boring I can stare out the window. Peter and Stevie sat down across from each other. Stevie quickly grabbed the menu, and quickly began flipping through it.

“Your waitress should be here in a moment,” The host said before walking back to the front.

Peter picked up the menu and looked through it a bit, in less than a minute their waitress was their. Peter looked at the waitress, She’s very pretty Peter thought.

“Hello,I’m (Y/n) i’ll be serving you today” The waitress greeted “Can I start you off with some drinks?” She asked

Wow her voice is as pretty as her. Peter thought, What am I thinking? I’m on a date. Focus Peter, focus. Before Peter knew it Stevie started ordering, for both of them?

“We’re actually ready to order. Two caesar salads please! Also water for both of us.”

“Alright, I’ll be back with your drinks in a moment.” The waitress, Peter now knew as (Y/n) said.

“Great, thanks!’ Stevie thanked her.

“Oh.., sorry thanks!” Peter quickly said before (Y/n) went off the get their drinks

I can’t believe she ordered for me. I could understand her getting me a water, but ordering me a salad. I would rather have a pizza. Peter complained to himself, Can today get any worse?

“What do you think of the restaurant.” Peter questioned, not expecting a good answer.

“It’s alright, I’m not a fan of the smell, or pizza. I hope it’s alright I got you a salad by the way.” She answered.

It’s not he thought. He didn’t say that of course, instead he responded “It’s alright, I haven’t had their salad before, but if it’s as good as the rest of the food here it will be amazing.”

“I’m sure it will be better than it smelled.” she laughed “I was expecting something more romantic though, like a candlelit dinner and flowers, but this…works, I guess”

“I’m glad it works.” Peter said coming off more unfriendly than he intended.

The conversation was luckily cut off when (Y/n) returned.

“Here you go! Two waters.” She said sweetly setting the water down on the table.

“I’ll be back with the salads.” she said hurrying off again.

“So on a different note,” Peter started “What’s your mutation?”

“I’m actually not one, I’m just a teacher. But i’m very supportive of mutant rights, and believe that they deserve them. ” She answered

I thought everyone at the school was a mutant? Maybe they made an exception. Peter thoughts were cut off when (Y/n) put a caesar salad next to him.

“Two caesar salads!” She stated “if you need anything let me know.” She quickly walked away, and to the next table.
“Speaking of mutations!” Stevie stated “You’re an X-men! You’ve saved the world! What’s it like?”

Then it clicked. Stevie wanted to go on a date with Quicksilver, not Peter Maximoff. Even though they were the same they were different, ones a hero and saves the world, they other is the person behind the one who saves the world, the one with personality, thoughts, and emotions. Stevie just wanted a hero, Quicksilver, not Peter.

“Peter! Hello! I asked a question!” Stevie said tapping his shoulder.

“Sorry I was lost in thought. To answer your question, it’s nice, I guess, knowing I’m doing good for people.”

“Your very heroic! It must be scary, I would be worried about getting hurt.” She responded “I’ll be back I’m going to powder my nose.”

“Alright.” Peter said

I need to leave now. I can’t just skip the bill, and leave her here, that would be awkward tomorrow. It hasn’t even been a long time, so I can’t say I’m tired. I’ve got it! I’ll ask (Y/n).

“Excuse me, (y/n) right?” he asked as she passed, even though he very well knew her name was (Y/n) “Can you help me?”

“Yes it’s (Y/n) she answered, and how can I help you?

“I need a really big favor!” Peter laughed awkwardly “It’s really big…”

“What is it? I can atleast try.” she said sweetly

“My date is in the bathroom, it’s been a very bad date, I mean really really bad.” Peter explained

“I’ve been their,” (y/n) laughed, “You want me to ruin it?”

“Well,” Peter tried to think of a better way to put it but couldn’t think off one

“Um,” he laughed awkwardly “Pretty much.”

“I’ve got an idea. It involves me dumping water on her. Is that alright? She seems very rude, and something tells me we won’t be losing a customer.”

“I don’t mind, in a way you could even say she’s using me so, go ahead. But what about your job, will your boss get mad.” He asked

“My boss is my uncle. He’ll probably figure it out right after I do it. I hope this doesn’t make it weird between you, and her.” She explained

“It may, but I really don’t wanna see her again.” Peter laughed

(Y/n) picked up Stevie’s almost empty glass and said, “All right, operation spill water on- I didn’t get your name.” She said

“It’s Peter,” he told her.

“Operation spill water on Peter’s date,is a go!” She laughed, rushing to kitchen to fill Stevie’s water up.

From the corner of his eye, Peter saw Stevie. Stevie flashed a toothless smile at Peter, it looked kind of sarcastic though.

Stevie sat down, and looked at the table. After a second, she asked “Where’s the water?”

“I had the waitress get you some more, since it was almost empty.” Peter lied

“That’s nice of you, thanks” Stevie said flashing another sarcastic smile.

Peter held back his laughter as (Y/n) approached. He felt kinda bad, but she only went on a date with him because he was an X-men which is very shallow, she has also been rude to him all night. This date has been amazing so far, Peter thought sarcastically. This will be the best part of the date.

(Y/n) rushed over to Stevie, and ‘tripped’ on her foot, causing water to start splash on Stevie.

“What the hell!” Stevie screamed.

“I’m sorry! I’ll go get napkins!” (Y/n) apologized trying to sound sorry.

“No you won’t! Not before I yell at you at least! You’re salad taste like trash! This place smell disgusting! I also hate pizza! This date has been awful! To top that I saw you flirting with
my date, before you ran off to get me water!You’ve lost a customer today!” Stevie ranted

(Y/n) and Peter looked down to hide their laughs. A couple people who, probably heard Peter, and (y/n)’s plan laughed. Stevie stomped her foot, and ran out. The moment Stevie ran out Peter, and (y/n) laughed.

“That was awesome!” Peter yelled, a little too loud, “Do you do that for every guy who has bad date?”

“Only the cute ones!” (Y/n) giggled “I also only offer the cut ones a free pizza, and their salad on the house.”

“You don’t have to do that!” Peter said

“I want to! I haven’t had this much fun at work ever! My shift ended a couple minutes ago, I could make us a pizza, and we could watch movies at my place!”

“I would love to!” Peter answered

“Good I’ll make the pizza and be back!” (Y/n) said rushing to the kitchen

Later (y/n) returned to Peter, and they went to her house. Peter’s new date turned out well, complete with pizza, movies, and conversation that wasn’t small talk.

andreil through dan’s pov


Dan was the captain of the Foxes, she sees, knows everything. She knows when Nicky is a bit sad cause Erik misses a facetime session. Knows how Aaron’s whole face changes whenever Katelyn is in his sights. Knows that Kevin was late to practice because he wanted to talk to Thea for just five more minutes. Knows how much Renee and Allison stare at each other when they think no one is looking. She obviously noticed when Matt’s appreciative glances turned to something deeper. Something stronger. Something better.

All the Foxes were in the basement with the Vixens, drinking to celebrate another hard earned victory. An arm wrapped around her waist from behind and a very familiar voice whispers in her ear
“What are you thinking?”. Matt.
“They look happy.”
“They”, she said and nodded her chin towards the farthest corner of the room.
Matt followed a gaze to Neil and Andrew.
Andrew was leaning against the wall, impossibly close to Neil, but not quite touching. They were talking quietly and didn’t, never noticed the questioning stares they received from others from time to time.

Neil was a conundrum to Dan when he’d first signed with the foxes. This boy who hid behind a wall of secrets and lies, who blanched when the word “friends” was used, but who still got his face marred for them. It did irk her, atleast at the start, how Andrew kept getting through to Neil when she couldn’t. How Neil got through to Andrew when she hadn’t.
“I didn’t think Andrew did happy”, Matt spoke quietly in her ear.
“Neither did I, but look at them.”
It was glaringly obvious when you thought about it. The way Andrew’s face lost a tiny bit of its harshness whenever Neil was around. The way Neil almost always smiles while looking at the goal during practices and matches. The way they looked at each other, such intense looks they could start forest fires and melt glass.
She saw the way Andrew was the only one who can calm Neil’s sudden bouts of panic. How Neil is the only one Andrew actually listens to.

She spotted them sometimes, on the rooftop, sharing a cigarette and not talking. Just sitting next to each other as if that was enough. She dimly remembered the sliver of panic, of fear that had slipped into Andrew’s eyes when he found Neil’s racket and duffel at Baltimore. The endless, endless rage that had driven him to wrap his hands around Kevin’s throat. She had thought of him as an ice cold bitch when they’d first met. An arrogant, territorial blonde boy who could and would cut you open without a thought. But then she really saw him. Saw what he’d done for Aaron. For Nicky. For Kevin. In his own twisted way he did have atleast a minuscule amount of affection, if not love, for them.

Matt and her were still staring at them, the object of their stares obliviously lost in their own world.
“I find it weird sometimes, their relationship. How does it work?”, Matt asked.
“I think they’re perfect for each other. Surprisingly, they fit.”, Dan replied.
Neil reached out and touched Andrew’s face. A hand brushed along his cheekbone. Only for a moment, Andrew’s whole body tensed and then relaxed in a way she’d never seen before. In a way she didn’t think it ever could. And Neil. Neil’s face was unlocked. No secrets. No walls. Just Neil Josten. Just a man who had the privilege of touching something, rather someone, who would cut off anyone else’s hands for even coming that close to him. Who would break your face without a seconds hesitation if you messed with him. They were again looking at each other that way again. Dan felt guilty, like she was intruding on a something she had no right witnessing, but not guilty enough to look away.
Some unspoken conversation passed between the two and Neil nodded. They both left without a word or a backward glance.

“I’m glad they’re happy.”, she found herself saying, “I’m glad they have someone. It’s hard being alone.”
Matt kissed her cheek, whispering “I love you”, as a reminder that he was there. He would always be there. He knew she was thinking bout the time she spent before coming to Palmetto. Her own house a cage with no escape. He was reminding her that she wasn’t alone and never would be.
Dan smiled. She turned towards Matt, her eyes bright, undeniably happy because her team was happy.

