newtsckamander  asked:

shiro or lance?

This is so easy sorry Shiro but it is hands down Lance

  • Lance hasn’t ever had a significant other because at the Garrison he mostly focused on school and trying to be the best but he had a crush on multiple people (namely hunk and keith)
  • Was a lifeguard during summers back on Earth
  • Taught all of his little siblings and cousins how to swim
  • His skin care regime has over 13 steps, and he does it every night, and some of the products he uses are ones he made himself
  • Him and Pidge were those kids in school who would just make the weirdest faces at each other while the other was presenting something
  • Is a chemistry and mathematical genius, but isn’t that great at technology or engineered things like Hunk
  • Is ambidextrous
  • He tells Blue most of his problems because he trusts her entirely, and gets really bad anxiety if he can’t talk to her 
  • Has ADHD and really likes slime stimming along with tapping his foot or making patterns on the back of his teeth (me projecting)
  • He tries not to think about Earth as much as he can because it makes him remember his family and the fact his older sister was 8 months pregnant when he left and he doesn’t know how much time has passed and it can send him into an anxiety attack of all the things he could have missed
  • Has always had self worth issues, especially pertaining his intelligence and often downplays how smart he is because if it

AU Headcanon for ATLA

  • Is a water bending prodigy from the Northern water tribe who learned to blood-bend from his mother when they moved to a sketchier part of the Earth Kingdom for protection

Masquerade les twins in istanbul turkey By: Atlay Cakir

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