atlas street


Dex’s shoes crunch on the gravel of the trail. His lungs burn. If he remembers right, he’s about a mile from the start, a mile from his car and his water bottle. A mile from a towel to wipe the mud off his calves. It rained a week ago but the woods still haven’t dried.

He wipes sweat off his forehead with his hand. It’s too humid to dry anything–all he’s doing is spreading the moisture around. He feels gross.

He slows to a walk as he reaches the parking lot. He pulls up his shirt and uses it to wipe his face. He opens his car door, takes out his water bottle, and gulps from it. He shuts the car door and stands on one leg, stretching.

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One More Night - Prologue

Pairing: Daniel Atlas x reader
Summary: They are like the sun and the moon. Chasing each other, but never quite finding each other to finally become one. Daniel and the reader are solo artists with loads of charme and character. What happens when two stubborn minds meet and are forced to work together?
Words: 800ish

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Characters: Coco Adel, Pyrrha Nikos, Nora Valkyrie, Yang Xiao Long
Rating: General
Summary: During the Fall of Beacon, Coco Adel is here to kick ass and drink coffee. And she’s all out of coffee.
Notes/Warnings: Implied canon-typical violence, non-explicit loss of an eye, happy ending for once. Inspired by this concept art of Team CPNY by @showmethegreyspace.

In many places, at many times, Coco Adel got blinded by the chaos of the Invasion of Beacon. She saw a losing battle, and switched her focus from fighting to evacuation. She went home battered, bruised, and ended up nothing more than another name in a long list of them, a footnote for historians and gossip mags to connect to fashion legend Coco Adel.

This should not be regarded as a failure on her part. The Hunter system is meant for small teams to hunt Grimm as quickly as possible, rather than handle a domestic threat such as a terrorist attack. Retreating, according to both her peers and superiors, was the correct course of action for Coco. She had already gone above and beyond by choosing to fight rather than leaving with the first wave of refugees, and giving more would be almost inconceivable.

In this time, in this place, Coco Adel saw further. She saw wasn’t happening: leadership of any kind; Beacon’s teachers scattered through the streets, Atlas’ military leaders nowhere in sight. She saw what needed to happen: some sort of control over the situation. And she saw what she had: about thirty aspiring Hunters, all fully-equipped and ready to fight.

“Nikos, Valkyrie, Xiao Long,” Coco barked, straightening her spine and pushing her sunglasses up her nose. “With me. Vasillias, charge up Valkyrie. Nikos, make us a platform.”

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Reintroducing (part of) Team SMAG! 

Despite being my first full team, I never fully developed any of their looks, personalities, backstories, etc. (and I still might not), but I’m definitely much happier with this new iteration of them. I’ll be making sure that the assassin/saboteur dynamic (that was supposed there from the start) is more apparent from here on out. The weapon designs aren’t final, but…we all know how I am with weapon designs.

Some illuminating notes:

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Eight Ways to Sunday - Chapter 1 - AniPendragon - RWBY [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

This is the start of something new, something old, and something beautiful (and possibly borrowed and blue). This is my next foray into a domestic AU, and it’s bigger in scope than You and Me ever was. I hope you enjoy it.

Summary: A dozen different lives across a dozen different families, all crossing in the city of Atlas – in its streets, in its stores, and in its prestigious charter school. These families include Qrow, a bachelor who recently gained a foster son with a bad attitude and a worse history; James, a single father with two children and a family history filled with secrets and scandal, all of which might be resurfacing with the recent death of his brother and sister-in-law; Taiyang, Summer, and Raven, a triad raising two daughters as they battle with mental and physical health; the Belladonnas, who are trying to adapt to life after Blake begins to close herself up and Tukson tries to branch out into the world; the Xiongs, who make life work with four kids of varying parentages and needs; and more besides, each of whom are unique and go through life with their own struggles and desires.

All of these families and more besides, work to find balance in life and love, in family and in their careers, in the mundane and the dramatic as their lives begin to cross, to merge, and to come together, and when times turn tough, they know they have each other, for better or for worse.Through hardship, we find solace in unity.

Tags, Pairings, Characters, and More can be found under the cut.

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