“I’d like to be alone right now, with you. Let’s go upstairs.”, she said with a wink and laughed when she heard Matt groan behind. They too, left without a word, no doubt about to do exactly what Neil and Andrew had already started.
Empty dorms were a blessing they all deserved, she thought and let out another high pitched laugh when Matt threw her over his shoulder and locked the door behind them.

When He Realized He Loves You

A/N - The preferences are gonna be connected with each other. So if you wanna understand what I’m talking about, you gotta read the previous ones. And sorry, they’re long lol.


He wasn’t certain up to a point where he felt the fear of losing her over someone. He has always been oblivious of such feelings, although he felt something for a certain Ravenclaw, he didn’t know whether it was love. His feelings in such a case was very visible to everyone, and Y/N like everyone, definitely noticed it. She waited for him to notice her for a very long time and eventually gave up and in the Fifth Year he finally noticed her but it was still very clear how he felt for Cho and after Cedric’s death, how they bonded. Over the course of time Harry failed to realize her contribution and love for their friendship, for him.

So once again, Y/N gave her hopes up and decided to move on, and being on the fifth year, she sure did receive some proposals when Harry wasn’t around, or in other words, was spending time with Cho. She didn’t think twice about this but she knew it was time she did something for herself.

As expected, Y/N soon got a boyfriend who was in the Quidditch team, loving but a bit loose when it came to how to be in front of certain people. She spent a lot of time with him and Harry didn’t fail to notice that. Only then he realized something big was missing from his life, how she was always there for him. He felt a strange urge to choke him to death whenever her so-called boyfriend was around her. When confronted about why he acted so strange around him, he realized his feeling of jealousy. Hermione was ofcourse very much aware of that and made him see what he really wanted.

Bonus - He imagined himself kissing Y/N and in a way understood his love for her. (Lol sorry for the way it ended. I didn’t know how to say he was in love sorry.)

Draco Malfoy:

His love for Y/N was definitely something unique. Starting from his family’s reputation to carrying on the ‘date a pureblood Slytherin’ rule, he didn’t get much time to think about this but he surely observed the difference of his behavior in front of, let’s say everyone else, and when he was with her. When he noticed this, he realized had feelings for her and he knew it very well. But was conflicted to talk about it since he has to keep secrets about his family and in no way Y/N will like about his family’s plan or rather about their doings.

It was in the fourth year that he realized it. And she tried her best to hide her feelings as well, waiting for him to ask her to Yule Ball. But her hopes were crushed when she heard Pansy giggle in excitement that Draco asked her. Although she had deep feelings for him, she had her self respect. So she accepted to go with George. He wasn’t happy about this at all, but couldn’t do anything about it.

Both knew what they wanted. But again, it’s easier said than done.

Ron Weasley:

This brat is so stupid I swear to god. Even after spending so much time with Ron, Y/N couldn’t do anything except flirting (which he rarely understood and even if he did he either blushed or laughed it off) or hugging him. That’s the only kind of way she had to express her feelings, because even if she did confess to him, the love will not really be LOVE if he didn’t understand his own feelings. But Ron being Ron, didn’t understand the body language and was stupid as ever. He was never the kind of guy who would understand these little things. It took time, it did, but eventually he realized his love for her, and she knew he would, like everyone did. He realized he actually adored those things that he thought annoyed him the most, and that wasn’t irritating at all. It was like a daily routine that made him complete. And it was definitely in the Second Wizarding War when he realized she did not have the mindset to annoy him anymore, everything seemed confusing, painful and lost to her.

Fred Weasley:

He knew it. Spending time with Y/N was always fun and she made sure that all the pranks they played were flawless, or atleast she tried. And when Lee Jordan asked them why they didn’t flirt with her, George just laughed and said, “I never saw her that way really.” Meanwhile Fred just sat there confused as to why he didn’t flirt. It wasn’t also like he didn’t want to. So later to get his answers, when he tried, he realized that she was the only girl he felt hesitated to flirt with. Or rather, if I say, she wasn’t a girl who was for flirting or winking from far away. She was the kind of girl who was meant to be loved.

George Weasley:

If you ask who George blushed around, Y/N was the right answer. After spending some time in Hogsmeade together, they stuck around each other. Not like they were always with each other but the one where whenever they passed, they made sure to do their signature handshake, which Fred found shocking, considering he never did that with him.

I know, it wasn’t anything like him, but there he stood, staring at her from the distance once again. And this time, accidentally or not, Y/N didn’t need to throw a paper ball at him in class.

Cedric Diggory:

Mr. Diggory was surprisingly different from what Y/N experienced before. He was not only sweet but caring too. He was surely manly and when it came to Quidditch or stuffs like that but he was so different when they were alone, um, in the library. You could say when it came to meet Y/N, his Hufflepuff traits were so visible to the people around. 

Cedric was very much surprised when he realized he was head over heels over this girl, who wasn’t swooning over him. It would’ve been easier for him to impress her if she did hung around with him and flirted with him quite often. But damn, she was hard as ever. While Cedric continued struggling his way in her heart, she kept it closed, keeping in mind her first encounter with Diggory.

Oliver Wood:

Oliver was not very surprised to realize his love for Y/N, because both of them knew they have something for each other. But the whole school was extremely taken aback when they really saw what was actually happening. Their feelings grew strong day by day, after they started talking with each other for the Quidditch team selection. Wood realized his love for her when he once caught his 'competitive friend’ secretly taking lessons and concentrating more on her flying skills, giving her best in this. At first he did misunderstand her by thinking that she was very desperate to prove herself better than him. He tried his best to ignore her for the following days.

But oneday, he saw her struggling to keep herself on her broomstick and heard her say, “Oh, I’m doing this for Wood. I mean, being his friend the least I could do to keep his reputation is improving my flying skills. He is obviously embarrassed.”

He felt very guilty to think so wrong of her.

“You don’t need to force yourself into something you’re not in order to be my friend.” He yelled, coming out of his hiding spot, “Everyone has their weaknesses." Like you’re mine.


Missing you (touken fanfic part 1/2)

Summary: Touka and Kaneki’s first night alone from each other when kaneki leaves for the expedition. Basically fluff galore. Please enjoy and please excuse any grammar mistakes.

Ratings: fluffy fluff 

Words: 2315

Kaneki pulled the cloak around his shoulders, brushing his red fingers through his fluffy hair as he looked into the mirror. He rubbed his eyed, utterly exhausted but too restless to sleep, the eye bags growing with every passing day. When he brought his hand back down, he noticed the black tears that stained his fingers. Damn. They won’t stop-

He heard footsteps approaching and he quickly wipes his eye and tugged on his glove before turning around to find touka leaning against the doorway. She had her arms folded and her brow raised when she peered at the bag kaneki had packed his few possessions in for the trip. She bit her lip, unsure how to approach him. He would be gone for a few weeks and yet only now she was beginning to falter.

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Clingy - Part 2 (Edmund x Reader)

A/N - Since I got a request for part 2, here you go! :3

Part 1 / Part 3

Word Count: 1384

Warning: Angst and Slight Jealousy and REALLY SHITTY AND PROBABLY BORING TOO.

Request: Yes.

Summary: After the incident, Y/n decided to stop thinking about it and try to move on. Her mother and best friend comforted her, while the Pevensie’s spent their day regretting everything that happened.

The Story:

Things were not the same as before. Not anymore. After getting home, Y/n walked straight to her bedroom, avoiding the questions her mother asked.

She cursed herself for believing in something that was not possible. All these days and months spent, she didn’t let herself get loose to the point where she needed to cry. To cry for all the efforts spent on him, still keeping in heart that he may not give back the feelings.

But this day, she couldn’t keep strong. She just cried and cried her heart out until she was exhausted and fell asleep.

It was 2 p.m in the afternoon when she woke up from a touch. It was her mother brushing her fingers through her hair.

“Hey mom.” She said turning around to avoid her eyes. She knew if she looked at her, her mother could understand everything.

“Honey, you don’t have to say anything. I know what he said.” Y/n’s mother said.

She kept quiet, tears rolling down her cheeks. Her mother continued, “The Pevensie’s called. Lucy told everything. She was very concerned and told you to call back. Do you want to call ba–”

“Not now mom. I want to be alone for some time.”

“Okay” She said getting up, “I will get you some food. And I called Dean. He will be coming for dinner today.”

“What!!” Y/n yelled turning around “You have told this to Dean?! Why would you do that!”

“No no no! You’re wrong. I mean, I only told him to come. He knew this.” She said.

“How did he…”

“I don’t know honey. Ask him about this and…” She put her hand on Y/n’s head, “Everything is gonna be fine.”

She smiled and said, “I know mom. Everything is gonna be’s just that, it is not gonna be the same again.”

Her mother sighed and exited the room.

*Time Skip*

Y/n spent the rest of the time in her bedroom reading storybooks and doodling. But doodling made her remember Edmund more, so she decided to get lost in the books.

Finally she realized that the sun was setting down and a reddish sky appeared outside her window. She opened the windows and for a while closed her eyes and enjoyed the cool breeze.

Y/n was sad, really sad of what happened but she can’t just ignore the beautiful day. It was enough to make a smile appear on her face.

“Oy Y/n!!!”

She snapped out of her thoughts and opened her eyes. Dean was outside her house.

“Open the door!!” He shouted.

“Well, it’s not dinner time yet! Guess you have to stand outside now!” Y/n laughed and said.

“Oh we look like Romeo and Juliet!!”

“Shut up!! I’m coming down! Wait up!”

“No need! Mrs.Y/l/n has already done that!”

Now her mother came out and yelled, “It is very rude to keep guests waiting outside Y/N!!! This was not expected from you!” Dean meanwhile laughed and gave her the ‘you-deserved-that’ look.

“Mom for God’s sake we live in the same house! It wasn’t necessary to inform the rest of the neighbors about this!!” Y/n yelled back before they got in.

