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Disclaimer: The celebrities’ names/images are merely borrowed and do not represent who the celebrities are in real life. No offense is intended towards them, their families or friends(!). 


sehun + thigh riding

smut | part of kinkseries | can you be the rip in my jeans?

chanyeol + piercings

smut | part of kinkseries | chanyeol is the weird albeit hot one night stand with metal in all the right places.

yixing + facesitting

 smut | part of kinkseries | must he torture us with his blonde hair?

jongin + shower sex

smut | chen is your cute chubby calico | part of kinkseries | jongin groans, the water falls on both of you, fogging the bathroom and everything is so so hot.

baekhyun + bodyworship + praisekink

smut | part of kinkseries | your body is a temple and baekhyun is your greatest pilgrim.

exo; kai/reader

the stranger on the bus 

fluff | sebaekyeol are idiots/ implied established!chanbaek | to catch a bus, you have to think like a bus.

jongin + shower sex 

smut | chen is your cute chubby calico kitty | part of kinkseries | jongin groans, the water falls on both of you, fogging the bathroom and everything is so so hot. 


smut | when youre with kai, if sleep wasnt already your first priority, it becomes.


pwp | au | he wants to fuck you with it on.


pwp | comedy | au | drabble

of all dogs it had to be yours 

au | comedy | romance. i would like to believe that the group chat consists of messages like this. 


doctor au | romance. kim jong in wearing scrubs, the soft baby blue contrasting the beauty that is his skin turns up infront of you and asks you the same question again. this time you have an answer for sure.


comedy | romance | canon au. it’s a metaphor you see, you look at yourself in the mirror, but you don’t give yourself the power to move.

will you be my chicken bucket?

au | comedy | jongin thinks he is smooth, kyungsoo begs to differ, you think jongin’s a puppy.

kyungsoo’s lucky day 

au | how did you end up sending that out of all things?

i’ll look for you 

au | romance | comfort fic | kim Jongin swoops in to save the day.

exo; chanyeol/reader

chanyeol + piercings 

smut | part of kinkseries | chanyeol is the weird albeit hot one night stand with metal in all the right places.


angst | romance | college au. somebody has to speak the truth.

keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer

gang au | you should be lighting the incense on his grave, yet you’re here, kissing the shit out of his lips, what have your principles come to?

do it for the vine 

viner!pcy | bisexual!ksoo | chanyeol will lay his name and dignity down for the sake of entertainment, atleast he scores a cute girl out of it.

code your way to my heart 

office au | romance | comedy | cout<<“pcy is cute as fuck”<<endl;</p>


fastfood au? | comedy | romance | you love stealing fries and pcy loves watching you steal the fries.

corporate pranking 

office au | comedy | bisexual!ksoo | and fx | “he wears insoles and heels on his shoes even though he’s tall as fuck. the enemy of short people, chanfucker,” Jongdae huffs.

you’re lucky that you’re cute 

neighbor!au | romance | kai is your asshole friend | “no you cannot bring your bed over no matter how scared you are, you live next door! Sleep on the couch or go away!”

guns n’ rosesmafia!au  | “sure, but just because i can’t shoot you, doesn’t mean i won’t.” 

part 1 :: guns | part 2 :: roses [m] | part 3 :: epilogue

exo; baekhyun/reader

the way to my heart is through my stomach 

neighbor au | the time has come for me to exploit the ‘bbh loves gg and eyeliner’ trope | date a man who can cook or even better, date his son.

baekhyun + bodyworship + praisekink 

smut | part of kinkseries | your body is a temple and baekhyun is your greatest pilgrim.

exo; sehun/reader

suit and tie 

pwp | au | you can’t take your eyes off how the cloth stretches deliciously over his muscles, oh the temptation.


au | baby!baekhyun | Sehun holds the baby and also tries to hold in his piss because you will slaughter him if you hurt the baby.

sehun + thigh riding

smut | part of kinkseries | can you be the rip in my jeans?

morning classes 

college au | sehun learns more about you through his eyes than anything. and that’s not creepy, really.

exo; kyungsoo/reader

honey and milk  

au | comfort fic | romance. kyungsoo has a secret book full of recipes to make you happy.

waffles and comfort 

comedy | romance | modern au “I’d be lying if I told you I was a man of good morals.”

i love you 

writer au | it was love at first type, atleast for you.

exo; yixing/reader

yixing + facesitting

smut | part of kinkseries | must he torture us with his blonde hair? 


comedy | romance | college au. it’s three fucking am and are those cookies?

exo; jongdae/reader

p for porn 

comedy | college au? “i have an amazing porn collection. Jesus would be jealous,” Jongdae probably.

exo; suho/reader


dentist!junmyeon | if you show Chen pictures of cats wearing pink, he’ll let you in after hours.


smut | comedy | nc-17 | modern au. he fucking deserved that one.

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alexanderhamllton  asked:

oh my god your art is so cute and adorable i just love to find people that give ith some love <3 can i please request some young nina/benny where nina is coming back from senior studies and passes by usnavi and benny freestyling and benny gets distracted? idk how this would roll i just know i can't think about anything else when i listen to that part of "when you're home" haha

ahh thank you!!

heres some benny being tounge tied, usnavi being defensive and me avoiding writing raps