It was surprising that Y/n felt fine than before. Maybe because she wasn’t thinking about him much. Maybe because her mother and best friend was there for her. Or maybe she would go back to being sad when she sees Edmund.

Just then she heard a knock. “Come in.” She said.

“I saw you running out of their house today. Didn’t wanna disturb you more by asking you about it.” He said closing the door behind him.

“Oh yeah. Lucy told you didn’t she?” She said smiling.

“Yes. And not gonna lie but I thought you will be very depressed about…about what happened.”

“I am just exhausted. I’m very sad but..I am just tired of getting hurt by waiting for him while he…he continued being emotionless person. Atleast now it’s all over and I know what he feels.”

He sat down beside her and said “I know it is all hard for you now. I mean it’s fine if you don’t wanna come tomorrow.”

She sighed, “Yes. It is actually hard because I loved him. I really did, but that doesn’t mean things will stop just because of me. I AM going on a ride tomorrow with you and I AM gonna walk past that house. It is hard, but not impossible.”

“Damn, you are very challenging. Well then, thank you.” He said smiling.

“Dinner’s ready!!!” Y/n’s mother shouted.


*Time Skip*

Edmund was not fine. He was infact, far from fine. He pretended like he was but he secretly missed her that day. Probably because she heard those words and he felt bad.

And it looked like everyone hated him for what happened except Lucy. She understood that Ed said those things because that was just a flow of speech and he didn’t mean it. Meanwhile Peter continuously poked him to say sorry and Susan didn’t talk to him at all.

Edmund wanted to say sorry but he was just to embarrassed to say that. He could listen to the words he said yesterday again and again and then feel it extremely hard to say sorry to her after what happened.

But he was kind of convinced that Y/n was a cheerful person and she would absolutely visit them again. And maybe ignore him, but atleast she would talk to the others.

“Peter let’s play something! Come on! I am bored. Let’s do something fun.” Lucy whined.

Peter glared at Edmund and said, “Having fun is what usually happened when Y/n came. Thanks to this amazing gentleman that it got stopped.”

“Okay okay I know and I am sorry for that! She is what she is and I can tell you she is gonna come after sometime!” Edmund told.

Yes, it was afternoon and they were going to have a picnic where they invited Y/n and were waiting for her.

“Seriously Ed, do you know women at all? She is not gonna come. Don’t you get it? Peter we are just wasting our time. Mom is gonna come out anytime and we HAVE to go.”

Just when Peter was about to say something, she saw Y/n.

“Oh there she is.” He said surprised.

“Told you she’s gonna come.” Edmund said grinning.

Y/n walked..and with a bicycle and a helmet. But instead of turning left to the Pevensie’s house she completely ignored them and walked straight past them towards another house. Dean’s house.

Lucy went running to her and asked if she was coming to which Y/n replied, “Well, I am with a bicycle so obviously not. I-I am really sorry Lucy but Dean asked me before you all did. Soo…”

“I know you would have come even if Dean asked you first. It’s because of Edmund isn’t it? He really didn’t me–”

“I don’t wanna interrupt you but I am done talking about that. I will visit you all for sometime later. But..well, it’s different now. I am sorry.”

“It’s okay.” Lucy said, “It’s not your fault.”

She smiled and went back to the Pevensie’s.

“There’s a good news and a bad news.” Lucy said.

“Bad news first.” Susan said.

“She is not gonna come. Dean asked her first and she already said yes to him.” Lucy said.

Edmund’s eyes shot up and as he felt a kind of burning sensation. It was..not familiar. Not at all.

He heard some laughter, when he looked at the direction and saw Y/n and Dean hugging each other and then getting up on their bicycles. Now all he could think is–Wow. She already got a new friend. And all these time I thought what kind of a bad person I am?? She hugged him, ofcourse. She IS very clingy afterall.

“We should leave now.” Edmund  said getting up and walking towards the car.

“Well is she gonna visit us later on?” Peter asked.

“Well, that’s the good news. She said she would!” Lucy exclaimed.

Mrs. Pevensie came out and said clapping her hands, “Ready?”

“Very much ready.” Edmund whispered slamming the door of the car.

“What happened to him?” Mrs. Pevensie asked while others stared at him.

A/N - Sorry for the boring chapter but wasn’t feeling really up. But yeah, I think the feelings and change of scenarios was important.


Boku No Hero Light Novel No.2 Trans

Chapter 1: Commence the Study Groups! (そろそろの勉強会),  Part 3.

[Part 1, Part 2]

t/n: at first I didn’t think I’d get this done today but! due to the fact that bnha s2 was starting today which gave me a big motivation boost to do something bnha related and hence me plus ultra-ring through part 3! Btw I also want to say thank you to those who have left kind messages in my ask box, they really make me happy! THANK YOU <3

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Drunk In Love- Chanyeol- EXO

You had just had the worst day of your life. You spilled coffee on your boss, then got fired and then on your way home you fell on some water. Truly the worst day ever. Your two best friends who worked at SM invited you to a company party. You were hesitant at first cause you just wanted to stay at home watching movies and eating your feelings away

“Come on its good for you if you get out” “It will help you to get your mind off things.”

“Forget it tonight I’m mourning for all my hopes dreams that died after I got fired” you were going to turn around and head back to your cave when your friend tugged you by the collar.

“We’ll pay for all of your drinks just please come with us” this was your friend’s final attempt to get you to come. You hated to admit it but it worked. “Damn it fine I’ll go with you guys”

Lucky for you both of your friends worked with idols helping them get ready. They made you pretty and actually presentable.

When you got to the venue there were a lot of idols and important people everywhere. Luckily the venue had a bar so you could drink all night.

“Alright so, I’m going to be at the bar if you need me” you pointed towards it. “We should go dance first” your friend tugged your arm. “Talk to people it will help you forget about today” your other friend said.

“Guys honestly I’ve had a shity day and I just want to drink before I socialize” you looked at them both knowing they gave in. “Here’s my card drink as much as you like we’ll go dance” your friend handed you her card then leaving with your other friend to go dance.

You thought you would get better once you went out but you still felt sad and like crap.

You sat down at the bar where no one was at. The bartender came over to you and asked if you had long day.                           You chuckled “do I really look that bad? I actually got fired today” He then put a bottle of soju next to you telling you it was on the house.

Couple of bottles later you were sitting at a table with your friends still drinking. The place was almost empty but you didn’t want to leave.

“I’m GOinG tO RAN Awayf” you pointed towards you friend while stimulatingly taking a sip from your drink. “You should run away home then, come on” your friend said trying to pick you up. “HELF I’M BEinG KIfNaPPED!!” you started yelling at your friends who were trying to take you home.  “Nof MEAns NO” “HELFFF”

“Leaf Her Alune” came a voice from behind. “Ges AWAY frum her”  He dropped down next to you and held your head. “Is okEY IM Chanseol end Ill prutect you”                                                                                                           You hugged him back feeling safe in his arms. “Theis is trieing to take me with them” you sobbed into his chest.

Suho quickly came over apologizing for his behavior and tried to take Chan with him. “Sorry about him, he has had a lot to drink”

Your friends just chuckled and knew exactly that situation “She has also had A LOT to drink” said your friend still trying to take you away from him.

“nO I Whant to stey Vith Him” you said when they tried to pick you up. Chanyeol squished your face to make you look at him “Thas Reght dOnT leve me ever” You nodded your head promising you would never.

Suho knew neither of you would get away from eachother so instead he said they would take you home. Your friends were hesitant at first but agreed since they couldn’t take Chanyeol either with them.

They paid for your drinks and then left you in EXOs hands.

Chen and Baekhyun were trying to pick you and Chanyeol off the floor, but Chan pushed them away. “DUNT TOUSH HER SHI ES MENI” “Chanyeol you need to get off the floor” “I can du it Baek”

You spent 15 minutes trying to get up from the floor and would laugh when one of you fell.

You were sat down all the way back on some couches with the rest of EXO. Chanyeol had fallen asleep on your shoulder after talking with you. Which let the members finally speak to you. “So what’s your name?” asked Suho trying to break the ice.

“y/N” you said while drinking some more. Xiumin took the bottle from you “Maybe you should stop drinking” “Weth THe dey I had U wuld Understands” you said trying to get your bottle back. “What kind of the day did you have?” asked Chen amused. “A fad one”

“A fat one?” asked Chen laughing. “Nuu a dad one” you said shaking your head. “A bad one?” Chen said while trying not to die. You nodded your head.

“Anyways we need to get you home Y/N” said Suho as he was talking to a small child. Chanyeol heard this and woke up real fast. “SHES nut living” “Yuh” you said backing up Chanyeol. “Can you atleast give us an address?” asked a slightly annoyed Suho. “123 Sesame Street” you said giggling. “I likes Sesame streat” said a giggling Chanyeol. “OH U knows ELMO?” you asked Chanyeol. “We Vest fwiends” he said hitting his chest making a peace sign.

“I guess she can stay with us at the dorm with us tonight right?” asked Baekhyun to Suho. “I guess, plus is probably safer”

Suho tapped Chan on the shoulder telling him it was time to go home. Chanyeol first got scared that he had to leave you but Suho told him you were coming with them.

When you got to the dorm Chanyeol went straight to his shared room with you, telling the rest of his roommates to go to the other room. That night both of you barely slept.

(Not for that reason pervs) You stayed up most of the night talking. You were bit less wasted, allowing you to make comprehensible words.

“Thank you” you giggled to Chanyeol. “Why?” he said laughing back. “You made this day a bit less worse” you said hugging him. “Oh? What happened?” Chanyeol said hugging back.

“I got fired”

He tightened his grip and whispered in your ear “Something better will come” “I hope so” you said letting go giggling “Your face is cute” you said poking his face and laughing. “Yah! Why are you laughing?” Chan said poking your face back. “I’m still drunk” you laughed. He giggled back “same”

The next morning you were confused and scared as to why EXOs Chanyeol was hugging you. You also didn’t know where you were. You remembered meeting him but not coming home with him. Chanyeol woke up when he felt his arm being moved. He was about to scream at Baekhyun but instead found you trying to get up. He didn’t remember anything from last night except that he had met you. (And your name)

You went outside where you met the rest of EXO in the kitchen. As soon as they saw you they kept complaining how they heard you talking all night. You kept looking at them confused because you couldn’t remember. They gave you clothes so you could go take a shower.

It was awkward during breakfast because the members kept smiling towards each other not telling you or Chanyeol why they kept smiling and giggling. After that was done Chanyeol offered to take you home.

When he parked outside of your house, you thanked him and opened the door to leave but couldn’t. Chanyeol had grabbed your arm “C-can I have your number?” “I don’t remember much but I want to get to know you” he smiled sheepishly not meeting your eye. You wrote your number down on his arm gave him a kiss on the cheek and left. Leaving a flustered Chanyeol.

Not knowing by giving him your number you had just started the trip to the rest of your life.

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 It was the day of your wedding. It had been 5 years since you had met Chanyeol but you still didn’t know what had happened that night. The guys still refused to tell you saying it was a story for another day. Your best friends also refused to tell you. After the ceremony was over(which in where Chanyeol cried) it was time for the party and speeches from groom’s maids. Chen was the last one to get up, he had a smirk that let you know something was up. He told everyone the story of how you two met. Which made the guests all laugh and you two extremely embarrassed but also plot Chen’s murder. 

This was inspired by a dream I had where I met Chanyeol while drinking. IDEK why?! I had a dreams like that but like it was the first dream I had with any kpop idol.

Part 1 / Part 2

He almost didn’t make it inside, he was stopped immediately by the guards as he approached the door but thankfully Bastien was there and waived the guards off “He needs you” he said in a voice that only Drake can hear. He never really like Bastien before but now he thank him with all his being.

He spots Liam at the corner with Madeline standing beside him with her arms clinging with Liams.Everyone is congratulating them , what bunch of fake people!, he said to himself.Seeing Madeline smiling and shaking their hands makes Drake even more furious That snake! How could she smile like that after everything that happened. He can accept Olivia as queen but not Madeline . Atleast he knows Olivia loved Liam genuinely and not some scheming bitch who just wanted to be queen!
“Liam, I need to talk to you!” he said as he approached the two but Liam wasn’t listening , he didn’t even noticed when Drake grabbed his wrist. He was like a robot being dragged by Madeline. Drake called his friend again louder this time “Liam!” this time not only Liam turned, so is Madeline who glared at her.
“What are you doing here?” she hissed
“I need to talk to Liam” not even caring about Madeline as he continue to try to talk to his friend.
“The events not over! You can talk to him after” said Madeline as he cling to Liam’s arm even tighter this time.
“I don’t fucking care about your event!” he spit back at Madeline and then he turned to his friend “Liam, Riley, she still outside!” he pleaded with his friend. As if Riley’s name triggered Liam’s consiousness , he finally turned to him.
“Riley…” Liam managed to say. As he slowly show his phone to Drake with so much pain in his eyes. Drake didnt even noticed that Liam was cluthcing it with his other hand.
“It wasn’t true!” he said defensively at Liam
“Do you know about this too?” Looking at Drake with confusion in his eyes.
“Riley….she didn’t betray you Liam! I was there when it happened, please I need to..”
“Liam the press are waiting!”
Madeline interrupted
He swear if she wasn’t a woman , he would beat the crap out of her.
“I need to talk to Drake” he said calmly as Liam removed Madeline’s hand into his.
“But the press is waiting” Madeline interrupted him
“I said I need to talk to Drake!” he never seen Liam like this . Liam was always the calm and collected one but now it makes him proud to see how Liam shuts Madeline up. For a moment Madeline was speachless maybe she was as shocked as him about this new Liam.

Finally when they were away from the prying eyes of everyone. Drake started saying “I know everything is a mess right now but I can only say one thing…Riley is innocent! I was there that night when Tariq almost assaulted her!”

“Assaulted her?” Liam looked at him intently with the information he just said.

“I know I should have said it to you but Riley begged me, She…she never wanted to burden you with a scandal…She knows you and Tariq are friends and so she begged me not say anything”

Liam was shocked at Drake’s revelation. T a r i q t r i e s t o a s s a u l t R i l e y ? O h w h a t h a v e I d o n e? He tells to himself.
“But..the counsil…Madeline…”
“For fuck sake Liam! You are King now! you can do what ever you want!” Drake shouted as he pulled Liam’s shirt and balled it into a fist.
“Its..its not that easy!”
“I swear to God Liam, if you don’t run after her, I will take her away from you and make her mine! I will make her the happiest woman in the world and I will make her regret the she ever chose you over me!”

The revelation both shocked Drake and Liam. Drake never wanted to let Liam know that he also love Riley. He was planning to get away from Cordonia when the coronation end with the reason that he will find his sister but everything he’s been holding came out tonight. They were both silent for minute only looking at each other.

So he loves her too Liam thinks to himself as he looks at his bestfriend’s eyes. He knew Drake wasn’t lying.
“Does she know?” he asked his bestfriend
“Yes…I told her that night when Tariq almost assaulted her…..but she said…she said that she’s here for you” Drake admitted painfully “She’s in love with you Liam”
“Where is she?”
he asked finally getting to his senses
“She’s outside” Drake finally releasing him
“Take me to her” now he understands why his brother Leo abdicated the crown and why he marry a woman he barely knew. He knew now what is the most important thing in the world or who and he knows exactly that it wasn’t what anyone thinks and it definitely wasn’t the crown.
It was her. Riley

Clingy - Part 3 (Edmund x Reader)

Part 1 / Part 2

Word Count: 2000 approx.

Warning: Jealousy, angst and fluff.

Request: Yes.

Summary: She goes on a ride with Dean. Edmund keeps a distance from her but his eyes were burning with fire. Jealousy takes over him leading to a fight between them.

The Story:

It would be a lie to say that Y/n didn’t enjoy the ride. It was peaceful and Dean didn’t miss a chance to make her laugh. Well ofcourse she almost fell two darn times for speeding up her cycle, trying to beat Dean. But, overall she seemed happy and the nature did keep her happy.

It reminded her of Narnia…all the animals and the breeze and..Edmund. didn’t quite forget about him. At the back of her mind, it continued to pinch her. But she decided to concentrate on her surroundings rather than someone who didn’t appreciate her company. There were trees around, breeze making her hair flow back, the birds chirping around, a shiny golden quiet afternoon and a laughing crazy Dean. (A/N - I can’t quite explain but I hope you get the idea, lol sorry, but I meeeean, things like these are bound to make you happy right? Or I think I’m a Hufflepuff so…)

Things were going nice. She felt happy.

“Woooohoooooooo!!” She yelled.

Try and beat me Y/n!!!“ Dean shouted.

“IS that a challenge?!!” She shouted from the back.

“YES!!!” He said speeding up his cycle.

Dean sped up and was before her, and they heard a honk from the behind. She looked behind and saw a car..the Pevensie’s car. She moved aside as her thoughts began to move all over the place, and that’s when she realized. Dean decided to come cycling this way and this is where the Pevensie’s are gonna have their picnic. She quickly tried to hide her face when she heard a yell.


Ofcourse. I AM LATE AS ALWAYS GODDAMMIT. She looked beside her, trying hard to smile but ending up with a weird face.

“H-Hey Lucy!” She said.

“Are you going this way?!” Lucy yelled.

Y/n stuttered but was interrupted when Dean yelled, “You are losing Y/n! If I win I want a kiss!!!”

She felt the color of her cheeks rising when she realized that not only Lucy and her siblings heard that BUT THEIR MOTHER HEARD IT TOO. Ugh Dean can be reaallly annoying at times.

“Oh.” Lucy giggled “It will be nice if you lose this race.”

Y/n smiled and took a peek inside, hoping to see Edmund, but he was turned around towards the right side of the window.

Wow, he didn’t even look at me. I mean atleast a hi would have been nice after his conversation with them. Sigh, looks like he is right. I am the one who is missing him. “Well um, you guys need to speed up. Hey Dean!! Move aside!!”

“Enjoy Y/n!” Susan shouted before they sped their car and were almost out of sight.

She stopped when Dean smirked and came beside her.

“Tell me this wasn’t the reason you planned the cycling for.”

“Not at all. If you remember then I asked you about the cycling before all those things happened.” He laughed when you glared at him “Okay, maybe the destination changed.”


“And the competition…so that we can reach there faster.” Y/n gave him the cold look.

“Ugh, I am not going there.” Y/n said turning her bicycle around. Dean held her hand and said, “YOU said you are up for a challenge, so I just leveled it up darling.”

“Leveled it up?! I didn’t even pass the beginner’s level and you decided to surprise me with the EXPERT LEVEL!! Dean what is wrong with you?! You are supposed to help me!”

“Oh I freaking am. See, the more you are around him, the more you will get used to him and then eventually all the hard feelings will be vanished just like ‘poof!’” He said.

She sighed, “It’s too much for the first day. You don’t understand how I feel.”

“I do. You…you are the one who supported me when she left me. Turned me into a douche.”

Y/n smiled and said, “Yeah, I suppose. But wait, are you trying to turn me like a slut?”

“You? A slut? Oh trust me, you can’t do that even if I tried.” He laughed.

There was a moment of silence. “ feel good enough to turn around and continue cycling?” She just nodded her head.

“But please tell me we will be out of their sight.” Y/n said starting to cycle back to the park.

“Whatever is comfortable for you darling.” Dean said.

*Time Skip*

The Pevensie sisters were all a giggling mess. They were whispering and occasionally looking at Edmund.

“Will you guys stop that?” Edmund snapped, irritated of everything.

“Will YOU stop that? What is that behavior? We are going for a picnic Edmund, we are supposed to be like this. Laughing and happy and not grumpy like you.” Susan said.

“Enough kids. No fighting. We are here.” She parked the car nearby while the others took out the food and mats.

Edmund wasn’t sure why was he upset. He was confused. Yes, he kind of expected Y/n to arrive and be with them in this picnic. Maybe he is upset because of this. She could be arriving here in this spot with that nosy Dean, then that would mean they will be together in the picnic right? Then why wasn’t he okay by now? I mean everyone will be there along with Y/n…and why was he upset with all the giggling and how Dean shouted about the kiss?

“Hey.” Lucy nudged him.

“Oh. What were you saying?”

She laughed and said, “I didn’t say anything!”

“Oh..I was just..”

“Thinking about Y/n?”

“Ye–uh no no.”

“Come on Edmund you know you can tell me.”

“I don’t know..It’s just that..I don’t know why I am feeling angry. I mean, Y/n is gonna be here I guess and then I can apologise for everything but still something feels wrong.”

“Oh..don’t worry, you’ll figure it out. But if you ask me, then I will say you are just jealous to see them together.” She mischievously smiled and said.

“What?” Edmund looked at her.

“Coming!!!” And ran away to Susan who was standing with a ball, preparing herself to play Cricket.

Edmund sighed and ran towards them, hoping his mood will be fine at the end of the day.

*Time Skip*

*Tring Tring*

Edmund looked back. And there she was. Smiling and laughing. And her hair perfectly flo– His thoughts got interrupted.

“HEY LOOK OUT!! There’s a bird pooping above you!” Y/n looked up and Dean took the opportunity to overtake her and he turned back.
“I win.”

“HEY! That’s cheating!” She laughed.

Oh she definitely wanted this. Ofcourse she wants to kiss him. She is not even looking at me! We are clearly loud enough for her to hear! Edmund looked at how they both perfectly parked their bicycles next to each other darn couples.

And he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his shoulder. “Ow!!” He yelled.

“You need to be present in the game physically AND mentally Edmund!” Peter smirked.

“I-I am!!” He blushed. Y/n now looked at him. His face was red.

She walked over the green soft grass and finally settled down under a tree, a little away from them. She looked at Mrs. Pevensie, who was present there and reading a book peacefully, pouring some tea and drinking it.

“Watching your mother-in-law?” Dean laughed sitting beside her, their shoulders touching.

She kicked his legs lightly and smiled “It’s not funny.”

“It made you laugh. Kinda is then.”

“Make Edmund laugh and I’ll agree with you.”

“Naaaah. Atleast I can peacefully flirt with you now. Although he is literally trying to burn me to ashes right now.”
He chuckled.

Yes, Edmund was playing, but his complete attention was towards Y/n. His jaw locked, eyes frequently moving back and forth from her to Dean, how dangerously close those two were sitting.

“What? Really?” She said turning her head to look at him but then Dean cupped his hands on her face trying to block her view. “Wha–”

“Don’t look. The method is working.”


“WHy can’t you just shut up for a second?”

“WHy can’t you just answer my questions?”

“This is the time. Kiss me.”

“Wait what? Woah Dea–” As she went on to remove his hands, the ball came rolling near Dean’s feet.

“Don’t wanna interrupt you two but can you pass the ball?” Susan giggled.

“Hey Y/n!! Join us!” Lucy yelled.

“Uh..s-sure! Sometime later! I promise! I have a company you see!” She said pointing at Dean.

Edmund’s chest tightened and he huffed, “Yeah!! You can enjoy with him!” He furiously walked to them, picked up the ball and said, “We are absolutely happy over here! Please don’t ruin our mood!”

Y/n now snapped. Enough is enough. She stood up while Dean quietly sat and watched the drama, a grin on his lips. “What is wrong with you! Why are you acting like this?! Have I done something now to irritate you? No right? Then why don’t you go back to your business!”

Susan, Peter and Lucy went to sit with their mother, giving a little privacy to the both.

“What is wrong with me? What is wrong with you! All these days you are with me and-and spend your time with me and suddenly today you show up with some damn neighbour!”

“Well Edmund the world doesn’t revolve around you! I prefer spending my time with people who actually loves my clinginess and not lie about how they are enjoying with me, when they are actually not!”

Edmund went quiet for a while. “But I thought you only did this with me.”


“I am really sorry. I didn’t mean those at all. I said those to make Peter and Lucy shut up. Those just came out of anger. I missed you. I thought you sat like that only with me. I thought you laughed like that only with me. I thought you hugged like that…only with me. I never thought that..that you will…I always thought those moments belonged to me.” He said eyes locked with hers.

“But Ed you said you didn’t like that.” Her voice softened.

“I do, your every little gesture makes me happy. I love spending time with you. You are the only one who can make me smile and who truly understand me family fails to do that.”

Y/n smiled and blushed. “I love you Ed. I did for a long time. You never..never really made any move to make me understand anything. I know that you may not love me like the way I do but…I need to let these out. I can still be your friend but, there will be changes in our friendship then.”

Edmund was quiet for her sudden confession. “I understand.” She smiled. Fighting back the tears, she turned around. Why did I do that?!

She suddenly felt a strong pull and they were kissing. It took a moment for her to realize what just happened. She smiled and kissed him back immediately, her hands going on the back of his neck, tugging his brown hair lightly, finally letting out the tears forming on her eyes. His hands went down to her waist. The kiss was full of love and force–needy, strong and passionate. All the emotions suppressed between them starting pouring out.

“Uhh…I appreciate your lovely moment of sucking each others faces but being her best friend, it really looks gross.” Dean interrupted.

They pulled from each other with a red face and smile on their lips. They looked back and saw Susan and Lucy laughing while Peter gestured them a thumbs up. On his side, their mother smiled and read her book, pretending she had no idea.

“Oh no.” She blushed and hid her face on his chest, while he hugged her, “I really am clingy.”

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Daddy's Little Princess

Luke walked in, looking tired and a little wasted.

With him only sending a nod over my direction before coming up the stairs, only to be inturrepted by our daughter.

“Daddy! Princess Belle time?” She flashed a grin with her dimples poking out, a feauture along with ger eyes that she inherited from Luke.

“Now is not a good time, baby.”

“But, daddy! You promised me we’re going to have a movie marathon about Princess Belle!”

Luke just sighed frustratedly before looking on to me, expecting me to take his side.

“Just for atleast five minutes Luke. You did promise. She made me record your whole deal. You’re going on tour soon, you know that.” I said softly.

Luke just groaned before our daughter talked again.

“Mommy’s right, Daddy! Princess Belle time! Princess Belle time! Prin-…”

“Goddamn it! Sorry to break it to you sweetheart, but Princess Belle doesn’t exist and so do the other Disney characters. It’s all fiction, and none is real. Now, go and annoy your Uncle Calum or something.” He yelled bitterly.

Her eyes started to water with her bottom lip trembling, hitting Luke with a pang of hard realization that he just made her princess cry.

She immediately ran into me and began sobbing on my shoulded, with me comforting her in the best way possible.

Luke swallowed the lump on his throat, facing me with the look ‘I really fucked up and I don’t know what to do.’

“C-can I go and call U-uncle Calum on the landline? You wrote his n-number on the paper, right Mommy?”

“Yes, sweetheart. Don’t trip on the way up.” I said softly as soon as she ran up the stairs, eagerly nodding.

Luke just stared at me in a regretful expression and said, “I’m a horrible father.”

Luke’s POV

I ran up the stairs quickly, following our daughter to the living room in where our landline was placed.

Calum’s not even a father but I could be damn sure that he was better than me.

I heard little sniffles and sobs from the chair that our daughter was sitting on, her back facing me.

“A-are they really not real Uncle Cal?”

“Of course they’re real princess. You’re dad was just being a big meanie.” I could already imagine Calum shaking his head in disappointment since his best friend’s daughter called him to tell what happened.

“But he won’t play with me anymore! Am I n-not important?”

“Oh come on bub! You are important. Now what do you say, want to go to Disneyland with Uncle Calum tomorrow?”

“Really?” She excitedly asked.

“Anything for my little princess. Plus, I heard Princess Belle is giving away special roses to special girls!” He cooed.

“Thank you Uncle Callieeee! You’re the best!”

Asshole Dad of the year goes to me.

They both talked for a little time until Calum said bye for now since he was going to arrange the tickets for tomorrow.

It was my turn.

“Hey, princess.” I lightly said with my voice straining a bit since I was tearing up for a few minutes.

Her head turned towards my direction and said, “Hey Dad.”

She only calls me dad when she’s either mad or disappointed at me.

“Daddy is really really sorry baby.”

She then giggled before saying, “You already said that before!”

She’s right, I did.

“I know, princess. But daddy is just really a big meanie sometimes. I was just so tired.”

“No you didn’t! You went to a bat or something!”

Right again.

“You’re right princess. I’m just really really sorry. I was talking and not thinking about it. It’s a stupid thing to do. Princesses do exist, love.” I smiled, despite the tears.

“But you told me they didn’t.” She pouted.

“They do, and I’m looking at one right now.”

She looked around confused before pointing to herself.

I eagerly nodded which made her squeal in excitement.

“But then, which royal family do I belong to?”

“Our family of course, love. And in here, you’re Daddy’s princess.”

“Daddy’s princess?” She asked before grinning.

“Yes, baby. Daddy’s little princess.”

Never Say Die - Chapter 18

Pairing: Axl Rose x reader
Words: 2228
Summary: Reader accidentally time travels back to 1985 where Axl, Duff, Slash, Steven and Izzy find her.
Warnings: Smut

Never say die masterlist

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Duff went to open the door after he had quickly got his clothes on. I was still trying to find my bra but eventually managed to find them under the bed.

Duff opened the door and i heard immediately Steven’s voice. ”What took you so long, they’re serving pancakes there!” Steven whined and leaned on Slash’s shoulder who didn’t react at Steven’s gesture in any way. ”We have to hurry before others finish them all!”

”Steve, we’ll go there soon okay. Why don’t you go there with Scar before the rest of us and stop whining,” Izzy told him seriously, he seemed exactly like he’d been listening to Steven the whole morning. Steven immediately grabbed Scar by her hand and started running down the stairs even though there was an elevator next to us.

”Hey, do you know where Amy is by the way?” Axl asked, even a bit concerned which was weird. Duff looked behind his shoulder and saw me putting my socks and shoes on.

”Yeah, she spent her night here. She should be ready soon,” Duff told them. I quickly washed my face, was too tired to put any makeup on, put my hair on a ponytail and came to face the guys next to Duff. I looked like a zombie probably.

”Oh shiiit, you two banged each other last night, didn’t you?” Slash asked wiggling his eyebrows and punched Duff on his shoulder gently. ”You go, buddy!”

”Wait what?” i asked panicking. No, did we keep too much noice? Did they hear us? Are the walls so thin? No, no, no. ”Ew, of course not,” i answered shaking my head, ”i’d never have sex with him.” I pointed at Duff with my finger, shook my head and laughed nervously.

Duff looked at me, raising his eyebrows as high as he could and a wide smirk spread on his face.

”Oh really, you’d really absolutely never ha–” Duff started amused but then i punched him on his side with my elbow which made him clear his throat. ”I mean yeah, you guys had all left already and Amy didn’t have any place where to sleep so,” Duff tried to explain with his best poker face. Izzy just laughed.

”I know, i was just messing with you, man,” Slash said and started to walk towards the elevator. Axl looked at me for a moment narrowing his eyes and i swear i could see fire in his eyes which made me furrow my eyebrows.

We were sitting at the long table in the dining room and eating our breakfast, there were everything there ever could be for breakfast. I was so tired that i drank atleast two cups of coffee but then decided to go with juice the rest of the breakfast.

I was sitting between Duff and Izzy, Erin being right in front of me. Duff came closer to me, his face right next to my head. ”I was wrong last night at the bar when i said we wouldn’t remember a thing. Because i remember quite a lot, surprisingly well considering how wasted i was,” he muttered in my ear smirking, so quietly that nobody would accidentally hear him.

I almost choked on my drink and coughed a couple of times. Axl looked at me if i was okay but i just gave him a small smile until turned back to Duff.

”Yeah well, if you ever tell about it to anyone, just remember that i know what you really did in the New Year’s Eve 1986,” i said with a calm steady voice and swallowed a piece of my pancake. Duff’s smile disappeared from his face immediately and a terrified expression replaced it.

”You’d never –” Duff started.

”Oh, i would,” i told him, nodding my head seriously. Duff was quiet for few seconds.

”Okay fine, i’ll shut up. But you better not tell about it to anybody, i swear,” he added fast.

”I won’t if you won’t,” i said and peacefully continued eating. But after a few minutes Erin cleared her throat and made me to look at her.

”Hi, i’m Erin. I think we haven’t had time to talk much together,” she said to me when she got my full attention. I was chewing a piece of a baguette and waited so i could swallow it.

”Uh, yeah i know your name. I’m Amy and so on,” i answered confused.

”Yeah, i was wondering if we could hang out sometimes, get to know each other better since we are on the tour together as well,” she proposed and smiled, waiting for my answer. I looked at her a moment, pondering that maybe it would be fair to even try to be friends with her and give her even a small chance. Not friends friends but somehow friends.

”Yeah, why not,” i answered, giving him a little smile as well. I knew Axl was studying our conversation closely but i focused completely on Erin now.

”Yay, great! I heard there’s a sale at the mall tomorrow, i was wondering if you could help me choose new clothes, i’m sure you have a great taste!” Erin exclaimed and i just raised one of my eyebrows. Girl, we’re living in a whole different world with our clothes i wouldn’t be so sure about you liking my taste.

”Sure, sounds fun,” i said smiling.

Couple of weeks had passed, nothing special happened. Boys had had a few gigs, we were travelling from a country to another one and so on. But i had managed to go out with Erin couple of times, she wanted to go shopping together and it was the most painful thing ever, we were at the shopping centre atleast three hours.

But most time of the days i was having the best times hanging out with Scarlet but when Axl was near me i got anxious again.

And i had to fucking stop this.

I was standing in front of Axl’s door and i deeply hoped Erin wouldn’t be there right now. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I didn’t have to wait for the answer for long since the door was opened soon and i saw a wide smile spread on Axl’s face when he saw me.

”Amy, hey!” he greeted. ”What’s up?”

”Uhm, is Erin there? Can i come inside?” i asked nervously and ripped dead skin around my finger nails again.

”No, she’s out with Scarlet, i’m not sure when she’s coming back,” Axl said and moved so i could come inside and then locked the door after me. He was standing in front of me, couple of metres away and i felt like i couldn’t do this now after all. He was happy with Erin, but i hated her so much even though she seemed such a nice girl. ”So what did you want to talk abo –”

”I love you,” i blurted and automatically put a hand on my mouth, closing my eyes because i wasn’t ready to face his reaction. Axl was quiet for a moment and i could imagine his shocked face in my mind and when i opened my eyes again it was exactly how i imagined.

”You love me?” Axl asked quietly with wide eyes.

”I love you, Axl, i’ve loved you for a long long time, i realized it properly already before the tour with Jon but i was scared because i wasn’t ready to leave Jon and i didn’t know what i’d do and now when i see you with Erin I just –” i started quickly and a tear rolled down my cheek but Axl walked quickly towards me and pressed his lips on mine.

I put my arms around his neck after i had recovered from the surprise that he actually didn’t reject me. He took me closer to him by pulling me by my waist. He pushed me roughly – but not that i’d be hurt – against the wall and broke the kiss.

”How the fuck did it take you so long to say it,” he whispered and looked at me straight into my eyes and cupped my face with his hands. ”I’ve loved you from the beginning, Amy, and i didn’t realize it until you started dating Jon and it hurt me so bad seeing you with him. But i managed to accept it because you were so happy.”

I felt like i could cry even more and didn’t even realize the few tears that were streaming from my eyes. ”Axl, i’m so so sorry it took me so long,” i whispered and hugged him. ”But you’re with Erin and i wouldn’t want to break that.”

Axl just laughed which made me furrow my eyebrows and look at him. ”I never even loved Erin. Yes, he’s a great girl, but i was with her just to try to get over you but apparently it didn’t work at all,” he chuckled but then got serious again. ”I waited for so long, Amy, and i can’t believe i’m forgiving you this easily, i don’t know how you do this but you always make me go crazy when you’re around me and i’m always so scared of that feeling, i don’t even know why.”

I just looked at him, not knowing what to say. I was gonna open my mouth and tell him how much i cared about him, but then someone was trying to get in from the door. We looked at each other and ran super fast to the bathroom and locked the door just a second before the door to Axl and Erin’s room opened. Axl put a hand on my mouth so i wouldn’t accidentally make any noice.

”Axl? Are you here?” Erin asked.

”Fuck,” Axl whispered and let go of me. ”Uhm, yeah i’m here, just going to take a quick shower,” he answered and quickly turned the shower on, starting to take his shirt off.

”Oh, okay. I just came to get couple of skirts and a bag i borrowed from Scarlet a while ago and return them to her now,” she explained and was quiet for a few seconds. ”I don’t know when i’m coming back, probably in a few hours.”

Axl took a deep breath and took now also my shirt off and dropped it on the floor. I was already shaking a bit if Erin was going to find out. ”Okay, baby, take your time. Have fun!” he yelled and was quickly opening his belt and i was taking my jeans off as well.

”I will. Bye, honey!” she yelled and left, closing the door after her. He was unhooking my bra and we both waited if she really left.

”Okay, that was close,” i said quietly. He threw my bra away and before i even realized, we were both fully naked already.

”No more talking,” he commanded with a low strict voice and pushed me under the shower against the cold wall. Axl moved my hair behind my shoulder so he’d have a full access on my neck.

He started sucking my neck, making sure to leave very visible marks. I put my hands in his wet hair and he grabbed my left boob with his other hand, starting to massage it. I closed my eyes and let him do all the work and then suddenly he grabbed my ass, squeezing it roughly and with his other hand he lifted my leg and held it up.

And without a single warning he slammed himself into me with no mercy and a loud scream automatically escaped from my throat because of the pain. He didn’t start moving yet but instead attacked his lips on mine, grabbed my wrists with his hand and put them above my head, keeping them there. Axl tried to get an access in my mouth with his tongue but i didn’t let him win until he squeezed my ass and started moving himself inside of me.

When a deep moan escaped from my throat, he had a perfect chance to stuff his tongue in my mouth. He started slamming into me harder and harder and my moans became louder. He fastened his pace to even faster than before which i didn’t know was even possible.

”Oh shit, Axl,” i whined and started panting.

”Are you coming?” Axl asked quietly and looked at me and i couldn’t do anything else than just nod for the answer. ”Scream my name, baby,” Axl commanded between his teeth.

”Fuck, Axl, i’m coming,” i moaned.

”No, honey, you’re coming when i tell you to come,” Axl stated seriously.

”Please, Axl, i can’t,” i said quietly and felt how my legs would fail me soon. He waited for a few seconds until looked at me again.

”Now, scream my name so hard that your lungs are gonna explode,” he muttered in my ear.

”Oh fuck, Axl!” i screamed so loud that i wouldn’t be surprised if everybody near this room heard us when a huge wave of pleasure went through my whole body. Axl came just a second after me and we both fell on the floor, water still running down our spines. I rested my head on Axl’s shoulder and he put his arm around me.

”So, what are we going to do with this now?”

Letters to You pt. 8 (Shigezane X MC x ?????)

so hyped up in writing this, thanks for the anon who sent me an ask the other day! and to @frywen-babbles @shingenelena @noomsu @kitty-kat-ty here it goes.

so the plan was to make this a 10 part story but I guess that plan goes down the drain. buhbye

Letters to You
Genre: Angst, Fluff, Romance, Comedy
One | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight: Don’t we make a perfect couple?!

Eight: Don’t we make a perfect couple?!

Her only response to Inuchiyo’s confession was to look down.

She did not know, that he’s looking for her after all these years. What’s more, was that he loved her and he still does.

“Inuchiyo…” she called his name again, his hand still on her cheeks, she smiled “Let’s go back.”

She stood up first, refusing to look at him in the eyes. The ache in her heart, the one she can’t ignore. Was is it wrong to ask him that? His own reason why…?

To be honest, she had mixed feelings about this. She was glad that he was looking for her, that he never forgot about her and that they’re finally together, but his confession made her more confused.

“Aki… are you going back to the castle?” He asked, she knew that he was trying to change the awkward atmosphere between them, so she tried her best too.

“No, its too late to go back and…” she trailed off, walking slowly to match Inuchiyo’s pace. “I want too see you off tomorrow.” She grinned..


“I’ll be staying at the inn and see you off tomorrow.” She repeated. When she looked up at him, he was blushing. She can’t help but tease  him “Are you blushing?” She stiffled a laugh, playfully punching him in the arm

“I am not blushing.”

“You’re adorable, Inuchiyo.” She giggled, poking his cheeks.

“Stop… that.”

The streets were now quiet, with the shops closing and only the inns has its lights on. The two walked leisurely as if they have all the time in the world. After all, it would be a waste to not enjoy this beautiful night.

“You don’t have to answer me right now.” Inuchiyo broke the silence, looking ahead. “Take your time, Aki. It must be shocking for you. I promise to come back to you.”

She smiled a sad one, looking up to his amethyst eyes once more “Thank you, and I am sorry.”


They arrived at the inn quite late, the moment they do, Inuchiyo asked the owner of the inn if they still have a spare room, only to get a no.

“How about a spare bedding?” Inuchiyo asked, getting worried that Aki may not be able to sleep well.

“My apologies, but we ran out of spare beddings too, milord.” The innkeeper bowed.

“I guess we have no choice. Let’s just sleep together.” Aki suggested, walking straight to Inuchiyo’s room. Her suggestion made Inuchiyo blush again and widened his eyes in surprise,

Sleep together…? Does she mean that? Come on. He is a man.

“WHAT?!"Inuchiyo blurted out

"It seemed that your lover is very straightforward, milord.” hearing the innkeeper chuckle beside him. HearingInuchiyo blushed a deeper shade of red.

Thus, Inuchiyo followed Aki. Getting nervous of what she meant. The moment he got inside, he saw her sitting on the corner of the room. Her dark blue haori on the floor as her bedding and the spare sleeping robe as a makeshift pillow.

“Haaaaaah, I’ll just sleep here. You sleep in the bedding, okay? Well then, we need to be in bed early. Good night.” Aki yawned, lying in her makeshift bedding. Inuchiyo just can’t let this one go. He can’t let her sleep on the floor.

“No. Sleep at the bedding, I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“Inuchiyo you need to take a good rest. Take the bedding, I don’t mind.” She turned around to explain to him. Inuchiyo moved quick and leaned close to hers,

“No.” He replied shortly, lifting her into his arms and gently carries her to the bedding. 

“Hey! Don’t make a fuss, Inuchiyo! I’m used in sleeping on the floor. Put me down!” Aki tried to protest.

“You should be the one not making a fuss. I can’t let you sleep on the floor, got it?” He answered back, pulling the covers up to her chest. “Now sleep, I won’t blow out the lights until you fall asleep. Good night.” Inuchiyo knows, at least Kojuro told him. That she was afraid of complete darkness even at night. He stared at her eyes, her eyes full of worry and the pain of the past. She turned away from him, mumbling a short reply.

“… fine, Good night.” With that, he smiled and stayed at her bedside. Inuchiyo was thinking  of a way to make her sleep fast. A few minutes later he heard her gentle snores. He can’t help but smile to himself, smoothing out and running his fingers through her hair. She leaned to his touch unconsciously, mumbling a name.



When he woke up, she was nowhere to be found. He stood up from the bedding and changed to his kimono. He figured she would be gone before sunrise, considering that she still has a job at Yonezawa.

“So I guess I’ll leave alone.” He mumbled to himself, gathering his things and preparing to go out. He felt disappointed that he never got the chance to see her before he leaves, but dismissed his personal feelings as he will soon depart for battle.

“Inuchiyoooooo!! Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” That… voice.

He turned around to see her. She was running at the corridor of the inn like she owned the place. He stopped walking to see

“DON’T YOU DARE LEAVE OSHU WITHOUT HAVING BREAKFAST!” She panted. Ah, how energetic. He thought.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, wondering as to why she was still here when she should’ve been in the castle.

“I told you I’d see you off, didn’t I? Hah.” Ah,  oh course she did, but he never thought that she’d be serious. Inuchiyo smiled, she never changed. She’s still strict when it comes to food and skipping meals. Just like her late mother.

But what surprised him the most was that she’s wearing the kimono and hairpin he bought for her. It’s a light blue one with floral designs. It perfectly suited her, calm and dignified as he known her to be based on how she works.

She dragged him back to their room last night. He came in to find a small table at the center filled with his favorite foods. She made him sit opposite of her.

“Well! Let’s eat!” She clapped her hands together before digging in to the foods while Inuchiyo savored each dish that she made, he will surely miss this. He saw the familiar dish as the main course, Absolute Victory Bowl.

Not so much of a word was exchanged between them while having breakfast.

After breakfast, Aki saw off Inuchiyo in the outskirts of town, he knew that she was worried for his safety.

“Inuchiyo, take care. And may victory find you.” She said, biting her lower lip. He smiled at her reassuringly. He pulled her close to his chest, completely trapping her in an embrace.

He felt his own and her heart beating fast. Although he was nervous, he knew that he wanted to reassure her of his vow and his feelings for her.

“I’ll come back to you, I promise.” He said, smoothing out her hair and then looking at her straight in her eyes, she has her mouth agape. His fingers traced her lower lip, and he leaned his face to her forehead, planting a light peck just at the top of her head.

“Well then, I must go.” He said, turning his back and leaving his heart in Oshu. While Aki was dumbfoundedly made her way back to Yonezawa Castle.

“He’ll come back safely… I know.”


After meeting Masamune, Shigezane and Aki was preparing to depart for their mission.


“What do you want Taiyaaaakiiii?”

“So what’s with the kimono and the hairpin?”



“Since when did you call me a doll?” She said, fixing the reins on the horse. He peered close at her face. He can’t help but adore the way she is dressed today. An azure blue kimono designed with silver florals, and a darker blue obi and a black tie . It suited her, he saw a blush on her cheeks. She doesn’t want  the attention, he knew that.

“What, do you feel regret now that I can look this pretty?” She teased, winking at him. “Ah, I know. You wish I was your bride instead.” She added, trying to pose in a er… uh seductive way? But as always. It looked funny.

“Pft! Hahahahaha! Aki please stop!” Shigezane laughed, his hand in his stomach and mirth in his eyes.

“Shigezane. You’re mean.” She said, going back to fix the reins on the horse. “I was just kidding!” She kicked his leg.

“OW! SORRY! Ahaha. No, you have always been beautiful in my eyes.” He smiled gently, wiping the tears from laughing too much. “And I never said no to your confession now, did I?”

“Was I supposed to believe that after you laughed so hard?” She asked a question back.

“Aha, sorry sorry. You have to get comfortable in wearing kimonos,though” he grinned, “You’ll get married soon. Ahaha!”

“Keep on talking about my ‘marriage’ and I’ll completely break your leg. Let’s just get down to what Lord Masamune has asked us to do. So that you can get back to Lady Ayame.” She said,

“Who would have ever thought that Lord Masamune wanted us to go to an onsen” she feigned that she’s getting chills. “And staying at the same room…” she looked at him, crossing her arms across her chest. “Don’t you dare touch me okay?!” She pointed a accusing finger on Shigezane, who seemed to have calmed down laughing.

“Well well, who would have thought huh?” He inhaled the cold summer wind, “atleast we can be a together all alone even if its just all for a mission right?”

“Whatever you say. Move faster, Taiyaki.” She said. Shigezane grinned, packing the things he needed at the side of the horse.

“Aki.” Kojuro walked close to them along with Masamune who has a cat at hand, blushing lightly at the fluffy animal in his hands. Shigezane eyed the animal curiously, since this is the first time he saw the cat.

“Tokimunemaru won’t eat, but he was undeniably fond of Lord Masamune…” Kojuro sighed in defeat, with Masamune nodding along. Tokimunemaru… now that name sounded familiar to him.

“A cat… Tokimunemaru..” Shigezane mumbled, looking at Aki who was all smiles.

“Remember the stray cat we found? I took care of him.  I named him Tokimunemaru.” She said, petting the cat while looking at Shigezane.

“Come on… what’s wrong with you siblings, really. Kojuro named his turtle Bontenmaru, and you named your cat after my childhood name?”

“Well… they are quite the siblings, if I must say.” Masamune said, petting the cat on its head, “Naming their pets after us… well I can’t complain. All of them are, cute.” He added when the cat purred.

“Masamune-chan… you’re so cute holding that cat.” Aki said, wiping the tears from her eyes, Kojuro nodded. “Milord, I couldn’t agree more.”

“Hey… you two.” Masamune said. The scene in front of Shigezane was so warm. What he catches was how Masamune looked at Aki. There’s no denying that she was beautiful, as always. But this is not just an admiration of her looks now.

It was something, much more than admiration.

Shigezane had to admit, that it was unpleasant to think that a person, who you treated like your own brother was also inlove with the one woman you love. Unable to control the jealousy he feels, he held her arm and pulled her to his side.

“Well now, what do you want us to do, Masamune?” Shigezane asked, grinning. Back to his usual self. Masamune looked at them handing the cat back to Kojuro who took it anxiously, sweat forming on his forehead.

“I want you to pretend as a couple and spy on Satake’s retainers.” Masamune said seriously, looking at the both of them. Shigezane was not surprised hearing this, he knew the plan from the start. “We received word that they are going to hold a secret meeting in one of the onsens just outside Oshu.”

“Huh? But why as a couple?” Aki asked,tilting her head.

“To avoid suspicions.” Kojuro answered this time, holding the cat close to his chest. “If two people were to spy it would be much efficient, you both can move freely and safely.”

Deep down, Shigezane was very happy to be with Aki on this mission.

“Ah, I see. If Taiya– I mean, Lord Shigezane had no objections to it,  I will do my best. If not, I will still do my best for the Clan.”

“So basically you still have to do your best.” Shigezane grinned, slipping a hand on her waist and putting his head on her shoulder, he said

“Besides, we make a perfect couple, don’t we?”

Comic Con Craze | Tom Holland x fem!Reader | 1/?

Originally posted by manny-mellark

A/n: So I am currently working on a imagine but in the mean time, enjoy this one I wrote a few weeks ago ❤ 

Warnings: mentions of reader having anxiety, social anxiety, rude and snobby girls

“I love it!” you said you you looked in the mirror.  You quickly hugged Zendaya and Laura.  “You guys are the best!”  You still couldn’t believe you let them style you and do your hair and makeup.  They completely rocked it!  You had on a shift dress that was a baby pink and had different embroidery patches on it.  Zendaya let you try some of her new shoes from her line out, and Laura and her decided the nude ones matched best.  Laura straightened and pinned back two strands of your hair while Zendaya did your makeup.  

“You guys look so gorgeous! I don’t know how you do it.”  “Stop it! You give way too many compliments.” Zendaya said as she looked in the mirror.  “You guys we have to take a selfie!” Laura called out to the rest of the boys.  They all came into the room.  You saw Tom’s face light up as he saw you.  “You look beautiful.” he said as he kissed your forehead.  You felt the heat rise to your cheeks.  You had never been one to be good with people but once Tom introduced you to the cast, you felt like you fit in.  “Guys, we all need to get in the picture, squish in more!” You moved forward and knew Tom was behind you.  You jumped when you felt him touch your butt. “Tom!” you playfully hissed as he started to laugh.  “Y/n, Tom come on! We are trying to get a picture.”

You watched backstage as the rest of the cast headed on stage.  You watched with Harrison as the fans cheered and the cast talked.  You both smiling, being incredibly proud for Tom and your new friends.  They started to exit off stage when you heard a couple fans chanting your name.  You saw Tom run over to the guy and nod, then coming in your direction.  “Looks like this will be your big debut.” Harrison said as he smiled.  “Y/n, come on! The fans want you!” Tom said as he held his hand out.  You looked back at the crowd, “I promise it’ll be okay.”  You took his hand and he lead you onto the stage.  The various fans that knew you were screaming at the sight of you and Tom holding hands.  “Y/f/n Y/l/n!” the interviewer yelled into the mic.  “Hi.” you said with a little wave towards him and the fans.  You could feel the heat on your face when you looked at the crowd.  “So have you been traveling with the cast and watching them film?” the interviewer asked.  “I have! And the cast is honestly some of the best people I have met to this date.” You said with a cheery smile, quickly glancing at them backstage.  “Yeah she is with us almost all of the time.  Or atleast one us.  It’s funny because she is always so prepared.  Like I remember Tony cut his finger on something when we were out and she pulled out a band-aid and was like here you go.” Tom said making the crowd erupt into laughter.  “Okay for fan questions.” the interviewer said as e pointed towards the security at the open mic.  You squeezed Tom’s hand and felt him squeeze him back.  You saw a girl around your age step up.  “Hi.  I was um wondering how you both like cope with the press and everything especially since it’s fairly new to you.  And if you guys have any tips for someone who has social anxiety around crowds maybe.”  Tom gave you the look letting you know you didn’t have to answer if you didn’t want to.  Instead you snatched his mic up.  “Well coming from someone who has anxiety and very bad social anxiety, I think you just need to find your person and that group of friends that is always there for you.  I know that it’s hard to find someone that is willing to be there and help you, but you’ll know the person when you find them.  And personally for me when I have those rare occasions where I do talk with press and such, I try to keep it simply and make sure that I’m comfortable and I always try to have someone I’m close with nearby or near me.”  Tom squeezed your hand again and you handed the mic back.  He knew he didn’t have to answer because you simply answered it all.  

So saw a young boy dressed as Spiderman step up to the podium.  “What is your favorite part about being Spiderman? And how much do you love your girl?”  You could hear the laughter bounce off the walls.  “My favorite part about being Spiderman is getting to meet fans because you guys are all so amazing.  And I love my girl very much.”  “Alright next question.”  

As you saw the girl your age step up, you almost knew what was coming.  You could tell by the way she was dressed.  “You can go.  It’s alright, the fans will undrestand.” He knew this wasn’t good.  The blonde in a tight black dress and looked so snotty.  You knew not to judge a book by its cover, but this book’s pages were flying everywhere. “What would be your advice to us fans to get your attention? Because if it means we have to be ugly like Y/n, I might risk it to be your girl.”  You heard many fans gasp and a laugh or two.  The tears brimmed your eyes.  You let go of Tom’s hand and quickly ran off stage and past the cast.  You weren’t sure where you were going but you needed to get out.  You could hear Tom shouting your name, but you kept running and tried to find an exit.  You kept running as the hot tears ran down your cheeks.  You finally found a door and ran out it.  You were outside and it was quite dark, but you didn’t care.  You found a little garden with rocks and managed to find a large enough rock you could sit on.  “At least my tears can water the flowers.” you said as you watched the tears drop onto the ground.  

You’re not sure how long you sat there for.  You just stared at the dark sky or the flowers.  You pulled out your phone, Tom: 10 missed calls and 13 unread texts, Zendaya: 3 missed calls and 4 unread texts, Laura: 1 missed call and 3 unread texts.  You opened instagram and saw so many different things at once.  A lot of them were videos of you running off stage and making fun of you.  But there was some that showed how much the fans cared for you.  They even started a hashtag called #whyiloveY/N.  You put your phone away as you heard laughter.  

“I can’t believe she ran off stage! Did you see her face looking at me? She knew I was gorgeous.” you heard a familiar voice say.  Please don’t notice me, please don’t notice me, you silently prayed.  “She doesn’t deserve Tom.  You can tell she does it for attention.  She clearly made up that whole social anxiety thing.  Tom is way out of her league anyways.  Like I’m definitely more Tom’- Oh my god.  It’s you.”

Light VS Dark

Hinata Shouyou was loved by everyone in the school, except the jocks. The captain of the soccer team, Kageyama Tobio seemed to hold a grudge against Hinata.

See, Hinata loved to wear pastel colors, paint his nails, wear colorful hairclips, if it were pastels, Hinata would wear them. Kageyama on the other hand always wore dark colors, had a few tattoo’s on his arm and a tongue piercing. 

Hinata never knew why Kageyama would always glare at him when they passed eachother in the hallways or make comments about his appearance. The comments didn’t bother Hinata but he wanted to know what he did for Kageyama to hate him.

So when they were paired up for a history project, they weren’t exactly happy with it.

“You can walk as fast as you want Kageyama, but we will have to do this wether you want to or not!” Hinata walked after Kageyama when the latter almost ran out of the classroom.

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The Last Update For The Creepy Clown Fucker

Alright so I contacted all 6 of the other clowns including Conner and asked them about the creepy girl and what she did and these are their stories in order in the way they wrote the stories

( this post will be longer than the rest )

1st clown Kyle: When I was working on our skit I noticed this girl infront of our skit just staring, I thought it was just someone walking through and maybe she was checking out our skit, a few people have done it so I wasn’t bothered.

I went back to what I was working on but stopped when I heard a girl’s voice, “ whatcha working on?” I turned back and the girl had to be five feet closer to me, I’ve had a few people walk by and ask what I was doing so no alarms were flashing at this point, “ oh our sign fell and it doesn’t want to stay up” I said back, I was hoping she would just walk off but she walked closer, “ can I help?” I just rolled my eyes and said “yeah, sure” I don’t mean to sound rude I just don’t like talking to people, after we finally got it up I said thanks and she walked down the road to another skit, I kinda hoped that was the last time I would see her.

2nd and 3nd clown Dylan and Ty: We went to get nails for the sign cause it kept falling and we were a bit irritated cause of that but when we got back to Kyle the sign was up, he said some weird girl helped him out it up so we just sat around checking out our other props when we noticed this girl pacing back and forth, she had to be atleast 14 or 13, Kyle said that was the girl that helped him, I guess she heard kyle cause as she was pacing she stopped in front of our skit and walked closer to us, we had a chainsaw on the table that was decorated with stripes and fake blood, she pointed to it and asked to pick it up and hold it but it was heavy for us so we told her no but she kept begging us but we kept telling her no and it was really heavy then rest of the crew came

Alex, Conner, and Jay: when we showed up we saw Dylan and Ty talking to this girl, we over heard them no to this girl and we asked what was going on, they told us this girl kept asking to hold the chainsaw and she wouldn’t listen to them when she said no, so we told her “ look you can’t hold the chainsaw cause it’s heavy and we’re not allowed to let people hold it who aren’t in the cast, she finally got it and stopped asking for the chainsaw but she asked other questions like ” when does the hayride start? Do you need another cast member? Is there anymore clowns ? What are your names?“

We told her our names and told her when it would start, then the questions got weirder, ” how old are you? Do you guys have girlfriends? Can I have your numbers?“, (Conners perspective now: she started to walk closer to me and was pretty much in my face now, she grabbed onto my costume and tried kissing me, ” gimme a kiss, please, just one, you’ll be in trouble if you don’t “ )

We started to yell at her and tell her we were getting the security and she would be kicked out, she kept asking for a picture of us and we told her to screw off and away before we get the cops, she left and we didn’t see her all night.

( I don’t know if they over exaggerated their stories but this is what they told me and this is just more proof that we need better security to handle people like this)

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